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I keep my makeup extremely organized, guess I’m kind of type-A when it come to organization/sanitation.

I have a modern vanity table where I apply and it contains the more-loved products and two huge storage containers beneath with each drawer designated by eyes, lips, face, nails, tools, palettes, cleaning supplies, etc. You get the picture, lol!

me too Leah! I am kind of OCD about my makeup area being pretty & clean! I couldn’t stand my MU being organized in the bathroom so I moved it into my desk & put it on display lol

Oh I forgot to mention that I have my MAC traincase filled with items for travel and jobs as well, with my brushes (in sephora-esque vases with colored sand), mirror, perfume collection and inspirational binder filled with looks on top of the vanity.

An inspirational binder! What a great idea, I’m totally stealing that, I always have brain freeze when I’m trying to get ready for a night out.

I just reorganized my makeup to make it more tidy. I had it in separate train cases, but then went to Target and bought these cute organizers. It makes my area so much better!

My makeup area is my desk. So when I am not doing my makeup it’s more organized chaos. everything has it’s place but it’s not all over the desk in front of me when i am just sitting at the computer.
when i am actually doing my makeup that is another matter. Stuff is everywhere. Makeup brush roll is out brushes i am using are out makeup is everywhere since it’s all in different things i need to get it consolidated into one container sooner or later.

I just went out to get more trays/holders and reorganized my m/u today! I only have one small bathroom drawer and some vanity space for my makeup (my collection is tiny compared to yours, lol, I’m showing SO so he’ll complain less about mine) but I’m pretty happy w/ my setup. I’ll probably post on mac_cosmetics (I’m rara-x-avis) because it’s rather hard to explain in words, haha.

I am pretty type-A when it comes to organizing my makeup though. I’m already so rushed in the mornings usually it just drives me crazy when I can’t find things, lol.

I try to keep my m/up & brushes organized. I share a bathroom with my husband, so I don’t want him to be rummaging around to find his things within my stuff.

Notice, I say try. I describe it that way, because it has to be done every time & every day. On my off days, I slack a bit and not put the brushes in a container or leave out some of the products that I used. He is a real good sport about the whole thing. I don’t know if I would be so kind about having to dig around to find my things as he is with mine.

my make up area is tidy. but since my make up stash shares the same desk as everything else, everything else makes me entire desk look messy, and thus affecting my make up area 😛

haha but within my make up drawers all the products are kept very neatly and my brushes are neatly placed in a wooden cup :]

I keep my make up in drawers and in containers under my chests of drawers, but I’m always running out of space, so there’s lots of new products in my underwear drawer all the time, lol.

I definitely have to keep it nice and tidy. I hate it when things aren’t organized, especially my cosmetics. I just bought a nice set of drawers from IKEA last weekend to upgrade my storage.

When I do my makeup, I only take out what I need (in order) and then return them in their respective drawers as soon as I’m done using them. Yes, I’m very anal about these things lol.

yeah, its ‘kinda’ organised…very few stuff in closed bins/boxes…i just tend to forget using stuff that are in boxes…i try to keep them on the counter…by end of week, lots of stuff are messed…n all i have to do is re-organise them.

I’m pretty OCD about organising my makeup but not to the extent that I’ll freak out if something’s out of place but I have specific drawers for foundation, blush, eyeliners etc. I also tend to keep my brushes seperate such as MAC eye brush in a cup, MAC face brush in another, Misc face brush in another cup and the remaining misc eye/other brushes in a box.

I keep everything as organized as possible. My makeup is an ever growing collection now with all of these fabulous MAC collections that keep coming out. My husband bought me a fab makeup vanity as apart of my Valentine’s day gift so when it comes in, i will have so much fun re-organizing my collection!

My room is a mess always stuff on the floor but my makeup area is much more tidy I’ve got a small clear bin with eyelashes ands my foundation, a small traincase with shadesticks, blush, facepowders/msf’s and mascaras, another small case with lipsticks and depotted shadows that need to put n a pallete, and a victorias secret box that has pallets and pigments.a small box for glosses and another for liners all n a shelved cabinet type dresser thing but it al comes out when i do my makeup

I got in well organized finally. It was all in one drawer which didn’t work. Luckily I have my own side of the bathroom. Now I have a drawer for face things (foundation, blush, ect…) The other drawer is all eye and lip stuff. That drawer can’t hold anymore stuff without it being a mess. I have plenty of extra room for goodies in the “face” drawer tho. hehe…

I try, but I don’t always have time to clean up my brushes or put the palettes back in their home. I currently use an old pink caboodles organizer (filled with Medusa makeup and MAC unpotted eyeshadows) , silver caboodles organizer (for rare collectible MAC lipsticks, lipglosses and extra pigments), 4 drawers of a plastic organizer chest and a few organizer trays on top of the dresser. I may end up using another 2 drawers of the plastic organizer to eliminate the trays on top of the dresser, but the drawers are filled with paperwork and other fun things at the moment.

I am actually about to upgrade my storage as of tonight! I used to have one tiny rubbermaid, like the size of a shoe box, and then I moved up to a 3 drawer sterilite bin, kind of the size of a shoebox again in each drawer. But Wal Mart has this one thing I have been eyeing on sale so I am going to get it tonight. Its another sterilite but it’s a 5 drawer one but it has various sizes so it means I will have room left after I’m done! But I always find another use for the previous things I used so yeah. Brushes on the other hand, I might buy a cup to stick those in.

I keep my makeup in cosmetic bags in a corner of my bathroom basin. I clean my brushes weekly. Yeah, I’m pretty tidy.

I keep it pretty organized but I need to organize my lipsticks and glossed like you. Right now they are in boxes laying down. I keep the things I use alot in a MAC traincase on my make-up table and have a pretty wood tray for all of my skin care,foundations,brushes and pencils. The pencils and brushes are seperated into four jars. I then have a shelf in my room that has sterlite stackable drawers where I keep all of my extra bases,pigments,shadows and blushes. I need to do alot of depotting in the future!!

I keep my makeup area very tidy. The only things on the counter are a canister holding my brushes and a small bud vase holding my eyeliners. That way my husband has no idea how much makeup I really have!

My makeup is very organized. I bought a Malm vanity from Ikea and I have organized everything in there. It is seperated into face, eyes, lips, brushes.

It’s more organized than not, it gets kind of messy during the application process. I have a drawer each for eyes, lips, cheeks, face, and liner/mascara, and things are stacked neatly (palettes and such) or put into dividing containers (lipsticks, lipglasses, etc) according to my own rather arbitrary system (brands, product size, frequency of use). Brushes are assigned to a couple of mugs on the vanity tabletop. It’s nowhere near as organized as your collection, but I only very rarely lose things. Which is success, I think! :-p

It’s the only thing organized in my room, I’m crazy about my makeup. Everything has a place, I have drawers for blushes, drawers for MAC eyeshadows, drawers for other eyeshadows. Name anything, I can find it in 2 seconds flat.

I have an old pen holder that holds all my brushes and I just put all my makeups in plastic containers and stack them beside the makeup table. =) I always try to tidy up my makeup area…so i can at least find the stuff that I want. LOL.

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