Temptalia Asks You - When did you first start loving makeup?

When did you first start loving makeup? How long has your love affair lasted? Did you start off as a little girl playing with your mother’s makeup or has it only been a recent discovery?

I’ve only been into makeup since I was 18, which makes it a whopping three years thus far!

P.S. – What’s everyone doing this weekend?! I think I’ve just got some school reading to do, otherwise… bumming around!

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When i was a child i didnยดt like makeup at all, only high heels ๐Ÿ™‚ I started with the make up with 17 years old and right now i ยดm 19 and iยดm obsessive with mac and nars :s

I started loving makeup at the age of 20. One year later I’ve gone from someone with NO makeup whatsoever to a makeup junky. Now my friends come to ME for advice. Oh, the irony.

The people at the M.A.C. store know me on a first name basis…*lol*

Very very young! I started skincare when I was like 12. My mom had that well-known Mary Kay step program. And I use to use her little sample packets from Avon. When I started working at 14 I started to buy my own stuff. MAC obbsession has only been a year though.

I guess I was an early bloomer, I started around 14. I’d read all the magazines, rip out the perfume leaves and collect it. Then I’d go to the drug stores and studied all the colors up close. It’s a shame to say, but back then, I used to steal tester, because I had no money. I was obsessed with Revlon for the longest time – I remember they ran a Lavender themed ad and I was head over heels with makeup.

Then I started obsess with Hard Candy. I had all of the e/s palettes and lipgloss by 18 and in college dorms, I’d do make overs for my roommates.

Actually I’ve calmed down with makeup in recent years. I’m older now, young working professional and I didn’t want to always wear a face full of makeup walking around office buildings. Mineral powder, e/l, mascara and lipgloss are all I do to my face now.

Though I never got into MAC and don’t own anything from them, I still love your blog. =)

I remember I’d see makeup in magazines that looked lovely, but my mom wouldn’t let me wear any til I was 18!

It makes me so happy to hear you enjoy the blog even though you aren’t into MAC!

I was a tomboy sexpot, my parents wanted to wear makeup but I wasn’t interested.

I’ve been into makeup for about 3 years as well, my MAC collection is pretty big for a newb. I’m currently applying for a part-time job at MAC, but there’s tons of competition since it’s a small town.

This weekend I’m studying for my exams next week and preparing for my niece’s 4th birthday (mind you she’s already a makeup junkie thanks to her Auntie).

I had the opposite problem – not allowed to wear makeup until I was “older”!

Good luck with the job at MAC! ๐Ÿ™‚ They’d be lucky to have you!

How cute, and how lucky is your niece?

Oh, almost forgot, I’ll be going to the Renaissance Festival with my husband and some family this weekend. The weather is picturesque down here! Have a great weekend!

My mom took me to the Clinique counter when I was 14 and it was all downhill from there, HA!

After a few bad bouts with acne, I backed off from wearing lots of makeup for a few years. I started hard-core obsessing in 2004 (2005?) though, after a spur-of-the-moment brush purchase from MAC. Then girrrrrrl…it was ON!

Oh gosh..it was over a boy. I had mustered up the courage to ask him to a dance and he accepted! My friend took me to Sephora…it was my first time there. She bought me my first mascara, and days later, I went back to buy something else. I ended up buying so much more, and it’s been love ever since.

At that time I was a 2 year university student and going to a wedding with my boyfriend.As much as I was all dressed up,looking nice,my mum noticed that I “had no eyelashes” and …other blah,blah,blah comments (since I am a natural blond,my eyelashes are blond,and eyebrows too).She actually forced me to wear some mascara and blush since my best friend had bought me a very naturally looking lipstick.
Later on I bought myself 2 lipsticks (ugly frosty pink and equally ugly frosty brown or beige) and 2 eyeshadows.However I have really fallen in love with makeup when I discovered MAC.And I know…to the point of exaggeration not as much as wearing it as much as….buying it LOL.

Pretty much as long as I can remember. Starting when I was a little kid I participated in horse shows (not fancy ones…cowboy-style ones!) and I had to wear a little makeup in the horse shows. I loved it, it was so fun to put on, and normally I was totally forbidden to wear it, so it felt really special.

In high school I got into theater and loved being the volunteer makeup artist. I would help put makeup on all the other drama kids for plays.

But even though I always really enjoyed makeup, I never really wore it every day, or paid attention to trends or brands, until about 3 or 4 years ago.

This weekend? A big makeup milestone for me! My husband and I are going to New York and I’m going to the Pro store for the first time!

I, too, was not allowed to wear makeup when I was younger (actually, it wasn’t til I was 18!).

Ohh, have a blast in NYC and spend lots at the PRO store ๐Ÿ˜€

For me, I have worb makeup since I was 14 maybe, but not too much. I remember that I would never wear eyeliner and mascara together, because I thought it was too dark for my eyes, haha. Anyways, the actual LOVE started when I discovered MAC this past April, during the Barbie release. I am still upset that I didn’t get more than Springtime Skipper from this collection, since I really didn’t get it yet!

What made you fall in love with MAC? The Barbie collection was really fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember I went to the unveiling event for that launch.

I got into make-up when I was around 15 but I was only into lipsticks and glosses at that time and not eyeshadows or powders coz I was still a bit intimidated by these at the time. But when I went to college, I began to experiment with eyeshadows and blushes and I wouldn’t leave the house without having at least powdered my face. And when I started working (thus generating my own income) I began using high-end brands like Clinique (lipsticks), Nars, Dior, Shu Uemura. It was only beginning of this year though that I started collecting MAC products which I regret not getting into years ago coz I really love their make-up!

I was the opposite – eyes, eyes, eyes, and slowly got into the rest. Just like you, when I had my own money, that’s when the real addiction began! How do you like Shu Uemura?

I really love Shu Uemura…their eyeshadows are the best although MAC has more color choices. What you see on the pan is what you’ll see when applied on your lids. They definitely have better metallic e/s shades than MAC for sure. Their blushes and lipsticks are great for my skintone as well.

heheeheh memories ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember the shop and the first eyeshadow I ever bought…I must have been about 11. It was the brightest pink and grey combo, some cheap brand. My BFF and I got matching sets and would wear them at the same time to show how cool we were. I actually kept it as a memory thing and just threw it away a year or two ago (I am 33 now) since it broke in the move into our new house :(. It was all downhill from there…I loved makeup though never all that good at the application of it.

This weekend we are kid free so we are making a trip down to SF to hit the Lush store and a four story fabric store in Union Square. I need to buy some nice fabric for a skirt that I will be making in class. Gettin a nice hotel room and might even his Millenium, which is this amazing vegan eatery.

Awww, what a darling story, Tanya!!

Oh, fun, Union Square! So busy there! What are your favorite Lush products? I’m a new fan of their products.

Have a great weekend in SF!

I LOVE Lush and own a ton of their products….BUT the massage bars are my all time fav. I own each scent of each one they make, and I love all of them. Though I have to say the one with the glitter is kinda funky, smells nice but goes on kinda rough because of the glitter. I also dig the body washes – the funky monkey or whatever its called is really nice. My son uses that one and it sorta smells like chocolate.

Union Square was INSANE! But OMG was Britex worth it….not sure how many people have seen 200$ a yard cashmere but let me tell you its the most wonderful thing ever….lol well except for MAC make-up.

I bought one of the massage bars a few months ago – I like it, my boyfriend doesn’t care for it so much (so greasy he says). How do you like the peppermint one (it’s the bumpy one, ha)?

I’m testing out several Lush products right now, actually!

i started to REALLY love make moreee this year actually!
i mean i loved you know going into my moms and just messing with her make-up. but she had all the expensive stuff like chanel,dior,clinique and all that good stuff so i couldnt mess with much =/
then i started wearing eyeliner when i was 11 and that was it.
but then this year i started getting into eyeshadow. slowly workin my way up to powders and all the good stuff =D

My mother never wore makeup even when she was a teenager, so I knew nothing about it, but I was still always fascinated by all the colors I would see when we went to the drugstore, since about the age of 8. I bought a lot and played with it but it always looked like crap, lol. And since this is a small town..er, state, they don’t sell my foundation color in any of the drugstores or department stores, so I never bothered with anything other than eye makeup. I didn’t get into high end makeup until I was 15 (I’m 17 now) and my mom let me use her card to order MAC from the website, lol. And then I was addicted just like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

My mom still doesn’t wear makeup, except for special occasions, so I totally know how you feel!

Have you found your foundation color yet?

Quite sadly, middle school. It’s been… around ten years, I guess. Make-up has gone from a self-esteem-saver to a passion/artistry. I did not wear much of it until high school, and I did not care seriously about it, artistically speaking, until university about four or five years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have loved make-up and applying it since middle school/high school, but I’ve been ‘addicted’ for about three or four years now.

Same as you – started late at 18, and I’m 21 now. I was a huge tomboy before that but rejection from a boy (OK, several boys. In a row.) made me want to prettify myself as much as possible. “self-esteem-saver to a passion” … couldn’t have said it better myself, Skyler!

Aww, rejection is awful, Mich! They don’t know what they’re missing ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t get my first boyfriend til I was 19!

As a kid, I loved playing with my Mom’s lipstick. By the time I was 13, my Mom gave me my first lipstick – Clinique in Creamy Nude. I’ve been hooked since ๐Ÿ™‚

i stareted to play with my mothers makeup at the age of 11. she has some beautiful old dior palettes,with gorgeous blues ,greens. i got my first makeup item,which was my very own,at the age of 13.
You won’t believe it,it was the No.13 CHANEL lipgloss.
after that,i never stopped.
every year,i also got my new CHANEL,at 14,the No.14 :-DD which i liked so much,and i feared it would be discontinued,i bought 3 at a time ๐Ÿ˜€
it is a pink lipgloss with violet undertones,but i can’t really describe it.
so now i’m 21,it has been 10 beautiful makeup years for me,but i am still learning,now mostly from this wonderful site.
i only discovered MAC maybe 3-4 years ago,so it is a new addiction for me.
in the past i was all about Dior,CHANEL,YSL, PUPA,T.Leclerc…

I never was really crazy about makeup until I was in my mid 30s. I remember my wedding day, I was 22. I had my makeup professionally done. I couldn’t wait to remove it. In my 30s, I started putting on some lipsticks and blushes. Now, in my mid 40s, I am completely addicted.

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