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I do get overwhelmed. Sometimes things are really popular but super expensive. I want to buy it all. With the economy being as bad as it is, I don’t want to spend $30 on a luxury brand mascara when I could buy groceries with that money.

All the time!ugh.. I try to keep on the reviews on a couple of blogs and on YouTube and do my own research but there is so much out there…it’s impossible to keep up. Right now, I am watching a lot of reviews on Lush. It is really addicting! I bought a couple items and I think I am getting hooked but I am sure later I will find another brand I have never tried…never ending cycle 🙂

Yes! I think I get more overwhelmed by collections in general, i.e. MAC’s super multiple holiday collection.

As far as products, I would say the whole blush/highlight/sculpting trifecta. If I have blush on by the time I finish my eyes and layering my tinted moisturizer with concelors and set with powder I consider that a triumph!

Absolutely. I just got into skincare and makeup a few months ago *thanks your blog ;)* and it still completely overwhelms me. What is a good product, what isn’t, is it worth the price, can I get an affordable substitute, should I bother at all? In the end, I stick with what I know and take the occasional risk when extra $ comes along my way, and a little research.

YES! LOL There’s so much stuff! Every day there’s something new, I’m like, oh I want to try this, oh I want to try that, oh when did that come out. Too much!

I do get overwhelmed often. So many brands at different prices all claiming the same thing. Which is why I rely heavily on reviews and there are many days I go with only the essentials.

Totally overwhelmed. I don’t know how you keep everything updated with what collection is coming out when with all of the different lines. I can barely remember what MAC is offering in any given month!

Yes, unfortunately there are so many collections! I do try to keep tabs and make lists of everything I want or should look into. I check out your site as well as Specktra for new details on MAC. For other brands, I just try to keep my eye out on various beauty sites. Plus the girls at the MAC counter know me well so they try to point me out new goodies as they roll in.

In terms of using beauty products, I rotate through them to figure out what works best for me. It’s always best to figure out what’s best for you, not just what’s trendy.

Yes and this addiction is REAL. I truly have lost my eyeshadow buying mind. What makes it so ridiculous is I don’t wear eyeshadow during the work week. I get up just in time to get ready and head out the door. I have to be at work too early for all of that. lol But because I have so much I’ve started throwing in a day during the week. I set my clock 10 minutes early and take some time to create a cute look, but I can’t do that every morning.

All the time, especially with so many different formulas of the same thing and sometimes I can’t even distinguish between any of them because they end of between so similar rather than different. A primer example would be mascaras and moisturizers.

When I first got into everything I was toootally overwhelmed but places like youtube and your blog are super helpful. I can review what I want to get and then get it if its in my budget. Studying brands like on Sephora.com and signing up for newsletters from companies I use a lot is also a way to cut down on the overwhelmed feeling. I don’t know what every brand is doing but I get the idea from here and youtube and other beauty blogs =)

not really, i have a nice amount of products, but i really can’t afford to be overwhelmed! believe me i’d love to be haha!

Oh yes, I’m overwhelmed all the time !

When I first started using (high-end) skincare and make-up 18 years ago, there were only a few good leading brands and it was easy to keep up with all the new products they released every season. Nowadays there are so many product lines available, it’s impossible to keep up with everything.

It’s already a fulltime job to keep up with all the LE collections MAC releases every 5 minutes, let alone everything else 🙂

I used to, but now I focus on the ingredients in the product and not the claims of the product. Once I realized that products can make claims that are not actually proven I knew it was time to figure it out on my own. Products can take weeks to damage/improve skin, so I try to cut out the guesswork and focus on facts.

of course I do. I want it ALL and I want it NOW…there are so many great things on the market, and i have a tough time deciding which gets my undivided attention. I also change my mind up a lot too, and want it to match my latest outfits.

Great comment Nicole. Its an addition for sure!


I have a ton a beauty products and in the morning it’s hard to pick a few to wear for that day..I’ve actually been trying to downsize because I have way too much!

Yes! I tend to stick with the brands I know and trust purely because the market is so cluttered. I have to ease myself into a new brand verrrrry slowly

Totally. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup (due to lack of time in the a.m.) but have so much!!! I’m trying to narrow it down to special collections and items that are being discontinued however i’m weak. I try to keep up online reading reviews and then I totally get sucked in!!! Going into Sephora, I wander for about an hour and only have one thing in my hand… I can’t decide or remember what I went for!!! MAC can be overwhelming too..kinda the same as Sephora. So much stuff, so many people, only one brain!!!

I get overwhelmed when so many limited collections are coming out because I want most of it and I have to step back and rationalize. It’s a crazy and tempting world for us makeup girls! 😉

OH yes! There is so much out there! The first time I walked into Sephora I didn’t know what to do or where to look first. It was excitment mixed with an overwhelmed feeling. I still find myself gravitating towards items I have read on blogs or heard about on youtube 🙂

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed it is saddening. I love your site, but let’s just take this site for example. I generally see at least $150 worth of items on your site each day that I would love to have. It becomes very hard to rationalize and realize there is a reason why I cannot close my drawer with eyeshadows, my two drawers of lipglosses, etc. I wish there could be more information about how to apply, tips, etc rather than just so many new products. Thank you so much for asking. I just want you to know that I do love your site, but it is overwhelming and probably many are in major debt because of beauty sites. I was about two years ago, paid it off and made myself say if I cannot use my check card, I will not get it.

Jennifer, what a great comment. I agree that beauty blogs (for me, a few users on LJ and then the mac_cosmetics community on LJ in particular – and now temptalia.com) encourage irrational spending because you can’t help but want it all! The only way I’m able to curb my spending is by NOT visiting the sites. I know, it’s not ideal, your way is much more logical and rational but at least it’s a means to an end.

The answer is YES. I will never feel like I am “on top” of all the beauty trends. Even trying to keep up with your website is overwhelming! There is just SO much out there!

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