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Lol as odd as this may sound. I dreamt that I stole your whole collection D: And you were there chasing after me!!

My dream is to have a special room where I could store all my cosmetics and beauty products, where I could have a big dresser (dresser is my another dream), huge mirror on the wall and in the same room I would store also all my clothes, shoes and other accesories. Just a perfect place for a woman!

Not dream as in zzz and off to dreamland i go per se….
but it’ll be a case of whenever i’m invited to parties/weddings/outings, and if i know of exactly what outfit i’ll be wearing, i’ll think of different makeup looks way way in advance. It always drives me crazy as to whether to do smokey eyes, fresh summer look, the classic hair pulled black with bright red lips look etc….
i almost always end with you a HUGE headache over makeup decisions!!

That’s so funny! I have dreams about makeup often and my friends think I am crazy! Usually I am buying tons of makeup, like hundreds of dollars at a time, or doing someone’s makeup either in my home or professionally. That’s my usual sign that I need to visit my local MAC store. LOL

I had a dream last week that I went to MAC and everything was super cheap.. probably like a dollar or something, so I was stocking up on everything. Too bad I had to wakeup from that one!

Not exactly a dream that I remember…but here it goes. While I was in the hospital recovering from surgery (I’m fine now!) I APPARENTLY carried on extended conversations with the nurses about MAC while in a medically induced state of unconcious. They would come into my room and ask my oppinion about different colour combinations. And I would respond with suggestions that made sense! Wacky eh?

I dream about makeup all the time… usually when a new collection is about to launch. I dream about the colors and going to the MAC counter to pick stuff out. I always wake up disappointed.

i love this idea!

I don’t know if you guys saw the Cribs episode where Mariah Carey showed her penthouse condo. She had a whole room/hallway with isles of dresses, shoes, accesories, etc. in it. Well that’s my version of the dream with MAC makeup. It was like the angels were singing alleluia as I walk in. It was beautiful and gorgeous. I wake up smiling actually and my boyfriend would know I dreamt of it AGAIN lol

All the time! I am glad I am not the only one, that makes me feel a bit better!

Usually its just about color combinations and buying new makeup, but it happens a lot.

YES. More than I should be 😉

One dream I was at Macy’s searching for some Chanel products…and I don’t even wear nor own any Chanel!

But this other dream, was so wacky! I was at Disneyland (a regular staple in my dreams, lol) and there was this huge store, sort of like a Sephora, Rite Aid, salon, and MAC all rolled into one. They had all this makeup for $1 and I bought all of the Barbie collection for like, $20. And…the weirdest part, there was a new MAC collection. What was the inspiration? THE SIMPSONS. A SIMPSONS COLLECTION. It was so odd and weird I HAD to have the WHOLE collection. Then it cut to me at my house with all these MUA members eating cupcakes and playing with our huge stashes 😀

Well, last Friday I had a dream that I went to buy the whole Fafi collection. Later that day, I had a baby girl (even though I didn’t know I was pregnant, she just kinda popped out), and I named her Fafi since I had her the day Fafi was released. *lol* The whole thing was really bizarre.

I tend to have dreams about makeup when I am looking forward to a collection coming out. The dream won’t necessarily be ABOUT or centered around makeup, but it will be included somewhere.

Ohh, I love it, Ariele! That is a weird dream, but hey 😉 I know what you mean though, whenever I get really excited about something, I tend to dream it.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I went to a CCO (even though I don’t live in the States and have no idea what one would even look like!), and there were heaps of MSFs and pigments and I couldn’t hold onto everything I wanted to get because there was so much! I was so disappointed when I woke up, lol.

hahahahah I love these stories 🙂 I know I have dreamt about make-up before but can’t really recall any of the dreams. I have to say that I found Ariele’s and T’s dreams the funniest! a Fafi baby and the Simpsons 🙂 FUNNY

No, I have never dreamt of makeup, but I fall asleep thinking about the new colors that I bought that I can’t try until I come back to the states. I fall asleep thinking about a gown that I would wear to an infantry ball and think of the color scheme of the makeup ^_^

Aww! How sad and cute at the same time. 🙁 All those colors waiting to be worn! I bet you have so much fun playing with it all when you get back to the States!

Hey Christine, would you mind posting a lookbook for Sketch? I love the color but I’m having trouble finding good combos, the color alone is a bit too purply for me…. maybe you guys can help!

omg i had this amazing dream that i got a ton of makeup gifts and just as i was about to try them out i woke up and then i was all confused and was like “wheres all my makeup?” lol i was a bit disappointed 🙁

I have had so many dreams about makeup it’s ridiculous! Usually I dream that a bunch of great high end products I didn’t know I had are just found somewhere, or that someone gives me a modest collection, or that I am at Sephora-like shop and everything is $1!
I am always really disappointed when I wake up.

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