T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Blow Dryer Review

T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight ($200.00)

T3’s Featherweight Dryer revolutionized styling for professionals and women everywhere with T3’s pioneering use of Tourmaline and innovative design. With its sleek, lightweight design, this dryer boasts up to 60% faster drying time than conventional dryers and controls the frizz, improves the shine and delivers healthy-looking, well-conditioned hair. Perfect for everyday use and a real time-saver in the morning.

The secret is T3’s patented Flawless process for infusing high-quality tourmaline deep into the ceramic componentry of the tools to create the maximum negative ions and far infrared heat, eliminating static electricity, decreasing drying times and creating sleeker, shinier, healthy-looking hair. As well as first-class patented technology, the range of T3 tools include premium features such as pro-length, swivel cords which ensure ease of use for top notch results.

Before I get the dryer’s effectiveness, let me tell you more about my hair and routine, so you can understand my own expectations in a dryer. I have normal hair in terms of dryness or oiliness, but I have a lot of hair, and it is very thick. Whenever I go to my hairdresser, I am bound to hear, “You have enough hair for two heads!” Generally, when I get my hair trimmed (layers), I also get it thinned a bit. However, it has been quite awhile since I’ve had a trim, so I’m sporting fairly long hair (past my breasts), and it has thickened since my last thinning.

Normally, I never blow dry my hair dry from start to finish. Usually, I throw my hair up in a towel for twenty minutes or so and vigorously use towel-drying to get rid of a lot of the water. I’ll blow dry my hair in five minute intervals (I hate blow drying, it feels like such a waste of my time!), and it will take approximately 15-20 minutes of high-heat blow drying to dry completely.

I have been toying around with the idea of purchasing a more high-tech, high-end blow dryer, like the T3 Featherweight, which I have heard raves about. The idea of paying $200 for a dryer is something that makes me cringe, because I simply could not believe that it would be worth it. I mean, I’ve been using a Conair that I probably paid $20 for that’s travel-size with a retractable cord, so it was a big leap.

It is worth the price. As soon as I received my T3 in the mail, I went to take a shower and wash my hair, because I could not wait to see whether it would live up to the hype. I asked my boyfriend to time me from start to finish–I was going to stand there until it was done, no matter how much time went by–and guess what the time was? Five minutes. Five full minutes and my long, thick hair was entirely dry from root to tip. For me, that’s about a 60 to 75% decrease in the amount of time I need to get my hair dry. The way the air blows out is in a conical shape, sort of a precise shape, and it doesn’t come out too hot, despite being an 1800 watt dryer (whew!). It is incredibly light, weighing in at 13 oz (honestly, it felt even lighter than that to me!), which is always a plus. My hair also dried with good volume and few fly-aways, which is always a concern.

The only drawbacks about this product is that on the Featherweight model, you have two speed settings (high and low), plus a cool shot, but the speed settings is right on the handle and it is pretty easy to flip it on/off while amidst drying. I’d probably want more of a button than a flip switch, but I imagine you get used to it once you are conscious of it. Also, I very much loved the retractable cord feature on my previous blow dryer, because it makes it a breeze to pack and put it away. Nonetheless, these are small negatives, and the positives completely makeup for them.

I do wish I had tried out the Evolution model instead, after realizing how easy to use it would have been (I was totally intimidated by the eight speed/heat settings and whatnot–I thought it would be more dryer than I needed). But when T3’s dryers come with a four year warranty, I don’t see the Evolution in my future any time soon!

Have you tried one of T3’s dryers? Loved it? Hated it? Share your review!

— Get more information on T3 and its range at www.t3tourmaline.com.

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I splurged on the Evolution model and it is amazing!!! it’s worth every single dollar. quicker blow dry (which should damage my hair less) and my hair is shinier. And the dryer is sososo light!

I loved it so much, I bought the Overnight to take it with me on work trips overseas.

$200? Ooof! Though it appears to be a great item, it would be useless for me. I just let my hair air dry. Of course, if it could dry my hair in 5 min that might change.

I used to do the air dry thing, but gosh in the winter, it is just SO COLD! I started blow drying more often, even though I would do a combination of air dry, towel dry, and blow dry.

Now I don’t dread washing my hair, though, lol!

OMG Christine I’m so glad you reviewed this dryer. I have been contemplating it for so long because like you, I have a Conair that I spent maybe $20 on about 7 years ago. It’s definitely time for a new hair dryer for me, but I’ve been cringing at the price. Your review pretty much sealed the deal for me. I just need to find a good deal and coupon to make me feel better about buying it.

On another note, I just purchased the T3 wet-or-dry flatiron and I’m REALLY happy with it. It really does flatiron my hair when it’s totally wet, and I have thick, long hair and get the same comments from my hairstylist you do. I was skeptical…but it totally works. Looks like T3 is shaping up to be a good brand that will be in my bathroom!

Hey Shefali!

I’m SO happy to have helped! I really love this dryer, and I no longer dread washing my hair. I know some people have said that buying off of ebay is much cheaper (though no warranty). Good luck, I hope you can get a good deal!!

I’m glad the wet or dry flat iron is a worthy product! I have no use for a flat iron really, but I know others are probably wondering about it!

It usually takes me about 30-40 to dry my hair- so when I tried out my mom’s T-3 I thought to myself what’s so good about this drier… 15 min later my hair was dry! Cut my frying time in half. Although I still needed to flat iron a few pieces, it definitley made me thinking about purchasing one. Also the FHI iron, or the Kenta- both excellent flat irons.

WOW! That’s so great, Robin 😀 I think that makes it well worth the price! Anything that saves that much time… miracle worker.

I have THICK, dry AND damaged hair so air drying & a cheap blow dryer is a big no-no! I have the Evolution blow dryer & it makes my hair soft and a bit thinner (I use the T3 straightener to help make it slick straight & thin)! Everyone thinks my hair is naturally healthy looking but if they only knew how much I spend on my dryers! Did you blow dry with their ceramic brushes? They make your hair look professionally blow dried & very shiny.
Oh & also, I got my Evolution for ~$150 unopened on ebay & it works great!!

That’s great, Len! Happy to hear that you’ve had such a great experience with it 😀

I didn’t blow dry with any brush, LOL.

Oh I totally feel you! Last year I bought a GHD flat iron worth $200-ish and I am so glad I did! I may have to try this blow dryer sometime.. Thanks for the review!

It’s such a tough move, but I think for a lot of people, saving 20-30 minutes could totally make it worth it, you know?

I’ve heard excellent things about the Babyliss one though!

Ahhh, thanks for the review!! I am going to splurge on a T3 Evolution eventually. Thank goodness I can it at wholesale though 🙂 Right now (and for the past 1.5 years or so), I use a Babyliss Carrera 2 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer… its pretty good, better than anything I owed before. But I’m ready for something better & faster 🙂 Getting up at 430am everyday really makes you want to save time! I do have the T3 Medium Duality straightener & I looooove it. Best straightener I’ve ever used! And I recently learned how to curl with it! I love multi-use stuff.

No problem, Ariele! I was happy to do it, because it meant I discovered a GREAT product!

I’ve heard great things about the Babyliss dryer, though 🙂

I am a hairstylist and I love the T3. It is super light, cuts drying time significantly and isn’t damaging to hair. I think it is completely worth the $200.

I was lucky enough to score an evolution dryer, wet to dry straightener, and a curling iron for under $500 at a hair show. I have to say it’s the best investment I have made for my hair’s sake. My hair is similar to yours and it used to take me forever and a day to dry it with ConAir. And when I got my T3 a whole 5 minutes. I love it. I always get compliments when I use my blow dryer even when I’ve slept on my hair and didn’t brush it. And the curling iron set at 490 degrees is the only thing that can curl my hair and get it to stay curled..that and Rusk hair spray. My Asian hair used to refuse to stay curled. It’d just fall out in like an hour.

Hey! You got the T3! I’ve been wanting one forever. My stylist (Bobby at Vain Salon in Campbell, CA) has them at all the stations in his salon. One thing – each of his dryers has suffered some kind of electrical malfunction. Obviously they get a lot more use than yours so I doubt this will happen to you (and I’m still buying one anyway), but he did say to make sure to fill out the warranty card and send it in right away because otherwise they’ll give you attitude when you try to send it in if anything breaks.

Enjoy! You have gorgeous hair so you deserve a good dryer 🙂

Yep! That’s great – I was wondering whether stylists were going high tech for their dryers, too.

It’s too bad that they don’t seem to be able to stand up to the use they must get at his salon!

Hope you enjoy your T3!

So I’ve had this blow dryer for awhile. And since i got it i’ve been blowing my hair out in sections. Let me just tell you, i’ve never had so many compliments. Even when i go to the salon, my stylest defiently can see drastic chnages for the better. I use to use a Conair, flip my head over, dry it, and than have a fro. Then i’d have to sit and straighten it for 20 minutes. Horrible. My breakage started at my roots. Seriously. But now, thanks to this T3, my hair is healthier and more shinnier than ever!

I bought the T3 Evolution because although my hair isn’t thick, it’s very fly-away. But not now, it’s smooth, and stays smooth all day even when it’s been under a helmet (motorbikes and makeup/hair styling, very awkward). In the normal time I take rough drying it, I can now style it smooth. Fab product.

I have to admit my husband doesn’t see any difference but then he didn’t notice when I went for a haircut and came back with curly hair, so I’m ignoring his opinion on the matter 🙂

I must be one of the few, who noticed no difference. I have thick, dry hair.

Drying time was about the same. I did not notice any difference in the feel or shine of my hair. I purchased the ORIGINAL 1875 watt mode. I got it off of a beauty store on Ebay. Now Im wondering if it was genuine.
Looked identical to the real one in the store….same markings etc.

Anyone else out there not overly impressed? My Conair Ionic
did the job just as well, and possibly left my hair in a little better condition…..

Hey Peggy,

I’ve never used the Conair Ionic, but if it’s similar to T3, then you probably wouldn’t see such a huge difference. I was using an old, regular hair dryer – no fancy schmancy anything on it. I know that Conair makes versions that are supposed to compete with the higher end brands like T3 and FHI for less, so maybe this is what you already have?

I have had my Evolution for 3&1/2 months and I love it so much!! I was kinda nervous because some of the reviews I read talked of hair being burned and warranty nightmares among other things. My hair is also very thick and long so it would take 35 to 40 minutes to dry (I don’t dry in sections just flip my head over). With the Evolution it only takes me 10 to 15!! My back loves this!

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