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Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name; magenta/red hair; hazel/green eyes.

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Always matte.

Matte or shimmery blush? I think shimmery blush is prettier, but I wear shimmers and mattes equally. It depends on what other makeup I’m wearing.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? My favorite finish is cream, but I prefer shimmer to mattes. I think shimmers are more interesting, more comfortable, and make lips look fuller. I wear mattes for some looks, though.

Your skin tone/coloring: By my name

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte, almost always. I use shimmer on my face only rarely.
Matte or shimmery blush? Matte almost always. I use shimmer on my face only rarely
Matte or shimmery lipstick? Shimmer

I have too much texture on my skin to use shimmery bronzer or blush and my skin is oily enough to provide a bit of dewiness. But matte lipstick sucks all the life out of my face. I prefer a gloss to shimmer but I will answer the question that was asked.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium warm yellow undertone, dark brown hair and eyes

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Shimmery (but as subtle as possible), matte bronzers look too flat on me.

Matte or shimmery blush? Matte (if I really-really need a slight shimmer, I can always mix a little subtle highlighter in)

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Matte all the way; nothing shimmery, nothing glossy, nothing too creamy

Your skin tone/coloring: Next to my name! (blue-green eyes)

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Preferably matte or satin-matte.

Matte or shimmery blush? Neither one, I prefer satin or “skinlike” baked geleรฉ formulas.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Again, neither one. I prefer cream or luminous finishes most days. If I had NO other choice, then Matte, because lipgloss could still give me the finish I desire.

Fair and neutral, by the end of summer: light and slightly warm.
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte. I remember what Farrah Fawcett looked like in the 70s. Every foundation had a high metal sheen. It made you look sweaty.
Matte or shimmery blush? Tiny bit of shimmer to matte.
Matte or shimmery lipstick? I’m 60+, I tend to use matte lipstick as lip liner with some sheer gloss in the middle because red matte lipstick makes me look like I remember the 1920s–death warmed over.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Matte or shimmery bronzer? matte
Matte or shimmery blush? shimmer all the way!
Matte or shimmery lipstick? I’ll take shimmer over matte but I prefer something satiny and creamy over either.

Your skin tone/coloring: above with freckles, green/gray/blue eyes, warm brown hair.

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte bronzer, all the way,

Matte or shimmery blush? Shimmery blush; it makes me look more youthful.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Between the two… neither, lol. I prefer creme finishes or glossy finishes.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light neutral skin tone, green eyes, s&p hair

Matte or shimmery bronzer? I donโ€™t use bronzer, so neither for me.

Matte or shimmery blush? I love both equally. I tend to use matte for work and shimmery for going out.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Well … these days Iโ€™m more into glossy and creamy. I like wearing a bit of glossy balm under a matte lipstick to make it creamier. And I like a little bit of shimmer as long as I canโ€™t feel it. So I have no idea what my answer is to this question! Lol

?Your skin tone/coloring: Light neutral
?Matte or shimmery bronzer? shimmery
?Matte or shimmery blush? slightly shimmery
?Matte or shimmery lipstick? matte. If I want shimmer, I will put gloss on top. I find a lot of shimmery lipsticks add unwanted texture.

Your skin tone/coloring: light, MAC NC 15-20, med brown hair and eyes, oily skin

Matte or shimmery bronzer? I have used both. Prefer a matte.

Matte or shimmery blush? Again, I use both. I love a glowy blush best. Not glittery. More sheeny.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? I wear all types of lipsticks. I like a shimmer. Not necessarily glittery or metallic though. Not a frost. More like satins

Skin tone: Under my name. I have grey hair and brown eyes.
Throw all the shimmer at me, LOL!!
I can work with shimmer in all three areas although overall, I prefer a matte bronzer, when I bronze. I don’t love the way my face looks with a bronzer and that could be do to not having the right bronzer but I have tried a boat load and they just don’t seem to work with my skin tone. I also have the dreaded hyper-pigmentation on my upper cheeks and somehow bronzer’s and contour’s just seem to draw attention to it. I only have so much cheek space and so I try to avoid the area where I have worked to try and cover the pigmentation so the remaining area is where I have to cram highlighter, blush, contour and bronzer. There really just isn’t enough space. Too bad I can borrow some of the hood from my eye lids and move it to my cheeks but, whatever! I think that is why I gravitate to a blush that has shimmer/highlight as it lets me have the look but without having to sacrifice any cheek space.

Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; Mediterranean features.

Bronzer: Neither; I prefer a more satin finish. L’Oreal GlamBronze/TruMatch Bronzer in Light is my HG.

Blush: Again, neither, only in the case of blush, I just have no real preference, although I’d have to say most of my stash is satin or matte, but that has more to do with actual color, not finish. That said, matte blush is more versatile.

Lipstick: And again, neither… I definitely prefer a sheer, glossy, balm-like product, such as L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine. However, if I feel the need to go with a more opaque, vampier shade, I tend to go for a creamy matte, typically by Milani, Maybelline, or L’Oreal, all of which are quite comfortable to wear, and hold up well.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow undertones. Dark brown hair & eyes.

Matte or shimmery bronzer? Shimmery.

Matte or shimmery blush? I swing both ways ๐Ÿ˜‰

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Overall matte, but I do like a little bit of shine or luminosity sometimes. I don’t like full on glitter or sparkle or metallic lips on me though.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/slight pink undertones, dark brown hair w/highlights, hazel eyes
Matte or shimmery bronzer? matte, shimmer highlights the fine lines in my aging skin ๐Ÿ™
Matte or shimmery blush? shimmery
Matte or shimmery lipstick? both

Your skin tone/coloring: Cool Skin Tone_Mature Woman with freckles and wrinkles_Fair
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Shimmery for evening. Matte for the day3
Matte or shimmery blush? Matte
Matte or shimmery lipstick? SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your skin tone/coloring: fair with neutral-to-warm undertones
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte!
Matte or shimmery blush? I mostly do matte but do enjoy a shimmery finish every now and then – MAC’s Sheertone Shimmers are nice
Matte or shimmery lipstick? I again mainly do matte, though I like the finish of MAC O Lipstick

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones.

Matte or shimmery bronzer? I don’t wear a bronzer, far too dark on my pink porcelain complexion.

Matte or shimmery blush? Matte blush. Currently I am loving EA’s Sweet Peach.

Matte or shimmery lipstick? Definitely a shimmery lipstick. I prefer a creamy finish too.

Your skin tone/coloring: Above
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte, unless I have some summer color then “luminous” bronzer.
Matte or shimmery blush? Satin, then matte, then pearl but almost never shimmery.
Matte or shimmery lipstick? Never, ever matte, bare lipped before matte. First sheer, then cream, then gloss, then shimmery.

4 year lurker, first time poster! ๐Ÿ˜€

Your skin tone/coloring: fair cool tones
Matte or shimmery bronzer? I prefer my skin not bronzed, but if I have to choose, something with a little shimmer keeps it from looking muddy
Matte or shimmery blush? Matte! It just looks more natural to me ๐Ÿ™‚
Matte or shimmery lipstick? Matte! I like to put glitter all over my eyes and a subdued lip is a better match for that

**Christine**: thank you for mentioning The Waverly salon way back! I’m an Arizonan too and I was able to color my hair the way I’ve always wanted based off of your recommendation! The girls at the salon thought it was crazy when I told them how internet famous you are xD

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium, yellow undertones (about an NC-30~)
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Is satin an option?? I like something with a luster but by no means ‘shimmery’
Matte or shimmery blush? matte!
Matte or shimmery lipstick? matte! but also glossy fine, glitter particles no thanks.

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium warm
Matte or shimmery bronzer? Matte or Satin( I know it is not in the poll)
Matte or shimmery blush? Matte or satin (sorry again)
Matte or shimmery lipstick? Matte, specially traslucent mattes like the plushis or ultra blotted lips.

Basically I like to left the shimmery for my eyeshadow.

Your skin tone/coloring: below my name … above!

Matte or shimmery bronzer?: I don’t wear bronzer as bronzer, only as eyeshadow, so either works

Matte or shimmery blush?: if I were forced to choose only one to go forward with for the remainder of my life, it would be matte (for its utility); if you’re asking what my personal preference is — what I reach for more often than not — it’s shimmery

Matte or shimmery lipstick?: matte

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