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-What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch?

Wear tests with check ins! I love to see how a product wears, how it applies, and what it looks like 8 hours later!

-What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch?

First impressions! I don’t feel like this is a accurate way of testing any kind of product based on the initial swatch or first use. I know there are some things you can tell right away, but I prefer it when there are check ins hours later and at the end of the day before removal so we can observe how the product wears with time and exposure.

-What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber?

I really hate to say this, but if I don’t get a “I’m paid to say this” vibe or tons of discount codes shoved in my face, then I’ll subscribe. I know this is how they get exposure and how they make a living and I don’t believe there is anything wrong in that but I feel a disconnect like I can no longer trust their opinion or review of a product.

Wear tests with check ins, done in 2-3 separate days are a plus 😀 . Nikkia Joy has a great series trying foundations in 3 separate days, including one day with a primer she doesn’t like.

I like top 10 favorites, tag type of videos like the Ride or Die tag and videos that give quick useful makeup tips

I dislike hauls, declutters, first impressions or weird concepts like my dog picked my makeup or applying foundation w a condom

I subscribe to videos where the creator has a,unique point of view and has a variety of interesting content. I have unfollowed people who I have found disingenous, hypocritical, ignorant or they do the same thing all of the time. You can do whatever video you like and that’s fine but I don’t have to watch

Favorite: I still love tutorials even though they’ve fallen out of style, but I’m fond of humor videos – challenges, etc. Something that makes me feel like I’m participating in my hobby.

Least favorite: First impression videos! They just feel like ads.

Makes me subscribe: If someone’s upload history includes multiple videos I’m interested in, I think I’d like to watch them again, and I think they’re an engaging personality, then I subscribe – even when they don’t necessarily align with my sense of style.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch?: Eyeshadow swatches and tutorials with colorful shadows

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch?: No-makeup makeup looks

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber?: A voice that is usually calm, does colorful shadow looks

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? I love highly detailed reviews of a product, with focus on many categories: longevity, price per gram breakdown, ingredient list, you name it. I think JenLuvsReviews and Stephanie Nicole do a fantastic job with their review details while being completely honest. I’ve also started liking specific tag videos, as you can see what the YouTubers true favorites really are. I saw one recently where the girl pulled a list of all of her favorite single colors were in each of her palettes and swatch them together to get a sense of any dupes or see a color story that she was drawn to without intentionally realizing it. She inspired me to go through my own stash and get a feel for colors I’m truly drawn to.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? First impressions or tutorials. I don’t think many of these reviews stand the test of time, as they’ve only tried it once and never return to it.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? I love thorough & creative YouTubers who seem geniunely interested in their vidoes. I can’t get behind the ones that seem like they’re pushing out content simply for the views or sponsorships.

I adore Stephanie Nicole’s in depth skin care videos! They are my all time favorite. Her knowledge blows me away and I trust her information. Similarly, our very own Christine, who knows her stuff backwards and forwards! Thank you, Christine!

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Anything with actually applying makeup—tutorials, GRWM, first impressions. I don’t necessarily learn anything, but I just like watching people put on makeup!

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Reviews or talking videos (e.g., hauls). I’d rather read things like that. An exception is favorites videos 🙂

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? Approachable personality, similar makeup style (not too much of everything perfectly all the time), posts content regularly.

I’m thinking about dipping my toes into YouTube myself but I feel like startup costs for decent quality videos is expensive! And having a newborn doesn’t super allow for it right now lol

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? I like hauls (that they’ve purchase at the store), favorites/recommendations, and tutorials/reviews.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? I hate the “unboxing/PR package” type of videos. They always feel very “show-off-y” to me. I know that as a beauty influencer the goal is to be big enough where companies send you stuff to review instead of having to buy them. BUT, there’s something about it that bothers me, so I prefer to not watch those.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? The person has to seem genuine, someone I feel like I can relate to, and that I could see myself talking to and hanging around with in person. For me, some of those are KathleenLights, PatrickStarrr, Desi Perkins, Sonjdradeluxe, and Alissa Ashley.

I kind of agree with you on the PR unboxing videos. Plus none of the products have been tried out yet so they aren’t too informative.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch?
-> I like beauty videos where the personality of the youtuber shines through and they talk about products they love and tried multiple times. It makes them more fun, candid and also educative. I just dislike how the people are doing more PR unboxing and first impressions videos, while dedicating 1 minute in a favorite video to tried and true products. I want to hear the whole experience with a product, not just a quick review.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch?
-> As mentioned above, PR unboxing, first impressions; although I might watch first impressions from people who can make it fun. Some people make these fun (watching Jeffree Star is a guilty pleasure I won’t deny), but most are boring. I do like Tatis videos a lot… but I can’t stand to boringness of watching her do the PR unboxing (even if she brings James in).
I’d also add too personal videos. I feel like youtubers are `forced` to tell too much of their personal life. I want to watch beauty content, maybe some fun comments or stories sprinkled. I truly believe that personal life, relationships, friends, etc. should be kept to each owns intimacy, even if you’re a regular person or a beauty icon. For example, I did used to like Jaclyn Hills tutorials; now the 30 minutes talk about personal stuff and Morphe just bores me to death.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber?
-> I’m enjoying 80-90% of the videos they do or I just like to support them.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? LIP SWATCHES!
What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Videos that make you wonder if there was a sponsorship but is not disclosed in the video or description box.
What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? I tend to regularly watch people of my own complexion or darker so I can see how colors will really show up on my skintone. But I appreciate anyone who produces creative, consistent content and has a love for beauty – not beauty drama.

I love watching faves and hates since they feature products that have been put to the test over and over. I also love trend forecasts which help me change up my look but in a way that still feels like me. I’m not a huge fan of gimmick product test videos, like magnetic eyelashes or eyebrow stamps, since they’re not products I’d ever consider buying in the first place and more often than not the videos are very long to focus on one product. I like subscribing to YouTubers who act genuine—like they are talking to me as if we’re already friends having coffee. Im also a fan of YouTubers who have that “cool girl” aesthetic because they use products but in a more laid back way. For example, using a new Urban Decay palette for soft, diffused eye looks rather than an intricate cut-crease styles.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch?
First impressions are entertaining and can be very useful if followed up by some sort of update.
Some challenge videos can be inspiring, like the “Random Colors” challenge, for instance.
I also enjoy detailed declutter videos. They provide mini-reviews of several products at once.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch?
Hauls! Any plain haul without makeup application I find extremely boring. Try-on hauls are fine, though.
Favorites videos. Again, it’s incredibly useless listening to someone talk on an on if there’s no demonstration of the products.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber?
I usually subscribe to YouTubers who are passionate, charismatic, well-informed and appear genuine and honest. They also have to be straight to the point, I lose interest fast when someone’s going off on a tangent!

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Full face tutorials, nail polish collection swatches and nail art tutorials. I don’t follow tutorials anymore, but I love watching people put makeup on and polish their nails.
What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Anything where there is too much talking or too much sharing on their personal life and not enough content. I hate the over the top crap, the emotional pleas and sharing too much. I don’t mind if they are silly or funny and it’s a part of their personality but if they are just adopting the latest slang and gestures and it feels disingenuous, I can’t stand that.
What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? Steady and consistent posting schedule and a stable personality where the video stays content focused. Someone who takes what they are doing seriously enough where they stay professional and treat the viewership respectfully by staying on content.

My favorite type of beauty video: face product reviews, especially primers, foundations and sunscreens. Hot & Flashy videos are a good example

My least favorite type of beauty video: hauls. I just skip them

What makes me subscribe to a Beauty YouTuber: Well spoken, articulate, not overly chatty. Funny but not overly snarky. Covers products that interest me most of the time. A style similar to mine is not essential. I love watching some glam ladies and my style is not at all glam. Sponsorship is okay so long as it’s disclosed.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Reviews, tutorials, “get ready with me” and certain haul videos, like the ones Tarababyz does.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Overly chatty ones that just drag on and on. I have the attention span of a squirrel. I’m also not into most unboxing/haul types of videos, either. Although, like I said above, some do it really well. Allura, Tarababyz and Jen are the only ones who make it fun for me.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTube? Honesty and integrity! Also, those who rarely, if ever, use foul language or cuss words. There is one, oddly, who does, but she is so honest and very down to earth, that I let that slide. Hey, I’m human. If I stub my toe or almost get hit by some idiots car, guess what; a blue streak may shoot out of my mouth!

Tarababyz haul videos are the only ones I enjoy. Probably because she does swatches and talks about them a bit, instead of just saying, “Look what I got.”

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Some anti hauls, but I am not really a beauty video watcher

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Ones that just talk about their purchases….

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? I don’t at all.

I don’t have a lot of patience so for me to watch a video is something in itself. So they have to be genuine, honest to the point. Not necessarily my makeup style, I like to watch some things that are out of the box. I won’t watch a haul or decluttering video. I will subscribe if they are quick to the point, have a relatable personality and are just basically fun to watch and I learn something from them.

Fave type of beauty video to watch – short and to the point, either establishing a technique or doing a look. I don’t care much for other people’s opinions or impressions, I want expert advice, decent, well lit swatches, quick notes on texture and scent or packaging, a quick intro and wrap up and someone genuinely engaging to watch.

Least fave – looooooong, rambling, talky chit chat about meaningless stuff, showing off boxes or packaging or PR kits, the endless blue steel plastic model face that goes on and on and ooooon – which to me is less about displaying a finished look and more about vanity and anything longer than about 10 – 15 minutes is usually a hard pass for me.

What makes me subscribe – nothing actually, I don’t subscribe to anyone at all. I will watch Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge, Kathleenlights or Alissa Ashley on YT occasionally, I’ve also watched RawBeautyKristi, Tati and Nikkia Joy but they’re not regulars by any means. Most everyone else I just skip automatically, because god, some people are annoying and my tolerance for simpering is not high, to say the least.

My favorite type of beauty video to watch is an in-depth review of a new product line or launch that suits my esthetic and age group. Honorable mention: Anti-Hauls!! I love those especially when their reasoning is on point. I miss Kimberly Clark and her (his?) honesty. Skin care is also important to me. (Stephanie Nicole, Hot and Flashy)

Least favorite? P.R. Unboxings and silly “a six year old does my makeup” themes.

I tend to subscribe to youtubers that cater to my age group 50+ and are tasteful in their application as well as informative in a timely manner! I lose interest when it goes too long. I also appreciate youtubers that can apply their knowledge over a larger demographic- 30’s to 60’s + and actually teach us something!

Temptalia and Christine can then validate the info and off to Sephora or Nordstrom or Beautylish I go! Thanks Christine, for being so quick with your in depth reviews so that we know what we are buying!

What is your favorite type of video to watch?
It really depends on who is doing the video, but my favorites tend to be tutorials, anti-hauls (Kimberly Clarke!!), reviews with wear tests and several check-ins, and lip swatches (especially Emily Fox—I love her video style and cute accent…and how can she look gorgeous in EVERY shade?).

What is your favorite type of video to watch?
If the person in the video cannot pronounce words it annoys so much I can’t continue watching. I recently saw a tutorial for Too Faced Sweet Peach palette in which the woman could not pronounce Candied Peach. She thought it was “can-dyed.” And another video with two women who couldn’t pronounce half the names of a Lorac palette. (If you’re going to talk about a product in a video, learn to pronounce it!) I generally do not like weird challenges unless the person is exceptionally charismatic. I don’t like tutorials with super heavy mask-like makeup. I also don’t like overly chatty videos, cursing, or people who don’t speak naturally.

Not pronouncing products correctly bugs the heck out of me, too. I unsubscribed for someone a few years ago because she couldn’t figure out how to say the color name “raisin.” I just couldn’t believe that.

I really enjoy the new in beauty vids. Even though I know I’m not likely to buy beauty/ makeup stuff I like to see what’s new and experience the product through someone else lol. I also really enjoy the classic makeup tutorials. Especially when it’s an everyday look and (yet again) a smoky eye. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching the different ways it can be achieved.

There’s nothing that I flat out dislike, but I’m not a big fan of certain ad videos. I understand that a YouTuber needs to make a living and so forth, but sometimes it looks too forced and I just dont buy into it.

I generally follow you tubers that are just consistent. (Personality wise and regularly upload). I can’t stand when they talk a mile a minute and try to ham it up for the camera. It gets to be too much.

My favorite beauty videos to watch are thorough reviews of products I’m interested in or skeptical of, in-depth technique demonstrations, and most uploads from my favorite creators lol (they’re my faves for a reason, right?).
There are exceptions (faves!!), but I rarely make time to watch most first impressions, GRWMs, tutorials for generic looks, fashion videos, or vlogs.
I subscribe to YouTubers for their uniqueness, creativity, and humor—I like watching people who set themselves apart from the oversaturated crowd. However, there are some people who fit these criteria that I can’t watch because of other issues or I’m irrationally annoyed by their mannerisms, lol!
The beautubers whose videos I watch EVERY time are Samantha Ravndahl and Mykie (Glam & Gore).

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? I watch them less lately, I guess that’s why I’m not anyone’s target demographic looooololol

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Instagram style looks from influencers who specialize in paid reviews for young audiences. The makeup looks themselves, the actual products, and the energy level all put me off.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? I like either a really high skill level where I’ll see something I haven’t seen or learn a new trick, OR someone who is a little unpolished but has a flattering and unique personal style. Basically if it’s not a pro artist, I want to watch someone who I would see in real life and appreciate their look. I also like a relaxed personality and someone who doesn’t take them self too seriously.

I know this verges on the type of opinion that doesn’t belong on this site, but I find it a little hard to relate to and eventually kind of rough on my self-esteem when influencers have had a lot of obvious injections done. I’ve unsubscribed to people because seeing their transformations as they got more successful gradually made me feel less satisfied with my own features (which I don’t have the extra money or a strong previous desire to change) and I’d rather just adjust the media I’m taking in than feel increasingly calibrated to an augmented ideal. As individuals I totally respect their right to make those changes. I’m really close to a few people who like to get lip injections IRL and it’s their choice and none of my business AND knowing they have it done actually doesn’t mess with my self-esteem at all. I just mean it takes a toll on me to go on insta or youtube and have injections be the standard.

Interesting that you should say this, Blue, because I’ve just un-subscribed to 2 channels because the woman are just as you’ve described and I was actually finding it unpleasant to watch them and see how, in both cases, their faces didn’t really look “real” any more – it was like watching wax-work faces talking at me – no expression or movement in their faces. It’s not so much that I can’t afford the sorts of treatments that deliver that sort of look but rather that I find it a bit creepy when, as some women age, they’re fighting the process in such a way that makes them almost grotesque because their faces have been robbed of all warmth of expression.

Blue, I do relate to your last point! Cosmetic procedures do bring up a lot of hurt in some people, myself included. I struggled as a child to love and appreciate my looks, and it’s difficult to surround myself with media that makes alteration the norm. For instance, I always hated my teeth and struggled for years debating whether or not to get veneers. I ultimately decided not to participate in my own objectification by “fixing” something that wasn’t really wrong in the first place, but it’s funny how social media can influence your beliefs even on a subconscious level. That all said, we need to celebrate and embrace all kinds of body-diversity in social media, especially in the beauty community!

I totally get what you’re saying in your last paragraph, and love your statement, “I’d rather just adjust the media I’m taking in than feel increasingly calibrated to an augmented ideal.”

I fully support people’s freedom to do what they feel they need to do, as far as injections and surgery are concerned, but for me, and especially as I’m getting older and seeing the signs of aging in my face, I prefer to accept what I’ve been given, using makeup to enhance the features I love about my face and play down the features I like less. I have flaws, and I’m ok with them. Sometimes, when I’m having a “bad face day,” it stings my self-esteem a bit, but I make myself get over it.

If a YouTuber looks too plastic from injections and surgery, I have no interest in watching. I just don’t get the big, unnaturally puffed out lip look. I think it looks a lot worse than thin lips, but that’s just my personal opinion, and if it makes those women happy, more power to them.

Favourite type of beauty video to watch: one that is short and sweet (or no longer than it needs to be) while providing sound information and/or demonstrating techniques or products.

Least favourite: One that is focused as much on the personality and/or their life/lifestyle as it is on makeup, or if it is long and rambling, I’m not interested.

What makes you subscribe: If it is informative, uses time efficiently, and I feel I’m getting value from it, I’ll subscribe.

While content is important, I find that I like most videos if I feel a connection to the presenter. I watch a variety of types of videos such as hauls, reviews, empties, tutorials., etc. I think pretty much the standard video subjects. While not a deal breaker, I do like to watch videos where the presenter has a similar skin tone/type as I have as the products used are ones that I might actually be able to wear. I do have a bias based on my age and that is towards presenters with a more dignified, for lack of a better word, style. I am not one that wants to hear the F word in every sentence. I want them to present themselves in a confident manner with good diction and vocabulary. I want them to be knowledgeable about the subject. I like a sense of humor also. Most importantly, I like them to have a passion for what they are doing. I also like watching videos about anti-aging as I am constantly in that battle. Not important to a lot of people but it is something that I look for in a video.

Least favorite are definitely “drama” videos and nothing will make me unsubscribe faster than listening to someone rant on and on about something, other videos, products, etc. I am not talking about just mentioning something negative or giving a product a bad review but there are YT’ers that always seem to have something negative to say every video. They always manage to find the drama and don’t refrain from sharing their views on any subject whether it affects them or not. I have unsubscribed from channels that feature other content creators that I cannot support.

I subscribe to channels based on the things I like in the videos. I use to be subscribed to a lot of beauty channels, influencers, craft channels. I periodically go through and unsubscribe from channels that the content or the creator either just don’t mesh with my taste at this point or for reasons that I listed in the second question. Once I started doing that I found that I do that “de-clutter” pretty regularly now.

I currently subscribe to probably about 20 beauty channels. I faithfully watch videos from a hand full of creators, Lisa Eldridge, Karima McKimmie, Thataylaa, Tarababyz, Hot and Flashy, Sharon Farrell, Arna and I think that is about it. I watch their videos really regardless of the content.

OOPS, forgot to mention Gothamista. I rely on her for reviews mostly about Asian skin care and beauty products which is something I am really interested in.

I like first impressions, or favourites videos. I can’t stand those PR unboxings, I’d rather them try their PR and then give me their feedback. I love Rawbeautykristii, Emily Noel, Jessica Braun, Nikkia Joy, Sam Ravendahl.
I subscribe based on their personality (honesty and friendliness) and content.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch?
Tutorials that focus on eye makeup.
What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch?
What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber?
If we have similar tastes when it comes to makeup, creative, unusual color combos and placement and consistent content uploading.

I see Kimberly Clark was mentioned and I also love his anti-hauls, but for his personality and their entertainment value as much as his criticisms of some companies and products for being overpriced and for their over-the-top marketing, etc. I think my least favourite videos are those that seem show-offish (the whole “don’t you wish you had all the stuff I have” type, whether it’s hauls or unboxings or unboxing of PR stuff, etc.) – to a large extent, this has to do with the personality of the person, though. For example, there is a woman from Australia who has a LOT of very high end makeup and skin care and also talks about the spa treatments she gets but her personality is so genuinely warm and lovely that it doesn’t seem show-offy while some others, with their screechy, over the top delivery and their “look at me/aren’t I special” attitude that comes right through the screen really put me off. Anyone who takes themselves waaay too seriously – that’s another turn-off. Generally, my favourites to watch are makeup application tutorials that including a clear running commentary, a bit of a “review” and where the camera remains focused on what the person is doing. I also like a product list in the description bar because, as much as people thing they’re speaking clearly, there are many time when I cannot make out the name of a certain product or products. One example of a nicely done tutorial are the ones you used to do, Christine, waaaay back in your early days. They were so clear and easy to follow and even back then, everything was filmed so that the viewer could actually SEE what you were doing and your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Oh – there is one youtuber who used to do (maybe still does) a “one palette/3 looks” series and I find those REALLY helpful and interesting when it comes to larger palettes.

Favorite: Anti-hauls, Tutorials, revisiting old favorites, I would love to see updated reviews, not excited reviews that no one hear about these product again.
Least Favorite: Collections, challenge videos, hauls that are actually P.R receives, (I’m O.K if it’s disclosed). Hypocritical personalities in general, who says only “look how many stuff (money) I have and how perfect is my life”
What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? Creativity, nice personality, similar taste and finally be able to pronounce the product names correct. Where I can see/ learn new tricks and advices.

My favorite beauty videos are of the top five, ten, whatever, in different categories. Complete with swatches, alternatives/dupes and other information about items that I cannot get without either seeing in store or physically wearing.
My least favorite has got to be PR unboxings/try ons. They are just advertising, The only one I ever watch is Emily Noel, because her husband does them and he is funny.
The youtubers I enjoy are the intelligent, articulate people who are a bit older. Also anyone who continuously says “you NEED this” gets dropped pretty fast.

Just a pet peeve I need to add…when a youtuber shows a color product, sometimes will even describe it (even though we can see it) but doesn’t swatch it.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Lately, I’ve really enjoyed watching declutter videos!

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Just the opposite: I’m not a fan of seeing “collection” videos mostly because it comes off as braggy and seems wasteful and I know it would be impossible for the beautuber to use all of the make up with out it expiring when it could be given to a lot of people that could us it.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? If I like their personality and it’s not only intros with loud music and glamour shots of their make up look.

I’m still fairly new to watching videos, period. However…

I appreciate high quality visual, sound, light, which I understand means they come from someone who had “made it” already.

I prefer product reviews used in application (shown) and in to some extent tutorials–it depends. I rarely seem to like youtubers eyeshadow applications–it’s generally just too much/dark/bold for me.

Blah, blah blah, just get to the point, I’m a busy woman and too old for juvenile drama.
I dislike stories of your boyfriend or how the ex hurt you, or the new French boyfriend up here in Canada… (par example).
Flippancy, that often happens with older youtubers, who are showing women “over 35” how to apply makeup.

Videos with quick new product reviews, so I can see quickly before I drop coin.
Self-deprecating humor.
Experienced MUAs.

** Content I like best:

Blush, highlighter and eyeshadow collections / declutters are my FAVORITE Youtube content ever.
Bonus points if they include swatches

I also like a well done anti-haul video (where there’s humor like Kimberly Clark vs just dragging brands and new products with an attitude

Loved the Ride or Die and Blush tags that went around a couple years ago

I’ll also search out individual reviews of stuff I’m thinking of buying

** Not so much:

PR unboxings. Boring, if the product isn’t demo’d not interested

Random “hauls” (ditto above) unless it’s Tarababyz because she basically grabs everything new as soon as it’s out and shows swatches always

My husbands/kids do/buy my makeup – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, really

Empties videos / monthly favorites

Anything that’s been overdone by bigger Tubers that are just being lazily copied – e.g. Full Face of Makeup I’m Throwing Out, full face of dollar store makeup, full face of makeup I hate, full face of first impressions, etc – that’s just watching you put on makeup, girl! There’s no informational or tutorial aspect of it – will make exceptions for Youtubers with exceptional personalities

** What makes me subscribe

Personality (RawBeautyKristi, ChloeMorello) or unique/strong point of view (think LaurenMaeBeauty, LivLovesHerMakeup). Or if I think they look like me with same coloring/face structure/age because I’ll more likely be able to pull off the looks they create and the products they choose

Favorite: Almost anything makeup related that doesn’t go over 30 minutes. I especially like PR hauls because I like to see the new stuff before it’s in store, but I also like unboxings, tutorials, first impressions, reviews, faves, empties, will I buy its, etc.

Least Favorite: Anything over 30 minutes. I prefer 20ish minutes. Anything where the YouTuber doesn’t talk, those videos set to music where there’s no speaking.

What makes me subscribe: Just generally liking the way the video goes. Keeping me interested. I don’t have a specific type (loud, soft, etc) but I have to feel like I like you. Most of my faves are smaller – Valerie Pac, Nicole Renee, Samantha March (when she keeps the length in check), Andrea Matillano, Frida Maczka – those are the ones I watch just about everything they post. I do love Laura Lee and Jeffree Star too though, even though they no longer love each other.

A pet peeve. I love Christen Dominique, but hate when she flexes her bicep and says join the quad family. I know that’s probably her last name (Qaoud?), but anyone who works out knows the quads are on the legs. It irritates me. She does do some really cool videos though where she does half her face American style and the other half another culture’s style. She’s done Middle Eastern, Mexican, Italian, and I think French.

I just read the comments of others and realize I forgot Tati. I do love Tati, but I generally skip the clickbait type stuff like the WTF series.

Favorite videos: I like anti-hauls that are well-researched and served with a bit of snark, like Kimberly Clark’s. I enjoy tutorials for looks that are versatile enough that I can do them with products I have, rather than needing a specific limited edition palette that’s already sold out. I like Wayne Goss’s short videos on basic makeup techniques. I not only find them useful for myself, but they’re great for when friends ask me questions about makeup techniques I can’t explain myself.

Least favorite videos: Ugh, so many. I don’t like most hauls, and I especially don’t like hauls of stuff completely unrelated to makeup (Here’s what I bought at Target!). I don’t like clothing try-on videos. I don’t like PR unboxing. I don’t like gimmicky videos like “Boyfriend does my makeup, lolololol boys are bad at things!” I don’t like drama for drama’s sake — like I get discussing how you feel about KvD’s stance on vaccines, or brands not releasing enough shades for POC, but “this YouTuber and this other YouTuber snarked at each other on Instagram!” does nothing for me. Any video where someone is crying in the thumbnail. I get that YouTubers live in a weird world where their lives are semi-public, but it seems like there will be a rash of a bunch of people at once suddenly sharing some horrible things in their life, like it’s the latest trending tag.

What will make me subscribe to someone: They provide content that I’m interested in and not a lot of what I’m not. They seem honest. They have coloring similar to mine, so I feel like they’ll review products that will work on me. That said, I am super fast to unsubscribe. As soon as I start to see a lot of what I dislike, I unsubscribe even if they’re still making some things I’m interested in.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Hauls with clear swatches. Tarababyz does a lot of these and I love them! I also like tutorials.

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Chit chat get ready with me. I want to hear more about the products than the vloggers when I’m watching Makeup related videos. I don’t watch a lot of tags.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? Interesting content and consistency.

What’s your favorite type of beauty video to watch? Swatches and thoughtful reviews; alternative makeup looks. I also like tags such as “top 10 eyeshadow palettes” or “ride or die products.”

What’s your least favorite type of beauty video to watch? Unboxings and first impressions. Unboxings just seem like bragging and give me no information. First impressions don’t give much useful information. I’m not very fond of most challenge videos, either.

What makes you subscribe to a beauty YouTuber? They give honest and consistent (the way they swatch, what they look for, methodology) reviews, they’re trying too hard to be influencers or are getting paid by brands/accepting perks such as vacations, good ethics, they treat their subscribers well, they seem genuine, they aren’t too annoying or hyper, and good content in general.

Favorites – Tutorials and full reviews.
Least Favorites – Hauls and First Impressions.
What makes me subscribe – Quality content and no unnecessary drama.

Unboxings…blech. Also first impressions. I don’t buy without a rating. I can do without every challenge video. I think these are just fillers for time. Now that I think about it I pretty much just want to see the makeup reviewed.

My favourite type of video are panning projects and empties.

I don’t like hauling, anti hauling or decluttering videos.

I tend to subscribe if I see a YouTuber if I see them using products that I own.

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