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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Your skin tone/coloring: above with freckles, green/gray/blue eyes, warm brown hair.

Go-to hairstyle? I do different things depending on the day…. I wash my hair once a week, so when it’s cleaner I have it down and as it gets more and more ready for a wash, it goes in various up-styles.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? Anything having to do with showering is a chore for me, lol. But it does feel good to really scrub my head at the end of the week.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yes! A few years ago, I got oil slick highlights. It was the most favorite thing I’ve ever done with my hair. After that I did magenta balayage, though I didn’t like that quite as much once it started washing out; I don’t look good as a blond, lol.

No, Iā€™m not stalking you..

But same: wash once a week and progress from hair down to hair up in various ways. The wilder my hair gets, the crazier I seemingly get with my hair clips. My hair is almost down to my shoulders, but with layers in it and so the dirtier it gets, the more dry shampoo I apply, the better it works for up-styles. Gross, but my hairdresser believes my strategy keeps me able to bleach the crap outta my hair every 3 to 4 months and I have a super healthy scalp.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light, pink undertones.

Go-to hairstyle? I change it all the time. I had a pixie for years until the pandemic. Now I finally got past the awful grow-out into a bob. I will probably end up with a shag once it’s a little longer.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? Mostly a chore since I have all sorts of issues (thinning, graying).

Have you ever colored your hair? My naturally brown hair has been black, red, purple… I was using Overtone (brown) for a few years to cover the grays more naturally, and then I let it grow out from the pixie and stopped coloring it. (Semipermanent IS permanent if you are covering grays! The more you know!). So I have the grow-out line and decided to go pink. Now I have pink roots and brown ends. If I could afford it, I would completely do something like Christine’s hair, which is gorgeous!

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name (blue-green eyes, dark hair)

Go-to hairstyle? During these painfully hot, miserable AZ summers, I usually wear it up in a high ponytail or bun. During winter, mostly down in a smooth blowout or with the sides clipped back.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? A pain in the butt!

Have you ever colored your hair? Oh yeah! Most of my life since I was was 16 years old, I’ve had some type of hair color in it. And all sorts of colors, too. I’ve been pale platinum blonde (looked awful), various tones of red from darker strawberry blonde through very deep black raspberry bordering purple, blackened purple, pitch black, blonde highlights on my dark brown hair back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Right now, my hair is in desperate need of my doing a root touch-up and pull through, but I have a strange rash or something on one side of my lower back hairline on one side, so I’m just treating it and impatiently waiting for it to be gone so that I can do my mousey brown hair Ion Radiant Raspberry 3RV!

Your skin tone/coloring: Pale, with peachy undertones.

Go-to hairstyle? A messy bun. Every day. All day. Sometimes I mix it up and do two poofy pigtail buns, but mostly it’s just one bun.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? A chore. I have very fine, very thin hair that doesn’t know whether it wants to be wavy, curly, or straight. And haircare is, to me, an intimidating beast, so as long as I keep it clean and in a bun, I’m mostly happy. I always wish I could have learned how to style my hair. Ah well.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yeah, mostly pink. I once did blue, and I decided never again because while I got many compliments on the pink, the blue was…well, no one had anything to say about it, so lesson learned. But now that’s all out of my system so…hello, natural blonde. I’ll be rocking that until it goes white.

Your skin tone/coloring: below my name

Go-to hairstyle? My hair is short now so my styling choices consist of wearing my bangs straight down or sweeping them to the side. It all depends on how recently I washed my hair and/or had a haircut.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? It is a chore. Not nearly as bad as it was in my distant youth sleeping on rollers or when it was so oily that it needed to be washed and blown dry and set on rollers Every.Single.Day but still a chore.

Have you ever colored your hair? I have been coloring it for decades. First single process to cover gray and brighten my natural color a bit and after I stopped working, magenta highlights.

Your skin tone/coloring: Pale olive skin, hazel eyes, medium neutral brown hair.

Go-to hairstyle? I actually just got a big chop! My hair was longish, and I chopped it to an extremely short shaggy bob/pixie hybrid. I used to wear it up in a clip every day, but now obviously I have to wear it down. I air dry it for my natural texture, then when it’s almost dry I add a texturizing paste or gel and kind of push it into position.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? Kind of in between? I don’t really love doing my hair, but I do feel really good when it turns out well. I like having a cool hairstyle, but only if it’s low maintenance/easy to style.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yes! When I was 15, I colored it red, then I tried black when I was 17, back to red or auburn for about 6 years, then right before the pandemic started my stylist spent 8 hours taking me to a believable blonde! That grew out, I got some highlights, then finally a few weeks ago we chopped off all the bleached hair and now it’s completely natural. I love having colored hair, but I love not having to worry about roots! Someday I’d love to do something crazy like pink or peach, but I work in a relatively conservative industry, so for now I’m content with brown.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair skin, dark hair & eyes

Go-to hairstyle? Since the pandemic started, watered down variations of Elrond’s hair from the LOTR movies. (He’s cute haha.) Tying the sides back in braids is a good compromise between having my hair down and not having it fly everywhere. Before, it was always Jasmine braids. I’m too influenced by media characters!

Is haircare a chore or a joy? It’s fun to experiment with hairstyles sometimes, but it is hopeless trying to find good and affordable haircare products.

Have you ever colored your hair? I’ve tried lemon juice a few summers, which brings out grapefruit pink highlights in my hair.

Your skin tone/coloring: pale, cool
Go-to hairstyle? an undercut bob
Is haircare a chore or a joy? both! My hair is naturally very coarse and wavy but the style I like is smooth and sleek so even if I let it dry naturally, flat ironing is NOT an option (though the undercut at the back makes it easier to tackle). I love leave in conditioners and smoothing/glossing products and rely on them a fair bit.
Have you ever colored your hair? Oh yeah. I’m in the process of letting my grey grow in now and it IS a process (my stylist and I have been working on it for about 2 years and I often get compliments so the process clearly doesn’t look horrendous). A few more haircuts and I should be almost entirely grey and then I’ll have her continue with the purple streaks she puts in that I really enjoy.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair-to-light with a slight pink undertone and hair that is dark brown mixed with a teensy bit of gray (unusual for my age, but I luckily inherited my dad’s hair…he didn’t start turning gray until his 60’s and wasn’t fully gray until his late 80’s)

Go to hairstyle? I had long hair in high school and the first few years of college, but i went with shorter hair to look more professional in my business career. My go-to hairstyle for decades was a just-above-the-shoulder bob with bangs, but it grew during the pandemic to be quite long and the bangs disappeared. My husband LOVES the long hair, and (now that he has seen me for the first time in HIS life without bangs) he has requested that I keep the long hair and not return to bangs, I had 2 inches chopped off last month, and it is still sufficiently long that I can put it up on hot days. I had forgotten how much flexibility long hair provides!

Is haircare a chore or a joy? It was a joy until my scalp (and face and skin in general) became sensitive to sulfates and a long list of other skincare/haircare ingredients. I have found what ingredients I need to avoid now to keep my skin happy, but it takes the joy out of experimenting with new products.

Have you ever colored your hair? My hair-stylist-good-friend asked if he could color my hair 30 years ago, and I said no, but he eventually convinced me to let him put low-lights of mahogany in it. It looked nice, but I didn’t have the patience to maintain it.

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

Go-to hairstyle? Pretty much a bob, right side parting with the length about to my ears – straight all around and a little fringe to the side.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? A bit of both. I am fairly useless when it comes to doing my hair – my twin sister has got the skill, but me – nada. But I like to look groomed, so I make sure my hair is cut well and is easy to maintain. I also make sure I buy good quality shampoos (volume and hydrating) and conditioners.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yes, I colour my hair faithfully every single month to my original red/blond/brown shade that I inherited from my Scottish grandmother. At the moment, due to lockdown, I haven’t been able to get my hair done and it is awful.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with warm yellow undertone, dark brown hair and eyes.

Go-to hairstyle? I basically wear two hairstyle each day: half up-do (clipped with a small clip), and once I do chores or I workout or be active otherwise it’s a ponytail.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? I don’t spend that much time with my haircare, so it’s not a chore; but not something I enjoy. It’s just another task; I actually like skincare and bodycare way more.

Have you ever colored your hair? Never permanent, I tried some colored depositing shampoos in high school, early college.

Skin tone/coloring: Quite fair, NW10 in winter NW13 summer. Naturally black straight hair.
Go to hairstyle: Side parted, long, long, as in waist length, straight. In summer I will clip it up with a claw clip or hairpins.
Hair care is a chore. I used to curl it, but 15 minutes later it’s straight. Now straight hair is in and I don’t need to flat iron mine straight.
Color…oh yes. Currently, I have teal and blue stripes. Apparently, the stylist is colour blind because it was supposed to be oilslick balayage. I even provided multiple pictures. Won’t return there, but will try to achieve the look again.

Your skin tone/coloring: Pale-yellow, blue eyes, rose gold-ish hair

Go-to hairstyle? I currently have something very close to my dream hairstyle–asymmetrical bob that I can wear wavy to emulate Michelle Pfeiffer’s hair in Batman Returns.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? A little bit of both, to be honest.

Have you ever colored your hair? Absolutely. I have been dying my own hair since I was about 13, so nearly a quarter of a century at this point. I have done just about everything you can imagine to it in terms of bleaching and dying. Thankfully my hair is fairly resilient. Props to the people who can and will pay big bucks to get someone else to do it for them, but I hate being touched and am also very cheap!

Your skin tone/coloring: pale olive, hazel eyes
Go-to hairstyle? Space buns! Revisiting the 90s as my usual Anna Wintour-esque bob has grown out due to the Pandemic.
Is haircare a chore or a joy? Hair care is a treat, hair styling not so much.
Have you ever colored your hair? I have been dedicated to bleaching & toning my naturally brunette self to a solid platinum blonde for 20 years.The Pandemic ended that & I now have 6 inches of deep brown growth, think I will get some platinum foils run through it as I am not thrilled with getting the 6 inches of blonde ends cut off just yet.

Your skin tone/coloring: NC20-25 with curly short dark brown hair.

Go-to hairstyle? I leave it alone (minimal brushing) and it does its own thing – then it is at its best!

Is haircare a chore or a joy? A chore, since it is very fine and prone to falling unfortunately I cannot get creative with it. I’d rather play with makeup instead! I do not even blowdry it on a regular basis, except for when the colder months roll around.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yes, not in crazy colors but I have done some stuff with it – with hazelnut colored being my favorite. Nowadays I have it mostly natural with a lighter balayage, which I maintain frequently at the hairdressers since I am becoming grayer as time goes by.

Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain with slight cool yellow undertones and t-zone redness.

Go-to hairstyle? I’m a big fan of being completely bald, but for the last few years I’ve stuck with an asymmetrical bob with an undercut.

Is haircare a chore or a joy? I don’t do a lot – just shampoo and conditioner twice a week, finger combing daily, and a little dry shampoo after I work out. I don’t find it to be a chore or a joy, I consider it neutral.

Have you ever colored your hair? Yep! I’ve been coloring it off and on for 25 years. It’s purple right now (Manic Panic violet night).

Under my name; magenta/red hair; hazel/green eyes.

GO-TO HAIRSTYLE? I have two. Either parted on the right side to show my undercut, or a ponytail.


Lots of times — I just went back to my vivid magenta-red that looks almost neon pink in the light. I have been various shades of red, (recently) cherry cola with a violet tint, dark auburn, and dark plummy auburn. As an 80s teen, I spotted the ubiquitous blond bang highlights for a little bit. (For reference, I naturally have medium-dark brown hair with red undertones.)

Missed the Wednesday commenting, but here go’s…

Your skin tone/coloring: Yellow-neutral, Mac NC 42ish, Clinique CN 52 neutral, light-medium brown eyes, colored Chocolate reddish brown hair)
Go-to hairstyle? A Tina Turner (think her comeback album “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, Whitney Houston flashback type cut, curly shag)
Is haircare a chore or a joy? It’s so much easier now that after menopause it became kinkier. I just let it do what it wants. Ha!
Have you ever colored your hair? Of course! But nothing as multicolored as you have Christine. Looks great, but at my current age and country location, I wouldn’t dare go that route. And with my hair style, I would look like Bozo the Clown.

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