Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash ($36.00) is just one of three different sets of 24/7 Eye Pencils available for the holiday season.  If I had to pick one, I’d opt for the Super Stash, if only because you can grab the four new shades all at once.   In the Super Stash, you’ll receive nine half-sized 24/7 Eye Pencils (the full-size is 0.04 oz. and these are 0.02 oz. each).  The Hi-Fi and Stereophonic sets include 24/7 Eye Pencils as well, and each is 0.03 oz., so they’re just a little smaller, but not by much, than the full-sized versions.  Most of us will never get through a full-sized blue eye liner, so these sets are a great way to grab lovely colored liners without buying more than you’ll use.

Rather than just review the Super Stash, I’m actually going to review all of the 24/7 Eye Pencils I own.  Apparently, I’ve finally collected them all except Baked, Crash (in the Stereophonic set), and Mildew (in the Hi-Fi set), which I suppose now I’m compelled to get just to round everything out.  (Does anyone else feel that way… the need to complete when you’re nearly there anyway?)

  • 24/7 Super Stash includes: Corrupt, Binge, Eldorado, Oil Slick, Zero, Graffiti, Ransom, Rockstar, and Stash and retails for $36.00.
  • Hi-Fi includes: Mildew, Zero, Flipside, 1999 24/7 Eye Pencils, as well as Distortion Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner.
  • Stereophonic includes: Crash, Zero, Underground, Gunmetal, as well as Midnight Cowboy Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner.

Why 24/7 Liners? They’re pigmented, soft pencil liners that are easy to use, look great, and last awhile.  I use these on my lower lash line all the time, because they add a lil’ pop of color, but they don’t migrate all over the place throughout the day.  They’re fairly budge-proof (at least, on me), and they are so easy to apply, because they’re soft.

24/7 Super Stash Eye Pencils

  • Corrupt is a rich dark brown with warm undertones.
  • Graffiti is a medium pop of bright green with just a tinge of teal in the base (it’s a bluer green vs. yellower green).
  • Binge is a rich navy blue with a slight cobalt kind of look to it with a soft sheen.
  • Eldorado is a brighter pop of yellow-based gold–it’s more of a true gold compared to Honey.
  • Zero is a black liner–it’s not the richest or most intense black I’ve seen, but it’s pretty dark and definitely not a light black.  It doesn’t have any shimmer or sheen.
  • Oil Slick is a silver-speckled light black.  The black base is just a smidgen lighter than Zero, but it has silver glitter/sparkle that lighten it up further.Graffiti
  • Ransom is a iridescent purple with a slight reddish purple undertone.Stash is a greenish-gold–like an antique gold with a green tone.
  • Rockstar is a dark burgundy-purple with a red undertone and slight reddish sheen.

24/7 Eye Pencils

  • Yeyo is a silvery-white — it’s not 100% white on me, there is a little bit of silver sheen to it, but it’s close.  It’s just not a stark white (which may or may not be what you’re looking for).
  • Gunmetal is a gunmetal silver-gray.  It’s a gray-black bas with a silver sheen.
  • Dime is a bright silver-gray with a high metallic sheen.
  • Bourbon is a medium dark chocolate brown with a slight sheen.
  • Underground is a cooler, medium taupe brown with a metallic sheen.
  • 1999 is a red-berry purple with a slight metallic sheen.
  • Lust is a cool-toned dark violet purple with low sheen.
  • Covet is a rich, jewel-tone teal with a slight shimmery finish.
  • Flipside is a medium pop of bright teal with silvery-teal shimmer.
  • Deviant is bright pop of medium dark blue with silver sparkle.
  • Electric is an intense, bright blue-based turquoise.  It’s lighter and brighter than Flipside.
  • Honey is a deep gold with just a bit of brownish tinge to it.  It does really remind me of honey.
  • Lucky is a coppery orange-brown with a metallic sheen.

The majority of the shades available are also available in full-size, which go for $17 a pop and you get 0.04 oz. of product in each.  The only thing I didn’t like about the Super Stash liners is that they do feel a little “stumpy” in your hand, because they are so short.

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Availability: Urban Decay

See more photos and swatches

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Yeyo, Zero, Oil Slick, Gunmetal, Dime

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Corrupt, Bourbon, Underground, Stash

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Rockstar, 1999, Ransom, Lust

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Graffiti, Covet, Flipside, Binge, Deviant, Electric

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Honey, El Dorado, Lucky


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Roxanne Avatar

I would give up my kidney and a part of my liver to anyone who will force UD to distribute these in my country. Heck, I’ll even throw in a lung for free!

Just kidding of course (before I wake up in a tub filled with ice) but those blue/green ones are to die for. Loving the golds and the black one too. Hmmm…

Dora Avatar

Hello there!This site is terrific and so are the UD products. I don’t see why the Sephoras here in Turkey don’t have UD? I know lots of funs who would die to have UD in their make-up stash :)If anyone who can in fact ‘beg’ UD to expand in Turkey as well, please go on and save us all :)NARS was so nice to open their first concept store in Istanbul! MAC keeps expanding as well, with an amazing success.Come on, we adore make up, especially the creative and colorful one!

daphne Avatar

Oh man, you don’t have Baked? Yes, get it to complete the collection! 😉 It’s probably my favorite along with Stash and Covet. Such a beautiful, rich bronze-gold.

Wilcoa Avatar

Wow need this! Since I only own three liners *cringe* it’d really help bulk out my eyeliners that I need and desire. Can’t wait for these to come out!

Izzy Avatar

I love every time you do a swatch review. These liners have by far overcome my love for MAC. They are colors that they carry year round and produce the sense of urgency that is sometimes formed when MAC produces and LE liner.

These color are great and I love how they don’t slip at all. I use them the same way you do and just use it on my lower water line for a pop of color.

amy Avatar

I love 24/7 liners but I only have Bourbon right now, I want all the colours! I agree that you might as well have the complete set of colours if you are only a few colours short, these liners are so wonderful, I think they are worth getting. I am looking forward to picking up one of the sets!

Faheema Avatar

I am sooo in love with UD liners they are totally amazing. They last for a reallly long time and on me are like totallly budge proof 🙂

I brought one the older sets (tbh I dont really like these new sets) which had five mini sized versions of the lines which were; Zero, Lucky, Electric, Lust and Covet. This was a pretty good mix of colours to start me of. As there was an offer on at the time I also brought the full size version of Honey and 1999. They are just soo good even thought I think that I haven’t even used them all properly yet hehe. I have had them since like June and they are an absolute staple item for me on occasions and for going out etc.

I love this Super Stash set. The colours are totallly awesome! Especially El Dorado, Binge and Ransom. I think I am definiately going to buy these even though I clearly have enough coloured eye liners already! 😉

fyi Avatar

Hey i really like this site, but these pop up ads on every page i click on are so annoying. i will probably end up visiting this site less because of the annoyance.

it’s the little ad that follows you down the page and just floats on every single page on this site.

I understand you have to make a profit, but it’s really making this site a pain to visit.


Christine Avatar

We shouldn’t have any pop ups… There are “research ads” which aren’t actually ads that do float on the page from time to time, but we 1) don’t make money from them, 2) aren’t ads, and 3) shouldn’t appear very often (maybe once in every few visits).

Taryn Avatar

Those are so beautiful. I wanted the Mildew one, but apparently it’s not in this set. 🙁

I couldn’t use the blues, which is the only thing holding me back. Blue eyeliner looks hideous on me.

Fresco Phyrra Avatar

Ransom is my favorite purple liner, with Lust a close second.
Electric and Flipside are my other favorites.
Yeyo and Zero are awesome everyday staples. I use these on my waterline and they stick around all day on me, which I love.

I really want to be able to buy Binge in full size!

I have Yeyo, Zero, Ransom, Lust, Graffiti, Covet, Flipside, Electric, and Lucky.

Jill Avatar

That’s a pretty good deal! I bought the 24/7 eye pencil set a couple years ago and it only came with 5 (electric,lust,covet,lucky and zero) but they might have been just a little bit bigger.

cmferrets Avatar

i love these sets that UD always come out with. i got them all , even the ones from last year. i have almost all of them , ecept maybe 4-5 colors. its a great way to complete the whole eyeliner line without having to buy one at full price. i have to say though… i was a little dissapointed with the super stash one. even though they did have wonderful colors and a darn good price., i do agree though. i think they made them too small. they do feel stumpy in your hand. id rather them just cut the sets in half and have the med sized version , ya know?

Beck Avatar

I’m miffed that I can’t get Corrupt as a single. I wouldn’t spring for the set – I work in a pretty conservative field and would never get the use out of most of the colors to justify owning them – but I’m a sucker for anything dark brown and shimmery.

Christy Avatar

Heheh, yes I am often finding myself wanting to ‘complete’ a line if I’m almost there. I did that with Color Craft. I was thinking, yea I might as well get those 2 extra mineralized blushes since I bought the other 4. 😉

I don’t have any 24/7 liners yet. I know, how is that possible??? I’m patiently awaiting for my Sephora to get these in, but I may end up ordering it online.

Rachel Avatar

I think I might actually get the hi-fi set… I think that glitter liner would look great over the 24/7 colors it comes with! + I love the Mildew eyeshadow so I bet the liner is amazing too!
Right now I have full sized Zero, Bourbon, Lust, Covet, & Deviant

carriespooner Avatar

I couldn’t love these pencils more than if they were blessed by the Pope himself. 24/7’s are the ones I reach for daily over my MAC pencils.

The must have color for green eyes is RockStar. It makes my eyes pop.

This set is going in my travel bag. Total Holy Grail!

Celeste Avatar

when you do the math you get 4 and 1/2 pencils for $36 from the super stash and normally you get 2 for $34. this is a great bargain because you get more colors too. who finishes off green liner in under a year anyway? the super stash is a great deal. i am definitely buying.

Gracie Avatar

Before buying the set, I only had Electric from my Sephora Splashstash set, and being a conservative in the world of make-up, I didn’t know how to use Electric on a more regular basis, so I never used it!

I’m grateful that they put these minis in a set so I can find the colors I like, but I don’t know how to use Eldorado and Graffiti. Christine (or anyone), any ideas? (Keep in mind, I’m a conservative, but I’m willing to try a funkier look; oddly enough, my favs are Rockstar and Binge – these colors give a pop to my dark brown eyes.) Thanks in advance! ;D

Nott Avatar

Thanks a lot for the review Christina. There is one thing more that I like with those products: they have the same name than the eyeshadows that have the same colors. So it is really convenient and you cannot get lost. I love UD, but those products are only available in some Sephora in France.

Christina Avatar

I know this post is a few months old, but I am so grateful to you for having put up a comprehensive swatch list of these liners. Honestly. I’ve been trying to decide which ones to get during UD’s F&F sale, and you have made my life SO. MUCH. EASIER. I hope you get paid for this. I may not be able to do that, but I would love to send you an e-hug.

Tiffany Avatar

Thanks for the swatches! They look beautiful! Which ones are your favs? And do you prefer flipside or graffiti? I can’t decide! Lol

Beck Avatar

These are the best.I have loved them since they came out, the only one I never liked that I purchased was Lust.I just swatched El Dorado and Binge and Ulta the other day, so beautiful! I missed the mini sets, so it is great for those that missed it you can purchase the full sizes.

Lucy Avatar

I live in the UK and bought the eyeliner in zero today…its amazing! I’d heard nothing but good reviews about it so I decided to splash out and buy it for £11. Glad I did though, I love it. Does it need a special sharpener- I have an ordinary eye pencil sharpener, is that ok?

Zara Avatar

Christine, I have deep brown eyes and dark hair and I really want to try a metallic darkish burgundy liner. i have sorcery from mac which i like but i want something quicker like a pencil. where do you think i can get one?? do you think I should get it at all?

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