Contest – New You with New Beauty, Part 3 – Winner

Temptalia would like to congratulate Linda! She has won our grand finale portion of our New You with New Beauty contest by random drawing.  Thank you to everyone for submitting their stories of how they have changed in the past year – it was so inspirational and just amazing to read them all.

See her entry…

2007 has been one of the roughest, yet most eye-opening years for me.

I started out the year as a newlywed, having just gotten married in October of 2006. I wrestled a bit with the idea of actually being married vs. being single. I strayed away from the makeup I love so much, thinking that while I liked the way I felt in it, I should be my more natural self. I think I was able to come into my own, even more than I had previously. I was comfortable in my own skin and with who I was. Having an amazing group of friends didn’t hurt much either.

On August 11, 2007, everything in my life changed. A very close friend of mine on his second tour in Iraq was killed by an IED, along with four other men in his unit. I have NEVER had a death affect me in the ways that his did. I lost weight from not eating enough. I didn’t bother doing my hair or makeup. I sunk pretty low. Over time, though, I found (as people often do) that in his death, I was able to become closer with a large group of friends that I had previously become estranged from. We supported and loved each other, and they helped me to get back onto my feet.

Plus, as silly as it might sound, all of the various makeup communities I was on helped me as well. I feel like a lot of these girls (and guys!) are my family and friends. Everyone helped me through in various ways, and I will be forever grateful.

I’m glad to say that now, I’m back to my old self. I still miss my Scott every single day that passes, but being that he was one of the people who used to tease me playfully about my makeup addiction, I feel like I’m providing more jokes for him by continuing my love for it. He’s probably giggling at me right now, and hey man, I need to keep my game up! 😉

So while 2007 was a year of growth, I guess I can only hope for the same for 2008. I feel like makeup-wise, this year, I saw the most improvement in myself that I’ve ever seen, and I hope that this will only go up from here. The prizes in this package could only help that goal! There’s too many products in there I’ve been dying to try, but was never able to afford. I would love to have that opportunity to try them