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Same here! I ignore my hair all the time. Mine’s thin and fine and I just don’t know what to do with it. I really don’t have any patience with hairstyling. A hairstylist actually taught me how to blow-dry my hair in sections for that salon look but it’s too time consuming. So I just end up with a ponytail most of the time!

My lips. I usually just chapstick it. I don’t spend time on my lips because they aren’t my best feature and …….. I don’t want to do anything to draw attention to my snaggle teeth hehe

I would have to say my lips. I don’t have many lipsticks yet I have over 80 shadows. Needless to say, I don’t have the lip color to combine with all of them, at times I don’t even know how to combine, so I just stay pretty nude on the lips. I’ll use the MAC lip conditioner with SPF 15 most of the time.

Same here. My hair is super long, thick, and naturally curly, and it’s disaster waiting to happen. most of the times I just tuck both ends in a ponytail holder it up and it looks like a long bun hanging down (if that make sense, I dont know how else to describe it). It would take me an hour just to dry it

I hate fussing with my hair. But I think I notice the aspects of other’s beauty more when they are NOT kept to a T. It makes the part that special attention is paid to stand out more.

I would say my lip. I usually slater it with some vaseline and further more I don’t even own more than 2 lip gloss but I got about 10 eyeliners.

I neglect my hair too! I always pull it back into a bun, snap a headband on, and go!

I just get me arsed for some reason to go about styling it and such. It’s curly and wavy and I just never know what to do with it plus I hate it flying around my face when I’m working so pulling it back is a logical solution for me.

I guess it does nothing to flatter my face with it yanked back constantly!

New, New Year’s Resolution: do something with my hair 🙂

Yeah, me styling my hair is leaving it down and popping a headband on. It’s the closest I get to “STYLE.” It’s comforting to know others are baffled or neglect their hair too.

Stella’s comment reminded me that I neglect my hands as well! They are always unpolished, short, and yuck!

Ironically my toes are always polished and taken care of too with pedis but I never bother with my hands!

So strange!

lol, I used to have really natural nails – just ones that looked all right, but I never paid them any attention to them.

I’ve lapsed lately, so I must get back into the habit!

Maybe you should see a stylist, Christine. If you have really thick hair it may help to thin it out some- then you’ll have lots of body and time to create a whole look without spending all day on it.

i think thick hair is the most beautiful kind of hair. Your’s is really great lookink Cristine,i don’t think that You need to get it thinned.
i do everything to get my hair thicker 😀

Oh my gosh. I’m so glad I can relate to you girls.

I neglect my lips. I bite my lips when I get nervous and they get cracked. That’s why I’m so envious when Christine showcases her lip collection lol.

I also have icky nails. Like theMuse, my toes are always polished as well. I always get a pedicure and I do not even bother with my ugly nails hahha.. I do have instances where they grown and I put on natural nail polish and they look good if I do take care of them. But lately, it just chips and I have no time at all!

Christine, FYI, your questions are great. I love the ‘Step in My shoes’ section. Keep it up! More tutorials please!;)

Aww!! I constantly use chapstick on my lips if they don’t have lipstick/gloss on, which helps me pay more attention to NOT biting or letting them peel.

Thank you! Sometimes the questions come free-flowing, and then other times I literally sit there the night before trying to figure out what to ask, lol!

My hair – it’s so unruly that I always end up applying loads of gel and smoothing it into a bun. On the very few occasions I can tame it, I wear it down but this takes so much time and I have to use at least four styling products to make it manageable.

I’ve considered cutting it short or layering it but feel rather bad about it for some reason!

Eyebrows. I constantly put off tweezing them (le ouch). Oh, and my nails. I bite them short when I’m studying hard.Never wear nailpolish either. Whenever I try I look like a toddler did the job. Not too upset about that one though. I have come to accept in my heart that bejewelled nails are not for my hands.

I’ve become obsessive about my brows. I can’t stand feeling the stray hairs coming back, LOL! I tend to nibble my nails when I’m bored or upset, which is not good at all. It sucks, and gosh, it is a hard habit to break!!

with soooooooooo many things to do,i can hardly imagine You getting bored Christine 😀 wizh such a great blog,relationship,school,piano teaching,reading, researching beauty products…. i think You don’t even have time to sleep. so thank you for all your work,this blog always makes my day fun 😀

Definitely my hands and feet. They usually have nothing on them or the old chipped remains of previous manicures/pedicures.

This is really bad but I’m also incredibly lazy about shaving my legs. My boyfriend teases me about it all the time. But I’m always wearing jeans so no one ever sees my legs anyway. I’ll shave my legs when I need to wear a skirt or if I have the time (this is a rarity) but if it comes down to having more time to work on my pain-in-the-arse hair, do my makeup or sleep then those win out over my legs.

the opposite here: i shave my legs every day 😀 i just can’t stand myself if i don’t do it 😀 it’s a part of washing for me 😀

In general, I neglect my nails the most. I don’t have time to paint them all pretty, and when I try to grow them, I manage to break them somehow. My eyebrows come in second. I like them to get thick and bushy before I get them waxed or threaded. But I will tweeze in between them so I don’t get a unibrow. I’m very picky about the shape, and I haven’t gotten them the way I would like to keep them, so this way there’s a fresh canvas so to speak.

I think short nails can look really good – nice nails don’t have to be all that long!

I really need to find a place that will do threading so I can try it.

LOL what DON’T I neglect? One of the reasons for a three page new years goals list was to improve some of the things I tend to neglect. But I will say that eyeshadow is one of my biggest neglected areas. I will swipe just a single color on the lid, but mostly I just focus on the rest of my face. Silly, for someone who spends this much time on a make-up board.

I’m definitely a hair neglecter. I bobby pin the bangs back because they’re at that mid-stage and then just sling the rest back in a hair tie. I think I do it so much that when I actually wear my hair down, I always have a hair tie with me just in case. Normally it goes up within the hour, lol.

Seems like a lot of us are! Band together, ladies 😉 I had bangs only once, and I don’t think I’ll EVER have them again because growing them out is far too hard.

Probably my nails, if that counts! I used to get acrylics, but you still need to upkeep those. So I could never decide if it was worse to have growth with those or just stubby little unpainted nails. ;x

Definitely counts, Ariele!! Short nails aren’t bad, though, as long as they’re the same length. I know a lot of people who prefer them and they look nice!

So far I’m the only person who neglects their skin! I don’t wash my face enough – I never have enough time in the morning and I’m usually beat by evening and just want to crawl into bed.

I’m really trying to wear sunscreen more often – in the 15 years of my young life, I avoided sunscreen at all costs! But now that I am beauty-smart, I am aware of the benefits… Too bad the majority of sun damage happens before age 15!

I hope it’s not too late to reverse my poor skin habits… I’m completely paranoid about getting wrinkles when I’m older!

the same here Audrey! i am 21,but never really used sunscreen,b/c i have oily skin,and i am happy when rarely its matte and i don’t want to ruin it with sunscreen…
You are very young,if You start to use it now,You can prevent wrinkles for sure. it is also good to use an anti-wrinkle cream,i used my mother’s at your age. once at a store they refused to give me a cream,b/c it was for 60 years olds 😀
but they couldn’t stop me,i was paranoid,just like You 😀
it is also a good indicator to look at Your mom,where she has wrinkles,if she has,and to concentrate on those parts of Your face.
prevention is key.
and don’t be so paranoid,there are really great looking older women: Iman, Claudia Schiffer (37), Gwen Stefani (36)…..
there is hope for all of us 😀

You’d be surprised, Audrey! Many do, even if it is as small as not washing daily or not using a moisturizer or not using SPF! I think when I asked what bad beauty habit you had, many said not washing/no SPF!

Starting a regimen this early in your life is fab. You will definitely save yourself a bit of wrinkles and skin damage when you’re older.

I completely agree with Christine B – I usually ignore my legs and feet – shave only when I need to wear skirts. My toes look dry sometimes – but most times I barely have time to lotion up my arms, forget my feet!My hiar refuses to grow past my shoulders – so it is always short and untidy. For the life of me I have NEVER been able to tame my flyaway hair, so I have a haircut now that needs very low maintenance!

most of the time, it’s hair AND nails! i paint my nails once in a while but then i neglect them and they chip all over the place. gross! sometimes i do my hair, but it’s usually just a blow-dry, or MAYBE flat iron it.

i never put body lotion on…. i just can’t get myself to do it….. it is cold,sticky and i have to wait ages for it to soak in. so sunless taning is also a no-no for me.
so i go to the solarium,but i know it causes wrinkles…. bad habit,that i don’t use enough sunscreen just like Audrey.

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