Temptalia’s Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes – Close Up 2009

Column 1: Antiqued, Cranberry, Limo;
Column 2: Coppering, Expensive Pink, Til Daybreak;
Column 3: Post-Haste, Passionate, Living Pink

Phew, here are close-ups of the eyeshadow palettes labeled 🙂 I have some MAC holiday palettes, premade quads, and one self-made quad to accompany all of these eyeshadows, in case some of you were like, “How does she not own Carbon?!” My self-made quad is Carbon, Casablanca, Ricepaper, and Vex.

Column 1: Post-Haste, Passionate, Living Pink;
Column 2: Pink Papillon, Da Bling, Up-do;
Column 3: Orange, Firespot, Fab & Flashy

Column 1: Evening Aura, Juiced, Goldmine;
Column 2: Flip, Going Bananas, Dreammaker;
Column 3: Rose Blanc, Gorgeous Gold, Rye

Column 1: Rose Blanc, Gorgeous Gold, Rye;
Column 2: Rye, Tendermetal, Summer Neutral;
Column 3: Henna, Glare, Warming Trend

Column 1: Patina, Sable Wrap, Greensmoke;
Column 2: Femme-Noir, Flourishing, Scarab;
Column 3: Mink & Sable, Velvet Moss, Humid

Column 1: Mink & Sable, Velvet Moss, Humid;
Column 2: Lucky Green, Overgrown, Eyepopping;
Column 3: Juxt, Wondergrass, Bio Green

Column 1: Aquavert, Metamorph, Bottle Green;
Column 2: Shimmermoss, Newly Minted, Melody;
Column 3: Gulf Stream, A Bluer Blue, Talent Pool

Column 1: Gulf Stream, A Bluer Blue, Cool Heat;
Column 2: Stormwatch, Talent Pool, Parrot;
Column 3: Freshwater, Blue Flame, Deep Truth

Column 1: Electric Eel, Moon’s Reflection, Blue Storm;
Column 2: Atlantic Blue, Climate Blue, Deep Shade;
Column 3: Cinders, Thunder, Parfait Amour

Column 1: Cinders, Thunder, Parfait Amour;
Column 2: Top Knot, Fig. 1, Beautiful Iris;
Column 3; Lotusland, Seedy Pearl, Digit

Column 1: Stars ‘n Rockets, Romping, Beauty Marked;
Column 2: Pearl of the Earth, Thunder, Wintersky;
Column 3: Neutral Pink, Smut, Satin Taupe

Column 1: Neutral Pink, Smut, Satin Taupe,
Column 2: Magnetic Fields, Embark, 100 Strokes;
Column 3: A Little Folie, Beautyburst, Glamour Check!

Column 1: Bold & Brazen, Valet, Texture;
Column 2: French Cuff, Arena, Say Yeah;
Column 3: Motif, Bronze, Cork

Column 1: Motif, Bronze, Cork;
Column 2: Woodwinked, Elite, Romp;
Column 3: Taupe Note, Ochre Style, Soba

Column 1: Jasmine, Nanogold, Daisychain;
Column 2: White Tie, Rite of Spring, Blurr;
Column 3: Pen ‘n Pink, Hush, Grain

Column 1: Pen ‘n Pink, Hush, Grain;
Column 2: Malt, Bisque, Performance;
Column 3: Modest Tone, Femme-fi, Femme-fi

Column 1: Shroom, Blanc Type, Crystal;
Column 2: Vellum, Pincurl, Clue;
Column 3: Copperplate, Smoke & Diamonds, Charred

Column 1: Copperplate, Smoke & Diamonds, Charred;
Column 2: Knight, Silver Ring, Cumulus;
Column 3: Electra, Mont Black, Cloudburst