Storage / Show Offs: Updated MAC Collection

Left half of my makeup cabinet (stored in a closet)

It feels so good to be organized again! It’s funny how your organization system always changes each time you put things back into place or slot new things in. I really condensed things into less bins than before, and I think I managed to clear off more counter top and utilize my drawers for some things that used to be on the counter top! (This will please my boyfriend!) This post mostly contains my MAC stash, both in my TV-stand-turned-makeup-cabinet as well as what products make it into my bathroom.

Last time I took photos, I was in a different apartment than I’m in now. The old apartment was around 800 square feet with lots of storage and space, and my new one, while definitely much nicer, is cramped in comparison at 640 square feet. My makeup cabinet now resides in my closet, which is overflowing with clothes and shoes, and this explains why you won’t see a full width shot of my makeup cabinet 😉

In the above photo, you’re seeing the left side of my makeup cabinet. The top shelf holds a silverware drawer filled with pigments. The middle shelf contains small containers housing mostly non-MAC, but I also have my Neon pigments/MAC glitters in one box as well as miscellaneous MAC products I rarely use (off color foundation, lashes, etc.). The middle shelf also holds a box of perfumes and LUSH products. The bottom shelf holds two of my three nail polish bins, as well as a big bin of crafting/scrapbooking materials. On the very bottom, you’ll see some bins with MAC in boxes… those are products I set aside to giveaway on the blog (I try to get a few things from each collection specifically to giveaway).

See the rest of my MAC stash, plus where most of it lives.

P.S. — Winners of giveaways have been emailed. In the event a winner does not claim a prize, a runner-up will be contacted via email on March 1st.

P.P.S. – I will not be posting close-up photos of my eyeshadow or blush palettes at the moment. I am in need of a serious depotting session for both eyeshadows and blushes (hello, my blush organizer is spilling over!), so I don’t want to take photos until I do that 🙂

This is the right side of my makeup cabinet. The top shelf holds more MAC pigments, as well as MAC Loose Powders and some palettes (from holiday sets). There is also a shoe box-sized bin of random glosses/lipsticks. The middle shelf contains a bin of random high-end (but not MAC) brands, a bin of sun-care/tanning products, and a larger bin of extra skincare products (products I tried but moved on from, mostly). The bottom shelf holds random body lotions and creams (mostly low-end).

All closed up

MAC to giveaway 🙂

Pigment Rack #1

Pigment Rack #2 with Beauty Powders, Palettes, etc.

Bathroom counter top

Bathroom drawer #1 with MAC powders/skinfinishes, lipglasses, lipsticks

Bathroom drawer #2 with MAC blushes in pots (28, oh my god!), lipsticks, and eyeliners

Underneath drawer #1: