Coastal Scents Gel Liners – Color For a Bargain

Coastal Scents Gel Liners ($6.95 each) come in fourteen different shades ranging from white to black to peach. I’ve tried seven of them so far, and I can say that they’re all extremely pigmented. Each jar seems like it contains a decent amount of product, and it feels like glass packaging to me (frosted, too). For just under seven bucks, these are a great deal. I think these would make great bases, in addition to eye liner, especially shades like White, 24K, Peach Bellini, and Turquoise.

Of the seven I tried, Turquoise was the least impressive — it just wasn’t as bright or opaque as the other ones. It was almost too frosty for my liking; Grapevine was very similar in texture, but it was more pigmented and the purple was dead-on purple. 24K also has a shimmery finish, but it doesn’t appear overly frosty and the color pigmentation is amazing. It’s a bronzy-coppery mix.

Sky Blue is pretty much matte in finish with good pigmentation; it’s not at all what I’d say sky blue would be (I’d think lighter, bluer), but this is pretty on its own. It’s a color that you don’t come across often, so it’s definitely worth a peek. Sexy Pink is pretty, but it’s going to be harder to wear on a regular basis. It reminds me of MAC’s Stars ‘n Rockets without the duochrome. Indigo Blue was extremely pigmented, and it almost ran blue-black on me.

I do like that the black looks wet, though–it gets you a very pretty look on the eyes. One concern I had about these products was the ease of use, because the jars aren’t huge so the openings are barely big enough to get my fingers into. My fingers aren’t particularly dainty, but hopefully that gives you an indication of the product’s size. These also felt quite wet; they feel nothing like other gel liners I’ve tried (Bobbi Brown, MAC, etc.). They almost feel like extremely creamy eyeshadows if I had to compare it to another texture.

If you’re placing an order at Coastal Scents any time soon, you might want to pick up one or two of the Gel Liners to see for yourself! For the price, they were worth trying, and I might use them occasionally when I need a brighter liner.

See product photos and swatches!



Sky Blue

Sexy Pink


Indigo Blue

GrapeVine, 24K, Sky Blue, Sexy Pink, Turquoise, Indigo Blue

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I think I have about 6 of these and I LOVE them. I use them as e/s bases though! They are super good for that! I actually use the Coastal Scents Pink Lip Brush to get it out then on my lid, it works perfectly for me and doesn’t take much product at all.

It turns out it’s Indigo Blue, LOL! I just asked for True Black, so that’s what I was expecting (and didn’t bother to read the label, apparently).

These are very pretty! Thanks for the swatches. I’ve seen them on their website but I didn’t have an urge to buy any. Now, I think I do.

Something like this i like to use as a base on my lower lash line prior to applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line. it holds the color longer & makes it pop a bit more. for the price, you can’t go wrong with these especially if you are wanting to experiment with color without breaking the bank.

These liners are GORGEOUS! I actually bought ALL of them (couldn’t resist) and I couldn’t be happier. The texture is absolutely amazing and it goes on very smoothly. Definitely a recommended purchase. Coastal Scents is marvelous. :]

I was looking at them on the site because I really wanted a few. Now seeing swatches I can’t wait to get some. And I like to wear just eyeliner so a coloured vibrant one would switch up my everyday look a bit. Now to pick the ones that I need right now!

Thanks for posting swatches.

24k is one of my favorites.
I also like Sexy Pink.
I don’t care for the Turquoise either.
I have done some fun looks with Grapevine.
Platinum is nice as well.

But I’d definitely say 24k and Sexy Pink are my favorites.
I use Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brushes with these, just like with my MAc gel liner.

I think they can also be used as an eye shadow base.

Ow wow! True Black was actually the only I knew I didn’t need since I have so many black liners (kohl, fluidline, liquid etc) But it has the prettiets blue sparkles in your pics!! Now I think I want all of them 😉

I’m not sure if it’s my computer, or just the picture, but it looks like your True Black has some blue glitter in it? I’ve got True Black and mine definitely doesn’t have that. It’s more of a…true black. lol

Yep, it does, and it turns out it’s really Indigo Blue. I just thought I was getting True Black, so I never bothered to look at the label since it was clearly the only one that could be black, LOL!

ohh that Turquoise color looks so pretty! could you possible use this as a base? =O

Ohh grapevine looks really pretty too aghh I might have to get my hands on one or two hehe

I bought 24K, sexy pink and sky line. (Since sky line is a matte, so it stays on longer on me) My oily lids dissolve every thing that’s put on my lids – especially lashlines and the crease area. It pisses me off, but those gel liners I bought, if I let it dry a bit, it gives minimal creasing and it stays un-budged. Amazing staying power for those who are in a budget. (I haven’t tried Mac or Stila, but if I have money, I’ll sure do and compare) 🙂

nothing wrong with your post, but i was kind of disappointed that you’re supporting coastal scents after the whole fiasco of the owner trolling youtube videos that had bad reviews of their products :/ maybe you could make a post about it or something? i just think thats its important for customers to know about the company they are supporting with their money. another concern is the safety of their products- since they are a smaller and online company, it seems that its possible that they have slipped through safety inspections, with their eyeshadow palettes and possibly the same as the ‘made in china’ ones on ebay, and similar concerns with the silica powder. i actually had one of the gel liners and it smelled like gasoline to me :/ better safe than sorry i guess!

otherwise, i love your blog 🙂

THIS! I can’t believe people still buy products from this company. They are unprofessional and I seriously wonder how safe it is to use their products.

Please guys, do some research before giving this people money. You might end up with permanent damage to your eyes.

I see people questioning their safety, but it’s just as bad to accuse a company of doing permanent damage to customers’ eyes without having looked into it yourself, you know? I am all for hearing about safety and whether Coastal Scents can back up safety claims, but it’d be better not to accuse without your own research.

I am definitely going to contact them and inquire myself, however.

My concerns regarding the safety of their products comes from their usage of certain dyes (in particular the ones used to achieve bright reds/pinks). They can irritate the cornea and cause permanent damage and in extreme cases blindness. Same goes with glitter. However they claim they are safe to use in the eye area.

And then there’s the whole silica powder controversy :/

If you do contact them, please share the reply with us.

I highly agree. I am disappointed that to see their products on temptalia 🙁

Apparently, if you don’t like her products and post your opinions and thoughts about it on youtube, she will make it public that you are “ignorant”. LOL. Remember that one?

I’ll definitely look into the safety of these products, but there’s been a high demand for reviews on Coastal Scents products, so I’m just trying to satisfy some readers’ requests 🙂

I haven’t had them say anything to me or about me based on what I’ve said on their products.

I hadn’t heard of any issues until readers commented here. I’m not on YouTube very much (as evidenced by my lack of videos), so I’m a bit removed from any drama that might start there.

I am going to see what I can do to look into the safety issues, though. I don’t remember these liners smelling like gasoline (because I’m pretty sure I’d remember and note that!). While I don’t personally use Coastal Scents as my personal products, I’ve gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 requests for reviews of their products, so I did feel it was important to review the brand!

Hey Christine so I got my CS order today and my True Black is very black. No blue shimmer or indigo/violet under tones, so you might want to call them up.

FYI I’ve posted a bad review on their website, though the rest were good, about one of their products and they’ve been nothing but courteous to me.

Yes these colors are bright and smooth and pigmented. BUT HAS ANYONE experienced major smearing! the black smears in 30 mins! maybe they are good for bases but not good as a liner. just my opinion.


I personally don’t buy anything from coastal scents anymore

1. because they called a youtuber ignorant. ericka….somthing I forget her youtube channel.
for the owner to call a youtuber ignorant who gave them a bad review on silica power, is unprofessional.

2. I could buy some of their products (88 palettes) from ebay.
from a china wholesaler. for a cheaper price. k thx

3. i hate how kathy goes out and sponsors all the popular youtube gurus.
I don’t even know if anyone is telling the truth about CS products anymore, they might just fell obligated to say a good review. because they don’t want to be call ignorant right?

Hi Stacy,

It is important to note that publicly giving false information about a company is extremely damaging to their business, and that YouTuber could actually have legal action taken against her for spreading false information. I haven’t seen the videos, but from what I understand, silica used in cosmetics is extremely safe and has been used in many products. It’s silica in large amounts that can cause serious health concerns. I’m not condoning or supporting any actions that Coastal Scents took (I really don’t know enough about what happened), but I think it is important that everyone knows spreading false information isn’t always without consequence.

To anyone that is posting about safety concerns…

Silica is used in almost all cosmetic products. FACT. Look at every eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. that you own, and if you’re still that frightened of products that come from silica, you may want to discontinue use of cosmetic products. 🙂 Fact #2. Silica spheres from Coastal Scents are essentially the same as Make Up Forever HD Powder. If I’m not mistaken, the only difference is the size of the individual particles themselves. Wouldn’t you buy HD Powder? Fact #3. It is true that there are Material Safety Data Sheets out there warning against the harmful effects of being in constant contact with crystalline silica dust… For people that will be handling the product for hours a day. So if you’re thinking about snorting it daily, perhaps you should not.

A couple of other things that bother me in general.. Coastal Scents is a reseller… They do not make these gel liners, which are also available at Nor do they make the palettes, which are available on ebay. It’s so silly to accuse this company of being “evil” and selling harmful products when they in fact, do not make these products, they just sell them.

Not all safety concerns are related to their use of silica.

And most importantly: Yes, they do not make the products. However they are still selling and supporting them. If you are selling something for a profit that is harmful, while fully knowing this, then your company is unethical.

I really don’t see how the fact that they don’t manufacture the products themselves but resell them with a hefty mark-up (they buy it in bulk from China) makes it ok. If anything it only makes it worse :/

I don’t think the mark up is very high if you live in the US. If you’ve ever been on ebay you know that the cost of shipping from China to the US makes the palettes pretty much the same price and you don’t get the easy customer service of calling and saying something broke if it did. Coastal Scents will resend anything that breaks or is faulty. So if you have to pay a lot for shipping, I’m sure they do as well, even with the bulk discount. Their prices reflect everything, if they didn’t they wouldn’t make a profit and all would be loss in the shipping from China. Now if you do live in Asia or Europe then buying straight from the source might be a cheaper option, but that isn’t a fault of theirs. They are an America based business. Also they include MSDS documents for all of their raw products, so they aren’t trying to hide anything. All you have to do is read them.

WOW, it seems like a lot of people like these. They do look pretty. I’m gonna have to check these out. And the price is right. LOL
How much was shipping?

hmm, I just read the few comments above mine. I’m definitely going to do some research on their products before buying. And I don’t condone anyone being rude to their PAYING customers. People have a right to leave a bad review if they don’t like it. I agree, very unprofessional and childish.

Thx Christine for keeping us posted!

I just received my CS order a few days ago. I got the matte and shimmer 88 palettes. Does anybody find the colors have no staying power? Even with Urban Decay Primer it still fades. Tapping my brush virtually makes me lose all powder – crumbly? But indigo blue gel liner is beautiful. And I like the 6 blush/contour palette. Their brushes are crazy soft too but stippling brush does shed quite a bit as mentioned on their website. Any thoughts on the crumbly eyeshadow palettes?

Yeah I liked my gel liner. My 88 palette was smooth and creamy like. The colors stayed on my lids *but* everything sticks to my face (dry skin?), so I’m not sure if I’m representative of most people. I do feel like quality differs between products a lot, maybe you should call in. You might have gotten bad palettes.

I haven’t experienced that issue with the eyeshadows, actually… have you tried pressing the shadow into place (more like a dabbing motion)?

Have u tried these alone (as eyeshadows) and not as a base??? How are they, do they stay on pretty well??? I wanted to buy these before, but after reading the reviews on coastal scents website I just didn’t bother. Now that I see the swatches I am definitely interested in buying a few. Thing is, i would use them as an eyeshadow (not as a base) mroe than as a liner. Is it good wearing alone? let me know thanx

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