Looks – Ultra Natural, The “I’m Not Really Wearing Makeup” Look

Despite spending most of my day with my head in the beauty realm, I honestly don’t find I wear full makeup as often as I used to. Maybe it’s because I’m busier, or maybe it’s because I’m lazier (I’m going with the latter), but nonetheless, I tend to go for a minimal face. There are even a few days (when my skin is being nice) where I will even go sans makeup altogether!

What exactly does the “I’m Not Really Wearing Makeup” look entail? I have discovered that with the right mix of products you can get that totally natural look and look good in it.

I used Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 applied in dabs using the 194 brush, then buffed in with the 182 brush. Sculpt sculpting powder to contour cheeks using the 168 brush. Select Sheer Loose Powder in NC25 applied using the 187 brush (stippling brush). Dior Skin Shimmer in Amber Diamond with the 150 brush on apples and high planes of cheeks. Espresso and Carbon eyeshadows to fill in brows with a 266 brush. I finished by wearing 3N lipstick with 2N lipglass on lips.

What do you need? Since we are not all the same shade of skintone, nor do we all own the same products, let me give you some more generic ideas as to what you need for that super natural look.

Find out…

For the face | Start out with a foundation that is lightweight but really evens out your skin. I have always felt like liquid does a better job than pressed powders, personally. Many achieve the look of flawless skin with mineral foundation, too! Conceal if you choose to (I generally just put a little extra Studio Fix Fluid over any trouble spots) with a product that is creamy and not drying. If you contour lightly, it helps to accentuate your cheekbones without calling too much attention to them; just enough to polish. Choosing a contour color is not actually that difficult; you simply need a product that is a shade or so deeper than your natural skintone. Try matte blushes or bronzers, or even products designed for contouring (e.g., sculpting powders). Apply a light dusting of loose powder to set your foundation so it doesn’t fade or move throughout the day. You want a blush/cheek color that is incredibly subtle, that’s “barely there.” I have found love in Dior’s Skin Shimmer in Amber Diamond; it gives me the perfect touch of bronzy-rose flush. I like to use a product with a modicum of shimmer in it, just to help highlight at the same time. Sometimes for extra punch, I use Margin blush underneath Amber Diamond. Some ideas… Well-Dressed blush, Springsheen blush, MSFs.

For the eyes | I opt for no shadow, but sometimes a dusting of a matte or semi-matte neutral shadow on the lid is nice. Even a matte contouring of the outer crease area can help to define the eye without making it look “done.” Normally, I would apply two coats or so of mascara (I didn’t in the photo, because I was planning to do a full makeup look later on), but I don’t line the eyes. Filling in brows really does polish a look for most, because not everyone has full, natural brows that are well-shaped and have no sparse spots. You want to choose a brow color that is a shade lighter or the same as your natural brow, as a rule of thumb. Going darker can often be too stark (which is why many artists do not recommend black as a fill-in color) and unnatural.

For the lips | I like nudes, neutrals, and light to medium pinks. If you want to truly stay in the “I’m Not Really Wearing Any Makeup” look, choosing light colored lipsticks gives your lips some color without drawing attention to them. Of course, with everything else so natural, this just might be the perfect time to use that Russian Red lipstick you keep stashed away!