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In my opinion, there are well-formulated products and just plain bad products, and that has little to do with them being organic.

That said, I find that “organic” and “natural” products tend to be less well-formulated. This may be because there are many good “artificial” ingredients, but I suspect it’s mostly because of the many “natural” ones that do not actually help the skin. A plant might be excellent for consumption, for example, but useless in skin products – or even irritating.

Also, many “organic” products contain similar ingredients to standard products. In this case, I can find no justification for paying more.

There is one other thing, though. If a company produces quality skin care products or cosmetics and does it in an environmentally friendly way, it really deserves praise. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to tell whether it’s so.

Hey Ink!

Those aer all great points you bring out. I definitely won’t shell out just because something’s organic unless there’s a good reason to – beyond just being green.

I’m all for organic products, and “natural/holistic” ones like Dr. Hauschka that support sustainable agriculture for acquiring their ingredients.

I’ve decided that I will gladly have my shampoo smell less fruity, or my powder less long-lasting, etc if I do basically like the product and it is simpler and less harmful to produce it. So I am in the middle of shifting my buying habits with this in mind. It is hard! But I think it’s important to remember that the products we buy are manufactured by the thousands and millions — so many resources go into creating and packaging them just for our pleasure. Consumer habits have such a huge impact all over the globe, everything is interconnected with people’s lives all over the world, so I think shifts towards life-friendly (to me this life-friendly=organic) agriculture and production methods are worth supporting.

I still purchase many non-organic products (hello, MAC!), but I am trying to phase in more organic/”natural” lines that I like, and I’ve found many. Product lines that I trust include Jason, Aubrey Organics, Shikai, Dr. Hauschka, Suki, Beauty Without Cruelty, ZuZu Luxe, Larenim and now the new Physician’s Formula Organic Wear line. In fact I have been wearing the OW tinted moisturizer, powder, blush and bronzer for about a week and even though it doesn’t feel or smell as luxe as my MAC/Bourjois/Lancome etc, my skin is actually clearer and cleaner than it’s been since I was like 8 years old. While this is great, it means that I’m seriously considering switching entirely to talc-free/fragrance-free products (even though I just bought 3 great new MAC blushes a few weeks ago!). I haven’t found any lipstick or eyeshadow I like as much as MAC, though. Gotta work on that!

sorry, I’ve carried on a while, and am not even sure if I’m making sense, but this is a topic I grapple with every day! How to balance my concern for the earth with being a materialistic person living in a consumer-based economy designed to sell me more and more products! And I love buying things! I am trying to balance this more by supporting companies that try to “be good”. I know you can’t always tell if a company is evil or not, it’s really complicated, and maybe I’m naive about all of this, but nevertheless I still love buying organic/natural proucts.

Hey Carrie! Happy Monday! Thanks for sharing all of those great brands that you’ve had a chance to check out. I just tried out a Suki product last night 🙂

My biggest thing is I used to drive an SUV, and now I don’t, so I feel like I’ve already sacrificed enough ;P (Kidding!!) For me, I only want to use “green” beauty if it’s better or as good as – and it doesn’t cost significantly more just because they put “organic” on the bottle.

Well, I too find that a lot of them don’t smell great. I have a couple of organic moisturisers that were given to me at the Origins counter and they smell so medicinal!

I remember there was this one product I took a whiff of, yuck!! I don’t mind herbal, and even medicinal is OK sometimes, but don’t give me the smell of freshly cut lawn.

At first I thought it was just a way of making feel better about buying, but I did notice that my skin reacted better to organic beauty products. I find that I break out easily with most brands, and at first I thought that was normal because of my hormones, but when I tried organic products I didn’t break out 🙂 So I ended up frequenting our local organic stores, even if sometimes I feel like I’m spending more money just because of the “organic” label.

I love window shopping at The Natural Source‘s stalls in our local malls 🙂 So far I’ve only tried a few products from their Terra Firma line, but I’ve been hearing good things about the other lines as well.

well, even if guidelines are still fuzzy,
it is a start.
less harmful toxic chemicals on our faces
will lead to less accelerated ageing effects and
bad long term consequences (cancer)
still, IT is a start to only good things.
we should be particular about what goes into products,
which ends up on our faces and ultimately absorbed into our blood stream.
however, small amounts the companies claim.
over time, even small amounts can accumulate.
besides, if they really admit to the harm caused by preservatives, alot of big name companies would go burst.
as consumers, we have THE choice to be more discerning and
ask for better, less harmful ingredients.
that is the way to go.

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