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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Your skin tone/coloring: Light and cool
Must-have hair tool? Flexi-rods are my jam.
Must-have skin/skincare tool? None, unless cotton pads count as a tool
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Tweezers and an eye lashcurler

Skin tone: cool olive, about MAC 25 depth

Must have hair tool: Diffuser for my fine, curly hair – the only thing that gives it volume without wrecking curl definition

Must have skincare tool: DHC Silky Cotton Pads

Must have makeup tool: My fingers! I really don’t use anything other than brushes and fingers.

Must have hair tool: I am a curly girl so my fingers are my must have tool. I air dry and generally don’t have any use for combs or brushes, although I will occasionally use a pick to help with shaping my hair when it’s dry.

Must- have skincare tool: Clarisonic.

Must have beauty tool: I love my Beautyblender but I also use the tiny beautyblender sponges to help build up eyeshadows when I want to intensify the color. The small sponges work especially well with cream shadows, such as Colourpop cream shadows.

Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral Olive light
Must-have hair tool? Elchim 3900 light ionic dryer
Must-have skin/skincare tool? linens for cleansing and Shiseido cotton pads ( I have no skincare ‘appliances’)
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? my lighted magnifying makeup mirror or super pointy tweezerman tweezers.

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair, warm/olive undertones (NC10). Hazel eyes, dark auburn hair (colored).

Must-have hair tool? I only have a hair dryer and a curling iron. I use the curling iron most often – it’s the Harry Josh marcel iron! I really like it. I thought the marcel style would be hard to use but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I love the control I get.

Must-have skin/skincare tool? The Clarisonic. I use the most sensitive brush head they make, once a day at night with my cleanser. If I don’t use it for more than a day or two, I can just feel all the dead skin all over my cheeks. I realize it’s not for everyone, though.

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Does a sponge count? I use the BeautyBender or the Real Techniques orange sponge. I think I like the BB a hair more but I recently threw mine away and decided to stick with the RT one, since it’s more than sufficient and a fraction of the cost. I can’t imagine applying liquids without one of the two.

Your skintone/ coloring: Medium w/ olive undertones MAC NC37 or Tarte Lt.-Med. Honey, deep brunette, blue-green eyes w/ gold flecks (I need a ring light for my phone camera to catch those flecks during winter!)

Must-have tool for hair: My old beat up Conair blow-dryer and very large round mixed boar bristle and synthetic brush to blow my hair out straight. It is naturally a more frizzy curly texture, so it takes work!

Must-have skin/skincare tool: Tweezers! And a disposable lady razor!

Must-have makeup tool: My Sephora eyelash curler. My lashes are pretty straight and short, so this gives my eyes a wide open and lash-y look that they never have on their own. I do want to find a better eyelash curler that has greater tension, though.

Skin tone: Fair neutral
Hair tool: The Beachwaver! I’m obsessed.
Skincare tool: Clarisonic facial brush–I need deep pore cleansing.
Makeup tool: Eyelash curler. When my lashes are straight it barely looks like I have any. Other than brushes I don’t use any other tools…I’m the lazy person who blends with her fingers 🙂

Your skin tone/coloring: fair with neutral undertones.
Must-have hair tool? Curling iron!
Must-have skin/skincare tool? I don’t really have any skincare tools per se, just a lot of different skincare products.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Definitely a beauty sponge!

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium Neutral/Warm
Must-have hair tool? A good hair dryer, paddle brush, and big metal round brush. I can’t live without all 3.
Must-have skin/skincare tool? My Clarisonic Mia 2 is really the only skincare “tool” I use that I can think of. I do use it daily and I really like it.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Fingers 🙂

Your skin tone/coloring: light and warm
Must-have hair tool? Wide tooth comb to detangle my wavy hair
Must-have skin/skincare tool? None. I bought a Clarisonic about 6 months ago and I don’t see much difference. I don’t have any other tool.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Makeup sponges. I have the Real Techniques one and quite like it, but I can’t say it’s better than other brands.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow tones

Must-have hair tool? Tangle Teezer

Must-have skin/skincare tool? My facial exfoliating pad – looks like a pot scrubber 🙂

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Eyelash curler, Tweezerman is my fave.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium with Strong yellow/warm undertones. In between MAC NC20 and NC25 with my pale winter skin!

Must-have hair tool?: My flat iron! I don’t use heat on my hair very often, Around twice a month I’d say. And when I DO use heat, it’s always my flat iron! It was $300, but i’v had it for 7 years and it’s still heating up and working very well!!

Must-have skin/skincare tool? I don’t use any “tools” for skin care, like a face washing brush etc. But I love to use soft fluffy face cloths for cleansing water in the morning, etc. It’s soft and gentle on my skin!

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)?: My Hands!! I love applying makeup with my freshly washed hands!! I feel I can really melt the base stuff into my skin that way!!!

Skintone/hair color : Light, NC 20 medium brown hair and eyes

Must have hair tool: Wide tooth comb. Detangling thick wavy hair is the story of my life 🙂

Must have skincare tool: clean towels

Must have makeup tools: the only thing I can think of is an eyelash curler. I don’t use it daily but like the results when I do. Oh and a metal tool eyelash comb but is that a makeup brush?

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair/cool
Must-have hair tool? Hairdryer and medium round brush. They’re a duo for me; can’t have one without the other!
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Clarisonic. I started with the Shiseido face brush as a teen and have always been a fan of brush cleansing.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Fingers!

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Must-have hair tool? flat iron – absolutely first on the list are my flat irons, and a weirdly hinged flat ironing comb (saves me a lot of burned fingers)
Must-have skin/skincare tool? does a Buf Puf or konjac sponge count?
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? hmmm – I am sure I’ll be getting more ideas when I read others’ answers but all I can think of now is an eyelash comb (I have an almost dangerous one from Tweezerman which I don’t think they make any more and I could kick myself for not getting 1 or 2 more when I saw them on the clearance table at SDM)

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15 w/some redness

Must-have hair tool? I don’t really do my hair so just brush & comb?

Must-have skin/skincare tool? Don’t really have one. Flannel cloths?

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Just my Beauty Blender

Lt-med coolish. Hair: nothing really. Blow it dry and use fingers. If I had to style it, there’d be a long learning curve. Skincare: Clarisonic, but it gets far less use than the konjac sponge. I went to use the C yesterday, and it needed charging. Konjac seems as if it isn’t much exfoliation, but it actually does the trick. Makeup tool? Actually use the Swoon tool (little semi-tubular spatula)pretty often. It helps gauge how much add-in to put in foundation/TM/bb. It also can keep your fingers out of stuff, so you can forget about application spatulas with jar products. Don’t much like jar products, though.

Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with warm undertones, NC 23ish

Must-have hair tool? Diffuser

Must-have skin/skincare tool? Clarisonic

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Eyelash curler

Skin tone: porcelain with pink undertones
Hair tool: My Mason and Pearson brush….
Skincare tool: – I don’t really use any skincare tools.
Makeup tools – Only brushes and fingers.

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair with neutral undertones; magenta/red hair; hazel/green eyes.

Must-have hair tool? A good brush (I don’t do much with my hair)

Must-have skin/skincare tool? don’t have a must-have

Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Skin tone: Mediun, yellow-based, a little olive

Hair tool: Dyson hair blower. So good, I can finally tolerate drying/styling my hair.

Skincare tool: Foreo Luna. After 15 yrs. of Clarisonic, got the Luna (full size) 4 yrs. ago and never looked back. Lightweight, ergonomic, no brush heads to replace and a tiny bit gentler. Use it once daily. Foreo site has 20% off a few times a yr.

Makeup “tool”: My made in Imabari, Japan wash cloths from needsupply.com. Thin, super soft, but sturdy cotton that hugs ever nook and cranny of the face. $19 each, but worth every penny. The site has 20% off about six times a yr.

Skin tone: Fair with neutral undertones
Must-have hair tool: I can’t decide! I would be hopeless without my InStyler when I straighten my hair, a curling iron, or my diffuser!
Must-have skin/skincare tool: My Clarisonic
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes): Lash curler, most definitely. My lashes stick straight out.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, warm undertones
Must-have hair tool? Beachwaver curling iron
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Clarisonic
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Beautyblender or the Almay makeup remover sticks!

Must-have hair tool? Dryer, round brush
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Cotton rounds and q-tips
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Mirror, sponge

Coloring medium neutral dark hair/eyes.

Chi flat iron when I actually style my hair.

Clairisonic not a must have but I use it daily.

Shu Emera(sp?) eyelash curler and good tweezers

Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC20
Must-have hair tool? Oval-round hairbrush (my hair likes it for some reason)
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Pore extractor
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? A small spatula, mixing dish, and a dull de-potting pocket knife.

Skin tone/colouring: fair and very cool
Must-have hair tool: Babyliss Beliss rotating air brush
Must-have skin/skincare tool: Braun Face with its various brushes and epilation head.
Must-have makeup tool: new generation foundation sponges

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair / Cool
Must-have hair tool? Paddle brush
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Muslin cloth to remove my face masks
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Tissues!

Skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral undertones
Must-Have Hair Tool: Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer
Must-Have Skin/Skincare tool: Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System
Must-Have Makeup Tool: E.LF. Eyelash curler

Skin tone/coloring: Medium warm
Hair Tool: Straightener for the front piece
Skin Tool: Tweezer
Makeup Tool: Nothing outside of brushes

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, I am still trying to figure out if I have cool or warm undertones! lol
Must-have hair tool: Small flat iron (I can use it to make curls as well!)
Must-have skin/skincare tool: Good quality cotton pads!
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes): Shiseido eyelash curler is a must have!

Your skin tone/coloring: Olive, turning tan.
Must-have hair tool? Caruso steam roller hair setter (multi-functional)
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Caruso steam roller hair setter, as a facial steamer.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? lighted/magnifying makeup mirror.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Medium olive NC30-35 Asian skin
Must-have hair tool? My boar bristle brushes. Makes my hair shiny
Must-have skin/skincare tool? My Foreo…so much better than my Clarisonic.
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? I love my Shiseido eyelash curler. The best shape for my eyes.

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15
Must-have hair tool? The Invisibobble!
Must-have skin/skincare tool? Muslin cloth
Must-have makeup tool (other than brushes)? Eyelash curler

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