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Bobbie C. Avatar

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer is amazing.

MUFE All Mat as a primer keeps me pretty matte and not shiny for a long time throughout the day. One of the best mattifiers I have used.

MAC Pressed blot powder is great for setting my makeup and for touchups throughout the day.

Dame Elizabeth Avatar

I cannot WAIT to read what people have to say about this. Oily skin ruins everything, so I am desperate to control it.

Based on the advice of members here I have purchased two foundations which claim to be good for oil control and good coverage: Estee Lauder Double Wear and Laura Mericier silk creme.
Estee Lauder DW was very bad on my skin; it became irritated, the coverage is more like paint and I found on me it didn’t keep oil at bay.
Laura Mercier Silk Creme is excellent though at controlling oil. It doesn’t work miracles and you need to wear something under it if you have huge pores like me, but if you have oily skin which breaks out and an uneven skin tone, I think you should definitely try this foundation.

Leslie Avatar

Same here! Sometimes it feels like I’ve tried everything under the sun and I’m still massively oily less than 30 minutes after putting my face on.

I also tried ELDW and hated it. It sinks into every pore and doesn’t help with oil at all. Double Wear Light is a favorite of mine, it actually does control oil and wears really well. I might have to check out Silk Creme.

Cindy Avatar

I recently started using Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and Tarte Amazonian Clay Balancing Powder (white). I have extremely oily skin, and this is the only foundation I have used where I don’t have to blot or add more powder every hour. I apply the balancing powder after the foundation, and I only need to touch up maybe once or twice a day which is miraculous for me. Usually the first touch up is just blotting with a tissue, then hours later, I touch up with a little of the powder. I was using BE, but found that I needed to touch up ALOT more often during the day and when the oil would start coming through, it make the BE look cakey, this doesn’t happen with the Tarte. I may get a little shine towards the end of the day, but it doesn’t look cakey, you could actually say it looks “dewy”. Tarte’s 12 hour powder blushes are great too. I get these items from QVC.com, the brush that comes with the foundation is fabulous, gives almost an airbrushed look.

Jessica FB Avatar

I have been using the same powder by Tart and totally agree. It’s the only thing that makes my skin matte and never gets cakey.

John Avatar

Yep, the Silk Creme is phenomenal as a foundation overall. However, it isn’t the best with oil control, so you’ll have to take extra steps with primer/moisturizer and setting powder to maximize oil control. I used to have super oily skin, but I’m more combination now, so I just have a weak liquid BHA (0.5%) and light moisturizer with sunblock under my foundation. My setting powder isn’t too mattifying; I’m still trying to find that perfect one, but yeah. I don’t want to be too matte or my skin won’t look natural. Milk of Magnesia is probably the best product for oily skin. You can get it in the laxative form from the drugstore, or you can use Smashbox’s Anti-Shine, which uses Milk of Magnesia as it’s primary ingredient. They are just different in texture, and price, so it’s up to you. Do not EVER use alcohol, in any form as a mattifyier. Please. :]

John Avatar

Hi Kay. Well, slap my head and call me silly, I’m very flattered! Thank you! I just really love skincare. Okay, so during the summer I alternate between my MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 or my Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25. Then after I pick which one I decide to use, I mix about half of that with half of my Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60. Now the reason why I don’t just use the Shiseido by itself is because it doesn’t contain any beneficial ingredients to the skin except the sunblock. In fact it has a tiny, tiny bit of alcohol, which I’ve stated is very bad for your skin. But considering it’s the second to the last ingredient, it shouldn’t be too bad. Obviously the formulation would be better without it, but the amount of sun protection it packs is worth the small risk. Plus it’s pretty competitively priced among strong physical sunblocks that aren’t very thick and hard to work with under makeup. Just to note, I use primarily physical sunblocks instead of chemical sunscreens because first, I don’t have to apply physical ones 30 minutes before going outside like organic ones; sometimes I just don’t have that much time in the morning when I’m in a rush. Second, because I use a mild chemical exfoliant (a 0.5% liquid BHA product) under my makeup to keep my skin not as clogged, my skin because mildly more sensitive and organic sunscreens, because they have to interact with my skin to form a shield to absorb the sun’s UV rays, sting my face a little and turns it very red. Finally, physical sunblocks are generally more stable than chemical sunscreens. Anyways, back to your question. Like I said, I don’t use the Shiseido alone because it doesn’t have any beneficial ingredients besides the sun protection. I use the other two (the Clinique or the MAC) because they both contain great skin-improving ingredients like antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, emollients, etc… and they both utilize physical sunblocks as either sun protection. Granted the MAC product and the Shiseido products are comprised up of both physical and chemical/organic sunscreen ingredients, but the bulk is physical. Another reason why I mix sunscreens is because when mixing any sunscreen/sunblock with another product, you can no longer rely on the amount of sun protection that the label states because you’re mixing stuff up and unless you’re a clinical chemist, you don’t know what’s interacting and/or cancelling ingredients out. So my reasoning is that, if I mix a product that contains less sun protection with a product that contains more sun protection, I’m gonna get AT LEAST the amount of sun protection as the “weaker” product, though I’ll most likely get a bit more than that. I’m not saying that you know, SPF 15+SPF 60= SPF 75; I know that’s completely inaccurate. But I do know that I’m getting more than SPF 15 and more UVA protection after mixing the Shiseido. Also I believe my theory because again I’m using primarily physical sunblocks, not organic sunscreens. Because physical sunblocks work to build a layer or shield around your skin, in theory the thicker the layer or the more physical sunblock(s) you have on your skin, the more sun protection you’re going to get. This wouldn’t really work with chemical sunscreens because they have interact with your skin. So no matter how thick the layer in our scenario is, only the layer that’s in contact with your skin is providing any protection. I hope that makes sense. So yeah, this is another reason why I don’t mix my Shiseido with my normal moisturizer without SPF, because despite having great skin-beneficial ingredients, I wouldn’t have a base sun protection number to work with, so I wouldn’t really know if I’m getting enough protection.

Now I know this is getting long, but I’m just gonna say a few words about the Clinique and MAC products specifically. On MakeupAlley, the MAC product has a 3.3 rating, which is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t rely on that. For example, one of the comments was like… oh I have to use 4 pumps of the product just to cover my entire face, so that’s too much money. Also it’s not moisturizing enough, blah blah blah, and that person rated the product a two. First of all, the medical community is so correct that most people don’t even use enough sunscreen to attain the SPF rating on their products because I use about 5 pumps to cover my entire face and in the front of my neck. And remember that’s only half the amount I use, the other half is my Shiseido. So basically I need 10 pumps of sunblock. That reviewer obviously isn’t protecting his/her skin. Secondly, this MAC product is designed for oilier skin types; if the reviewer is complaining that it isn’t emollient enough for him/her, there’s a reason for that! It’s not the right product for you! I personally strongly recommend this MAC product. It’s decently priced and has a truly beautiful formulation. Now the Clinique product is even cheaper price/unit than the MAC one and provides more physical sunblock protection as well as an array of great skin-improving ingredients. So why don’t I just use the Clinique one you ask? Simply because the texture and finish isn’t as elegant as the MAC one for me. The MAC one moisturizes my skin and gives me a matte finish without drying me out. It also allows me to apply my foundation without trouble. The Clinique one does all these things too, except that it has a stronger oil-control factor simply because it contains less emollients and it has a larger amount of physical sunblock in it. Physical sunblocks, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are minerals. Minerals tend to be absorbent, like talc, which is one of the main ingredients in powders. So I do tend to get some dry flakes with the Clinique. But if I was a little bit more oily, I would reach for this product. So yeah, depending on how dry or oily my face on a certain day fells, that’ll decide which product I choose in addition to my Shiseido.

Now, there is the concern, and it’s a valid one, that there really isn’t a point to apply products with great ingredients lists during the day, especially not ones that contain antioxidants, because antioxidants, in order to properly repair the skin, can only do so in the absence of sunlight. So why would I still apply them you ask? One, because the antioxidants don’t vanish when hit by sunlight; they degrade over time. So I’m still going to get some repair. Secondly, antioxidants work synergistically with sunscreens/sunblocks by protecting the skin against the rays of the sun. Antioxidants can’t replace sunscreens in protecting the skin, but they do add another level of protection, which is definitely a good thing. Whether or not you think the price justifies that additional benefit, is up to you. I justify it for my facial and neck skin, but not really for my body because you have to use so much product to get the sun protection that the label states. Also, I justify using antioxidants on my face and neck during the day because hopefully, not all the antioxidants will be destroyed when I go out. This is because I’m either going to school or to work, or somewhere else indoors. The only time I’m exposed to sunlight is in the car or when I’m walking into a building, so it’s not like I’m at the beach or something. When I’m indoors, all the blinds are shut, so no sunlight gets to me.

I hope this was a good summary of what I’m trying to say inside my head lol. I typically don’t read what I’ve just written, so eh. There’s probably gonna be a few grammatical error in there somewhere haha. FYI, my winter sunscreen “base” in addition to my Shiseido is Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15, which again, is a physical sunblock. The sunblock I use on my body whether I’m just going out on a regular day, or to the beach, is the Blue Lizard Australian Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30+ because it is a very strong, but thick sunblock, that is water resistant and isn’t too pricey. Like I stated before, because one needs about an ounce of product to cover one’s entire body, I don’t want to use something that is like… $30 per ounce xD. Again, I hope I helped.

Kay Avatar

Wow! Thank you, this is super helpful! I hope you’re considering submitting an application to be a Temptalia skincare contributor, b/c you’re definitely already an honorary one. Really appreciate your thorough response and I totally get your love of skincare. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Andrea Avatar

Milk of Magnesia. I have extremely oily skin, all year long! MOM is the only thing that keeps most of the oil at bay, for more than 2 hours (like every other pricey primer I have tried). I can go at least 9 hours without getting crazy shiney with Milk of Mag. I use a wedge sponge and apply a thin layer, after moistureizing, and before foundation.

Martha Avatar

I use the Milk of Magnesia and it works wonders for me! and yes even when I’m not using foundation I apply a sheer layer on top of my moisturizer and controls the oil like nothing else. Normally I just apply it on my T-Zone.

Ashley Avatar

I have very oily skin. I have recently found Aveeno’s oil-free line of cleaners and moistuzers to work great. I am very interested in this Milk of Magnesia. Where do you get it? tia

Andrea Avatar

Milk of Mag is at your grocery store! It’s by all the stomach pills, heartburn meds, etc, it’s a blue container! Phillips is the most well known brand, but you can use the off brand too. Don’t use the mint or cherry flavors though, im guessing those may irritate the skin.

Andrea Avatar

To apply I shake the bottle and dip a wedge sponge into the lid to pick up product. Smooth on a thin layer and then put your foundation on. Its a thick liquid. But the size container is huge. Its like 6 dollars and I buy it twice a year. Better than any other primer or anti-oil product i’ve ever used and I swear I have tried them all and spent way too much money. I will use MOM forever!

Jen Avatar

Thanks so much for the tip, Andrea. I have extreeeeemely oily skin and actually didn’t know about this MoM trick until reading comments here… I’m absolutely trying this as soon as possible.

Do you skip a primer altogether, then?

Andrea Avatar

Yes! I use this some days with just an SPF under. Use a thin layer though or you may see a white residue, but it rubs away pretty easily if that happens. =)

Ruthless Avatar

Milk of Mag is very, very chalky and you have to use a light hand applying it especially if you use foundation over it. It will control oil, but you will look like you’re wearing a mask, almost funeral home corpse foundation.

rubberchick Avatar

Me too! Sounds weird but can’t argue with the results. I used to buy blotting papers by the case but no more…MOM works miracles for oily skin and it’s cheap! Wish I would have found this trick when I was a teenager, but better late than never 🙂

Abi Avatar

I’m loving the Rimmel primer and Stay Matte foundation in 200. I bought them on a lark at the CVS clearance sale, because I saw the primer contained aluminum salts which help to soak up oil. Well they soak up my summer oil like an industrial vacuum! This is nuts. I’m in awe. I can even live with the weird orange color because the results are so incredible.

Amanda Avatar

Cleanser: Handsdown, Origins Zero Oil Cleanser – it’s done wonders for my skin. Also love Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash… usually use the pink grapefruit or the green redness reducing formula, though I don’t think it really matters. I only use this every other night because too much of it dries out my skin.
Moisturizer: Right now, using Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30… lightweight, sinks in quickly, doesn’t make me oilier and contains SPF.
Primer: First, Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refresher, followed by MUFE HD primer in Green… this combo helps my pores look MUCH smaller. NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer for my lids, since they’re oily too. Smudgeproof is AMAZING, no creases even on 100 degree days in NYC (like today!).
Concealer/Foundation: I only use concealer under my eyes, and for that I like MUFE Lift Concealer… not overly moisturizing but not overly dry either, and blends well. For foundation, I use Estee Lauder Double Wear, which a lot of us oily skinned girls swear by!
Powders: I set my EL DW with MUFE HD setting powder, and use UD De-Slick powder to blot once-twice a day. Thinking about purchasing UD All NIghter to see how that performs in the summer!

Great question – looking forward to hearing everyone’s responses!

slick Avatar

Lets just say that I USED to have oily skin until I started using glycolic acid skincare products. In two months my skin has gone from moderately oily to normal! I tried a few different products and finally settled on DDF 10% Glycolic toner. Just use it once a day before my night time moisturizer. Before this discovery I found MAC Matte Gel to be an excellent all-over primer along with a silica setting powder. But since using the glycolic toner, Matte Gel actually DRIES out my skin now! Sooo happy that I finally splurged on HE skincare – its so worth it IMO!

Dana Avatar

Agreed!!! Glycolic acid products have definitely made my skin less oily. I like the DDf Oil control exfoliating gel 10%. I use it every other night. And I use PTR’s Gentle Complexion Pads every morning.

For touch ups nothing beats Mac Blot pressed powder, I’ve been using it for over 10 years and I cannot be without it!

John Avatar

I’m not sure how AHA is controlling your oils because AHA actually does the opposite. AHAs, especially glycolic acid, have both moisturizing and exfoliating properties, which is why they are recommended for dry, sun-damaged skin. BHAs control oil product much better. The ingredient that’s drying your skin out in the DDF product is actually the denatured alcohol, which is not a good ingredient. This is probably the same case as the PTR Pads. Also please note that the pH in the DDF is around 4.1, which is slightly higher than the upper threshold of efficacy for glycolic acid. Mac Blot powder is pretty great though as controlling oil, but that’s about all it does.

slick Avatar

For me I think its got to be the exfoliating properties. I don’t think my skin exfoliates itself very well, which results in oil buildup, which eventually results in breakouts. My skin is also better when I get some sun too, so thats what I’m guessing. *shrugs* My skin doesn’t seem to have an issue with the alcohol content in the DDF toner, and I’ve had better results with it compared to the PTR 10% Moisturizer and Gel, both of which dried out my skin excessively. Dunno how to explain it! 🙂

John Avatar

Slick I don’t doubt that any exfoliant, AHA or BHA, will do what’s it’s supposed to do… and that’s to exfoliate. You’re thinking that you have less oil production is because when youre skin has all this buildup on it, the oil is essentially piling up on your skin because of all that dead skin cells. However, when you’ve removed that layer of dead skin cells, the oil flows freely seems less because it is flowly constantly, and being absorbed by whatever mattifying products you’re using whether it be foundation or primer. It’s kind of like how you think a river contains more water volume when you see it explode out from a cracked dam, but in reality the water volume is equal or less than that same river if it hadn’t been dammed but was flowly freely. As to the alcohol content, maybe you don’t see it hurting your skin, but it’s been established in the medical community that it does cause free radical damage. But then again, a lot of stuff causes free radical damage, like standing in front of a microwave, so whether or not you want to add to that total sum is up to you.

Nina Avatar

Both AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic and lactic acids) and BHAs (salicylic acid) are both effective for oily skin and acne, as they exfoliate and penetrate the outer layers of the skin to regulate cellular turnover. Alpha and Beta refer to the chemical form of the acid. AHAs can be effectively used by other, drier skin types depending upon their formulation, while BHAs tend to be used more frequently in formulations for oilier skins. It is certainly true that AHAs will help decrease oiliness!

John Avatar

Nina, I agree that both BHAs and AHAs can be used for acne and oily skin. I don’t refute that they help regulate cellular turnover. However they are so different in chemical composition, function, and properties that they certainly don’t do the same things. For example, AHAs are best soluble or able to work, in water, while BHAs are most soluble in menthanol or ethanol. They are also vastly different in mass, which will effect their levels of penetration, as well as pKa, which is the pH necessary to allow for meaningful dissociation. Like I said to slick in the previous post, it may APPEAR that the AHA has lessened the amount of oiliness, but in reality it has increased the overall moisture content of the skin because it contains moisturizing properties.

Slick, I’d recommend the Night Reform one by Murad, which is very pricey, or the 10% one by Paula’s Choice, which is more reasonably priced. I’m not a fan of her 5% one because 5% is at the lower spectrum of the amount needed to be efficacious. I personally use the 10% one and the 8% one occasionally. The 10% I use once a week because BHAs just work better for my oilier skin and super easily clogged pores; my 2% BHA liquid is the only thing that has gotten rid of my undereye milia. I use the 10% one because I find that when I use solely BHA products, my skin becomes a little bit more dry and brittle; I find that the weekly 10% AHA restores that luster to my skin that I really like. Also, the 8% is actually a gel, and I don’t use it over my entire face, just flaky areas when I see I need to; it does a great job and eating away that dry flaky skin that foundation LOVES to attach to and scream LOOK AT ME. Lol. Finally, is there a reason why you only want a glycolic product in a toner form?

Leslie Avatar

How long did it take for your skin to get used to the glycolic acid? I just started using the Peter Thomas Roth 10% glycol acid gel and it’s made every problem I had before (oil, flakes, dullness, pimples, hyperpigmentation) MUCH worse. Especially oil! It’s been almost a month and I’m losing patience but I don’t want to give up too soon. 🙁

meme Avatar

Did you use his orange colored glycolic acid cleanser or just glycolic treatment products? The cleanser is very key. You have to have the skin prepped correctly 2X a day with the right cleanser or everything else is going to fail.

John Avatar

Hey meme, actually there are many “correct” cleansers on the market. Your statement that if you get the cleanser wrong, everything else will fail is mostly incorrect. A cleanser will only stay on your face for a maximum of… 2 minutes, generally, though most people have it on their faces for even shorter periods of time. You are correct that skin has to be prepped, but it’s the products that will be sitting on your skin, like moisturizer/primer/foundation, that make the largest difference. Also, you don’t need a cleanser with glycolic acid because in order for that ingredient to properly function, it needs to stay on your face for a long period of time. Also, glycolic acid is an ACID, which needs to be in a pH of less than 4 in order to perform its touted function. As you probably know, water has a pH of about 7, so the moment your cleanser goes on to your wet skin, the glycolic acid in the cleanser becomes completely deactivated. So yeah, don’t waste your money on fancy cleansers with AHAs or BHAs.

Hepcat288 Avatar

Ok John, you really need to start a blog of your own to educate us further. Thank you for sharing all of this information

Leslie Avatar

I’m only using the Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel and I only use it at night. I started slow, every other night (as the directions say), but my skin has been going downhill ever since. When I looked up the product on MUA, I saw that many others had similar trouble but that their skin eventually adjusted to it, in some cases around the 1 month mark. I’m nearing that point and am just concerned that the condition of my skin isn’t going to go uphill and that there’s something in it that’s just irritating me.

As far as cleansing, I use Murad’s Anti-Aging Acne Time Release Cleanser and actually own the Neutrogena Oil-Free cleanser as well. I find that dries out my skin more than it already is, so that’s why I switched to the Murad.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. I started using it to combat my crazy oiliness and some flakes that had developed as a result of 10+ years of nightly benzoyl peroxide use. This is far worse…I can’t really wear foundation anymore because every one I own clings to the flakes and the amount of oil has doubled.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I might look into the Clarisonic…but will try to suck it up for another 1-2 weeks to see where this glycolic acid business takes me.

meme Avatar

Quite possibly it might be that your cleansing prep of you skin is not correct for your condition BEFORE you put on your treatment(s).If you have not cleansed really well, and worked to get your pores unclosed and keep them unclogged, nothing will work correctly. Highly advise invest in a Clarisonic and try either PTR glycolic cleanser, or the oil-free Neutrogena cleanser. I always felt I cleaned my face super well…until I bought a Clarisonic. My gosh – almost overnight, my pores became almost invisable. My skin continues to improve and show results from my great skin care I use. NO one ever could have convinced me that I was not cleaning my skin well previous to the Clarisonic. I have to admit, when they hit the big time, I got sucked in to trying one. It’s now my desert island product along with a good eye cream. My derm swears by the Clarisonic as well.

John Avatar

I do own a Clarisonic and while I think it’s a great tool, it’s something I could do without. And I agree that if you have to prep your skin properly before applying your treatments, but what you’re talking about with the Clarisonic is exfoliation, not cleansing. Exfoliation is so important, and I can’t live without my BHAs and AHAs. As to how your pores become invisible overnight… I don’t think you had very large pores to begin with. Because if the Clarisonic could actually shrink pores so dramatically overnight, then all the surgical procedures with lasers, skin grafts, would be completely irrelevant, and they certainly aren’t.

slick Avatar

Hi Leslie – are you following the directions exactly? When I started glycolic products my skin improved greatly and first, and then it started breaking out again and getting dry and flaky in certain areas. I’m pretty sure that I was using too much. Maybe thats the issue? Sorry I’m not too much help….it just might not be the right product for you too, as my only issues were oil and mild breakouts. Your skin could be really sensitive to it…maybe try cutting back? Good luck!

Leslie Avatar

Thanks slick! I think I’m gonna go back to using it every other night and alternating it with benzoyl peroxide. Crossing my fingers this all ends well…I really want to be part of the glycolic acid bandwagon! Lol.

Steph Avatar

I third this! It exfoliates and clears my blackheads (I dont’ have acne) and reduces my oil. Glycolic acid makes my skin beauutiful.

Casey Avatar

I have very oily skin and LOVE this hit list! I use

Face routine: Lush coalface cleanser, The Body Shop’s tea tree toner (plus acne stuff) and either Lush Enzymion moisturizer or just Lancome sunscreen.

Makeup: Lancome La Base Pro primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion on the eyes, Chanel Mat Lumiere, MAC concealer, Laura Mercier setting powder, and Urban Decay De-Slick. I touch up with powder if needed throughout the day.

Sharon Avatar

The best moisturizer for oily skin I have EVER tried (and I am 52 and have tried them ALL) is by Young Pharmaceuticals and is called Mela-Shade. Also has a 30 SPF. Has a matte finish and is a fantastic makeup primer.

Kimberly S. Avatar

The Clarisonic and gentle Boscia Cleansers help a lot!! Keep my skin very clean, yet cared for so it doesn’t need to get too oily. Still though, I consider myself to have “combination” skin.

Yazmin Avatar

To control oil on my face, i use my duac acne gel for my face, your meant to apply it only once in the evening, but i apply mine twice and it controls alot of oil.

I use two foundations to help control oil, i use studio fix fluid and then apply a light layer or pro longwear on the top, and it gives me the best coverage ever, also with a msf natural.

For eyelids no one can beat urban decay for me.

Amanda A Avatar

REN has this moisturizer that is a mattifying lotion. You can get a free sample at Sephora. I really like it because it helps to mattify my skin right from the beginning.

Tiahaar Avatar

My skin is oily no matter what time of the year.
Some products I’ve found helpful:
– primer: MAC Prep+Prime spf50. It really helps my make up to stay put and my face quite matte, but it also makes it kinda hard to cleanse the make up (I need to use an oil based cleanser first). For my eyelids the best is UDPP. It keeps eye shadows vibrant and where they should be.
– foundation: Revlon Colorstay comb/oily skin. Not my HG, but good enough at the moment. (And I’ll miss Max Factor’s Facefinity fluid foundation forever. It stayed on my skin the whole day and looked nice.)
– powder: basically loose powder to set your make up. I never thought it could make such a difference. Right now I’m loving Kryolan’s Translucent Powder and Anti-Shine Powder (this can be a bit drying during the winter, though).

I try to use quite gentle cleansers ( I haven’t notice any real difference between brands). I prefer products for sensitive skin. But I want my skin to be completely clean before going to bed. I use light moisturizers (at the moment I use DermaE Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Moisturizing Gel, wow, what a name..)

This is still an ongoing battle. 🙁 But these have helped so I don’t have to blot every 30mins. Everyone’s skin is different so I’d suggest to try first to know if it works for you.
I’m very interested to read other’s responses. Great questions, Christine. 🙂

Jennifer Avatar

I use a clarsonic and I use the purity cleanser by Philosophy.
My moisturizer is La Mer Oil Free…..love it!!!! My eye cream is Bobbi Brown extra balm.
I use Laura Mercier Oil Free primer and her reg. tinted moisturizer. On top of that I use MAC creamblend powder and I swear I never even take out a blot powder or sheet!!!!

meme Avatar

YEAH! Another Clarisonic person! Honestly folks, it is worth every penny..and if you can, get the PRO model that is sold by aesthesticians only. It lasts longer by at least 2 years, holds up to it being dropped far better. Also if you want to save $ – don’t get the one with the smart handle used for the larger body brush head. It’s really best to work on the face if you need to make a $ decision. Also, if your skin is not sensitive, there is a new more aggressive, deep cleaning brush head for the Clarisonic – new this year. It’s going to get in there and get more aggressive into the pores.

Natasha Avatar

The YSL Matte primer is amazing, especially if oily/sensitive. All others just irritate my skin and that makes it even oiler.

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

I’m still looking for the perfect skin care to get rid of this darn grease. If I had a big hat and a belt buckle I could be an oil tycoon! As far as cosmetics go, I owe my life to Urban Decay De-Slick powder. You can pack on 50 layers of that stuff and it remains invisible.

Miranda Avatar

Try the clarasonic, if you can afford it. I’m the most oily skin person I’ve ever met (other than my mom, thanks genetics), and the clarasonic is the only thing that makes my skin feel perfectly clean!

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

I’ve been using my Clarisonic daily since Christmas! At night I use it with Neutrogena oil free acne wash (probably the most drying stuff ever) and I’m still oily 5 minutes later!

Nicole Avatar

Oily skin is hard to control because it’s the result of genetically determined hormonal changes in your body. Unfortunately there is no way you can control hormones topically including using a Clarisonic.

Nik Avatar

Thank you Christine for this question! I thought I found my “go to” basics, but I need to change them up! Gonna try different lotion possibly and change foundation for summer. Have you tried Estee Lauder double matte? If you think it stinks then I will steer clear!

Kay Avatar

Lancome Oil-Free Teint Idole Ultra foundation is great year round, for the summer I layer it over Mac Oil Control Lotion. I set with loose powder, right now I’m liking Becca’s loose finishing powder.

My skin is super sensitive to Sodium Laurel Sulfate and certain preservatives and fragrance, on top of being oily/combo, so I have a tough time with cleansers (and eyeliners for that matter). Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser is surprisingly one of the few that works for me. Really makes a difference in cleaning out and keeping my pores in check.

Lush’s tea tree toner during summer and their roma water during the winter is great and I noticed has helped keep my skin clear.

Queen Helene’s mint julep masque clears out pores like no other. I just use it on my nose. It works better for me and is more affordable than Lush’s mask of magnaminty.

Definitely a lot of trial and error to find out what works for you.

Chris25 Avatar

I use Origins Clear Improvements Face Mask to suck out impurities and clean out my pores. When I shower, I use Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face Wash with a facial sponge. My face feels super clean afterwards. MAC Blot Powder is brilliant for setting makeup and cutting down shine.

JamieRebecca Avatar

i LOVEEEE estee lauder’s double wear for my oily skin. stays on wonderfully when i apply with sponge or stippling brush. not as great with the fingers.

the product i NEVER expected to be amazing is E.L.F.’s complextion perfection powder. the one with all the pastel colors. it has made my MAC blot powder seem like a failure. i never expected it. picked it up randomly when i saw it at a store last week. it is also the only E.L.F. product i own. so much better than blot powder for me.

i like clinique’s moisture surge moisturizer. i clog easily and this hasn’t clogged or broken me out.

i love MAC paintpots to prime my oily lids.. works better for me than UPDD or TFSI. MUFE aqua cremes are pretty awesome too. wooooooooow sorry i wrote a novel here. i’ve just always had oily skin. so i had some def winners. now if u asked what didn’t work for oily skin, i’ve had typed for days!

braveviet Avatar

same for me. I started to use EL double wear first, didn’t really like it maybe cause I was not good at applying/blending at that time. I switched it into double wear light, I like it, it controls oil pretty good. I just come back to original double wear and love it truly now. I use stippling brush, applying the foundation just like the way Christine applies her MUFE HD foundation. It looks so good.
Then setting the foundation with ELF complextion perfection, this is the product I reach for the most. In the middle of the day, I blot with blotting papers, re-apply complextion perfection powder and my makeup stays fresh for the rest of the day.
For a very oily skin, these products work well enough for me. I don’t think there is any product which can help preventing my skin stay matte for the whole day without any touch-up. For my eye lids, I use UDPP or ELF eye primer (mineral line) they work the same on mine. Fyi, I wear makeup for at least 10-12 hours a day. After a long journey of searching, I think I am gonna stick with these. I have enough foundation and primer which can last for a few years anyway. Plan to finish them before starting any purchase

Hilary Avatar

i have really oily skin..

i cleanse with Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser,

i exfoliate once a day with either a AHA or BHA from Paula’s choice (they are really well formulated and great value as well.. and i alternate between the two types bc one cleanses pores and the other cleanses dead skin cells better)..

moisturiser i use clinique antioxidant concentrate turnaround visible renewer.. this is moisturising but not heavy

foundation i use is Paula’s Choice sheer matte tint (this is the best base for my skin, and i don’t use a primer and it still works fine)

concealer i use is maybelline age rewind double end (something… its got the concealer on one end and the highlighter on the other)

powder i swear by is laura mercier loose setting powder in translucent.. i can use all other other products the same but if i don’t use this powder, my makeup doesn’t wear as well.. esp on the nose

Krista Avatar

Is there one, really? Everything I’ve tried seems to either not work or break me out badly (UD De-slick in a Tube and the spray version were really bad for that.)

For whatever reason, I’ve found that applying a sunscreen first and letting in sink in for about an hour (I use Neutrogena) then using a primer (the CoverFX anti-acne is the best I’ve found) and letting that sink in for about 10, then doing foundation and powder seems to keep me matte for about 8 hours. Pretty good, considering that without that, I’m oily in 30-45 minutes.

helen Avatar

Dr. Brandt, Pores no More is the best matt/primer on the planet.
My foundation is Guerlain Extreme, concealer Clea du Peau and here’s the tip: After applying foundation & concealer, take a tissue, split (2-ply) in half and use it to blot excess oil (don’t forget eyelids & under the eye). THEN apply translucent pwdr (LMercier) by pressing/rolling into skin w/puff. This is a great way keep the oil at bay. Try it. Got the info from MUA Wayne Goss (genius on youtube).

meme Avatar

My skin was turned around from oil collection within 1 hr of cleansing – no product after or product – did not matter – UNTIL I bought a PRO model of the Clarisonic (it’s the professional version – has extra speed – last longer – stands up to harder use, worth the extra $ for this over retail model). I now have only seasonal T-zone oily about 5-6 hrs into the day, and that T-zone is not bad at all. I use all oil free products. I am religious about cleansing. Never go to bed with makeup on at all. Get those pores clean and try to get them to shrink up which they will do generally if they are not filled with gunk. I use the least amount of face make-up product, mostly because i don’t need it – I have good skin now – Tarte’s new Amazonian Clay spf tinted moisturizer or same in full coverage foundation are amazing at balancing out skin – oily is controlled- normal is controlled. Maybe if you are the Sahara Desert, might tend to not be a great pick for you – but claims made that oily to dry it senses and delivers that is needed. It’s RARE I will either use a foundation or change my foundation when I do have one I like…but moving to this new Tart line is amazed me. But more than anything – clean – clean – clean skin. Blotting sheets in your daytime to pick up oil and leave your skin care/makeup there are also a big plus. Never, never use alcohol. It only calls up more oil production.

mimi Avatar

I have oily skin. The most important routine for me is the cleansing of the face. I use cleansing oils and cleansing milk. Toner, serums, and moisturizers that help oily skin. Makeup wise, I use a primer, mattifier, and oil free foundations. For brands, I mainly use a lot of asian products for cleansing and skincare. (Laneige, Kose, Shiseido, Naruko)

Carmen Avatar

I have very oily skin and with this routine, I only need to touch up half way through the day and only if it’s warm out.

Cleanser – Aveeno Skin Clarifying Cleanser

Makeup – Murad Vitalic Moisturizer, Smashbox Light Primer, MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, MAC Blot, MAC Paintpot in Bare Study for eyes

Night – Retin A Gel. You need to get a prescription for this but it’s cheap (under $10) and the tube lasts for a year. It cuts down on oil, gets rid of any acne (if you have any) and reduces fine lines. This really helps with keeping you oil free!

Lindsey D Avatar

I have oily/acne prone skin (I have PCOS) and some of my favorites are

PCA Blemish Bar cleanser (sulfur is probably my favorite for dealing with a variety of issues)

MUFE All Mat primer (and I also really like their mattifying powder and HD powder, I mix the too together to offset the issues both have)

Nars eye primer. A MUST if you have oily lids–I have those, and they’re hooded, and this stuff never creases, even with cheap eyeshadow on top.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is really nice, uses rice powder so you don’t get any micro-tears in your skin and is just a soft exfoliant most people can use everyday.

And I also really like DDF’s salicylic wash.

And since it’s being mentioned, I used a Clarisonic Plus for a year and can say it’s utterly useless for the price, at least if your problems are hormonal. Just spend $15 or so on a bunch of muslin clothes–same difference, more hygienic.

Rachel Avatar

I have tried sooo many different foundations at all price points, but I always go back to revlon colorstay for oily skin. It gives relatively nice coverage and does not break me out. There are foundations which *look* a little better, but they all break me out(and cost $30-40 a pop). I use that with MUFE HD loose setting powder and UD all nighter spray and my makeup stays nice and relatively matte(and…you know, on my face) all day in the nasty TX heat.

roza Avatar

lancome teint idole ultra foundation. Amazing coverage, feels light, and stays on all day on my very oily skin.
tarte amazonian blush.

stacey Avatar

Although I use Santa Maria Norvella now, but back in those days, I had terrible acne and oily skin as a teen and in my twenties. Occasionally I still get a zit..and I use Rx- Retin A…in less than 24 hours, I can pop that zit…I learned not to use alcohol based toner…it makes it worse. I tried all brands…Clarins, Mario B. (aloe vera), Santa Maria Norvella, Sisley all make great toners. I use Estee Lauder Lucidity for over 25 years…great coverage and non- oily. Cleansers are Clarins, Sisley, and any non-alkaline soap. Also, need a good pore facial mask…I tried all brands in my youth and I say Clarins is the best and does not strip the skin.

Ester Avatar

A really good drugstore product I just tried and really love so far is Clean and Clear’s “finishers” mattifying moisturizer. It works crazy well. It has SPF and mattifies my face without drying it out. Sometimes I wash my face and just let my face get a little shiny before putting it on, and then put my makeup on. My makeup stays on so much longer! I really love this product and it’s inexpensive, especially compared to mattifying primers from Sephora and the like.

Chantelle Avatar

I love that moisturizer as well! It really delivers as far as mattifying.The only thing is that sometimes it makes my skin feel a little tight when I use it alone so I like to mix it with a little of my Cetaphil moisturizer. As far as drugstore brands, Clean and Clear rocks hands down!

Krystle Avatar

I use lots of LUSH products for skin care:
Angels on Bare Skin or Dark Angels cleansers
Breath of Fresh air toner
Greased lightning Oil Treatment

Then I use MAC Prep and Prime Skin followed by De Slick setting spray.

I use pro longwear Foundation followed by another spray of De slick.

All of those work for me.

Rebecca Avatar

Three words…milk of magnesia
obviously it’s not a makeup item but I just shake it up, put a little on my fingers and blend it into my t zone and no joke I’m oil free for at least 5-6 hours
I still use a foudation primer and kryolans anti-shine powder and everything stays put!

Cate Avatar

i love using urban decays de-slick spray and also on really crappy days i use the urban decay de-slick mattifying gel around my tea zone, beware though it tends to pill the makeup, also when it says MATTIFYING gel it means MATTIFYING, thi is super matte,and in my opinion a little to dry, however it does keep my makeup on, but usually the spray works well enough 🙂

natalia Avatar

MAC Blot powder and letting your moisturizer and SPF sink in for 10 minutes before applying foundation are the only two sure things I’ve found!

John Avatar

Aw, try Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia from the drugstore or Smashbox Anti-Shine; they both have the same active ingredient. You can always get a sample of the Smashbox from Sephora or a department store counter. I think you’ll love it. But it is much pricier than it’s drugstore counterpart.

Vicky Avatar

I use La Roche Posay’s Effaclar line – gel, tonic and Effaclar M (at night). During the day I don’t use the moisturizer because I need my sunscreen and I just feel like it’s too much, so I use La Roche Posay’s Fluide Extreme SPF 40. I wish it would dry down to a more matte finish, but it’s not bad, at least.

I don’t wear foundation, just concealer and powder. I’ve been using MAC’s blot powder for awhile based on comments I read here and it does make a different, compared to MSFN (terrible, made me shine in 40-60 minutes!) and regular powders.

But after reading all these comments about milk of magnesia I’m just dying to go to the drugstore tomorrow and get my hands on some, seriously. How did I manage to live all these years and never hear about such a lovely thing?

LU Avatar

For eyes – UDPP original followed by UD eyeshadow pencil in sin, followed by any powder shadow is a winning combo for me, makes my eyeshadow last 16 hours or more, I haven’t tested it for longer.

For face – Everyone keeps raving about Laura Mercier’s oil free primer but I hate that stuff. Its thick, smells bad, and does nothing it claims. Believe me, I have tested it for over 6 months, I really wanted to love it.

UD De-slick spray is great along with the de-slick in a tube, those work wonders for my skin! I also use a toner twice a day which helps control oil.

amanda Avatar

I love the Mary Kay Timewise products. I use the skincare set for oily/combination skin. Te day solution that goes under the moisturiser has SPF22 in it and is not at all greasy.

For foundation, I love the Mary Kay Timewise matte-wear foundation. It’s light, has good coverage, and kinda soaks up excess oils. The foundation primer is also amazing. It’s a really light gel with absolutely no colour and feels like nothing.

Chantelle Avatar

Have you tried the Oil Mattifier? My co-worker sells Mary Kay and she recommended it to me. She has oily skin as well and she swears by it. I tested it for a day and I was really impressed. I wore it under my foundation and I don’t think I really blotted at all! I ordered it instantly and hopefully my order gets in this week. I plan on trying some of the Timewise products in the future because I have only heard good things about them.

Cindy Avatar

I try to keep it simple. I had oily skin and hair even as a child (inherited from my dad), so I know it’s not a condition caused by irritating products.
I use a gentle cleanser (right now Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel), Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid, and right now I’m using Paula’s Choice Sheer Matte Tint as a foundation/sunscreen/mattifier in one. For a more full coverage foundation I go with MUFE Mat Velvet + or Revlon Colorstay. Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is pretty great too.
It’s very hot and humid now where I live, so I don’t really bother with eyeshadow. I use a primer on my eyelids so they don’t look greasy, then a cat eye look with liquid liner…which can be dramatic or subtle depending on the color I use.

Nunuiviet Avatar

Cleanser: Bobbi brown lathering soap, lush fresh famarcy soap
Toner: larocheposay moisturizing clarifying toner, lush tea tree toner, durance lavender toner
Moisturizer: Bobbi brown gel cream moisturizer, Bobbi brown brightening cream, durance mattifying day cream and lush vanishing cream
Sunscreen: skinfood SPF 50 coffee sunscreen , larocheposay anthelios fluid SPF 50
Makeup base: nothing beats Mac prep and prime face protect SPF 50 , no touch up for me up to 8 hours sometimes mo

michischaaf Avatar

Hi, I have a very oily skin BUT I discovered a wonderful thing so that I don’t have to blot my skin anymore all day long.
In the morning I use MAC green gel cleanser and as moisturizer I use MAC prep+prime skin visage spf50.
It kind of moisturizes my skin, so that it doesn’t produce oil or shine all day long. I don’t know how it works exactly but I think the main difference makes the prep+prime stuff.
As foundation I use MAC studio fix fluid spf15.

Nicole Avatar

Paula Begoun has some excellent advice on causes of and managing oily skin on her website:

“Oily skin is hard to control because it’s the result of genetically determined hormonal changes in your body, and you simply cannot control hormones topically”.

I have very oily skin that is related to PCOS which I was diagnosed with last year. I live in a very humid environment which only makes matters worse. I have tried countless products for my oily skin and highly recommend the following as the most effective:

1. Paula’s Choice BHA products – BHA helps reshape the pore lining, it unclogs pores and exfoliates the built up layers on the outside of skin while improving cell turnover rate. I couldn’t live without it!
2. Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish – the absolute best mattifier around. Beats all others by miles.
3. Palladio Rice Paper blotting paper – this is a fantastic oil blot paper that takes away the oil and has a fine powder that leaves skin really fresh. I particularly like it as i don’t have to used pressed powder afterwards (which I do with all other blot paper) and this means my skin is far less cakey by the end of the day.
4. Smashbox Antishine – another really good mattifier (I prefer the compact).

Milk of magnesia is really good too but I can’t seem to make it work with my makeup. I end up with white bits no matter how lightly I use it. I now use it as a weekly mask to absorb oil and it is great. I would also recommend prescription retinoid creams if you are really frustrated with your skin.

Hope that helps..

Hilary Avatar

i also love paula’s choice products.. they are well formulated and affordable, love it! i’m glad someone else is also using them too

Nicole Avatar

Hi Hilary – I think oily skin is quite a passionate topic amongst those of us who have it as it is one of the most difficult skin care problems to control!

I have seriously oily skin and have tried so many products (and spent so much money) in trying to reduce that horrible greasy shine that appears minutes after I wash my face regardless of makeup or not, and gets worse during the day to the point of embarrassment. My skin has been like this since I was about 13 (am 35 now).

I agree with you about Paula’s products. I am currently using the CLEAR acne relief 2% BHA toner (extra strength on my chest and back, and the regular strength on my face). If I could only use one product ever again this would absolutely be it. A truly amazing and affordable product designed to reduce blackheads and unblock pores which are a constant frustration for me.

Paula’s Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish is quite new and I was hanging out for it too be available here in Australia. I wasn’t disappointed in the results and use it every day both under and over my makeup.

Paula’s Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying sunscreen is the only sunscreen I have ever used that is absolutely weightless and leaves a shine free, non-greasy finish. This stuff is a godsend as I live in a very sunny state. I have always been previously torn about using sunscreens that protect my skin but feel revolting greasy and cased breakouts. This product has solved that and I recommend this as the best sunscreen for oily skin.

I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser which is gentle and removes makeup perfectly without the need for makeup remover. I also don’t believe in spending allot of money on cleansers.

I also use Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum just around my eyes and middle of the forehead. This one is beautiful and lightweight and also affordable.

When I discovered Paula’s Choice and learnt more about the facts of oily skin (based on scientific research not cosmetic company hype) I was so frustrated to realise that many of the products I used claiming to eliminate shine and reduce oil actually make matters worse because they contain ingredients that irritate skin and trigger more oil production. One of the best things I learnt is that oily skin absolutely does not need to be slathered in moisturiser (despite the insistence of cosmetic company sales people).

I can’t believe the hype about the Clarasonic in the comments here. Oily skin and blackheads can’t be “cleansed” or “scrubbed away”, and you can’t clean inside a pore. Oil production is triggered primarily by androgens and estrogen (male and female hormones), and altering hormone production topically is not something available in the realm of cosmetics. What you can do is use a retinoid (vitamin A or tretinoin) to improve the shape of the pore so that the oil can flow more evenly and prevent clogging. Also a well-formulated BHA (salicylic acid) product will exfoliates inside the pore lining, dissolving oil and dead skin cells that lead to constant blackheads.You can absorb surface oil by using powders or clay masks.

Phew, that’s feels better! I hope this has been useful to other shiny faced guys and gals 🙂

John Avatar

Yay! A fellow Paula Begoun follower. I certainly don’t agree with everything Paula says, but she’s an excellent source for unbiased information on skincare, and to an extent, makeup. Isn’t the 2% BHA liquid fantastic? I only use the Extra Strength version though. I have a sample of the Shine Stopper but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. I hope it performs well. I don’t use her brand of sunscreens during the summer because I can’t tolerate organic sunscreens very well. However, I do use one of her sunblocks during the winter. As to your comment about the Clarisonic, I agree with what you are saying, mostly. The Clarisonic serves as a form of physical exfoliation, and while it is mild, it will remove some of those dead skin cells, which will in turn allow the skin to become slightly less clogged, which therefore results with the appearance of one’s skin having less oil. So it can help a little with oiliness, but it certainly cannot compare with, like you said, a BHA, tretinoin, or clay products. And I do own a Clarisonic, and while I think it’s great, it’s definitely not a must have product.

Babs Avatar

Has anyone tried LAURA MERCIER MINERAL PRIMER with a regular non-mineral foundation? I tried the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer and am not a fan, and was wondering how the mineral primer is for oily.combo skin. Thanks!

Amanda Avatar

I have crazy oily skin and I swear I’ve tried EVERYTHING..the following is working for me currently

I wash my face with Boscia gel cleanser
(still looking for a toner)
clinique pore perfection serum (i think that’s what it’s called)
for day i use the Murad mattifying lotion w/ SPF
then smashbox photofinish primer in light
then i dust that with a mix of silica, rice and clay powder
THEN i use Tarte products – currently i’m using the tinted moisturizer but i also use the recreate foundation
then i dust again with powder


i just bought the laura mercier oil free foundation primer. . hoping i like it

i also bought a moisturizer from Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Oil-Control Treatment .. omg it’s fabulous!!!

Kailee Avatar

I find that a gentle, exfoliating skincare routine helps.
wash with cetaphil oily skin cleanser
clinique repairware serum to moisturize

for makeup, I use SFF mixed with the PF Healthy Wear TM to extend the wear. Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer used to keep me more matte than it does now. I also found that MUFE matte velvet + was good at oil control.

PM: remove makeup with kirkland wipe. wash with cetaphil for oily skin + a scruby pad thing sold in 8 packs at target. then, use a super hydrating moisturizer like nivea soft, to re-hydrate my skin.

my skin has gotten so much better since i eliminated alcohol (like clinique #3 toner, or toners in general), and started really hydrating it at night and use a simple skincare routine.

Maise Avatar

I have ultra oily skin and the best foundation I’ve tried is YSL Teint Resist. The coverage is light-medium but it keeps the oil at bay like no other! I would recommend it to all oily skinned ladies as it’s a fantastic foundation as well 🙂

anna Avatar

are you kidding me MAC PREP AND PRIME SPF 50!!!!!don’t even think about it, then put anything on top! without it i could produce enough oil for my salad every day…

Jazzy Avatar

What a great topic!

I own the clarisonic mia and I can only use it every 2 days or when I’m not planning to go out. I feel like it produces 10X more oil on my skin in less than 6 hrs.

Milk of Magnesia, it worked great for about a month then my skin went back to its greasy ways. I gave up on mattifiers a year ago.
But if you decide to try some mattifier I recommend Mary Kay

I’ve notice when I cut down on eating greasy foods my face is less oily.
I try washing my face twice a day.

My (HG) best products so far to control my greasy face:
-Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body
-Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
-Clinique Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free (summer)
-Clinique moisture surge (winter)
-Monistat chaffing gel (as a primer, I feel that this product has helped the most controlling oil and polished makeup)
-Mac prolongwear foundation
-Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation
-Mac blotting powder

Janise Richmond Avatar

Please go and visit a website called Matifycosmetics.com. In addition to having the BEST POWDER you will EVER try to oily skin (trust me, I’ve tried them ALL), they have some wonderful tips for oily skin. And for the record, if you’re looking for good skin care for oily skin, the two best systems I’ve found are Dr. Brandt and Perfect Skin (that system advertised by the Kardashians). MoM is OK but it’s white and pasty on me. There’s a product called sebasorb that you can get from the Derm Store that works much better.

Ruthless Avatar

My pm cleanser is usually Clarins cleansing gel oil, although I prefer Shu Umera. I’ve switched to a Nivea gel cleanser in the morning and it does a great job and doesn’t strip my skin. I can use essentially whatever moisturizer I want as long as it’s not too heavy, as in for dry and aging skin.

I found that ClearFX is a great primer for oily skin, combined with Estee lauder doublewear (which some of you hate) but it controls shine on me for at least 8 hours which is unheard of, usually I need to blot after an hour and powder after two.

Right now, since it’s summer and I’m too poor to purchase a darker EL DW shade, I’ve gone to Revlon color stay which is a great cheap alternative to EL DW. I’m using Skinn Orchid Primer currently, but would not repurchase. It’s very thick, and clear fx controls oil better but both do a decent job.

MUFE Mat Velvet is a GREAT foundation for oily skin. Apply with damp sponge over clear fx and you’re good to go. I find the HD just slides right off.

I also have the Gurlain lingere foundation, which is beautiful but doesn’t control oil at all.

I also use the oil of olay cheapo scrub brush a couple times a week

Lorraine Avatar

I have extremely oily skin and nothing works for me 🙁 I thought Milk of magnesia will be working but It did not I still have oily skin after one hour 🙁 Next I’ll try laura mercier primer hope it will work for me. someone can help me ?

Lisa Moore Avatar

I found this site after trying to research “extremely oily skin”, which I have and I am tired of dealing after 50 years! I am the only woman I know that can’t make her make-up last all day! I’ve even given up mascara and eyeliner most of the time. It’s just not worth it…help! I’ve seen so many different products recommended…it’s very overwhelming!

Beth Avatar

Hello all,
Just found this post and wanted to suggest a few things. I have PCOS so my skin is oily due to that but I have found some products lessen the oil but never banish it completely.

I will try and do things in order so from getting up in the morning. In the shower I recommend using ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ from Lush. It is a gentle ‘scrub’ that you can use daily and contains kaolin clay which is great for getting into those pores. You can also see the almond milk it contains when you add water that brightens the skin. It’s all natural so nice on the skin. If this hasn’t grabbed you then try St Ives ‘apricot scrub’, this is also a good scrub that I have found works well but it has more ‘grit’ to it so be gentle if you do go with this one.

Once a week or every other week I use ‘dark angels’ scrub from Lush, it is almost all natural except for two ingredients and is a heavy duty scrub that really makes your skin feel clean and soft!

I try once a week to get in a face mask but its more like once a month to be honest. I haven’t yet found a wonder mast but I do like DDF sulphur mask but its not cheap. A cheaper option that works well for swollen ‘under the skin’ spots is an aspirin mask. Simply add a few drops to a couple of aspirin tablets crush then up into a paste and spread on the skin. Leave for a while then you can either rinse right of or use circular motions for a bit of a scrub. Try not to use this often as the effectiveness of the aspirin on your skin will were off.

So back to the shower, I use either the weekly or daily scrub then currently I am washing with Cor Silver soap. Its not cheap but aids healing, so anyone with spots this one is for you. You can buy a sample off the Cor web site. I like it but once my sample runs out I wont rush to pay full wack but its work a go! If it were cheaper I would buy it again. I leave this on my face as I wash hair so on… (I recommend Dr Bronner’s magic fair trade organic liquid soap for troubled back and chested people out there!)

Other face cleansers I like and use depending on mood are: coal face by Lush and Dermalogica Clay Cleanser. It give you the real fresh face feel! (menthol)

So then before makeup I tone with lemon juice just a thin layer over the skin, watch out it stings on any broken skin and will tingle a little that’s normal just keep it away from eyes and teeth. I then moisturise with Bobbie Brown oil control lotion SPF 15 and use a little EL Matte primer. I then use Lily Lolo mineral foundation, cover up and blusher, brilliant stuff! Not the heaviest of coverage but it is buildable and it’s the only thing that keeps me less oily during my 12 hour shifts it is also sweat proof! I have been to the gym in it many times and it holds up very well. Careful with finding other mineral foundations they often contain Bismuth Oxychloride that can cause break outs. Not always but can do. I then use Mattify! Original powder from mattifycosmetics.com to set my makeup. For me the ULTRA version on the powder made me more oily than the original. On the web site it suggests putting under and over foundation , this works well too. ( I have a few other sun screen moisturisers that I use in the summer but I live in the UK and work 12 hours a day in a room with no windows so I feel my SPF15 BB lotion and my SPF15 Lily Lolo foundation is enough for all year bar summer)

I also highly recommend Dermalogica oil free matte block SPF 20. I love this stuff but I got the BB lotion for x mas so am using that for now.

During the day I use blotting sheets from e.l.f they are wonderful and cheap! I prefer these to the ones that leave powder behind and I prefer the idea of lifting the oil away rather than piling more powder on top but that’s a personal thing. I have found that after blotting I can use mineral pressed powder from Greenpeople.com or Peter Thomas Roth oily problem skin instant mineral spf 30. I love the latter of the two, leaves me matte smooth skin 🙂

Evening, I remove makeup with tea tree wipes from Holland and Barrat. And wash my face with tea tree soap from the same shop. Tone with lemon juice. Sometimes I use a little Estee Lauder Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher on my cheeks and T zone. I always use benzoyl peroxide at the moment on spots but my super star for clearing up sport is SUDOCREM!!! It really does dry up any spots over night… although you do go to bed looking like a ghost.

So far this has worked for me and my Dermatologist commented that she is surprised at how little scaring I have from my acne. (I am now 26, had acne for as long as I can remember)

I have also used Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA acne clearing gel and DDF salicylic acid wash both I like and am in the process of getting some more of. There are cheaper salicylic acid washes out there that are nice too.

Sorry for the essay but if just one person comes away with someone here that helped them then its worth it! I know what a struggle oily skin is and I swear I keep the beauty industry going with the money I spend on new ‘wonder’ products!

I hope this helps.

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