The Vampire Lip Experiment – YSL Pur Black Gloss Pt. II

YSL Pur Black Gloss sure is fun!

Above is the result of a little experiment I did last night trying to do “vampire lips” or the “just bitten” lips. Let me tell you, it isn’t as easy as you’d think! It’s not just red lipstick and then slapping on black gloss. Ultimately, what worked best was matte red lipstick (MAC Russian Red), then puckering lips up (to the max!), and applying a horizontal line of the black gloss (YSL Pur Black Gloss) on the top and bottom lip. Next, I took a glossy red gloss (MAC Boundless 3D Glass) and applied it vertically, without going too much over the black parts.

See the experiment from beginning to end!

Just Russian Red + Boundless 3D Glass.

Same combo, but with YSL Pur Black Gloss patted on the center area.

The Final Result

Final Result!

And when you blend YSL Pur Black Gloss in, this is what you get!