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Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with yellow undertones, dark brown eyes, black hair

Describe your collection: on a scale of makeup bag to Temptalia HQ, probably a 3? Lol!

Describe how you store it? I have the IKEA desk thing with a shorter Alex drawer as the “leg” on one side. All of it fits in about 2 drawers: everyday face/cheek powders & brushes in a shorter drawer and most eye & lip products & foundations in a deeper drawer.

Describe how you keep track of it? I update an Excel spreadsheet whenever I’m bored lol… but it’s pretty manageable to I can eyeball what I have.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/ neutral, black hair, blue eyes
Describe your collection? Massive… years of collecting and I rarely throw anything out
Describe how you store it? Poorly… Basically an assemblage of boxes based on the type of product, but no real order and, in many cases, it’s hard to find anything. I’m planning on redoing this as soon as I can
Describe how you keep track of it? I have a pretty good memory for where everything is stored and what I have, and I have a book of swatches for my lipsticks, so I can be sure of intensity and undertones

Your skin tone/coloring: light and warm

Describe your collection? I suppose we’re talking about makeup and not shoes or handbags, lol (I don’t have many of these actually, makeup takes all the space…).
My collection consists of about 80% high-end brands vs 20% drugstore, except for lipsticks where it’s more 50-50. Lipstick and gloss is the category where I have the most products, then palettes and eyeshadows, then blush/cheek products and finally base products. I also have a ton of nail lacquers which is absurd because I do my nails maybe 5 times a year…

Describe how you store it?
In Ikea furniture! One raw wood dresser that’s been waiting to be painted for 4 years… and a metallic tower of drawers that’s made for office use but works great for makeup. I can’t remember the name of that piece but it’s popular among makeup hoarders.

Describe how you keep track of it?
I don’t. I totally forget things that I own if they happen to be at the back of a drawer… I try to dig into my stash seasonally to pick out products I’m likely to enjoy using that season, but that’s about it.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair

Describe your collection? Size is relative, so I’d call my collection modestly large (husband would say way too large :). Lipstick & eye shadow are my hording weakness; I have thirty+ lipsticks, plus a small assortment of glosses and crayon-style lipsticks. I have no idea how much eye shadow I own, but I hazard a guessitmate of 17 palette (of varying sizes), plus singles and duos. My Bobbi single shadows are in 6 pan palettes and I’ve put together a few Laura Mercier 3 pan palettes too. I have twelve blushes, only because I like to switch between creams and powder. ONE bronzer, and a couple of highlighters that I rarely use.

Describe how you store it? I have a wood makeup cabinet by Lori Greiner that I got on QVC. I was determined to stick with only what fit inside, but I’ve fallen off that bandwagon. It’s actually a pretty good cabinet, but needs a few tweaks to make it more functional for makeup fanatics. I cut out the dividers that were in the bottom of one side, and got rid of the lipstick organizer b/c I could fit more lippies without it. Glosses go in one drawer, eye liners in another, blush in another, eye shadow palettes are in the bottom part of the cabinet. Unfortunately, my latest palette purchase won’t fit, so that and my bronzer are in the vanity drawer.

Describe how you keep track of it? I keep the various categories together, and try to keep them organized by color (all the browns together, all the nudes together, etc.) for eye shadow I also have it separated by brand. It’s all in there neatly organized, otherwise I couldn’t find anything.

Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain

Describe your collection? I actually recently did a H U G E purge and ended up getting rid of almost 100 items, and I’m being really careful about what I buy (basically on a no-buy for color cosmetics and a low-buy for skin care – I don’t need 5 redundant products!) so maybe I would say “moderate size and curated” haha.

Describe how you store it? It’s all in acrylic organizers, they’re currently stuffed in the linen closet until our old house sells and I get my vanity moved here. The organization method is – separated by product type and then by color.

Describe how you keep track of it? The vanity feature here and by my organization system.

Describe my collection: Ridiculous, lol!

I store my collection in various places. I have a large bookshelf where I have used the 4-drawer desktop paper organizers and acrylic desktop organizers from the Container Store. These are excellent and affordable organizers for make up, and I recommend them to everyone. I bought them for my daughter and now my granddaughter wants a set. You can see how they looked three years ago here https://instagram.com/p/BVnKkAtBIqm/ and here https://instagram.com/p/BVnK2sOh29Z/

My make up collection has grown exponentially since those photos were taken and I have now added a second book shelf in addition to the first, and filled an IKEA Alex 9 drawer!

Oh Tammy! I’ve just seen your photos…… next time my twin sister thinks I have too much makeup I am going to show her your photos!
Good on you – what a great system you have.

Skintone / coloring : light, NC 20, med brown hair and eyes

My collection : It is large but I’m trying downsize it reasonably. I’ve decluttered things but I don’t want to throw it all down the drain. I’m on a no buy for mascara, eyeliner, concealer, primer, lip balms, foundation and powders. As well as shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, hand sanitizers. I want only one or two of each.

Store it : I have two of those multi drawer plastic drawers like you find in craft stores. Each drawer is designated a different item. It has hair items and cosmetics etc. I have a few acrylic organizers on my vanity.

Keep track: Designated drawers help me keep track of what I have. I also have a Snupps account. Found out about it from Kimberly Clark. It helps me keep track of my stash. Kind of obsessed with it. I’m always photographing makeup items to upload to my boards. So dorky I know:)

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair with neutral undertones; magenta/red hair; hazel/green eyes.

Describe your collection? Huge. Heavy on eyeshadow palettes, eye products in general, and lipsticks.

Describe how you store it? Foundations, primers, setting powder, etc. are on my vanity top in clear acrylic organizers. Palettes are stacked on shelves where I can see them (my hubby designed and 3D printed holders for me). Singles are de-potted and put in color-coded Zpalettes. Singles that I can’t de-pot are in a small train case. Eye trios, quads, and other small palettes are in a drawer. Face palettes are in a drawer. Loose powder blushes and highlighters or singles that can’t be de-potted are in a drawer. Loose powder eyeshadows and pigments are sorted by color family in see-through containers. Lipsticks are sorted into acrylic holders. Lipglosses, liquid lipsticks, and brushes are in custom containers my hubby designed and 3D printed for me. Eyeliners and lipliners are sorted by color in cups while I wait for hubby to print me more containers. πŸ™‚

Here are pictures of the shelf dividers and a couple of the containers if anyone is curious:

Describe how you keep track of it? Memory. I have a strangely good memory for my collection. If not, everything is easy to find and check. De-potted items are labeled for easy reference.

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium w/ olive undertones MAC NC37 or LancΓ΄me Teint Idole Foundation 24HR N 360, deep plummy brunette, blue-green eyes w/ gold flecks.

Describe your collection? Ridiculous for someone who isn’t a blogger/ vlogger! Believe me; I really scare myself. 😱

Describe how you store it? Haha! I just ordered an acrylic makeup organizer to sit on my dresser because things are always getting knocked over that have presently taken over half of top of my dresser. The 3-drawer Sterlite container holds maybe half of my stash, with an entire chest drawer housing roughly a quarter, plus quite a few palettes taking over my sock drawer. Besides, who needs socks anyways? LOL!

Describe how you keep track of it? The Temptalia Vanity feature! And having a usually pretty trusty photographic memory helps, too. I really need to make an Excel spreadsheet, though.

Your skin tone/coloring: NC23! Light skin with prominent yellow/warm undertones. Dark hazel eyes, Deep dark warm brown hair!!

Describe your collection?: I would describe my collection as Lipstick overload! πŸ˜›

Describe how you store it?

On my Bed. The headboard is a bookshelf!!!

So I have three cubes of space where in the first cube, I store an acrylic organizer with all of my single eye shadows/cream shadows, eye brow stuff, mascara, liquid liner, etc.

Then the middle cube I keep all of my base stuff! I have three plastic organziers in there. One is for foundation, concealer, correctors, the other is for face and eye primer, and the biggest container stores Blush, Bronzer, Highlight, and Face powder!

Then LAST cube of space, stores a plastic bin with all of my not-in-current-rotation lipsticks, and beside the bin of lipsticks is all of my eye shadow palettes stacked!!!

On TOP of the book shelf, I keep my face brushes in a old glass container, and all of my eye and brow brushes are in a mug that has lipsticks on it!

Beside my brushes, I keep a acrylic raised organizer with all of my current favourite lipsticks and glosses! They’re all bright pinks and reds and oranges right now for summer ahah!!

And then the rest of the top of the book shelf is full of my morning and evening skincare!!!

Describe how you keep track of it?: I go through my collection once a month, and smell every or most cream product. And toss any off ones!! For me, my collection is a lot of lipsticks. So I’v been on a NO BUY for lip anything for the past 4 months!!

I consider my collection pretty normal to small for my personal needs. My best friend and mother, only wear mascara on the daily. So to them my collection is very vain and outrageous. But for me, I use every single thing in my collection, and thats what matters to me!!

Your skin tone/coloring :Light, dark brown hair, coloured black, greenish/greyish eyes

Describe your collection? Big, I think. I’ve not counted but I think somewhere around 150 lipsticks, loads of glosses, but not as many as the lipsticks. I have over 50 eyeshadow palettes. Lots of single eyeshadows, duos, quads and quints. I also have quite a lot of eyeliners but only a few liquid ones. I have way too much of most makeup to be honest. (I also have over 100 nail polishes.)

Describe how you store it? I have my makeup all over the place, it feels like. I don’t really have a good place to keep my makeup. Most are in the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers. Most of the eyeshadow palettes are on one of the shelves in one of my bookcases. A lot is stored in smallish boxes, the ones I get from Glossybox. I try to store by brand and then by colour. I do have one acrylic, rotating lipstic tower thingy that holds 80, or rather 87 lipsticks.

Describe how you keep track of it? I have a fairly good memory, and that’s it. I have very rarely bought an accidental back up.

Good questions. This made me think, after I get the things I’ve ordered it’s time for a very strict low buy, I can only buy really unique products, and that’s it. And I need space to get things more organized. The problem is that ther just isn’t any free spcae to put one of those IKEA things that weem to be popular. I need a bigger flat or that house I keep dreaming about πŸ™‚

Skin tone: Porcelain, NW 5
Describe your collection: Ginourmous! Probably somewhere around 150-175 lipsticks in varying finishes. My single eye shadow collection is the largest although I tend not to buy as many as I use to. I have about 30 palettes. The smallest part of my collection is my face products. I have successfully whittled down my foundations to about 8. My concealers are off the chart. I really need to go through them as most I do not use anymore.
How do I store: I love antiques and found some old printers type boxes that store single shadows, highlighters, compacts and some lipsticks. My liquid lipsticks, brushes, etc. are stored in vintage glass jars, syrup pitchers and bowls. I do have some Sterilite storage for less used products and my skin care. My shadows and lipsticks are stored by color family. I am working on going through my single and duo pan shadows and eliminating those that I do not use and making a list to fill gaps in my collection.

How do I keep track? I have a very good memory for colors, finishes and brands but absolutely no memory of product names. I can remember the “hyped product names”
like Cover Girl Lash Sensation but that is about it. I haven’t found it a problem except when wanting to tell someone or report a specific product name here on Temptalia. If I am looking for a Chanel red lipstick in a specific finish I know exactly what I am looking for and where it is but it could literally be called anything.

Skintone: Fair with neutral undertones

Describe your collection? Manageable to medium. I feel like I have too much sometimes, and other times I feel like I have massive holes in my collection.

Describe how you store it? Like Joyce, I have a vanity where one side’s “legs” are a short Alex drawers. Top drawer: face powders, cheek products, brow products. Next drawer: eyeshadow palettes and singles. Next drawer: skincare. Next drawer: haircare and tools. Bottom drawer: contacts and glasses, nailcare, foundations I’m not currently using, and back-ups. On top of my vanity I have an acrylic organizer. Top of the organizer: foundations in use, setting spray, primers, mascara, lash curler. Next drawer: lip glosses and lipsticks. Next drawer: eyeliners. Next and last drawer: blush palettes and blushes that aren’t currently in rotation. I have three brush tins: 1 for face brushes in use, 1 for face brushes not in use, 1 for eyeshadow brushes.

Describe how you keep track of it? A big Excel spreadsheet broken down by category.

Your skin tone/coloring: warm, fair

Describe your collection? More than I will ever, ever use. Mostly eyeshadows, followed by lipsticks and glosses, eyeliners, blushes, foundations in that order. A bit redundant in colors — more warm neutrals and red corals than anything else, but finish and range variations within each; I’ve been branching out more lately though.

Describe how you store it? Antique glasses hold eyeliners, lipsticks and glosses, brushes. Favorites and daily wears in antique trays on countertop. A bathroom vanity drawer of items for circulating in/out of the trays; and one drawer of items I rarely use but cannot yet let go of and a few backups.

Describe how you keep track of it? I have no system at all.

Your skin tone/coloring: very fair, yellow undertones with pink overtones
Describe your collection? it’s big … and messy. Eyeshadows and lipsticks are both in the triple digits. I’m fairly good at not hoarding stuff like mascara (I just have two open at a time, and chuck them when they expire), and only have a couple dozen eyeliners (probably), but color cosmetics are a weakness.
Describe how you store it? I have two muji drawers in my bathroom, atop which rests one of those acrylic multicompartment organizers — I keep my daily faves in this little tower. I also have several lipstick organizers on my bureau, z palettes of depotted shadows and blushes in desktop letter organizers, and everything else is sorted into drawers by type. I have two helmers for the nail polish.
Describe how you keep track of it? I need to do better at this!

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15 w/some redness

Describe your collection? Some sections I definitely have too much *cough*lipstick*cough* and others I have few enough things I can list them (like bronzers). For things like contour I only have the one (Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium).

Describe how you store it? Alex-5 drawer and two Muji-5 drawers I got during there $10 sale. I put old Glossyboxes (have since stopped getting that subscription) in them and some Container Store acrylic bins along the sides of them, and lipstick risers in my lip drawer.

Describe how you keep track of it? I have a private Pinterest board for everything I purchase, and lists on my phone for more specific items I want to get in different shades.

Skin Tone Coloring: Light Medium (NC20-25 for reference) with neutral-yellow undertones and hint of olive. Green eyes, brown hair.

Collection: I would say my collection is fairly large. I am lipstick junkie, so I’d say I have over 150 lip products (Lipstick, liquid lipsticks, glosses, lip liners, chubby lip pencils etc). I have around 24 eye shadow palettes (trio’s all the way to large palettes) and around 40 single eyes hadows. I have around 40 blushes, 10 highlighters, 10 bronzers. I have a few loose face powders and a few pressed face powders. I love finishing powders so I have a number of those. I have around 15 foundations and 20 concealers.

Storage: I have a large 6 drawer vanity. Currently 4 of the drawers hold makeup.

Keeping Track: I go through my collection all the time. At least once a week. I declutter all the time, in small batches or 1-2 items rather than in big lots. This means that because I am going over my collection all the time, I can remember what I have and keep track of what I have. I want to see everything, and I keep categories together. I feel that is the best way for me to make sure I rotate and use everything. I do have a makeup inventory (excel spreadsheet) but it’s out of date now so I will need to re-do. I have been on a low-buy for two years now. I haven’t been successful in the lip product category but I have been pretty good about not buying too many items in the other categories. I do lots of panning challenges on Instagram so I can use up my makeup. For the past two and a half years I’ve been writing down everything I buy (makeup, skin care, hair care, nail polish) so that I can keep myself accountable. Adding up those $ really puts things into perspective!

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, cool
Describe your collection? Is “out of control” an okay description? I have a LOT of makeup and my collection, while containing everything except false lashes, is heavy on eye shadows, eye palettes and eye products generally
Describe how you store it? Most of what I use regularly is in my bathroom cabinets with overflow in a dresser drawer and in a dresser in my daughter’s room (she’s married and has her own home now), I keep stuff I don’t have room for in my bedroom. In an empty closet in the guest bedroom, I keep all my travel makeup – minis and sample sizes of things that are perfect for taking on trips.
Describe how you keep track of it? To be honest, I don’t. I’ll often spend ages looking for stuff that isn’t in my main storage area and it can be frustrating

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

Describe your collection?
The majority of my make up collection is made up of eye shadow palettes, quints, quads, a few duos and a couple of singles. The colour range is generally hues of green, olives, blue/teals, grey/taupe and neutrals.
I also have quite a few lipsticks in a narrow range of shades: coppers, browns, reds, berry and a few ginger shades
I have a couple of foundations, blushes, one highlighter, setting powder, eye brow penci and mascara.
I don’t use eye liners, false eyelashes, bronzers, contour blushes etc.
For the past year or so, I have been regularly rotating a neutrals and colour quad/quint to ensure that I use them up and it reminds me of how good they are and prevents me from purchasing more of the same.

Describe how you store it?
My eye shadows are grouped according to colour – a makeup bag of mostly greens, another of blues, a bag of mixed shades (my larger palettes) and one of neutrals. I can always find what I am looking for.
I also have one “staple’ bag that contains the essentials: setting powder, mascara, eye brow pencil, blush and perhaps a quad or two that I am using at that particular time.

Describe how you keep track of it?
Not very well – I don’t have spreadsheets or anything like that. I just rely on my memory…..

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with pink undertones
Describe your collection? I actually scaled back my collection quite a bit over the past couple of years. I got so busy, that I just didn’t have time to really enjoy it. I’m just now getting back into it all and I’m loving it!!
Describe how you store it? I have a desk with a one drawer in it, and then I use plastic storage containers for the rest.
Describe how you keep track of it? That’s all memory πŸ™‚ LOL!

Skin tone & colors: light to medium, with med brown hair and eyes.

Describe your collection: maybe 10 eye palettes, 10 singles, 6 blushes. Next are singles – highlighter contour, sunscreen, primer and foundation. About 25 lipsticks.

How do I store it: 3 pretty clear glass containers with ( eye brushes, face brushes and eyeliners). Sterlite 6 drawer with each having it’s own category. Box on table holding palettes. Top of Sterlite I have 3 drawer organizers with product in the order I use them. Primer, foundation, sunscreen and on. Hoping to get new Alex 6 drawer for birthday next month.
How do I keep track: Simple, everything is in plain sight.

Skin tone/coloring: Fair/Cool
Describe your collection? Tiny, after reading all these posts
Describe how you store it? Two large drawers; one for all my makeup and brushes, and another for samples, miscellaneous tools and items purchased during sales that are just hanging out waiting for their time to be opened. All my brushes are organized into 3 brush rolls, 2 large and 1 small. I no longer own any eyeshadow palettes, except for a few I’ve made myself from singles I bought from a couple brands that sell empty palettes.
How do you keep track of it? Eyeballs; I can see everything I own.

It used to be massive and out-of-control. I could never organize it properly and eventually quit trying. Storage was always a huge problem and I absolutely couldn’t keep track of it all. Even though my collection is now very small, it has no holes and would still take me years to go through it all. And, in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t get tired of what I have. It’s still plenty.

Your skin tone/coloring: light to medium with warm undertone, MAC NC 23/Giorgio Armani LSUVF 5.5/Estee Lauder 2N1/Tom Ford Bisque/Shiseido Synchro Skin Golden 3

Describe your collection?
A bit unruly at the moment but I love it. I have the most of eyeshadows, followed by blush, then mascaras, then lipstick and the least represented are lip liners, eyeliners, bronzers and highlighters. I only have 1 brow porduct (Benefit browzings).

Describe how you store it?
I have clear byAlegory organizers for everything (except foundation) and have some of my collection displayed in the back of a tall, wooden wall mirror (it has 4 storage shelves in the back and you can spin it around), some in my dresser drawers, some displayed on my dresser, some in bathroom drawers and one glam tray on my bathroom vanity for my ‘look of the week’. I have 5 nail polish storage racks on my top closet shelf, also.

Describe how you keep track of it?
1. Memory – makeup is such a huge hobby for me and one of the things I really cherish so I’m pretty meticulous about the collecting and curating. Keeping my buying limited to only a few brands also helps.
2. Temptalia Vanity section – I’m so glad I took the time to enter in everything because now when something comes up, I can see right away if I already have a dupe for it. Thank you for this feature, Christine!

Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain

Describe your collection? That is very hard to answer – a lot more than I need. I’ll just say that.

Describe how you store it? On my vanity, in drawers and in a beautiful box I have.

Describe how you keep track of it? I don’t need to – I use my favorites and eventually throw away a lot of products I don’t use (or give them away) once I find new favorites.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/cool NW10

Describe your collection?: Fairly comprehensive. It is coincidentally mostly high-end (or Asian). I will go through 1-2 times a year to clear out my stash and give away things I am not using.

Describe how you store it?: Very organized in Ikea Alex drawers with dividers and storage boxes.
Drawer 1: liquid lipsticks and lip glosses
Drawer 2: lipsticks (MAC ones upside down in order of the shade) and lip liners
Drawer 3: foundations, BBs, CCs, cushions, primers, and setting sprays
Drawer 4: highlighters, blushes, bronzers, contours, and powders
Drawer 5: single eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pigments
Drawer 6: eyeshadow palettes
Drawer 7: samples, unused items, and extra skincare
Drawer 8: nail polish, nail grooming items
Drawer 9: T3 dryer, T3 whirl trio, Chi straightening iron, and heat mat
I also keep a clear bag with my daily currently used items in it and then my MAC brushes in my Brimnes drawers under my bed.
I keep nighttime skincare in my Brimnes nightstand drawer (neatly in an opened Origins box) and my morning skincare in the bathroom in a long shallow container between the sinks.

Describe how you keep track of it?: I can see all of it easily so I know what I have. Due to my hectic lifestyle most of my products are purchased online so if I ever have a question about owning something, I could do a search in my gmail account.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair to light with neutral/yellow undertone

Describe your collection? I can say my collection is pretty normal, I don’t have more than then products of each category besides lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes (I may have 50 lipsticks and about 30 eyeshadow palettes)

Describe how you store it? I store my collection in four small acrylic units and the makeup and eyeshadow palettes stay on a lack shelf from IKEA

Describe how you keep track of it? I know everything I have and I always try to use everything

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/fair with neutral undertones
Describe your collection? My eye shadow palettes and highlighters are mostly all from higher-end brands, everything else is basically drugstore. I also have a lot of samples of higher-end brands (since I subscribe to Sephora Play).
Describe how you store it? I don’t really, it’s a cluttered mess. I keep it in my guest room and it is all in the corner of the room either on my side tables or on the floor (I do my makeup on the floor).
Describe how you keep track of it? For a while I had a huge excel document where I was tracking everything in my collection and the colors and if I would repurchase buuuuuut I haven’t been keeping up with that for a while now. My collection really isn’t THAT big where I forget what I own, so I’ve been fine with not keeping track of it.

Your skin tone/coloring: Neutral, pale

Describe your collection? fairly modest, mostly highlighters, blush and concealers, although I do have a healthy bit of everything

Describe how you store it? Short alex drawer, everything first its the first 3 drawers and the lower 2 are for backups/skincare and nail polish. I have everything in either Byalegory organizers or random drawer organizers from walmart/target.

Describe how you keep track of it? I go through everything I have every few months and really survey what I’ve been using, want to use, or never reach for. The past 6 months I’ve gotten rid of and given away so much makeup, so everything is pretty organized. I spent every penny wisely on makeup so I’m very aware of what I have and use.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/Olive Undertone

Describe your collection? My makeup collection contains mostly high-end makeup. I’m in the process of decluttering my makeup collection. This year I’m more selective and mindful of what I buy. Currently, I’m more invested in Japanese makeup brushes and makeup tools in general.

Describe how you store it? I have less than 600 makeup products which all are grouped by category and stored in my Rubbermaid Bento Box Bins in my walk-in closet. I’m on the market for buy furniture to store my makeup but want something other than the IKEA Alex drawers? I want something that is better quality but big enough to store my makeup, makeup tools, and skincare.

Describe how you keep track of it? Everything is in a spreadsheet except for my drugstore makeup. On top of that, I keep a private blog of all my makeup collection which includes swatches of most of the products. I also use the vanity feature here on Temptalia.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/warm

Describe your collection? In my head it’s not that big but I think to most people it would be considered pretty sizeable. Which is ridiculous because I have a go to day look and it involves only a fraction of the products I have (for example I don’t usually wear eye shadow or lipstick – but I have so many!). So much goes unused, even the products I love. It’s mostly high end but I do have a mix.

Describe how you store it? I’m fortunate to have a large bathroom cabinet – it’s basically a floor to ceiling armoire, and most of my collection is in there, either in acrylic organizers or in a train case I’ve shoved my overflow into on the bottom shelf. (I haven’t filled the armoire, in case anyone is wondering – other than the train case it takes up about a shelf and a half). I know I’m not supposed to keep things in the bathroom but I live in a small apartment and have limited options. I shudder to think of what I’ll do when I move and lose all that bathroom storage.

Describe how you keep track of it? Memory? No idea what’s in the train case but most of the rest of it is pretty visible.

I have a bathroom closet with two large shelves and have my makeup on 1/2 of the lower shelf. I used to have my two mirrors on the top shelf and I would stand and do my makeup but recently I moved a vanity in my bathroom to use for application. I store nothing on the vanity except mirrors.

I have a plastic thing, with 3 drawers, it’s small I keep lipsticks and lipgloss in there. I have a basket I keep foundation,primers concealers, powder and associated brushes. I have two plastic cases made for pencils I keep eyeshadow pencils, mascara and some old brushes in. I have about 4 small plastic containers one for cream eye shadows, one for blushes and highlighters ,powder eye shadow and one for false eyelashes. These containers are large to small so I can stack them on top of each other.

I have a cup for eyeliners,brow liners and a cup for my really nice brushes. My palettes are stacked.

I don’t want to get a huge collection as if I can’t see it I won’t use it. I used to buy a lot of lulu and if I can’t see it it doesn’t get worn. If I didn’t wear the lulu I would sell on eBay but can’t do that with makeup.

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