Summer 2008 – Don’t Sweat It! with DriOff Gel & BAN Invisible Solids

DriOff Gel ($23.00) is a topical gel formula to keep hands, feet, underarms, and skin folds dry (I can’t believe the product box says that). It is a product geared towards those who suffer from excessive perspiration (or, you know, when you go somewhere that’s incredibly hot and humid–perhaps Florida!–where your sweat glands get confused and go crazy).

In the package, you get two 1.32 oz tubes, which makes it easy to toss one in the purse for on-the-go emergency sweatathons. One thing I didn’t like about this was the scent — too clinical/laboratory smelling. Does it work? I would say it works fairly well. I went through an hour of tennis, and I found that in areas where I tended to sweat more, they were drier, and some where even dry completely.

Make sure you apply a thin layer of the product, because if it is too thick, you’ll feel tightness around the area (I tested it on my arm and got an oops! too much amount). Less is more, and they do mean a “pea size amount” when they list their directions!

BAN Invisible Solids ($2.99) in Island Falls reminds me of a tropical getaway full of sun and sandy beaches. The scent is fresh, very reminiscent of late spring and early summer, lots of floral notes. With top notes of water greens and citrus with woodsy bottom notes, this scent is youthful and fun. I liked this because it wore well throughout the day, and it gave me no reason to worry about sweating or getting smelly despite being active. I have certain standards for any product that goes under my arms–soft, lightly scented, leaves little to no tracks behind, absorbs quickly, and lasts at least half the day. This one worked on all accounts!