New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 – An Adventure In Pictures

Hey all!  It’s been re-freaking-diculously busy these past few days, but here are some photos we snapped!  I’m flying back this afternoon, so you can expect regular postings to resume Wednesday, LOL!  It feels so weird not to be able to blog all the time 🙁 We stopped by Bryant Park, which is where a lot of the Fashion Week action takes place, and we thought it’d be fun to snap pictures and tour the perimeter!See bits of our adventures!

Yes, when they say “The Tents,” they really mean THE TENTS. These are created & set up just for Fashion Week. They have power generators parked on the street that get the electricity (and heaters) going.

Pursebuzz filmed our walk around the perimeter of Bryant Park, so you can check hers out soon!

List of designers at NYFW Fall ’09!

Barbie was being promoted in the middle of the front of the house.

Better shot of the Barbie prommotion!

MAC’s NYFW Lounge/booth!

Proof Pursebuzz made it to NYFW 🙂