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1. wear neutral lip stick or gloss if you wear dark and heavy eyeshadow.
2. always clean and moisturize your face before applying foundation.
3. Clean your hands before applying any makeup with your hands.
4. Apply white or skin color eyeliner to your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger
5. Green concealer before foundation helps with the redness on your skin.

Find out what colours flatter you – fashion is not always the best!

Flattering makeup is beautiful!

Not everyone looks fantastic in smokey eyes and red lipstick 🙂

* Get a good skincare system and stick with it
* Everyone is going to steer you toward neutral eye make up starting out – get at least one fun color or you’re going to be bored.
* Get good brushes! Build them up slowly if you have to.
* Brows and eyelashes make a bigger difference than the shadows you wear sometimes
* Think about what you’re wearing under your color.

I learnt these along the way; hope it makes sense =)

1) Just because the make-up gurus say don’t clash dramatic lips and eyes or don’t match your makeup to your clothes, don’t stay away from doing it at least once; you’ll be surprised at some of the fantastic things you can pull off cos everyone’s tone and features are different (i.e, dun believe everything they say; try it and find a niche for yourself – not easy but its worth it at the end of the day)

2) That said, try not to experiment with a new product or colour when you’re in a hurry to go out or have an uber-important gig to attend; sometimes, new things turn out to be a mess and you don’t want to put yourself off makeup

3) Just because someone else looks fab in something, it not necessarily looks good on you; we got to admit stuff like this altho we’re all dying to love EVERYTHING that is rolled out of the stores

4) Things like primers/bases, make-up brushes are good investments that help your makeup look better, stay on longer

5) Never go to bed with your make-up on no matter how tired you are

1. Clean/Prime/Moisturize skin before any makeup application. It helps more than you know.
2. Go for more natural looks at first, then go dramatic. Once you have the technique down it makes working with color easier.
3. Invest in good brushes, + makeup. Brushes can make application faster and easier, and attempting to with crappy makeup won’t get you anywhere.
4. ALWAYS try out foundation before you buy. Getting home and realizing you have too dark/ too light of a color is bothersome.
5. Invest in good lighting and a good mirror. It’s horrible when you’ve just done your makeup and you check it in different lighting and you look like a zombie.

I just discovered the Yes To Tomatoes Skin care and it is FABULOUS. The hydrating moisturizer is now my HG. It’s really good stuff. It completely balances out my oily /combo skin and smell great.

1. Make sure your brows are well defined and groomed. Nice clean brows make a huge difference.

2. Make sure you are wearing the right shade of foundation.

3. Use a concealor to cover blemishes, instead of trying to use your foundation to cover them (which usually results in your foundation being too heavy looking.)

4. Use a primer (face and eye shadow) under your makeup – especially if you have oily skin.

5. Always wear something on your lips – even if it is a sheer gloss – to make your look complete. Bare lips on a made up face always looks odd to me.

1. Good brushes are essential!
2. A good primer
3. Never ever EVER dust bronzer all over yoyr face. Ever. Cheekbones, temples, a bit to forehead and nose.
4. Do your eyes first. If you’re not happy with your eye-makeup it’s easier to wash it off and start all over again if you haven’t already done the rest of your face.
5. Have FUN

– Buy what you’ll actually use.
-Practice using different techniques so you can figure out the best one for you.
-The most expensive isn’t always the best.
-The internet is a great resource.

check your foundation in the light
don’t just assume cute colors(anything, lip or eye products) will look cute on you. try them on!
be friends with the make up artists. if they like you they’ll go above and beyond for you.
definitely use an eye base.
buy brushes

1) You need more than just eyeshadow for a polished look; plan the the brows, foundation, cheeks, lips etc.

2) Primer really does make all the difference for staying power and color intensity.

3) Take a step back from the magnifying mirror and consider how your eyeshadow works for you whole face. Some things look awesome in a macro picture but are really unflattering when you see a whole face view.

4) Research. There are so many great websites with tips, buying advice, and tutorials.

5) Most importantly: practice, practice, practice. Don’t get too hung up on buying expensive stuff at first; keep practicing with the drugstore stuff until you get the techniques down.

-ALWAYS wash your face before you put on makeup!
-Less is more! Don’t cake on ANYTHING
-Have at least 3 different shadow brushes! (crease, liner, lid they can multitask)
-Use the right foundation for your skin type ex. no creams for oily skin
-Have FUN with color, don’t stick to neutrals because you haven’t tried teal, PINK, purple, yellow, green, etc.

1. Develop a good skincare routine first. Don’t worry about going HE on skincare; find what works for you, whether that means La Mer or Neutrogena.

2. Spend more time focusing on beauty rituals than on shopping for makeup. Get brows and upper lip waxed if necessary. Get (or give yourself) regular pedicures. Take care of your skin, both face and body. Get a haircut that works for your hair texture and lifestyle.

3. Invest in the basics- a basic, my-lips-but-better lipstick, a set of netural eyeshadows, a go-to blush, a good concealer and foundation, a mascara you love, and perhaps an eyeliner or two. Once you have all this, then it’s time to try the fun e/s and lippies!

4. Learn how to apply makeup. Take a class or read a book. Read beauty blogs or watch tutorials. More skills will take you further than more makeup.

5. Have fun with it! Don’t get stuck in a rut. Try a new lippie or blush now and then; don’t stick to the same old, same old all the time. Beauty should be fun and a refection of who you are. When you evolve, your makeup should, too!

– Moisturizer is you’re friend – find one that works for you and use it before applying your face makeup

– Buy good quality makeup brushes – having good brushes can make a HUGE difference in the way your makeup is applied

– Less is more – never cake on any makeup, you will look like a hoe and that’s not attractive to any guy. When it comes to men, they like you more natural (unless they are a closet tranny!)

– Prime your face – whether it be for foundation or eyes, a good base can make your makeup look a whole lot better and last longer

– Be creative – don’t just stick to the boring neutral colours, go wild every now and then! Makeup is about expression not just touching up your “flaws”

– Use multi-purpose products to your advantage – to save your money, find a good product that works on cheeks, lips and eyes. Multi-purpose minerals and pigments can be a fantastic idea as you can use them on their own as eye shadow or blush, mix them with a clear gloss for a pretty lip colour or use with nail polish!

the most important thing is to go in for a lesson. find an artist who will not just do your makeup for you but actually teach you how to do it yourself. they can make sure you get the right foundation and other essential products. plan on spending around $200 for a basic face with brushes

when it comes to color i think it’s important to start with neutrals and master your application before you move on to color.

invest in good makeup brushes even if you can only get one at a time, they make all the difference in the world

wash your face every day regardless of whether or not you wear makeup. smakeup goes on best when your face is clean and you should never ever go to bed with makeup on. if you’re lazy about it get some wipes and keep them next to your bed.

moisturize every day with sunscreen and at night-your skin is the only organ that is exposed to the elements and it needs to be taken care of, inside and out. drink up that water and try to eat a healthy omega-3, whole grain, fresh produce diet for gorgeous skin from the inside out.

Use a primer before putting on shadow.
Don’t use black eyeliner to fill in your brows if your brow color is brown.
Don’t line your lips with a lip pencil and leave that noticeable line once you slick on your lipstick; blend that line (can’t stand that!!!)
Wash your face at night with a good cleansing routine.
Don’t go overboard with a brow highlight. Too much shimmer on the brow makes you look like a vegas show girl!!

1. ALWAYS wear sunscreen & take good care of your skin.
2. Err on the side of less, than more.
3. Invest in good tools – brushes, eye lash curler, sponges
4. Blend, blend, blend
5. Don’t be afraid to try differnt things but practice, practice, practice!!!

1. Remember your personality. Don’t try to be someone else.

2. Try new things as long as you are comfortable.

3. Wear the proper foundation shade. If it’s too light or too dark, it’s wrong. Point blank.

4. Pick one thing to emphasize – if you’re doing a bold lip, make your eyes subtle and vice versa.

5. Don’t feel pressured into buying things you don’t need.

#1 – Eye primer is a necessity. It makes colors pop & prevents them from wearing and/or creasing. Putting eyeshadow on without it is pointless.

#2 – Always moisturize your skin prior to putting on any face makeup. It preps your skin superbly for application.

#3 – Invest in good makeup brushes. Start off slow & build your collection overtime as not to break the bank. If you take care of your brushes they will last your forever & you will notice a huge difference in makeup application compared to cheap brushes/applicators.

#4 – Don’t be afraid to use color on your eyes. There are many ways to make color wearable for work or daytime wear. You will be glad you ventured out as compliments from others will surely follow.

#5 – Less is more…with all makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. Always start off with a little & build from there. It’s easier to add on, then take away.

1. There are no rules in make up. (Aside from the common sense rules). Rules like never wear dark eyes and dark lips together, or don

1. Always wear sunscreen. Choose facial moisturizers and foundations with SPF in them.

2. Primers are really important! Use a face and eyeshadow primer. (I recommend Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel and UDPP.)

3. If you’re tired, apply a pearl-colored eyeshadow to your lower lashline and inner tearducts. This trick will make your eyes appear larger and more open. (I do this everyday!)

4. It’s important to contour and highlight your face. For me, defining my cheeksbones is an everyday must. It gives your face a healthy glow and a natural flush. 🙂

5. Pluck your brows. Defined brows really do shape your face and create a polished look.

1) Start of natural and build up with colour, after becoming a novest with blending
2) Start your collection with investing in brushes
3) Know what your skin type is, and your skin undetones, to perfect in purchasing shades
4) Don’t put too much makeup on, and try to review things yourself after a while
5) Be yourself, and don’t copy others makeup trends, because they may look silly on your face position

1. Clean and define your eyebrows. They frame your face and set the tone of your look.
2. Mascara in multiple formulas is needed for different looks.
3. Try out different colors, you never know what you will like until you try.
4. Get foundation that matches your skin for summer and winter. Most people change shades from season to season.
5. Exfoliate and moisturize for smooth skin to apply your foundation to.

the things that i have learned that i wish i was told when i was younger is use a moisturizer b4 puttin on makeup, use a eyeshadow primer , get a good pair of brushes (not the stupid small applicators tht come with the makeup) and use an eyelash curler b4 applying mascara- makes a huge difference. Oh yeah i almost forget get a good eye makeup remover (like mac wipes) so u dont manually take out your eyelashes that still have mascara.

1 Learn how to prepare your face for makeup (skincare, sunscreen, good base, etc.)
2 Keep all things to be used in arm’s length 😉
3 Use a good eyeshadow base
4 Do experiment with colors
5 Never sleep with makeup on

1)do not become a product junkie in terms of skincare, you find what works and stick with it…change regime accordngly (anti aging care should begin in late 20s-early 30s)
2)your eyebrows really do complete the look (you don’t have to the whole lining bit,just keep them nice)
3)beauty is inside and outside, you would be suprized what multivitamins,exercize and healthy eating will do for your skin and overall apperance.
4)experiment with colors, they are your friends!
5)i forgot who said this but “you wear makeup. the makeup doesnt wear you”, or something like that (you, the person aren’t defined by the makeup your wear…the makeup makes you better)

1. Invest in decent brushes
2. get yourself a make up book like kevyn aucoin and practice techniques.
3. get a good black and brown eyeliner. U can wear any color shadow as long as you like your top eye with black.
4.Practice. there are no rules.

1. Don’t start out with high end makeup, experiment with drugstore brands first. Then invest in what you like mos.
2. Don’t buy expensive mascara.
3. Invest in good brushes.
4. Don’t overpluck your eyebrows. Keep them at a natural shape.
5. Don’t be afraid of blush.

These are my five tips, all based on past mistakes..;)
1. When you first start out, do NOT apply ANY skin makeup or foundation. If you do wish to cover your skin under that disgusting goop, just go with a LIGHT dusting of matte mineral powder with a super-soft, large powder brush to combat shine.
2. Pay attention to your mascara!! The one thing I see most on beginners is CLUMPY lashes! If it sticks your eyelashes into, say, 5 or six spider legs, either 1) Throw out the mascara and buy something tried-and-true like L’Oreal Voluminours, or 2) Scrape the majority of mascara off the brush onto the walls of the mascara tube and layer the black on your lashes from there.
3. Pencil your brows LIGHTLY, and with a color that is lighter than your own hair color. If you have black hair, though, use a black pencil.
4. Always smudge your eyeliner, and apply it at the lashline. You can potentially get an infection if you apply it to the waterline; smudging it will give you a soft, slightly smokey eye.
5. Don’t be afraid of bold eyeshadows! I always see girls with matte pink on, simply bcause they feel they can’t pull off blue, lime green, etc. Start out with a bold all-over lid color and go from there!

Oh, and a sixth tip: ALWAYS apply cold cream on your lashes and rub them with a makeup removing wipe to remove mascara. To rub mascara off: soak a makeup removing wipe in water, drape the wipe over your thumb and forefinger, place your wipe-draped thumb under the base of the lashes and your forefinger on top of your lashes. Press your thumb and finger and rub them together (like you’re rolling your lashes) to remove mascara. For the inner lashes, simply press on them to squeeze off mascara and to get stubborn black off the base, press on your inner upper lashline to move the mascara to your lids. DO NOT scrape your lashes! I went through a time when I used waterproof mascara and I scraped the mascara to get it off; now my left eye holds not as many lashes as my right because I scraped so vigorously.

1. never be afraid of color. this is the single most important thing i remember about makeup. never look at a color and say “oh i can’t wear that, it’s too bright”. it’s not about the color, it’s about how you make the color work for YOU. lavender whip looked like a *~crazy~* purple, and im sure a lot of darker skinned people (im an NC50) might say “eww…lavender? NEVER”. but ive seen so many dark skin beauties wearing it and it looks beautiful.

2. take care of your skin. i know makeup can trick people into thinking that your skin is perfect when it isn’t, but dont rely on that. make sure your skin is healthy before you spend money on a bunch of stuff to make it SEEM healthy. invest in good moisturizers/toners/cleansers that suit your skin type.

3. don’t go overboard with your eyebrows. i’ve seen so many people walking around with eyebrows that look so fake and drawn on it’s ridiculous…and the people wearing it thought it looked real cute. black isn’t usually a good color to fill them with, browns are your friend.

4. do your research on products before you buy. i always check beauty blogs for reviews, swatches, etc. to help me make my final decision on whether or not i wanna spend money on a product.

5. HAVE FUN. makeup is just another outlet to express yourself and have fun with. makeup is an art and treat it as such. experiment, learn, and enjoy yourself.

1. Invest in the best moisturizer with spf, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow primer, and setting powder that you can afford.
2. Invest in a neutral toned “5” minute face that consists of 4 eyeshadows(highlight shade, all-over shade, crease shade, and a shade dark enough to be used as an eyeliner), a blush, lipstick, and lipgloss. A neutral face seems boring, but once you master your neutral face, you can always add bolder colors to it to go from day to night.
3. Don’t pay more than $5.00 for mascara–ever!!
4. Keep it real and find your own personal makeup style that is age and work appropriate. Black lipgloss and glitter nail polish might be great on the weekends kicking it with your girls, but your boss might not like it.
5. Have fun, too!! Try blue eyeshadow, neon pink nail polish, or shimmery silver eyeliner. It is makeup after all and can easily come off!

These have probably been mentioned but:

1) Wear sunscreen. You should have a seperate, more mild, sunscreen for your face than your body. Never leave the house without it on! Check for foundations which have it built in.
2) Less is more.
3) Do your brows, it will help you look more put together.
4) Wash your face before applying makeup and always remove it before you sleep. If you are staying somewhere that you don’t have remover handy, still try to wash it off the best you can!
5) Mind the expiration dates on products, specifically mascara. They have a shelf life of 3 – 6 months and when used past this time they will clump or irritate your eyes! If a product changes texture, colour, scent, or consistancy and is past the expiration date just chuck it. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your skin!

oh, and I’d add a 6th: Invest in brushes! DO NOT use your finger or those little wimpy sponge brushes that come in cheap compacts. If you must use your finger, clean it thoroughly and apply with your pinky or ring finger, never your pointer. Pressing too hard can cause damage to your eye!

I’d like to say, start off with a little bit of product. For a girl who is just beginning, try to enhance your beauty. If you don’t usually wear make up, be aware of the amount you put on your face and remember to have fun with any of the looks you are creating! Go to a makeup counter of your choosing and ask to be matched for foundation. To make sure that product won’t cause a breakout you can ask if they have samples so you can try it out. NO SHAME in ASKING. I hope these simple tips can help a girl in need of a little extra glamour.
Oh & p.s. the make up doesn’t work the girl, the girl works the make up 🙂


-Pay attention to your brows. They are so important!
-Invest in a good set of multi-functional brushes (ie MAC 187 & 217)
-Really pay attention to your skin type and purchase products accordingly.
-If you find something that works well for you stick with it. Trying tons of different face products all of the time can really cause major breakouts and skin issues.
-Even if you don’t have dark under-eye circles use concealer. It makes a world of a difference.
-Always use an eye shadow primer (Painterly Paint Pot is my personal fave)
-Practice, Practice, Practice! and never be afraid to ask questions.

So sorry! I listed 7 things.

1. Eye primer is a must have

2. Invest in good brushes…a good brush can make your look!

3. Get the perfect foundation for your skin type and color, otherwise it will look weird

4. The only rule for makeup…is there are NO rules!

1. Let someone help you find your perfect foundation color.

2. Always wash your makeup off before going to bed.

3. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Stand in front of the mirror and just practice. If you mess up, don’t get frustrated…it washes off. lol.

4. Make sure to blend all of your makeup well to avoid harsh lines around your jawline.

5. If you want to experiment with color, but are too afraid to wear bright eyeshadows, use pastel shadows. They give just a hint of color, so you can wear them anywhere. Pastels are light and muted, so don’t be afraid of the colors.


1. WATCH YOUTUBE. It’s the way I learned how to do my makeup and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
2. Use eyeshadow base
4. Keep your makeup clean and organized! Because untidy makeup = bacteria!
5. Don’t follow ‘color rules’, wear what you like, when you want it! 😀 And what you feel comfortable in! Makeup is never about conforming!

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