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Oh, I def think Im going to have to try out the Latisse! LOL I like the length of my lashes and they do curl on their own…but they are blonde and I want dark, inky colored lashes:)
I dont really experiment with a lot of skin care items…I keep my routine basic and ignore all the false promises of reversing aging. Thats why we have plastic surgeons:)

I wont try any (more) mineral foundations. They are all just dry and powdery on me, and Im tired of getting disappointed. I do fine with liquid anyway. 🙂

Yeah Im a bit scared of the side effects from lash growth products too 🙁

Thats really the only thing I wont try, but I dont bother with things like lip plumpers, anti-ageing creams and such because I dont need them

I have no interest in Botox, Juvederm, or other anti-aging injections or procedures. We all age, whether we like it or not, and I think the challenge is to do it gracefully – which to me means with dignity, a humble spirit, and strength of character.

Appearances count, and makeup is incredibly fun!, but I think cosmetics should be used to enhance who we are, not to create a plastic layer of toxins and chemicals that hide our true humanity. It makes me wonder whats being hidden inside, as well. We are all beautiful and unique, and should be celebrated for being who we are – not for covering it up!

False lashes and pigments really intimidate me, but I would love to try them and often think about it so its kind of weird. LOL

I agree. Anything that can affect my eyes scares me too. Ill stick with mascara, and fake lashes, although I havent ventured into that yet. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to try them out.

i dont think theres anything i wont try… usually what stops me is cost!
(ive been using latisse since may, and i love it!)

I agree, Ill try most things once but Latisse or any derivative of, no thank you. Also, Im pretty much convinced that most nail polish rapid dry products dont do the same thing as just letting those babies dry on their own.

Does the OPI Drip Dry dull your polish at all? I have found that the drying sprays can dull the shine of my freshly painted nails!

Nope, not that I’ve noticed. I tend to favour fairly bright colours and metallics and they still pop! The formula uses dimethylsiloxane so I think it just speeds up the evaporation of the solvent in the nail polish. It can leave kind of an slick (but not oily) film but that washes off easily.
You only need one drop per nail (though I keep mine short) but you do need to tilt you hand so it spreads evenly across the nail.
It’s expensive but I love it!

well its muh easier to define what i will use – hair removing methods, hair products, skin care cosmetics and makeup for your face.

i tend to go natural so i never bother with other stuff, its too time consuming =]

Lip plumpers. Dont really need them, doubt they work that well, and it creeps me out to think the point of the product is to **irritate** your lips into swelling up. Beauty shouldnt burn!

Latisse… any chemical like that close to your eye is probably bad.

I also will never try that eye(?) cream that is made from baby foreskin. umm ew!

laser hair removal (too many horror stories, electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal)
abrasive scrub type things like the clairsonic
false eyelashes because I have long eyelashes and I don’t think I would be good at putting them on
mineral makeup (too gimmicky, all makeup has “minerals” so why does being only minerals make it better suddenly?)
I used to tint my eyelashes, but I won’t anymore, the risks are too severe, even though it looks great.
hair extension pieces, sometimes I can see them on people, and I wouldn’t want it to be noticeable or fall out or something

I just can’t be bothered with hair removal/bleach products, anti-cellulite creams, lip plumpers and eyelash curlers.

Self tanners. I spent the whole summer outside and barely got darker.. to just show up to work looking like an oompa loompa one day doesn’t appeal to me.

I TOTALLY agree with you. That latisse stuff is scary! I won’t try anything you have to get a prescription for! Another thing that keeps me from trying a product is PRICE!

Permanent makeup !!! I will never NEVER try that, removing all joy for makeup,
On another note things that cost a lot I will usually stay away from like I really want to tried Tanda, (if a dermotalogist say to me this machine will cleared out skin and will removed all my acne scare 100% I will buy this machine) but it is just to expensive and microebrasion!

I’ve received samples of everything. What I won’t buy is lip plumpers, mineral makeup, natural & organic skincare, foundation, creme blush, SPF moisturizers & lip balm. I’ve got really sensitive skin that breaks out & gets clogged or irritated easily. My skin is much more radiant & clear when I use less.

Yup, I don’t mess around with my eyes. Latisse sounds like too much of a vain product for me. What if I’m the one person who has the side effects? I have had allergic reactions to meds before and that just doesn’t seem worth it.

i will never try Clinique skincare, because it’s filled with stuff thats not good for your skin! other that that i’m not that into lash growth stuff either 🙂

Highlighters! I have a natural highlighter called shiny skin. Plus, no need to add another potentially clog-inducing product to my face!

I will try most at least once, but I think I won’t try any lip plumpers anymore. I tried one by Fusion because it was 50%. It didn’t work on my or at least I don’t notice any difference because my lips are so full and big already. I would love to try Lilash or Latisse because my lashes are so short, fine and puny. Anything medical can have side effects, you just need to decide for yourself if it is worth the risk and not everybody experiences the same side effects or any side effects at all. Even cosmetics can have side effects, such as allergic reactions, breakouts, dryness and etc.

I’d never try the false eyelashes, because I’d be too afraid of the glue getting in my eye or messing it up. However, I would try Latisse. My lashes are pretty long, but they’re also really sparse. I’d like to thicken them up instead. I don’t have to worry about the eye pigmentation because mine are already a dark brown. =)

Anything that uses needles (Botox, injectable lip filler) is not coming near my face.
I like exfoliators (though a facial brush and some pH balanced foaming liquid cleanser does just a good a job as fancy stuff) but the idea microdermabrasion and chemical peels freak me out.
Waxing (anywhere) is also on my no go list. If ya gonna rip hair out by the roots, I’m using an epilator so I can stop when I need to!

Anything to chemical-y peeling. My skin is too prone to redness and broken capillaries 🙁

Also no mineral makeup. It is a hassle and looks like grey eyeshadow on me.

The only reason I won’t try Latisse is because I don’t want my light gold eyes turning dark brown.

I’ll try most things too. I think the only stuff I won’t do are heavy chemical peels, botox, fillers, and tinting eyebrows or lashes. I’ve had allergic reactions to so many different things though, so I like to try samples first before getting the full size.

I thought about the lash growing products, but my lashes are relatively long for an Asian. So I’ll just stick to the new Zoomlash and a heated eyelash curler and call it a day. =)

Things that vibrate or heat next to my eyes! And the lash growing products, too, because they are scary.

I also won’t try ridiculously priced products because I don’t understand ever paying $100+ for one cosmetics product or skin care item.

Any kind of bronzers, I like my pale skin and think bronzers tend to make skin look dirty.
I would try Latisse if it were cheaper, my lashes aren’t bad but there is other makeup I can buy for what it costs.

I won’t try drugstore/discount store foundations or powders. I can never get the correct shade. I like to try before I buy!

Dying your eyelashes! (Why would you want something so corrosive near your precious peepers?) Eyeliner/Eyebrow tattoos too. Kind of freaky.

I don’t really care to invest in skincare. I’m 15, y’know? Makeup is an art for me, not a necessity. I wash my face every day, I don’t need a face cream made with platinum. xD
Basically, if something isn’t color makeup or if it costs more than thirty bucks (God, I wish I could get a job :/), I won’t even consider it.

Lip Plumpers. Although I don’t need it, it scares the hell out of me to have a burning sensation on my lips. Besides, I have the feeling that I would look like a Angelina Jolie going through an episode of lips attacking bees!

lip plumper, mineral makeup + self tanner.

Lip plumper, seriously it’s so scary and…..sometimes over plumped lips are not beautiful at all!!! see Lindsay Lohan, she grew 10 years overnight after lip plumper surgery!

Mineral makeup, no side effect products are too good to be true…not to mention my neutral skin is happy with liquid already.


Brown lipstick. Shiitake mushrooms brown.
Self-tanners, as well. I like my fair skin, and a very light dusting of Cargo Bronzer in Medium or Benefit One Hot Minute along with my blush can usually leave me looking sunkissed. Plus, self-tanners freak me out. Seems like it would be easy to use too much and overstep the line between golden glow and day-glo.

Self-tanners, the tan in a can variety. I’m perfectly fine with a very light dusting of bronzer underneath my blush. That’s kind of hard to mess up [especially because I tend to be light-handed with cheek colors], whereas with self-tanners, it seems much too easy to overstep the line between golden glow and day-glo.

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