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Hmm I guess I kind of do. I especially like it when they swatch their hauls. It gives me an idea of what I can possibly buy next time to add to my own collection 🙂

Agreed! I’m not a fan of just looking at other peoples make up boxes (I have my own that I’m quite happy with!) but when they swatch it gives me an idea of what the products look like in action. Other than that I can see the same things on most of the manufacturer sites.

I love seeing other peoples haul because you never know when you may discover something new. On another site (sorry!) someone purchased Urban Decay’s lipsticks, she swatched them and it made me order 3 of them right away.

I really enjoy it, helps me decide what is worth getting. Also looking at other peoples collections always gives me ideas for storage!

Me too! I am always looking for more/better storage options and this is the best way I’ve found to see what people come up with.

Oh, I know! I’m currently having some storage issues. I just ordered some more stuff and I’m already wondering where the stuff is going to fit! Did you find any storage favorites? 😀

I like but then sometimes I don’t. One reason was already said, I like to see so I can decide if I want to buy it or not. But then I don’t like it because it makes me kinda jealous. I know sounds crazy.

I love lookin at other people’s hauls/collections. These are some of my fave vids on yt. I get ideas for future purchases and make up organization.

i like watching haul videos on youtube and it does make me want to spend more but i only feel that way with people who talk more about their hauls, kind of like give a mini review. some just show what they got and that’s it. i mean i could read the collection and see what’s in it but i would really like to know why they got what they got.

Yes, especially if swatches are posted, as it has been said before. It also helps me decide whether or not to buy a product that I’m ambivalent about. The only downside is sometimes I get so “inspired” from other people’s hauls, I end up buying more than I intended. =P

I moreso love Collection/storage posts/vids.

I dont like when someone just lays it out on their bed/floor but i like when they show HOW they organize all of it.

I love seeing their haul and collection, give me an idea whats product is working or worth trying and its always interesting to see what people like to buy 🙂

Yes especially when it’s from someone whos make up looks i admire because sometimes i get to see new stuff ive never tried before and it makes me want to try it and at times i end up loving the product.

i do love watching hauls…theyre some of my fave youtube videos as well. not sure why, but it makes me all giddy to see all the goodies these girls get from their beauty spots. also makes me wanna go out and do the same, which isn’t always so good..lol.

I like seeing haul vids and swatches and hearing how sim/diff certain colors r to others. Its kinda like living vicariously though others too lol

Yep I like seeing hauls! It gives me ideas on what to get and what not to get. I’m never jealous. I also realize some of these ladies (and gents) are professional and need a bunch of stuff for their kit!

I agree with the others who say I prefer it when they swatch the products (especially shots of lip products ON lips) as well as pictures in the boxes. Always nice to hear about what has tickled someone’s fancy though!

I actually really like watching hauls and collection videos because it gives me an idea of what’s out there and what to look out for when I go shopping in future.

I love looking at pics of people’s train cases and hauls! It’s fun and exciting to see what there is out there, what sort of organization people are using, how make up crazy they are [just like me!]

Not really. I’m more interested in swatches, I’m not interested in “keeping up” with anyone’s purchases. I like to look at new stuff, because it’s cleaner. Maybe the only haul pictures I’ve looked at are kind of messy, but they always look like there’s make up dust all over.

I love haul videos just because we all get excited after a trip to MAC and you want to share your new stuff with someone. Haul videos are fun. I dont like collection videos though unless I get to see how they store their makeup. I need storage ideas so it’s cool to see how people with huge collections keep everything organized.

I adore looking at other people’s hauls and collections! It’s so interesting to see what they accumulate and use regularly. I especially love seeing other people’s makeup bags because that’s what is the BARE necessities.

Are you going to post your collection? Please do! I’d love to see it. And your makeup bag!

Yes I do love looking at hauls and especially collections. I found Temptalia’s collection via google and that brought me here.

I always end up saying “How do I not have that?”

I love looking at collections/hauls. I don’t like them only because they give me ideas for what to buy but because everything looks so pretty! 🙂

I love haul videos if they actually take the time to show the colors and offer a two second review of the color. ex: sheer vs. opaque. However, there are a few out there that simply show one big screen shot of everything they have received and nothing else to offer than showing me that she went shopping. That is not the type of haul I prefer. I try to make mine an experience where someone can decide if it is something they may like to purchase or may not. Thanks.

I love hauls and collections. I think there is a 50/50 split on youtube right now. You are part of Team haul or you aren’t/

I love it! especially in person.I always snoop my friends train cases (with permission, of course!) I also love to look through closets and stuff. I would never poke around without asking first, but when my friends let me I just love to check out what stuff they have.. I dunno why I think it’s so fun!

Yes l love looking at hauls, especially with swatches and their opinions on it l like to get an idea of the product before l buy it so that l know that lm making a good investment. Makeup doesnt come cheap.

I mostly look at other peoples hauls (and share mine) because they sometimes show swatches or simply because you get to see the product under different lighting or can see its real size. I post swatches with my hauls (if they are about makeup) with swatches for that reason, maybe it helps someone.

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