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I love putting makeup on others! I’m actually considering applying at a local makeup counter/MAC boutique. It’s so much fun! It’s a little more awkward than applying makeup to myself, especially when doing eyeliner or mascara on the other person’s right eye (my left side). I can never get my angle just right. And then, of course, there’s the chance that the person may not like what you’ve done – gasp!

I just discovered this blog last night and I have to say, I love it! I absolutely adore your eye tutorials, I LOVE the use of color. Keep it up for the fellow addicts out there! πŸ™‚

Ohh, you definitely should, Katherine, if they’re hiring πŸ™‚ Or at least drop off a resume for when they do!

Thank you so much!

Sadly, none of my friends are women who use makeup so unfortunately i don’t get to try it out on others. However i usually do swatches of products on my boyfriend’s hand.. he loves the pretty colours and such :). After my current college course has ended, i will be applying to do a makeup/beauty course at my college. And of course for the next year or two until then i’ll be applying for makeup counter jobs :).

I end up doing a lot of people’s makeup! I’m going to start on a portfolio soon, and I’ve got a bunch of friends lined up for pictures.

Every time my friends and me go out I do their makeup. I’m probably the only person make up obsessed in my circle of friends so they all like me to do their makeup. They’re good practice for me. I love it

i do my friends’ makeup all the time! they usually request it. my best friend’s mom actually asked me to do it once too, and i think i’m doing a few girls for prom. i absolutely love it.

Its so much fun to apply makeup on others, esp when I get bored with my own facial features and skin tone. When I do makeup on others, I can always experiment with lots of colours that do not look good on myself.

I would to do there makeup …but I get too touchy w/ the face (sounds weird but yeah so true) I noticed…they dont mind…but I think its weird lol…so I have to work on it.

A girl I tutor is Korean and she told me she gave up on her eyes because it just disappears because her eyes suck! I was so mad. I was like “listen, do you have any idea how much I’d love to have a canvas like yours? Shut up. Let me show you.” Haha! She’s a happy girl now. All she needed was a base paint.

Nope, not me. However, I am THE person to talk to if someone forgets their lipstick or can’t find the right colour. I am the local Yoda of makeup knowledge.

I love applying make up to others, and hope to make it my profession some day. I find it easier, and faster to put make up on others rather than myself because I can concentrate more on how their whole face is coming together whereas if I do eye make up on myself I have to look very closely at what I’m doing etc. I’ve done some make up for formals (prom) for some people that work for me and they loved it!

I hope you can make it your profession, Stacey, it sounds like you really enjoy it πŸ™‚ Good luck on the brides maids!

I love doing makeup on someone with a lot of eye space, when they don’t have it, I am always a little nervous!

I LOVE doing makeup on my friends, they all have relatively different eye shape so it’s fun practicing and trying to figure out the right shape and placement for each one.

Even though I love putting on makeup and getting dolled up, I HATE it when other people put on makeup for me or do my hair.

That’s great, Quynh! It’s definitely a good skill to learn how to do it on all different shapes and features.

A lot of my coworkers are asking me to do their makeup, but I’m totally scared. I’ve never really applied makeup on anyone but myself and I don’t want to screw it up!

Any pointers, Christine?

Yes absolutely Lilan,

I totally agree with u,i also dont want it to screwed.Coz peope really dont understand wen coming to makeup,and they always say like it must have gone better if we’ve done it from B-e-a-u-ty Parlour,lol.

I totally undersatnd….and actually in this question of Cristine i was looking for a article like urs to go with and to share my thoughts.And im not ashamed of telling this”i dont actually want it to try on others”

I hope Cristine like our thoughts,lets c!!


Hey Lilan!

Honestly? Just go with it. Since they’re your coworkers, you’ve seen them often enough that you can get an idea of their eye type/shape. You may even want to peruse online makeup communities to look for similar features/faces and how they do their makeup.

Ask them what they want, remember to lightly touch them, use brushes, sanitize πŸ™‚

YES! I love doing other people’s makeup. Sadly, I don’t do it often. I have a lot of guy friends, work, and classes too, so that cuts into whatever potential makeup time I might have.

Then again, one will always make time for what he or she loves. That’s something I always try to do for this sort of thing.

not really, just doing my daughters’ mu. the biggest compliment i ever got was when my teenage daughter wanted me (and not a paid mu artist as i offered) to do her make-up during prom and grad pics. imagine that!

YES! I love love love applying make up to others and I’ve done all of my colleagues in the current office I’m working for πŸ™‚ I am happy every time I apply make up to others!

I’m the go to girl among my friends who are not in the industry. I love applying make up to other people. Make up can transform someone so much or it can be a great pick me up especially if a woman is having a bad day. I do find it awkward to apply pencil eye liners on others though. I used to scared of applying false lashes on other people and after I learned. It’s a piece of cake!

That’s such a great position to be in, Monica πŸ˜€ You can keep everyone on their toes lookin’ beautiful.

uhmmm nope, I wouldnt have a clue how to apply make-up to any of my friends….ick! Nor would I do their hair…I can barely do my own hair and make-up. What I can do is bargin shop πŸ™‚ I often buy things for my friends when I hit the thrift shops…I love knowing that something I found for dirt cheap is going to be loved by a friend.

I HATE putting makeup on other people! I have no problem telling people which products to buy, but I hate putting makeup on other people because they usually blink constantly. I have no idea how to deal with that. When I do put makeup on other people, they end up looking fabulous, but I feel like I need a drink after!

I love applying make up to others. I think I am better at applying make up on others than on myself. I worked in Mary kay back in 2002 for a little while and it was fun.

I’m happy to hear it, Naomi! Most people think they’re better at applying it to themselves than others, so I love how you’re the inverse!

I love applying make up to other people. I love to paint as a hobby and Make Up to me, is just an extension of art. Well, they do call it make up art don’t they? As a canvas, sometimes its easier to create looks on other people. I don’t apply eyeliner to other people though…but then again, I hate people applying eyeliner on me, its impossible!

Definitely! I love doing makeup on whoever lets me. I majored in Art, so we had to take several photography classes and I was always the one doing makeup for the shoots.

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