The Dupe List: Check Vanity for Dupes

The Dupe List
Limit your search results to show only dupes you own!

We made a slight tweak over on The Dupe List to help manage and find dupes for those who want to avoid purchasing too many of the same shades.  Now, when you want to lookup dupes for a particular shade or formula, you can limit the results to items in your Vanity by clicking the checkbox.  You can also check your Vanity for dupes whenever you’re browsing a product’s dupes, so whether you’ve read a review and are looking at the product’s dupes, you can easily refine down to shades you already own.

The Vanity is a way to keep track of the products your own.  You’ll need to be a registered user to start adding products to your Vanity.  You can view dupes within your Vanity, and you can also view dupes between your Vanity and your Wishlist.   (You can keep track of products you’re wanting by adding them to your Wishlist.)

And hey, while I have you, did you know that you can compare any two palettes to see both official dupes and similar shades between the two of them?  Or that you can compare any two swatches side-by-side we have whenever you want?

P.S. — We are currently working on improvements in the way products (that we don’t have) are added to make that a faster process for readers (this is our next big project!).

The Dupe List
Check your vanity for dupes when browsing any product’s dupes!