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I tend to focus more on my eyes as I love eye make-up and like to accentuate my eyes the most. I do still like to find a lipstick or lip gloss colour that will go with my eyes, though. I really like wearing red lipstick or bold lip colours every so often, so on those occasions I’ll put wear a more subtle look on my eyes.

Hmmm…I love Port Red lipstick, so I sometimes wear that with more subtle eyes. I’ve worn it with cream/beige coloured eyeshadow on the lid, a neutral taupe brown in the crease and cat flicked liquid eyeliner to line my upper lashes (with a little black pencil eyeliner on the lower lashes). It looks kind of like an classic 50’s style look, really like it. I also had Port Red on this week with a new eyeshadow combo that I really loved: Cash Flow paintpot as base, Flip on eyelid, Texture in crease, a little Woodwinked in the outer v and Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl (a pale shimmery cream-gold; Nylon is probably a dupe of this) as a highlight.

I also love wearing Rebel lipstick from time to time – it’s a great bold colour on. I normally wear this with a colour like UD Midnight Cowgirl on my lid and a taupe colour in my crease. I have worn it with Beautiful Iris on the lid and Urban Decay Ransom in the crease(bold purple, like Parfait Amour I think). Those purple colours still look subtle enough on, so they don’t clash with the bold lips and it’s a nice funky look.

under my eyes the concealer part. I dont use any eye cream plus I always forget to apply concealer πŸ™‚ I focus on my skin- foundation but I dont even powder. Lately even when I have a lil acne if I know Im going to be in the car all day. I try not to apply any products on my face. Lately Ive been down right LAZY tee-hee

cheeks… πŸ™‚
i love it when my face has a glow to it,
then, laughing is twice as fun πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Recently I have been really lazy with eyeshadow so I have been neglecting my eyelids the most lol. I don’t really wear any eyeshadow when all I’m doing for the day is go to class for a few hours.

When I’m lazy, I forget the eyes and the lips, but maybe add a little more to the cheeks. But usually they don’t get much attention either πŸ˜›

I focus on the lips much less than on the eyes as well. I prefer a neutral, pouty pink lip rather than anything bold or bright. I just don’t look or feel right because my eyes look best done up appropriately for day and night or ocassion, so, a neutral lip is best to balance the eyes out…and it’s fun to play with e/s. πŸ™‚

I tend to focus most on my cheeks, both in the application of make up, and in blush/sun powder. Next, I like to concentrate on the eyes and the thing I always neglect most are my lips, I do not like wearing strong lipsticks.

I guess it would be my eye lashes.. I am terribly lazy about wearing mascara and curling my lashes.

Eyebrows fershure. Mine are au naturel — even with the current trend for plucking and powdering I think they look pretty ok and can’t be bothered to do anything with them.

I also do most of my work on the eyelids. They are the part of the face that I feel you can be most creative with and have the most fun. That said, I tend to ignore my eyebrows. I don’t have any makeup for shaping or filling in my eyebrows. The lips are always an afterthought and something I take care of on my way somewhere.

I definitely neglect my lips. To the point that I sometimes don’t even put anything on them at all. My eyes get all my attention. I love creating different looks with my eyes. I love doing dramatic eye looks. I feel weird with a bold color on my lips. It may look completely cool to somebody else, but to me I think I look funny. Simple nude colors and gloss on the lips for me.


I used to be the same way, Tammy. Now I have to coordinate lips with whatever eyes I do, but I definitely put the focus and attention/time/energy on the eyes.

i neglect my cheeks

i’m mostly an eye make up person πŸ˜€ and i go very simple with the lips. and most of the time i would do something for my cheeks but when i’m in a rush i’d leave it πŸ™‚

I neglect the cheeks, and my lips are always real simple with just lip balm or balm and pink gloss. I hardly ever do anything with my cheek colour because I already have high-placed cheekbones and rosy-colored apples-of-the-cheeks. The other day I did a spring-to-winter look: Shroom allover lid and browbone, white-silver/teal blue duochrome shadow allover lid and blended up to just below the browbone, (forgot the name, I’m pretty sure its a VERY old discontinuted MAC pigment), Carbon in the crease for silvery teal smokey eye. Black liner smudged with carbon on upp and lower lashlines, black mascara. Fill in brows with my pencil, then here comes my once-in-a-while cheeks! I used The Body Shop Sparkle and Shimmer Powder Puff in Sunset Peach for shimmery, peachy-pink cheeks, and then to complement the cheeks, I had on The Body Shop Born Lippy Balm in Strawberry. I only did something on the cheeks and lips because, except for the teal in my eyeshadow, it really needed a spring kick. The shadow was perfect because it was silver/teal duochrome with black and I was wearing a gray top, teal tanktop, and black jeans! πŸ˜€

I think my forehead? I don’t really focus on it because I have bangs so it pretty much covers it. I focus most on my lips and my cheeks. My cheeks- simply because I have some shallow indented scars because of acne. Lips – because I hate chapped-looking lips. πŸ™‚

I neglect my cheeks. I am not a blush person; however, I would give it a chance, if I needed an evening look for a special occasion. Although, I’m a lip person, I can’t say that I neglect my eyes as I do follow the bold lip, neutral eye/bold eye, neutral lip “rule”.

i used to neglect cheeks.. until i realized how it defines your face and gives such a pretty glow, and now it’s a must!! now i always wear benefit’s hoola bronzer to contour under my cheekbones and warm up my skin, with blushbaby blush by mac on the apples! so pretty!
but mainly i focus on eyes too! especially mascara.

Like a lot of the commenters so far, I have a propensity to focusing on my eyes. I just love how much feeling you can express with a dramatic look. I also feel like because I wear glasses, I can get away with some theatrical-level extreme looks πŸ™‚ I openly admit to neglecting my cheeks (a couple swishes of Alpha-girl or well dressed and I’m set!), and not playing up my lips as much as the eyes. I find that with the level of drama that I use to do my eyes, I look overdone if I go for an intense look with my lips, which are smallish, but super pout-y.

I feel ya on not even having that many opportunities to play with cheeks/lips! I, too, opt to go less on the other areas when my eyes are dramatic!

I neglect my eybrows. One of them is higher than the other. I think sleeping on my side has finally made it droop or something. It bums me out. I have worked on my brows trying to arch them so they are more even but it’s not so easy. I often just don’t fill them in because it makes me cranky and I don’t want to draw attention to them.

my boyfriend hates eyeshadow bc he thinks its unnatural. he’s never told me he didn’t like it if i wear eye shadow and he always says it looks ok or nice, but i think he’s just being nice, so i usually will just do a wash of a light or medium brown eye shadow with some mascara on the eyes. lips are probably my favorite look wise but it’s such a hassle having to reapply throughout the day.

Aww!! I guess I can see eyeshadow as being “unnatural” in a sense, but it’s so fun to play with!

I hope you do at least a few really fun eyeshadow looks from time to time πŸ™‚

I neglect my whole face except my eyes and cheeks! I where gloss fairly often, and sometimes do a light dusting of foundation.. Otherwise, I just focus on my eyes.. I almost never forget blush either.

Ha, I suppose neglect is a bit harsh! I like the Sephora brand blushes because they are really great for their price. They have a lot of nice colors, and it tends to stay on my face pretty well.

I always forget about my lips! I have a nice natural color and have a bad habit of licking my lips so nothing lasts very long. Lip balm is my fav lip product!

For a long time I never wore blush, but I’m in love with the Blond MSF! I wear it everyday. I need to get some more blushes, I only have one. I didn’t realize how washed out I was before I started wearing the MSF.

Every thing is pretty even tbh, I always start with a full face of make up and it tends to be my eyes that are boldest. But during the day when I top up my make up it’s always Studio Fix powder and Blush that I reapply and lip liner but I don’t put any gloss on, but I am trying to change that now that I got my lovely new HK glosses πŸ˜€

I don’t neglect any area of my face/neck. I do tend to work more on the eyes (brows, eyelids, lashes) just because there are more areas to work with and also because, as everyone has mentioned already, there way more artistic possibilities! πŸ˜›
I love to do lip/eyes combos and always pair the 2. My influence is the eyes 1st, which means that my lipstick will be chosen accordingly to my eye m/u.
Because I use primers and MAC m/u, I find that I don’t need to reapply or touch up my m/u during the day, with the exception of blot compact powder (for nose and forehead) and lip products, I don’t have to do a thing! I HAVE to bring a l/s or l/g with me at all times to reapply because I can’t stand not having color on my lips (LOL). I drink a lot and when eating and drinking, etc, I find that it goes quickly and I have to reapply a lot throughout the day.

It used to be my eyebrows, but lately it’s probably my lips as I spend most of the time on my eyes, then my face and last it’s my lips – just grab a lipstick or gloss that I like/ know goes with the rest and that’s it. I never line my lips either. Must work on them more. πŸ˜‰

Im a bold lip fan!
However with the summer approaching I have had to retire my diva lipstick and oversexed plushglass for a more subtle combo…
I had a question.. Which brush should be used to apply paint pots?

I neglect pretty much my face in general.

I’ll match my eyeshadow to my outfit and have some nude colour on my lips. Unless im wearing pink, i’ll put on natural colours for my eyes and then a nice shinny pink lip colour. I find pink around my eyes just white washes out my whole face.

So the only thing for my cheeks/face is my foundation.

I neglect my cheeks since they get less attention. I do want to concentrate on my cheeks more so that they can stand out with my eyes and lips when doing my everyday makeup routine.

eye cream, curling lashes although some mascara makes it so you can skip that part, and concealer…but I don’t really like wearing concealer. I used to never wear blush but I just started last month – I love what I’m using – Nars — Orgasm.

my main focus used to be my eyes. but i’ve realized that as long as i look like i’ve got good skin, i can do the “natural beauty” thing pretty well. so instead of spending 15 minutes on my eyes, i reduced it to 3 (curl + mascara). i spend the other 12 minutes doing concealer, foundation, blush, and contour. then i just slick on some lip gloss or lip balm on the way to school. BAM! makeup done =]

i always do up my eyes for special occasions, i love winging out my eyeliner to accentuate my cat eyes.

I’m more about the eyes but strange enough I spend the longest on my foundation routine. I like to think about what to use as a blush, but that’s generally pretty quick. The area I neglect most would have to be my lips if I’m doing a full face makeup look because I usually don’t have time for it. But if I’m going mainly au natural, I play up my lips more.

I don’t do bright lips as often as bright eyes but I think I neglect my cheeks or my skin the most. I never really do different things to my skin and I rarely spend a lot of time on my cheeks.

On a regular weekday, I neglect my eyes. I hardly ever wear eyeshadow to school, just liner and mascara. Eyeshadow would mean waking up earlier.. no thanks, haha.

I usually just focus on my eyes. I just feel like if I don’t have the right eye makeup, I don’t know, they either stand out or are like invisible. Plus I’m not comfortable doing bold lips when I’m going to uni every day.

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