theBalm Balm Jovi Face Palette for Holiday 2012

theBalm Balm Jovi Face Palette for Holiday 2012

With this palette, you’re ready to take center-stage! Featuring shadows, a highlighter, a blush and creamy lip and cheek colors that are sure to top the charts, BALM JOVI is your backstage pass to looking like a rockstar. All of these shadows can be used wet or dry- so “live and let dry”. The headlining highlighter and scene-stealing blush will set the stage, while “Milly” and “Vanilly” will (lip) sync up your look. BALM JOVI is compact and portable, yet it has everything you need to take on tour!

  • Eyeshadows Metal-ica, Adagio, Blink 1982, Iron Maid-in, Allegro, The Stroke, Lead Zeppelin, Moderato, rem, Alice Copper, Presto, Third Eye Blinded
  • Highlighter Solid Gold
  • Blush Don’t You Want Me
  • Creamy Cheek & Lip Colors Milly, Vanilly

Availability: September 5th @, $39.50


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stacey Avatar

I am not a rocker or into heavy metal etc…but I think this looks like a nice palette and collection overall. The Balm never seems to disappoint with their palettes. I’m just waiting for Tom Ford’s collection this week.

Mariella Avatar

If this is anything like their Balmbini palette, the packaging will be slim and practical and the products excellent. The names are clever too!

vee Avatar

I prefer ignoring products I dislike rather than leaving negative comments, but I absolutely HATE this palette.
Why? Because of the names.
They don’t come off as quirky or witty. They make the Balm look like a cheap knock-off company that is trying to get around copyright laws.
If they targeted this product towards a music-loving consumer, they really should have thought better than to parody what are essentially copyright protected brand names.

niche Avatar

Yeah, I’m also wondering if this is even legal. Aren’t they essentially making money off the names of some pretty major bands? Good thing they didn’t use the Beatles. Apple Corps loves to sue.

Veronica Avatar

Actually, these would probably fall under “satire” or “parody,” which is considered fair use under U.S. copyright law. It would probably be more of a grey area if they were trying to sell music or media, but since this is a cosmetic product, it’s unlikely to stir a fuss.

Sarah Avatar

I think it would have been great if they did multiple small palettes for this. For instance all the metallic colors together, all the matte & neutral colors together, etc. That way fans of one music genre would be able to buy the palette they want. BTW I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t post negative comments but the names got to me too. I feel that many of the names do not go with the colors.

amelia Avatar

I love that they made a cover to go over the lip products but still made it so it added to the palette in a useful (rather than just functional) way

Fey Avatar

theBalm’s quality is so good! I love the eye shadow choices and the lip colors paired with them…but the palette’s design is just too tacky. I’d feel embarrassed to tote it around with me. Really cute that mattes are “classical,” metallics are “heavy metal,” and then there’s the alternative finishes. I guess I’m on the line!

Gina Avatar

This is so cute! I’m not usually a huge fan of theBalm’s eyeshadow shades despite the fantastic quality, because they tend to be rather muted. But I might get this if the quality is there, just because I think it’s such a fun concept!

Kafka Avatar

“Milly” “Vanilly”?! I should laugh given who and what Milli Vanilli was, (clearly someone at theBalm is from my generation) but I just find this really silly. “Rolling Tone Magazine,” “Living on a stare,” the names of each shade, “Balm Jovi,” Milly Vanilly — too much all at once. It’s trying too, too desperately to be cutesy. Plus, a female rocker version of Bon Jovi or Ritchie Sambora would probably pass on many of those neutral shades. And Alice Cooper would die if he knew his name was on a frosted plum colour! Ugh. The more I look at it, the more obnoxiously juvenile I find the whole thing.

Gina Avatar

But that’s where theBalm’s appeal comes from–they like giving their products silly, slightly cheesy little names that are often puns (like Powder To The People). I can see how it wouldn’t be someone’s cup of tea, but because this is theBalm and totally their style, I just thought it was clever.

Sanguine13 Avatar

The Balm’s brand is built on being a bit silly and light-hearted. It’s understandable that The Balm’s puns may not make everyone laugh, but it’s only make-up. How they choose to name their products is not worth being annoyed about.

For the record, I do think the palette is cute!

Kafka Avatar

I’m not annoyed. And I’m very well aware of theBalm’s brand and how they name their products. This palette is just far, far too over the top for me in that regard.

Rachel Avatar

Like others have said, this is what theBalm does. They have fun with naming and the packaging of their products (Remember they had nude women on a palette). Makeup is supposed to be fun and most people end up taking it way too seriously.

Kafka Avatar

I am not taking it too seriously. I am giving my opinion. There is a difference. “Taking it too seriously” would be if I wrote to theBalm to tell them what I think of the palette.

Amanda Avatar

Yikes, no need to persecute the palette just because it doesn’t suit your taste. I think it’s really cute, and there’s no need to get like… personally offended by something not being exactly what you want :/

I can’t wait for your review of this, Christine!!! 🙂

Kafka Avatar

Who said I was “personally offended”? I didn’t. Don’t put words (or emotions) in my mouth. “No need to persecute the palette just because it doesn’t suit your taste”? Pray tell, who should I “persecute,” if not the palette?

More importantly, am I not allowed to have a personal opinion simply because that opinion does not “suit your taste”? Are you not “persecuting” me for having an opinion you don’t like? This is a blog where opinions are invited. People often criticize a brand or a particular item. And, people frequently do so based on the names alone. Have you told posters that they are “persecuting” makeup when they say how much they hate the sexual innuendos behind some NARS products or the drug implications behind Urban Decay products?

I’ve had 4 people who clearly like the product tell me in various forms that I’m either taking things too seriously, that I’m somehow “annoyed” (I wasn’t, until now) or that it’s ridiculous that I’m getting personally “offended.” Tell me, WHO is really taking things too seriously here? WHO are the ones who seem actually offended here? Should we all silence ourselves from offering any critical opinions just because there are some posters who think the product is “cute”?

And, Amanda, every time a poster makes a negative remark about a product, are they taking makeup too seriously and “persecuting” the poor, wee, victimised product and its feelings? For the sake of consistency, I do hope you’re going to every thread and telling the critical posters that same thing, otherwise you’re just imposing your feelings about theBalm on me and essentially telling me I’m not entitled to my opinion.

I know theBalm’s brand style and I think this palette goes beyond the usual asinine cheesiness because it is trying too, TOO desperately to be cutesy. The whole thing is extremely juvenile to me. You don’t agree. Great. You’re entitled to have a different opinion. But so am I. Now move on.

Kelsey Avatar

I have to agree with you, Kafka.

I’m well aware of what theBalm does with their products as a whole, and up until this palette, I’ve always found it to be cheesy in a fun way. Cute, even. But this one just screams “trying too hard” to me.

Sarah Avatar

I agree with you. I understand that the Balm uses cutesy sayings but this combined many play on words that don’t go together. For a metal chick this is a pass for me. I wouldn’t be caught dead with something alluding to me being a Blink 182 fan (Not that there is something wrong with their fans, but its just not my thing).

Dinitchka Avatar

I want this for the name and because it scream R&R! \m/ \m/

I grew up on Bon Jovi and lusted over him and his songs. Okay, well I do still lust over him *lowers head* …

blueraccoon Avatar

The palette looks good and I’m sure the quality is there…but the names are killing me. I don’t think I could seriously buy anything this kitschy.

Rachel Avatar

Does anyone know where I can purchase theBalm’s Balm and the Beautiful palette? I just cannot find it anywhere and the only ones on ebay are the Muppet ones that are ridiculously priced. Any help would be much appreciated!

Stephanie Avatar

Needs more dark colors!! A Rockstar would never wear neutrals, and no black? Really? And the lip colors are way too wimpy. The theme is so sloppy you’d think it’d be 80’s rocker themed, but then ou have disco, milli vanilli and blink 182 in there? Yuck, if it had better 80’s hair metal themed names and some darker colors I would get it, but as is, it seems pretty half-assed, like the theme was thrown in there after the palette versus the palette being made for the theme.

Sarah Avatar

I totally agree. When I saw this I thought it would be something I would rush out and buy. Then I saw Milly Vanilly (I had to Google)and Blink one eighty whatever and I thought it was odd that it was in a palette with names inspired by Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. So I’m completely turned off. I think there could be appropriate neutrals and most of the colors were good, but I feel as though this palette is not really targeting rock fans (me specifically being a metal fan). And if this was targeting rockers, it may be quite successful in alienating them.

Karen Avatar

It’s really hard to get The Balm here in New Zealand so I doubt we’ll get this palette in 2012 but I’ll keep an eye out for it thought I hope that if you can get one, you can swatch it. I’m interested to see swatches for palettes before I buy and I find your website very helpful.

Megan Avatar

I love it! I was heavy into the punk scene when I was a teenager. All I ever wore was dark colored makeup. I’m glad they didn’t do that with this palette. I’m 26 now and these colors are much more age appropriate while still having a slight edge. I love the names too. Can’t wait to pick it up!

Jade Avatar

Music stirs such passionate responses in people! I would have been bothered back in the day but I’m chilled about it now, plus I think it’s cute!

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