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It used to be $150-$200 a month. Then, it became tiresome trying to keep up with MAC’s weekly releases. So, now, it’s about $35 every 2-3 months.

With me buying cosmetics is like lunar phases, there are times of insane spending sprees (strangely enough these are closely related to MACs LE releases)and – thank goodness – there are times when I spend nothing at all. These dry spells are usually sorely needed to financially recover. How much I really spend, I donΒ΄t want to know…

$20-30 a month, on average. Of course, December was a bad month, what with all the crazy extra limited edition stuff. This month I got Neutral Pink, Rich Flesh, and Sculpt/Accentuate and 4N with my Back2Mac. I’m done for a while, Fafi or no Fafi.

I try for $100 a month but its probably $200. I tell myself its because I’m new to this whole makeup thing and I REALLY DO need product X. Its mostly true. *whistles innocently*

Haha πŸ˜€ I like the way you think, Tekoa. I don’t have a set budget, but I definitely know when I’ve bought more than I should have. I try to keep my hauls under $100 per visit. I used to go crazy on launch days, and I’d alway be happy if I didn’t hit $300+.

It varies depending on the time of year and the collections coming out. Also, depends on whether or not I need to stock up on skincare items that month. I would say it averages $300-$500/month. Yep, too much, but I have a high stress job, so I to reward myself πŸ™‚

I agree that it can definitely vary. But wow! I’m glad you take the time to reward yourself, and I imagine your jbo must be well paying, too, so it’s all good πŸ˜‰

LOL i’d prefer not to know the exact $ figure. I like to do several shopping trips, then it doesn’t seem so bad.
I’d say around now it at least 100/mo, will prob get a bit worse in summer when I’m done school and can afford all my lemmings. Then it’ll probably dissipate–I’m not sure how many more paintpots or brown/pink etc eyeshadows I REALLY need. I want to start giving them my love!

You read my mind: I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know. πŸ˜› It can range anywhere from $100-$400. When MAC is releasing huge collections (e.g. Fafi) or a bunch of collections in one month, the number is usually closer to $300 or $400, I’d imagine. Otherwise, between $100 and $200, I’d estimate.

Scary. *shakes head*

Probably about Β£75 ( bout $140 ) a month? I have the odd over Β£100 spree in Boots but I try to limit those, they make my bank cry!

I can relate to the lunar phases πŸ™‚ There are months were I really don’t spend more than maybe 20$ on one or two new polishes. Then there are months were I spend at Lush, a new OPI line, MAC and then a facial. So anywhere from 20$ and up to the extreme 500$ or even more. My highest costs are facials and when I have to stock up on my face products. Make-up I tend to stay around the 100$ every other month or so. Lush I spend around 100$ every couple of months.

Me too! I’m very much like that. Sometimes I go weeks without buying much of anything. Restocking sucks, especially if it all runs out at the same time.

BTW! I forgot to mention, I used the bath bomb you gave me a week or so ago. Oh, man, I was acting like I was a 2 year old (I haven’t taken a bath in about forever). I kept calling my boyfriend in to check out the color of the water! (And to splash him.)

your too CUTE πŸ™‚ I adore baths and take several weekly….I wouldnt even shower if it wasnt for needing to wash my hair.

I would say I average around $200-400/month, depending on LE releases & if I need to restock essential items like foundation, primer, moisturizer, etc.

I don’t want to know… probably $50-100. But OMG $200-300? That’s how much I spend on food! (Although, I should spend money rewarding myself with makeup instead of food.)

It can’t be more than 80 dollars, although I’m too much of a punk to actually put it it down and check. I just started really being interested to the point of buying in regards to eye make-up so I’m sure my aveage spending will go up.

Man this is a pretty dangerous question because I actually have to sit and count. But I think per month – probably $200-$500. It gets near the $500 range if I get a facial and some LE MAC thing comes out, and I have to replenish stuff in the same month. I’d say I’m closer to the $200 on average.

I try to keep it at $100 or less a month. This is after several years of splurging, mind you πŸ˜‰

Whenever there’s a LE collection or a sale, I do get what I like but apart from that, I don’t buy whatever I fancy at full price but instead select products that I will actually use on a regular basis.

oh jesus some months i spend nothin on make up and other months i spend bout three hundred euro which is bout 500 dollars really bad i no but i still live wih my parents and have no financial responsibilities … i no i shud save my money but wheres the fun in dt?? who wants to be the richest person in the graveyard? but for me it all balances out. 9 outta 12 mnths a year i spend nada on make up and the remaining three months i wud spend a bomb!!!

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