The Estee Edit Launches at Sephora for Spring; Now for VIB/VIB Rouge

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder

Rule breaker. Risk taker. Estee Lauder built her beauty empire by preaching “Beauty is an Attitude.” Now The Estee Edit brings you new beauty attitudes, inspired by Estee, curated by our Guest Editors of the moment–created by YOU. Wear it. Share It. Own It. #beautyattitudes

Exclusively at Sephora; early access for VIB Rouge/VIB, coming soon for all clients

The Details

The Edit Eyeshadow Palette, $48.00 (Limited Edition)

Use these fourteen shades to shape, highlight, and transform your eyes with satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes. Plus, The Edit EyeShadow Palette has two shade transformers with Black Light Technology for a glistening glow-in-the-dark effect. Use the transformer shades on top of any shadow for extra shimmer during the day and a look that turns up the intensity under black light. All shadows in the eye shadow palette are brush and fingertip friendly. This palette contains:

  • 6 x 0.08 oz Eye shadows in satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes
  • 6 x 0.09 oz Eye shadows in satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes
  • 0.15 oz Shade Transformer in Rays Sparkle
  • 0.15 oz Shade Transformer in Silver Sparkle

The Barest Blush, $28.00

Create a gorgeous flush of color with The Barest Blush. It’s infused with micronized pigments and sunflower seed oil to create even, natural-looking color.

  • First Lover
  • Coy Coral
  • Purr Pink
  • Ember Glow

Metallishadow Creme + Powder, $25.00

Create a heavy metal eye look that will stand out with these shadow finishes. It features a high-pigment cream eye shadow in the cap that’s the perfect base for the loose metallic powder in the package bottom. Layer these shadows for intense depth and an eye-catching foil finish. Or, just wear the metallic shadow alone on the face and eyes for a light, shimmering eye look.

  • Black Star
  • Aqua Nova
  • Scarlet Eclipse

Hi Lo Style Contour + Highlight, $28.00

Hi Lo Stylo Contour + Highlight is a new portable go-to for highlighting and sculpting with ease. Use the deeper shade of the double-ended pencil to contour and the lighter shade to highlight. The creamy formula is extremely manageable and easy to blend. The result is a barest nude or all-the-way edgy look with perfectly blended highlights and lowlights in no time at all.

  • Light/Medium
  • Medium/Deep

Flash Photo Powder, $32.00

Always be ready for the camera with Flash Photo Powder. This translucent, blue powder brightens your skin so you’re always ready for a flash. Brightening blue pigments leave your complexion camera-ready with illumination for the look of flawless skin.

More Than Brows, $22.00

Get everything you need for eyes in one pencil. More Than Brows fills in brows in a snap, lines your eyes with one stroke, and softly contours lids. With just a few strokes, this power pencil lets you finish off your eye looks.

  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Rich Brown
  • Espresso
  • Black

The Blackest Liner,

The Blackest Liner instantly makes a dramatic statement. Whether you want to create a winged liner look to a cat eye, this liner’s flexible, marker-like tip allows for a smooth, even line.

  • Black

Lip Flip Shade Transformer, $22.00

Transform any shade of lipstick to get your perfect hue—yellow brightens, black deepens. It’s your favorite lipstick’s alter ego. Paint like a true artist, as Lip Flip Shade Transformer allows you to blend a custom color all your own and create a look no one else can get their hands on. Use it to double or triple your current lip wardrobe and create two new shades for each lip color you own. Lip Flip features a delicious vanilla mint scent.

  • Turn Up
  • Turn Down

Mattified Lipstick, $22.00

Get full-coverage and high-impact color in one swipe with Mattified Lipstick. Infused with 20 percent conditioning oils, including jojoba oil, it leaves a luxurious and light finish.

  • Miss You Peach orange
  • Sunday Vibe Beige
  • Maybe Later Cool pink
  • On Point Brown
  • Just Sayin’ Pink
  • Smash Purple
  • ABT Last Night Plum
  • Wrapped Dark plum
  • The Storm Teal
  • Killin’ It Orange
  • You’re Welcome Red
  • Marooned Burgundy

The Barest Lip Color, $22.00

The Barest Lip Color cushions your lips with a luxurious feel and nude color. Muru muru butter helps hydrate and real flower petal waxes from rose, jasmine, and lavender create a silky texture.

  • Au Naturel Light beige
  • In the Flesh Beige
  • Exposed Rose beige
  • So Bare Medium-dark beige
  • In the Buff Brown
  • Nude Scene Chocolate

The Barest Contour Lip Liner, $20.00

The Barest Contour Lip Liner features a soft texture and fine micro-tip for precise lip liner application, and it enhances the look of your lips without bleeding or feathering. Created to match a shade from The Barest Lip Color (sold separately), these liners are perfect for shaping the ultimate nude pout.

  • Au Naturel Light beige
  • In the Flesh Beige
  • Exposed Rose beige
  • So Bare Medium-dark beige
  • In the Buff Brown
  • Nude Scene Chocolate

Flash Photo Gloss, $20.00

This innovative gloss features cool blue shade that emphasizes the white in your smile. Infused with an addictive vanilla scent, it creates a photo-ready, high-shine finish that can be worn alone or layered over your favorite lipstick.

Flash Illuminator, $28.00

Highlight and hydrate. This high-impact, oil-free highlighting cream is like your best light in a bottle. It instantly illuminates skin while providing skin care ingredients like the moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid.

  • Spot Light Pearly white that adds a soft-focus highlight
  • Morning Light Golden highlight
  • Sun Light Warm terra cotta glow
  • Day Light Rosy hue that can double as a blush
  • Night Light Bronzy color that can double as a contouring cream

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow, $50.00

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow is a double-duty double-decker—hydration with two levels of illumination in one product. It’s a complexion hybrid, meaning it creates an instant change in how your skin looks while simultaneously delivering skin care ingredients. The tube holds an amazing, illuminating moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that gives an instant glow. Plus, the touch-on concentrate under the cap gives you a high-impact shimmer.

Skin Glowing Balm Makeup with Pink Peony, $36.00

Skin Glowing Balm Makeup with Pink Peony features a creamy, balm-like texture that transforms your complexion with a gorgeous finish. This foundation contains hydrating and conditioning ingredients, including shea butter, evening primrose oil and muru muru seed to leaves skin glowing. It glides onto skin, leaving it feeling nourished, looking radiant, and even toned.

  • Vanilla
  • Ecru
  • Dune
  • Chamois
  • Wheat
  • Chai
  • Amber
  • Sienna
  • Caramel
  • Truffle
  • Clove
  • Mink

White Mud Exfoliating Scrub + Mask, $40.00

White Mud is a two-in-one mask and exfoliating treatment that draws out impurities and removes excess oil and shine. The super-fine, creamy-smooth white porcelain clay formula slips on like silk and rinses off effortlessly. It refines and refreshes as it frees skin of flakiness and roughness with powerful jojoba exfoliating beads. Blackheads are removed and pores look refined for a soft, smooth complexion.

Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack, $50.00

Wake up to a rosy glow with this fruit and flower mask that delivers a mega-shot of hydration. The water-gel formula delivers glow-boosting antioxidants while you sleep: pink peony soothes, and goji berry, blueberry, and cranberry combine with hyaluronic acid to infuse skin with visible energy. The quick-absorbing mask leaves skin radiant, smooth, and comfortable.

Pore Vanishing Stick, $28.00

Pore Vanishing Stick blurs the look of pores, creates an even skintone, and minimizes shine and oil—sans mess or fuss. The dual-action, convenient stick contains a tinted inner core to help assure the formula is universal for all skintones, and is surrounded by an outer ring that shuts down shine with oil-absorbing powders. Use it alone for a naturally flawless look, or apply it either under or over your makeup for a velvety smooth finish.

Rescue Balm for Face + Body, $50.00

Rescue Balm for Face + Body is an allover oil-infused cream to deeply nourish skin. This formula is packed with over 20 percent fruit and nut oils—including coconut, avocado, and mango—to drench skin with moisture and nutrients. Use it to moisturize cuticles, elbows, and any other rough patches for smooth, hydrated skin.

Mega Chlorella Algae Cleansing Bar, $22.00

This cleansing bar is like a shot of green goodness for your skin. Crafted in Japan, Mega Chlorella Algae Cleansing Bar has a soft, mild lather that leaves your skin looking smooth and refreshed. Its secret: chlorella—a tiny green algae that grows in fresh water and is bursting with nutrients like vitamins B, C, and E. Use it morning and night for skin that’s fresh, clean, and comfortable.

Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony, $42.00

Here’s your secret to a fresher, more wide-awake look. Touch on the cooling tip to instantly refresh and enhance around your eyes—helping erase a dull, tired appearance. Late Night Eraser contains micro-powdered pearls for luster, pink peony, cucumber, and apple to help soothe and perfect, and hyaluronic acid for moisture. Dark circles and puffiness look reduced and eyes become brighter. Put it on it the morning for a bright start, then any time over your concealer as a quick, midday pick-me-up. You can use it at night as your eye cream too—it’s 24-hour care for your eyes.

Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover + Cleanser, $32.00

This cleansing formula is enriched with jojoba oil, aloe, and cucumber—soothing skin as it gently yet thoroughly removes all traces of makeup, including pigmented and long-wear. When you add water, this luxe oil turns into a milky cleanser that rinses cleanly away, leaving skin clear, soft, and glowing.

Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover Wipes, $15.00

Dissolve the Drama LongWear Makeup Remover Wipes contain an oil-free cleansing emulsion that leaves your skin hydrated and soft. They are ideal for removing makeup on the go or when you’re too tired to completely cleanse, and leave skin delicately scented with a fresh citrus scent.

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: First Lover

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Coy Coral

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Purr Pink

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Ember Glow

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Black Star

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Aqua Nova

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Scarlet Eclipse

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Turn Up, Turn Down

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Miss You, Sunday Vibe, Maybe Later, On Point, Just Sayin’, Smash, ABT Last Night, Wrapped, The Storm, Killin’ It, You’re Welcome, Marooned

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Au Naturel, In the Flesh, Exposed, So Bare, In the Buff, Nude Scene

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder
The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder: Spot Light, Morning Light, Sun Light, Day Light, Night Light