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Nic Avatar

MAC Brush Cleanser and Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. I use baby shampoo on big fluffy face brushes, but Purity Made Simple works really well on my foundation brush, and it gets my white goat hair e/s brushes super white!

Musingonbeauty Avatar

I’m currently using MUFE brush cleanser to spot clean.
Now for deep cleaning, I was actually advised by several mac mua’s to NOT use baby shampoo. They told me if I had to use shampoo, rather take a regular one than a baby one, but that the best product anyway was Marseille soap. So that’s what I’ve been using for a year or so, and it works great! Removes everything and leaves my brushes very soft.

brittney Avatar

I don’t know if it was a general rule or not, i never asked, but when I worked at MAC, we used Suave shampoo, and I found that surprising. No particular kind, they had a variety of different scents. I think it was just because it was cheap though? The artists did this once a week and did brush cleaner cleansing after each time foundation was used, or after each full face, and otherwise it was spot cleansing on a mac wipe. I’m sure it varies from store to store or counter to counter. I thought it was weird though!

Jessica Allison Avatar

Have you had any problems with shadow crusting or breakouts? I just wonder, because I know Bronner’s is mostly saponified oils, I’d worry they’d leave a residue on the bristles…of course, according to the label, you can do anything with the stuff, including gargle, so who knows!

Aimee Avatar

I use Dr. Bronners for just about everything and have never had a problem with it. The olive oil base is really great for breaking down makeup, creams, etc. and I don’t notice any residue afterward.

As far as breakouts, I’ve found that using a gentle plant oil-based product makes my skin less likely to get irritated or break out than any detergent-type cleaser.

kpenn09 Avatar

I use MAC’s brush cleaner about once a month (or whenever they get really bad).

I never wear enough makeup most days to justify using an entire MAC wipe, so I usually use the clean spots to wipe down some of my most frequently used brushes before I go to bed. It leaves them nice and soft for the morning.

Cristina Avatar

If I’m in a hurry, I use MAC brush cleanser. I used to use baby shampoo, until I discovered Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap – Lavender 🙂

Ashley K Avatar

Just target brand baby shampoo, I only deep clean my brushes and I do it after every use or sometimes every other use. I should get some MAC brush cleanser for spot cleaning, though. :3

Chiara Avatar

First i rinse them with warm water, then i swirl them on a bar of Dove, rinse them again. I blowdry the bigger ones for about 15-20 seconds and then i let them dry with the hairs pointing downwards.

By the way, your beautyblog has really become a daily stop for me 🙂 Keep up the good work, Christine! Belgium loves you 😉

Roxanne Avatar

Dito 🙂 which reminds me I should clean them again! You know what would be really fun? If you had like a widget or something to remind us Temptalia readers to clean our makeup brushes! Just thought of that 🙂

sandra Avatar

I use babyshampoo once a week (sometimes once every 2 weeks, depends how many times a I used the brush) and MAC Brush Cleanser every other day (especially the eye brushes and foundationbrush).

stephanie Avatar

i just use baby shampoo. after that i spray a little leave in conditioner on them. they feel so soft when they are dry.

i am looking for something to put on them to sanitize. i will be watching the comments

happybadfish Avatar

I hate the smell of baby shampoo. I bought some recently to clean my brushes and I now have a huge bottle of it.

I sorta feel like the Mac cleaner is too harsh for cleaning often, so I need some tips for something else to use, other than baby shampoo.

brittney Avatar

Jojoba oil for deep cleansing of hard to clean brushes like kabukis or anything I’ve used gel/cream liners with. Then I use Cetaphil cleanser to wash. I never use things on my brushes that I wouldn’t use on my face. I get that it is hair, so shampoo makes sense, but I almost always break out when brushes cleansed with shampoo are used on my skin. I do this every two days for kabukis and anything I use for foundation. Everything else, every 4 to 5 days.

For spot cleaning, I use whatever face wipes are on sale, and then I have a small misting bottle I use to mist my bottles with a 3 part alcohol one part distilled water solution.

Giselle Avatar

i do not use M.A.C. brush clenaser because mac producta are really hard to get at my country, so when i have the chance to travel i only buy make up.
i use my shampoo (i dont use the made for babies one) to clean my brushes, i do not use a particular brand so i use what i have at the moment 😛

Dusty Avatar

i don’t care for the smell of MAC’s brush cleaser – I always use plain baby shampoo with fine results (plus you get more for your money than you do with MAC). For lip brushes I use hand soap or artist soap (used for cleaning ink from brushes).

Ivonne Avatar

I use antibacterial soap every other day on the eye and face brushes I have used — eek is that bad? Noticing that everyone here is using more delicate soap…

Jessica Allison Avatar

the soap will eventually dry out natural bristles, causing them to become brittle and eventually break. If it makes you feel better, washing with regular shampoo for at least 15 seconds kills bacteria as well as anti-bac soap.

Whit Avatar

I used to use baby shampoo but now I use Philosophy’s Amazing Grace 3 in 1- it makes my brushes smell AMAZING! It also makes the hairs very soft and nourished. If you want to use something very luxurious try Pureology shampoo- it may seem like a waste but it makes your brushes smell fresh and the hairs are baby soft!

Bridget S. Avatar

I am surprised no one mentioned Shu Uemura, they make one of the best cleaners around! I don’t use it on my big brushes, but for the small eyeshadow brushes it works amazingly! For the big brushes I prefer Clinques cleaner, spray bottle, antibacterial and really gets rid of every last trace of makeup!

Natasha Avatar

Beleive it or not but plain ol’ soap and water. I just rub some soap in my palms and then rub the brush tips in them and then rinse and my brushes are as good as new:)

Lyndsay Avatar

I only use baby shampoo. I will wash them right after use, or in the evening before bed…that way they have time to dry for the next day.

If I need to use the same brush for a second or third color, I just swipe it off on a baby wipe (not a makeup wipe… a baby wipe…I use those to remove makeup from my face too before washing with cleanser)

Rosanna Avatar

Masters Brush Cleaner – a bar soap actually used by artists for cleaning their brushes from oil paints, acrylic, etc! So of course it’d work for make-up too. It also conditions the brushes. I believe it’s cheap compared to those brush cleansers for makeup. 😀

Maria Avatar

I went to this site that produces brush for mac, they’re called Hakuhoda and one their site it said to use laundry detergent like woolite.That’s what I’m currently using to wash my brush 😀

Jessica Allison Avatar

I use Brush Off for spot cleaning- it lifts color well and dries as you’re wiping it off, so I can use my brush again right away. It also contains benzalkonium chloride, a medical grade anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredient.

For weekly cleaning, or before a job, I use shampoo. I’m not terribly picky about which one, as long as it’s not an ultra-moisturizing, volumizing or smoothing formula (since those have ingredients that will leave behind residue on the brush.) After carefully pressing the water out if the bristles, I leave the brushes to dry flat on a towel set on a raised rack.

Tessa Avatar

I use MAC brush cleaner for spot cleaning, and for deep cleaning (once a week-ish) I’ll use either a 1:1 mix of mac brush cleaner and water in a glass or shampoo. Baby shampoo if I’ve got it but to be honest they’ve been known to get the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette treatment!

Cherokee Avatar

I’m kinda late on this one. For deep cleaning I mix olive oil and baby shampoo together. I find that the olive oil gets a lot of the dark color out of my 239 and 217 brushes.

For spot cleaning I use MAC brush cleaner which I love and Sephora brush cleaner (not as good as MAC).

hannah Avatar

Honestly, I just use an oil free makeup remover like Clarins. It just makes sense to me to use it to remove makeup from brushes. And it doesnt cause the bristles to flake or anything.

Kimberly Avatar

MAC’s brush cleaner.. I reckon that if they made the brushes they would know the best way to keep them clean and in shape for years.. I hope I’m right since my brushes are my babies 🙂

K Avatar

I use baby shampoo and water, swirling the brushes on my hand. I squeeze out the excess water and lay flat on a towel to dry. However, I do think this has caused my MAC 129 brush to shed!

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