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I don’t think my actual routine changes, but certain items do… I use a very sheer foundation in the summer due to the heat and humidity, and in the fall/winter I use a more medium coverage foundation since it won’t slide off my face anymore. Plus I tend to use darker colors.

Not much!I never really wear a lot of foundation, and match my e/s colors more to my mood or outfit than to the season 🙂

Yeap, definitely!
During the summer, I tend to just focus on eye and lips, as face make up would just be nasty for sweaty and oily skin! I live in a very humid environment… so that explains it. Even though I like moisturizers, I use them only when my skin feels dry during the summer, otherwise I wouldn’t bother much (as it can feel like I’m putting too much stuff on my skin in such hot weather).
During the winter, I’ll definitely use more creams and moisturizer as it can get pretty dry. Also, sometimes my tan wear off a little during the winter, so I will work on more blush or bronzer to give myself a flush during cold, grey, chilly times!
My nail polish colours definitely change with the seasons… otherwise I work with whatever I like for eye and lip colours.

Generally the only thing that would change was the coverage of foundation. Recently though, I’m pretty happy with the coverage – so I don’t think that will be changing this year.

What changes the most is skin care, to accomodate for the change in temperature and humidity. Amping up the moisturizer is a must for me (face, lips, body), which also means I exfoliate more frequently.

More bright colours, bronzer and highlighter in the spring/summer, more concealer, blush and darker colours in the fall. In the winter I try to keep it pretty much as neutral as I can, as the light outside is so bright, too much makeup on me then looks awful!

Hotter weather makes me wear neutrals and shinier textures and gloss, but in winter I tend towards mattes and brighter and/or darker colors. In winter I am mostly bundled up in gray and black clothes and I like my makeup to pop; in summer my clothes are more colorful, so makeup gets toned down. Spring and fall, I just do whatever!

Yup, definitely. Even with sunscreen on, I tend to get a light tan. Therefore, my makeup colors have to change drastically come fall and winter!

With my dark eyes and eyebrows, I usually have issues with makeup in the cooler months. It’s really hard for me not to do heavy handed, dark makeup. (I look vampy with super dark eyes and lips when I’m pale).

Not where I am living in where its generally summer all year long!
So make up really depends on my moods and the colours of the clothes I’m planning to wear that day (or night, for that matter!)

yes my makeup changes dramatically.. in the summertime im oily and i usually wear tinted moisturizer w/spf, concealer and pressed powder. winter it gets freezing cold (i live in chicago) and my skin gets dry so i use moisturizer, liquid foundation, concealer and powder. as for eye lips and cheek, i generally use bronzer n neutral eyes in the summer. winter i do darker plum-y lips and more mascara, cheeks usually naturally get rosy from the cold.

Absolutely! I love it when the season starts to change and its time to get all the different looks of the season.

I dont think that my makeup routine changes much when it comes to e/s colors. I wear any e/s that i want to wear or that goes with my outfit at the time. If anything I apply lotion(Nivea)more often throughout the day to keep from getting dry skin. I also tend to wear darker nail polish but those are the only things i do differently.

i only just started wearing foundation last winter. ive never really had a problem with my freckles but these last few months ive hated them so much so i wear liquid foundation, concealer and mineral powder. now that its summer its been making my skin alot oilier and alot more blemishes have appeared so i stick to a tinted moisturiser and mineral powder and concealer. this doesnt make my skin oily or clog my pores which is great. im usually not one for putting on eyeshadow and blush but i absolutely love my bronzer more then anything and dont leave without mascara and lipgloss. if i do ever wear eyeshadow its usually green to go with my eye colour or a really pretty pinky vanilla colour i just bought. its by mac and i lovee it!

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