Survey Says... February 7th, 2024

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment.

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • When do you normally apply your makeup?
  • Where do you normally apply your makeup?
  • How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup?


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Erica Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC 20

When do you normally apply your makeup? In the morning after getting dressed

Where do you normally apply your makeup? In my bedroom

How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? 10 minutes to and hour depending on the day & where I’m going

Mariella Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: pale, cool
When do you normally apply your makeup? around 6 to 6:30 am
Where do you normally apply your makeup? in my ensuite bathroom
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? I guess start to finish (with face washing, skin care, time in between some steps for primers to set, etc.,) maybe 20 minutes

Deborah S. Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name.
When do you normally apply your makeup? If I am going to wear makeup that day, I apply it in the morning directly after showering. I do it in my Pj’s so I don’t accidently get any on my clothes.
Where do you normally apply your makeup? I have a vanity that I use sometimes but honestly, I most often apply while sitting in bed.
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? For just an everyday look or a no-makeup look, it will generally be about 15 minutes. If I am going out, doing something more elaborate or playing it usually takes me about 45 minutes.

Genevieve Avatar

How is your house repairs coming along Deborah? As well as your daughter and mother.
I hope that the winter weather hasn’t been too terrible and you’ve been able to go over that incredible mountain pass that had us all looking up Google maps for a year or so ago to visit Aislinn. Are you working on any craft projects at the moment?

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Genevieve,
This winter has been a bit weird so far. We have had virtually no snow and a lot of super cold weather. We just came off of a week of -20 with a windchill down to -57. While my insulation is good, it isn’t meant for that cold and sustained for more than a day or two so I have ruptured water pipes in my crawlspace. No water for two weeks and then when they thawed they started spraying water everywhere. I had to crawl down into my under house crawlspace and crawl through about 4 inches of very cold water to get to my water shut off valve. at about 11 PM. Clearly designed by a man!! It was miserable. My brother came over about a week later and was able to repair the pipes and the water was pumped out. So, that appears to be the last straw as far as I am concerned and I am going to put my house on the market this spring. Everything is pretty much done except some of the floor molding and whoever buys it can do that. The roof, new flooring, new pipes, new construction is done. I had planned on redoing both the front porch and the back deck but they are not in terrible shape so I am going to sell them as is. I have no idea where I am moving to and don’t really need to make a decision until the house sells. My brother doesn’t want me to leave and I will probably still spend a lot of time here since my mother is still here but I don’t think I will buy a house again. I think that wherever I go, I will rent. I am just getting too old to deal with house repairs and particularly since I know nothing about how to do anything. My brother has been super helpful but he has his own place to deal with. Aislinn still wants me to come to Seattle but I have time. I am going to have to downsize a lot, either way. Aislinn is doing okay. Still struggling a bit to make ends meet in Seattle but she still really loves it so she is thinking about getting a second job. Life is hard for young people these days. Thanks for checking on me Genevieve. I hope all is well with you and your family? How are the grandchildren doing?

Genevieve Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

When do you normally apply your makeup? After I have my morning cup of tea and a 15 minute read of my current book, I then apply my makeup first thing in the morning before I leave the house to get my coffee.

Where do you normally apply your makeup? I apply my makeup in my ensuite bathroom

How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? I am pretty quick and have a set routine of makeup application, including daily moisturiser, face primer and sunscreen, plus getting dressed. All in all it takes me about 10-15 minute, a little bit longer if I am going for a more complicated look if I am going somewhere special.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve – I just want to tell you how much I LOVED Something in the Water! It left me with a lot of questions (most tied up with how she got all that cash out of the UK again and into the Swiss account but most of all, who were the people in the plane!!!). What a great book. I’m almost afraid to read another book of hers just in case it’s disappointing compared with this one.

Genevieve Avatar

I am so glad that you liked it Mariella and yes there were many ‘real life’ questions about the cash getting out of the UK, which you and I could not do nowawadys at least!
Mr. Nobody is equally as thrilling, so too her latest book Family Games. A great author. Ann Cleves’s new series about Matthew Venn on the Devon coast (with MAPS) is fabulous too.
On a makeup note, I was in Sephora today (our fairly local shopping centre now has a branch of it) and I thought of you when I picked up the Zoeva Velvet Love Bronze Espresso Eyes quad – absolutely gorgeous and full of ‘our’ shades. I hope that Zoeva is in Canada Sephora so you can see for yourself – and it is quite a novel experience for me as usually I order online following Christine’s recommendations. The whole range is stunning, but the Bronze one, like the Emerald Eyes one is superb. I’m just giving you a hint of something to buy just so the rest of your collection won’t feel lonely!

Mariella Avatar

Neither the Canadian or US Sephora sites shows Zoeva products. DH is going golfing in the US at the end of February and I thought I could get him to pick up this palette if it’s something that strikes my fancy but it’s not even available there (I’ll have to check ULTA) – he hates picking up makeup for me because – and he’s right – I have way too much already but it would be “payment” for him taking MY suitcase so HIS brother could have a “nice carry-on” (seriously, brother in law can easily afford to buy himself a suitcase; last year, these idiots took MY car to drive south; now they’re taking MY suitcase!)

I’ll have to check out the Ann Cleeves series. I liked the Shetland one well enough but preferred the tv series because it was so visually atmospheric (and I actually preferred the ones not based directly on her books because they made SO MANY changes to the books, even changing who the killer was, etc. and inventing characters who weren’t in the books at all). I wasn’t all that wild about the books either because I don’t like books where the detective solves the crime almost by ESP – I, the reader, had no way of figuring out from the clues who did the killing but Jimmy Perez did it by “instinct” (how well does THAT stand up in court?)

Mariella Avatar

Okay – I checked ULTA and they don’t have Zoeva either. WTH???? Both of those palettes you mentioned are so beautiful (I went to Zoeva’s site to check ’em out) but, clearly, not obtainable for me. I’ll live with it, and try to console myself in the knowledge that I’ve probably got pretty close dupes for them (I’ll just keep repeating that to myself…)

Genevieve Avatar

I am so surprised that we actually have a makeup brand here that you don’t have easy access to. I know you probably have dupes for the shades, but they are so lovely..
I hope you and your family are going well. Is it very cold and wet where you are? We’ve had a very warm and humid summer so far, but Feb is looking to be when the heatwaves are really coming. In the middle of one right now. So darn hot!

Mariella Avatar

Weather-wise, it is quite the opposite here. It’s VERY unseasonably warm (a high of 14C the other day, runners out in shorts) and we’ve had almost nothing in terms of snow which doesn’t bode well for the summer season – the very real threat of drought and more forest fires. We had one snowstorm – more like slush and freezing rain – and we’ve had some rain but not much and not enough to replenish the water in the ground, hence the worries about another season of uncontrollable forest fires (as you’ve had in Australia and the US has also had)

brendacr1 Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light/pink undertones, brown hair, hazel eyes.
When do you normally apply your makeup? before I go out
Where do you normally apply your makeup? I use to do it in my bathroom, but I have plantar fasciitis so I’m using my kitchen table right now.
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? I love applying my makeup, it’s a very soothing, meditative process for me, so it takes me about an hour to do my basic look, if I’m doing something special it adds about another 15 minutes or so.

Dee Avatar

My sympathies regarding the planter’s fasciitis. I’m finally done with it, and hope it never returns! Added to bone on bone arthritis, it’s pure torture! Hope you feel better soon.

brendacr1 Avatar

Thanks Dee, after the cortisone shot, orthotics and a few months of physio I’m feeling much better but cautious, I don’t ever want that pain back again. The crippling pain from arthritis is a living hell, I feel for you. Aging sucks.

Genevieve Avatar

I think I had that a decade or more ago – my heel was giving me all sorts of pain and as a teacher I was on my feet all day. What helped was getting some orthotics – custom made for me and they cost a fortune, but it was worth it. Now my heel is fine. Maybe that could help with yours. My utmost sympathy Brenda!

brendacr1 Avatar

Thx Genevieve, Yes the orthotics are very expensive but worth it. I had a cortisone shot and went to physio for a few months. I’m feeling much better but I’m very cautious I never want to experience that pain again. Every activity needs your feet and when they are out of commission it’s makes life miserable, I would not wish this on anyone. It’s so important to wear supportive footwear, it took this to make me aware of this, and I learned my lesson well. Enjoy your summer Genevieve.

Ana Maria Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with warm yellow undertones, dark brown hair and eyes

When do you normally apply your makeup? Morning, 7-9am, depending when my work meetings start in the day and what they involve

Where do you normally apply your makeup? In the bathroom (but I store my make-up in the bedroom)

How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? 10 minutes or so

Celesta Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: above with freckles, green eyes, brown hair.

When do you normally apply your makeup? I wake up at 5 am so I can do a full face most mornings… I really like it. Yes, its early, but it’s my me time.

Where do you normally apply your makeup? I have a vanity in my room.

How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? It takes about 30-40 min, depending on how slow I’m moving.

Audrey Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light, neutral to cool
When do you normally apply your makeup? On weekdays at 6:30 am, right before leaving for work. On weekends it varies- I dont always wear makeup unless I’m going out.
Where do you normally apply your makeup? Bathroom
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? About 10 minutes

Aurore Avatar

Normally it’s the moment you will laugh at me so please have mercy !

Your skin tone/coloring:bvery fair, neutral undertones
When do you normally apply your makeup? Around 8:30 and 9 AM
Where do you normally apply your makeup? I always do my makeup in public transports, or in a car if I’m not the driver. I love sleeping too much !
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? Between 25 and 35 min, it’s a great way to pass the time during your daily ride

Katalin Avatar

When do you normally apply your makeup? Right after getting dressed in the morning.
Where do you normally apply your makeup? In the bathroom.
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? It’s a relaxing activity for me, so I’m not rushing with it. 10-15 minutes the skin preparation plus 25-30 minutes the makeup itself. Then I’m ready to kick off my day.

Nancy T Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name (blue-green eyes, dark hair)

When do you normally apply your makeup? These days, really only if I’ll be going out for some reason, any reason. Be it medical appointments, grocery runs, errands or meetings.

Where do you normally apply your makeup? My bedroom! My low dresser has been converted to a vanity of sorts, with an ugly (though comfy) bright pink rolling office chair.

How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? I’m mostly an “all or nothing” makeup wearer. So, whenever I do a full face of makeup, it generally takes between 30-45 minutes.

Genevieve Avatar

How are you going Nancy? I really miss our Friday Finds and Check Ins, but I am also totally glad that Christine has chosen the Survey Says to continue her posts by.
I am missing you Christine and all your fabulous posts about the great work you are doing with the rescue pups.
I hope you and Shaun and Winnie are doing well.

Nancy T Avatar

Hi Genevieve, I’m faring “alright”, I suppose minus some issues with the gastroenterologist who had been treating my Crohn’s Disease for 15+ years leaving the practice, and now the infusion center won’t be able to give me my Inflectra until they get an order from my new GI doc.
Like you, I really do miss the Friday Finds & Check-in’s feature, as it provided us with a weekly “town gathering”, so to speak. It was just a great way for everyone of us to connect and also learn about (or from) one another on a safe space where we all already have something in common with our love for makeup, skincare and such. And, following Christine’s puppy journeys! I still do on Instagram, but not everyone else has easy access to that, so this little window proved invaluable to many internationally. I really miss everyone!

Genevieve Avatar

What an absolute pain for you that your specialist has retired and it is so hard to get into any specialist easily these days. I hope you can get an appt. soon, hopefully by appealing to the new person’s secretary regarding the seriousness of your Crohn’s and the need for the infusions.
I am thrilled that Christine has continued with this thread to help us ‘keep together’ as a maganificent way of engendering community across the world.
No-one else shares my love of makeup quite like you all do.
Take care Nancy and I am praying for you.

Nancy T Avatar

When I made a bit of a stink of their lapse in care this last Friday, they gave me an appointment to see my GI Doc replacement LAST MINUTE for Monday at 9:30 am! Problem being that medical transportation through my insurance requires 72 hrs notice. When I brought this up to the person who was in charge of scheduling, it was “either take this opening on Monday or you won’t be able to get seen until NEXT MONTH”, yikes! Everyone who used to work at his office has abandoned ship. The other two GI Doc ‘s, the office manager, etc.

Monika Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair to light neutral skin, mousy hair, grey/green eyes
When do you normally apply your makeup? early in the morning
Where do you normally apply your makeup? at my desk in the living room
How long do you spend to normally apply your makeup? about 20 minutes

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