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Virginia Avatar

I actually try not to buy on impulse, because I like to consider what I already have and whether I really need a product and how much use I would make of it, but nevertheless I often get home from the counter with more than I actually planned to purchase 🙂

My last impulse buy was Bobbi Brown Iced Mauve shimmer l/g and I just love it!

Bianca Avatar

I try not to. Since most collections arrive a month after they’ve been released in the States I get a chance to read reviews, see looks, etc.. So I’ve been less of an impulse buyer.
But MA at the MAC counter know they can make me go crazy by showing me a bunch of stuff. The last impulse buy was the MES Polar Opposites and I’m thankful I bought it because I love it.

Cat Avatar

All the time. I mean I’ve gotten much better and try to get things that I would use more often but there are those moments when I cant resist.

Cat Avatar

It had to be on a recent trip to Victoria’s secret…I went in for a 1 bra that went with a dress and because they were having a sale i got 2 pj’s, 4bras, cropped sweat pants and matching hoodie.

Lingping Avatar

I don’t impulse buy a lot of makeup since it takes it sweet time getting here and I have seen it all on the net before I see it in the store (just like you, Bianca) so I normally know what I want.

The last thing I got on impulse, though, was a horrible pink nail polish. “Have to try the neon trend”, I thought, but eeew! Not the neon trend, that is, just the slightly shimmery but matte opaque neon pink Alessandro polish. Essie bermuda shorts on the other hand: yum!

oopsie, went a bit off topic there. sorry. anyways: non-impulse > impulse

Monica Avatar

I try not to. I had a few episodes of impulse and I ended up buying things that were not what I expected or had very little color pay off, a lot of fallout or they creased like crazy. Now I always check the posts from the experts like Christine and swatch, swatch, swatch!

Tatti Avatar

My last impulse buy was Benefit’s Posietint. (I’m IN LOVE)
the only thing that keeps me from impulse buying is not going shopping! lol

SnickerDoodle Avatar

I used to be terrible…I would plan to go in and pick something up, and just impulse buy SO MUCH else! But I’m a lot better now, thank god! I am usually able to just stick to what I plan to buy, after doing my research first 🙂

Kendra Avatar

Like I’ve said before, I am a MAC addict. Whenever I go to a mall that sells MAC, I have to do everything in my power to stay away from the store/department. If I end up “just looking” at MAC, I usually spend $40 minimum! :p

Kat Avatar

I always research stuff before I buy it, but once I’m at that MAC counter, they must see me coming because I always end up buying more than I planned too. I take my fella along and give him strict instructions not to let me get more than I was after but sometimes I break his resolution too 🙂

the problem with makeup is it always looks so pretty…*sigh*

Ellen Avatar

Thanks to all these boards and blogs I’ve discovered, I’m able to do a lot of research before I buy – looking at the boards will create some lemmings, but also kill some. I’m usually pretty good about buying only what I need. I’ll splurge on stuff I know I love and that I know works for me, but I’m usually pretty conservative when it comes to spending in general. I don’t really even let myself impulse-buy makeup at the drugstore!

Trisha Avatar

Yes. Yes, I do. Well, I wouldn’t call it impulse in a way because I don’t mind what I do and it’s not like I would otherwise never buy makeup.

But I do go to drug stores and buy all sorts of sale makeup. It’s fun.

Erin/slipnslide Avatar

My last impulse buy was the new BCBG Lornas heel yesterday.
My last beauty impulse buy was the Summer GoSmile kit on Sephora. $140 value for $99 on something I was going to buy for $89 anyway!? All over that one.

Asta Avatar

I impulse buy pretty often. I know I can afford it, so I make myself feel a little guilty but it’s not affecting my ability to pay rent.

My impulses are usually off of a mental list of things I’ve been thinking about buying, though. I’ll go to Lush just to look around but know that I’ve been wanting to try a hair mask, and I’ll end up with the mask and maybe a soap I haven’t tried yet. It’s…semi-controlled impulse buying?

I don’t have enough makeup yet that colors will overlap, really. Once I have more e/s I’ll probably need to edit more. I reallllly want the Cult of Cherry quads though. Then I tell myself I’ll be good on colors for a while (but there are still all those Nars duos…)

Tekoa Avatar

Sometimes I impulse buy, who doesn’t honestly? The last makeup thing I impulse bought was a Glamour Check e/s. The last non-makeup impulse buy was a $170 pair of Guess jeans. Just about fainted at the register, but the fiance “threatened” to break off the engagement if I didn’t get them. Apparently they look THAT freak’n amazing. Holy off topic batman…

marissa Avatar

i usually don’t

i watch a lot of videos on youtube and read reviews on products i think I might like. then based on that I decide weahter to buy and keep on eye out for sales (drugstores) or for high end like MAC I wait for realise dates, go to see and try them at the counter/store or try and find it for cheap online

Charlestongirl Avatar

Oh, I feel so guilty after reading the comments of those who resist! I impulse buy makeup every week–usually online. I will never be able to wear it all. But I get an e-mail, see the colors (I guess I should have been an artist I like color so much), and determine that I must have more “stuff.” Sometimes, I am entirely disappointed with what I get, but most often I love it–but just don’t get around to wearing it.

Last impulse buy arrived yesterday: Some sale Sephora brand eye shadows with one side cream and the other powder. The colors look unremarkable in the pots, but they are really pretty nice when applied. At $6 a pop, they didn’t break the bank. Now, if I can just figure out where to stash them. Sigh…

Amanda Avatar

yes, i am an impulse buyer…if i hear about something new or a great product, i immediately start panicking, thinking that i MUST have it! i usually take back 1/2 of what i get but i’ve also found great stuff!

Erin/slipnslide Avatar

Aaaaahaha! Someone mentioned “Sephora traincase” in here and ten seconds later I was buying the Sephora Safari traincase. I’m terrible!

jess Avatar

I’m a big cosmetics impulse buyer. It’s REALLY bad when it comes to nail polish…I have tons and tons of bottles of polish, almost all in dark shades of red! I try to not impulse buy high end makeup – I try to keep it to drugstore brands so I don’t feel so bad if it doesn’t work out.

emily Avatar

oh lipgloss everytime!!! oh and i bought mac dubonnet lipstick the other day on impulse but also with the notion that i no dark red lip colours are gna be really hot next season!

charlene Avatar

unfortunately yes…i really need to stop it! 🙂 i’ve been hearing about the loreal hip cream liners (the blue, teal and how black the black is) but they hadn’t arrived in jamaica yet…so last week i saw them for the first time, and i bought those three, 2 infallible 6 hr lip glosses, one infallible lip colour, nail polish….man…it was worth it! 🙂 but now i’m broke haha

Brenda Avatar

Oh god, yes EVERYTIME. Especially if there is a sales woman (Or man) involved, all they have to do is be like “that shade of eyeshadow looks great on you!” “Oh wow you have great lips this colour would go with you SO WELL!” and I’m sold…

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