Survey Says... February 3rd, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment.

  • Your skin type/concerns:
  • What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you?
  • What’s the most effective product for eyes?
  • What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern?

Thanks to Tracey for today’s questions!


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Deidre Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: aging and hormonal breakouts
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and Invigorating Night Treatment, Sheer Transformation (used as a night cream) and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (used as a day cream)
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask and Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Peel

Kate Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Normal to dry; dryness and redness (from being so damn pale)

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? serums. the right serum can completely change the skin and make it look beautiful.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? I guess in general is eye creams. I like something with SPF for the daytime and something hydrating for the night time.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? oils! I love mixing face oils in with a super hydrating moisturizer after using a hydrating serum. leaves my face plump and soft. also, face masks. I like ones that draw out impurities to reduce any kinda of potential red spots I have, as well as hydrating ones for overnight.

Jennifae Avatar

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? For me, it’s MAC Lightful Softening Lotion. It makes my skin feel so nice, soft, and smooth.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? I love MAC Lightful (formerly Prep + Prime) Vibrancy Eye.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? MAC Lightful Essence Serum is great for skin discolorations.

Patsyann Avatar

My skin type is aging, sun damaged,with patches of rosacea and redness. My skin has been very reactive with age and extremely sensitive to most products. I have had a rough time of it with my love of skin care and cosmetics as I often set off the redness and burning sensation when I try out new products. In my search for something to halt the spread of rosacea (stuff from doc’s office did not help at all) I found a small, indie company in Arizona called SkinActives. I tried their rosacea serum. There are no claims that it eliminates the condition. There are currently no “cures”. After diligently using this light weight serum for about 6 weeks, I most definitely saw an improvement and, better yet, a halt to the spread. I still have rosacea, I still have to be careful not to set it off, but I mostly don’t even think about it any more as it is under control now. I tried some of the other products from this same company and I love their eye cream and their collagen cream and also their collagen serum. I use the serum around my eyes and then layer the eye cream over top. I have dark circles and this treatment has made a modest improvement. The big thing for me is that my under eye area is smooth and wrinkle free and not dried out and creepy. I guess if I had to choose, I would say that the rosacea serum coupled with the collagen cream and serum has made the biggest difference to my facial skin issues.

Fran Avatar

Patsyann, I’ve looked at the Skin Actives web site before, been impressed, and nearly ordered from them. I just got bewildered by all the choices, trying to sort out what to use for my combination of issues — but you’ve inspired me to take another look. Right now my biggest problem is the way the skin under my eyes gets so horribly dehydrated in the winter — I start to look really wrinkled. Rosacea in good control (I’m mostly sun-sensitive, zinc oxide sunscreen products + BHA-containing products work wonders for me).

Patsyann Avatar

Fran, they recently redid their website. I actually preferred the old site! However, the new site has some features that help you make a choice. I started out with a very small order and gradually tried out more things. Try not to look at all the DIY stuff at first, you will certainly get overwhelmed. I mostly just get their ready to use products. However, I make up a day cream for myself with several of their DIY products. There is no fragrance in their stuff….I think only one or two products are scented and they clearly state that on the website. Without masking perfume, some creams smell a bit unusual. Not bad, just…unusual….:)

Fran Avatar

Patsyann, I finally placed an order today, for the collagen serum, bright-i cream, and vitamin A cream, all of which they recommend for eye area use. The loose, saggy skin around my eyes really starts getting to me at this time of year when my skin gets dehydrated, and the products I’ve been using either don’t do much or are too strong and irritating, causing swelling which only makes the whole mess worse. I’m probably over-reacting, but overall my skin is really rather nice for 59-year-old skin, and I want a second career as an esthetician, so I feel like I need to keep it all looking good!

Helene Avatar

I bookmarked their site. They have a lot of products and they ship worldwide!
I will have a thorough look at their products tomorrow.
Thank you so much for letting us know about this brand, my undereye area is playing foul tricks on me at the moment so anything that might make even the slightest improvementis worth looking into.

Patsyann Avatar

Helene: I have been gradually exploring their products over the last 4 years. You can get .samples of many of them to try out. About a year ago, I finally got my husband to use the collagen serum and the Vitamin A cream at bedtime. He had bad acne as a teenager back in the day when there were no medical treatments (just…don’t eat chocolate or greasy frenchfries…can you imagine!). His acne scarring has smoothed out considerably with this routine. SkinActives does not make exorbitant claims and their packaging is not very glamorous although they recently moved to more attractive jars rather than those ugly green ones. Plain labels and very reasonable prices, I think.

Tammy B Avatar

Retin A (prescription strength)

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic Retinal triple correction eye serum

To deal with flakiness caused by retin A: use glycolic acid after cleansing face before Retin A, and applying Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask 3-4 hours after Retin A application. I apply Retin A before bed, put the mask on when I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. If I skip the glycolic acid or moisture mask, I flake like crazy.

Joy Avatar

•Skin type/Concerns: My skin type is dehydrated sensitive. My skin concerns revolve around keeping it youthful, even bright tone and flawless. ? flawless
To answer everything else I use the entire SK-II range of skincare including SPF, a humidifier, very healthy food intake and extreme water intake.

Lulle Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: combo skin with random breakouts and first signs of aging + dehydration.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? It was a long time ago when my skin was really oily: I used Clarins Lotus oil and over the course of a year, my skin turned into combo/normal! For dehydration, Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic Serum was also a breakthrough for me.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? Good question… I feel like eye creams never really keep their promises. I have yet to find an eye treatment that wows me.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? The Intensif Hyaluronic Serum that I just mentioned. By boosting skin moisture content without being greasy it makes it look more plump so fine lines and loss of firmness are a lot less visible.

Fran Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: combination normal/oily; sensitive/rosacea; aging/texture
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? TMs/BB/CC creams with all zinc oxide/titanium dioxide sunscreen; I can walk down the street without turning bright red!
What’s the most effective product for eyes? I have yet to find what I need for my undereye area when my skin gets dehydrated in the winter. I was hoping that adding a hyaluronic acid booster to my moisturizers/eye creams would do it, but it hasn’t, so at the moment I’m also adding a couple of drops of argan oil while I contemplate trying two new products from Paula’s Choice, Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer + Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream.
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? BHA/salicylic acid — a great exfoliator + anti-inflammatory, it has made a big difference for my rosacea zits and redness

Nancy T Avatar

Your skin type/ concerns: Hormonal combo of oilier, breakout prone T-zone with large pores and fairly noticeable deep expression lines. Fine lines under eyes and on neck. Sensitive, with some rosacea, too.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference to you: For me, it’s all about the ingredients! I especially look for Vit. C, Retinol, Hyularonic Acid, Ceramides. Also shea butter and healthy oils. For eye area, same but with CAFFEINE! (instant eye lift!) But not too many botanicals because my skin/ eyes are allergy prone.

What’s the most effective product for eyes: Hmmm, there USED to be a fantastic eye cream by Physicians Formula in a white and purple cylinder shaped container that worked absolute wonders on both my undereye area and upper lid! It got DC’d, I believe, because I haven’t seen it around anywhere in over a year. So my search goes on….must have caffeine, though, and be eye makeup compatible!

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skincare concern: Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Collagen Booster and Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. Also, Hada Labo Gel-Cream with triple HA’s, plus Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser and Simple Exfoliating Facial wipes.

Ti Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Oily/combination skin; concerns are sun damage, hyperpigmentation and aging.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? It’s more an ingredient that has made the biggest difference, and that ingredient is retinol. My skin finally stopped breaking out and really started to turn around when I started using retinol serums.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? I’m not loyal to any particular one, but I’m currently using the eye cream by Mad Hippie and I like it.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Again, retinol. The first serum I tried/loved was the 1.5% Retinol Fusion P.M. by Peter Thomas Roth, but I’ve also liked the Luna oil from Sunday Riley and the Obagi 1% treatment.

Momo Avatar

♥ Your skin type/concern:
• Very oily; acne prone; hyperpigmentation/blotchiness
• Occasional dry patches

♥ What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you?
• 100% Pure Argan Oil by Josie Maran
❝ A long time ago, I would never have thought that using an oil product to help relieve my acne prone and blotchy skin would work. Simply the mere mention of the word “oil” would have made my skin freak out. Nowadays, argan oil is my most used moisturizer. I don’t remember how or from whom I’d learnt this moisturizing tip for oily skin, but I’m forever grateful to he/she/them for saving my skin. ❞

♥ What’s the most effective product for eyes?
• Éclos Anti-Aging Restorative Eye Cream
❝ This is the only eye cream that I’ve tried that doesn’t break out the skin around my eyes; and it works. My eye’s skin is super temperamental! I didn’t even know one could get acne on or [so close] around your eyelids until I started using eye creams. The struggle. Anyway, there is something about plant stem cells that my eyes love. The cream makes my eyes look youthfully plump and rested. ❞

♥ What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern?
• Derma-Roller
❝ My biggest skin concerns are my acne and hyperpigmentation. While the argan oil has helped my skin a ton, I would also have to sing the praises of a little tool called a derma-roller. It’s a small dermal puncturing tool that aides in a deeper absorption of topical products, while also inducing faster skin turnover. I used to have a lot of acne scars and hyperpigmentation all over my face, and this little tool has reduced those issues greatly. ❞

Que Avatar

I too have very oily and acne prone skin. Which have resulted in many deep scars over the years of acne picking T_T

Mind sharing what is your derma-roller routine like? I’m really keen to try it out to help reduce appearance of acne scars.

Momo Avatar


This is going to be a lengthy reply, so grab a snack. ?☕ Lol

First, a disclosure. If you see a dermatologist or aesthetician, please consult with he/she/them regarding the personal use of a derma-roller to determine if it’s beneficial for your skin.

I use two derma-roller needle sizes: 0.5mm and 1.0mm. I use the 0.5mm roller about 1 – 3 times a week, and the 1.0mm about once a week or once every 2 weeks. The usage of the rollers are solely dependent upon the severity of my acne/scarring during that week. There are some weeks where I don’t use them at all.

The 0.5mm roller is tolerable without the need to apply numbing cream. When you run the needles over your skin, it only hurts slightly. I’ve had pimples that have hurt worse. LOL. I use this needle size primarily to treat newly incoming acne, light scars, and for deeper penetration of some of my topical facial solutions. The 0.5mm roller is safe to use everyday (but I don’t recommend it), but once used, you need between 8 – 10 hours before you can apply makeup, or what-have-you, to your skin. Minimal redness will occur, but that should fade by the allotted healing time; it varies by skin tone and sensitivity. Do expect to see shedding in the area(s) where you’ve used the roller. Shedding is a good thing, because the darkened area(s) is/are flaking off and making way for new, shiny skin. If you utilize the 0.5mm roller frequently, shedding may occur within 2 – 3 days. Infrequent uses may result in no shedding at all.

The 1.0mm roller may be different when it comes to pain tolerance; it hurts. My skin is gangsta against this needle length, but there are some areas, like my forehead and cheeks, that I pray to have numbed. LOL. Since I rarely use this roller all over my face, I don’t require numbing cream. I simply “tough it out”. I use my 1.0mm roller to treat stubborn acne and deeper toned scars/hyperpigmentation. This length is also used to treat stretch marks and to reduce the signs of wrinkles by stimulating collagen [re]growth. The 1.0mm roller should not be used everyday. Once a week is suffice; once every 2 weeks if used vigorously. Upon use, it requires approximately a whole day of healing before you can apply makeup or etc. to your skin. This is why I reserve the use of this roller for the weekend or days off. Redness will definitely occur, and can take up to 1 ½ days to subside. Shedding will occur by day 2; therefore, incorporating an exfoliation process to my skin cleansing routine has proven to be even more beneficial. I may have oily skin, but my sebum is no match to the flaking that occurs.

My Routine:
• Sterilize my desired derma-roller with several spritz of 91% isopropyl alcohol. Let dry (approx. 5 minutes).
• Cleanse and dry my face.
• Choose the area(s) to treat.
➢➢ If treating my entire face, I work on a quarter of my face at a time. Avoid around the eyes!
➢➢ If treating specific spots, I remain confined to that tiny area alone.
• [I bravely] Make ONE, medium-pressured pass of the roller on the treated area in an up or down, side-to-side, and crisscross pattern. It looks something like this shape: ✳. Create a plus symbol (+) and then an ‘X’. Continue to next area until complete.
• With clean hands, I apply my desired topical solution (essence, serum, moisturizer, oil(s), etc.)
• Rinse, sterilize, and then store away my derma-roller.
• Pat myself on the back for enduring those needles without a numbing solution. LOL

My Results:
• When I use the 0.5mm roller, I can see a change [for acne] by the next day, or two. Changes also depends on the topical I use after a rolling session. I tend to see faster [acne reduction] results when using argan oil as a moisturizer. Pure vitamin E oil also yields a quick turnaround in spot-repairing light discolorations; in approximately 1 – 2 weeks. Of course, everyone’s skin varies.
• When I use the 1.0mm roller, the results take time. Treating stubborn areas require patience! I can’t iterate this enough. Results do not happen overnight. Changes can take upwards of 2 – 4 weeks, but the wait is 100% worth it. Since my skin becomes very tender and sensitive after using this needle size after a session, I only apply gentle topical solutions; primarily oils or gentle, alcohol-free moisturizers. This roller has completely transformed the deep hyperpigmentation I’d endured from previous acne and ingrown hairs. It changed my face and my life. But the key is being consistent with the treatment.

• Do not roll too hard. You may potential give yourself a scar; which defeats the initial purpose of the derma-roller. Medium pressure: enough to puncture the skin; NOT to bleed to death.
• Do not roll over open wounds.
• Do not roll on or too close to the skin around your eyes. This is an extremely sensitive area.
• If using a roller with a shorter healing time (e.g. 0.5mm or less), alternate the days between the use of roller and your exfoliation routine. For longer healing times (e.g. 1.0mm or higher), exfoliate as normal; just NOT on the days that you’re recovering from a brisk roll.
• Keep your and/or other’s hands, pets, etc. OFF YOUR FACE during the healing process!! And sleep on clean pillow cases. Your skin is very susceptible to absorbing anything that comes in contact with your skin after a session. So beware the contact your skin makes to its surrounding surfaces while its in recovery.
• ALWAYS sanitize your roller. The needles are puncturing your epidermis, so you absolutely want to make sure that the roller is clean and free of contaminants.

I’ve been using a derma-roller for a looooong time (nearly 15 years). Don’t worry, the entire changes does not take that long. In the beginning, I was a novice and information regarding the rollers was not as readily available as it is today; therefore, I had to learn some things on my own. I’d been very inconsistent with my treatment and stretched out my skin’s results. As time had gone by, and more and more information started to appear on the internet, I finally was able to use the rollers correctly and achieve the skin I’d always longed to obtain. It took about 3 to 6 months before my face had completely changed. It was a lot of trial and error in figuring out what topical works best with each roller, and knowing when to roll and when not to roll. Once I figured it all out, it was as though a whole new world had opened to me (you know, like finally understanding how to properly apply a contour ?)

That’s basically my routine/experience with the derma-roller. Sorry for the long read, but I hope this was helpful. If you need further detailed info, you can also Google about derma-rollers, or watch some YouTube videos about the tool and the users’ results.

Have a good one!

Que Avatar

Oh WOW!!! Thank you soooo much for taking the time and effort to reply to my question in such a detailed and elaborate manner. Really excited to try derma-roller now and I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference =D

I do have another question, do you get your rollers from amazon/ebay? I’m aware that there a ton of options from those sites but not very sure about the quality / safety of the rollers.

Momo Avatar

I definitely remember that my first purchase was from eBay, but I think I also bought another from Amazon. You’re right. There are many sellers to choose from those sites. Just research and choose a retailer/distributor you can trust. Reviews are the best way to know if the seller is above standard.

Also, when choosing a roller, find STAINLESS STEEL needles. They’re sturdier, they last longer, and they’re easier to clean. They may cost a tiny bit more (maybe $2 – $10 extra), but the longevity you get out of the roller is worth it. Many of the rollers will be sold and shipped from China, but try to find an American seller if you can (if you’re from/in the USA); less delivery time. Be wary of the sellers who say they’re shipping from the USA, but are actually located in China. I had that happen once (from eBay), and I was not happy. Luckily the seller felt remorseful, and I’d gotten the roller for free.

OK. I think I’ve armed you with all the knowledge you need to start. Lol. But let me know if you have anymore questions.

Good luck!

Anne Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: I have pretty dry skin with occasional hormonal breakouts and some rosacea (which is super visible on my ghostly pale skin, and leads to pretty sensitive skin)

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you?
• For dryness- the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (and their Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum);
• For hormonal breakouts- Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (which isn’t so harsh that it freaks out my sensitive skin);
• For Rosacea- the First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum (it’s the only one that has actually diminished it somewhat as opposed to just keeping it at bay, though one note- it smells like sulfur as it has sulfur in it which is why it works so well, but the smell fades pretty quickly and once you’ve put moisturizer on over it you can’t smell it at all, but for some people it could be an issue)

What’s the most effective product for eyes? Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? The FAB Anti-Redness Serum as mentioned above

Rachel R. Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Aging skin: Mostly oily, but perimenopausal and hormones are contantly changing my skin and creating cystic acne; adult acne; fiine lines; sagging. Wrinkles and acne at the same time sucks. Eczema on my elbows. Dry hands, feet, and body.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? NuSkin’s products

What’s the most effective product for eyes? Still looking and taking any recommendations. I haven’t found anything I’m wild about yet.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? NuSkin 180° Face Wash (acne); Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix (acne); Eslor Collegen Firming Cream (sagging); NuSkin Epoch Sole Solution for eczema.

Ray Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Even-toned but oily.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Back in the day, Accutane. Recently, Derma E’s Purifying Moisturizer. It absorbs right in and doesn’t make me oilier.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? I stopped using eye creams. The instant smoothing and brightening they provide is largely due to the dimethicone content, not any changes to the skin. Side note: I’ve become really annoyed by how many skincare brands are using silicones to create the illusion of improvements to the skin. I wouldn’t wear a heavy layer of silicone primer to bed, so I’m not going to bother with dimethicone-heavy creams.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? CeraVe’s foaming cleanser makes my skin feel fresh and clean without making it feel right.

shelpen Avatar

Your skin type/concerns:
combination (normal-oily T zone)/aging, pigmentation, occasional breakouts

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you?
Tretinoin, the main ingredient of Retin-A etc. Truly an amazing stuff for wrinkles/breakouts/pigmentation!

What’s the most effective product for eyes?
Have not found yet…

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern?
Aforementioned tretinoin. As far as a particular product, I think Perricone MD Face Firming Activator or High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift make a visible difference in the texture and firmness of my skin. Both products are interchangeable for me though.

Ivanna Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: -Combination and sensitive, eith occasional hormonal breakouts.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? -CeraVe PM moisturizer has been perfect for controlling excess oiliness throughout the day, CeraVe hydrating facewash is the least stripping morning skin cleanser that makes my skin feel awesome, Clean&Clear Persa-gel-10 is the most amazing thing to dry down acne overnight, Olay Regenerist fragrance-free regenerating serum is the best at calming irritation, Paula’s Choice Resist weekly retexturizing 4% BHA foaming treatment is the best weekly chemical exfoliant, while daily there is nothing better than the scrubby CVS “natural walnut” face sponge when I cleanse.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? I’ve been trying out samples for what seems like years. There is no dang difference. I’m currently using up the CeraVe Eye Repair cream. It’s simple.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? -I kind of listed them for the “biggest difference” question.

Helene Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Ageing, oily t-zone, visable pores, darker spots most likely to the days spent in the sun.
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Abeille Royale from Guerlaine, it helped against the loss of elasticity.
What’s the most effective product for eyes? I wish I knew!
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? I think it’s the aforementioned oil and hyaluronic acids. Must see if I can find Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic Serum that Lulle mentioned.

Kay Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Sensitive combo/dehydrated skin type. My concerns are pigmentation, dehydrated skin and aging.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? TM w/ mineral sunscreen, Vitamin C and retinol products.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? Philosophy Hope in a Tube high density eye and lip firming cream.

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream Night Formula

Julia Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Fairly normal skin type these days, my biggest concern has always been dark circles
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? I have been using Pond’s Rejuveness at night for years and I feel like it works really well to keep my skin moisturized and smooth
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Creme… it seems to actually be delivering on the promises that all cremes make! (Plumping under eye skin, reducing fine lines)
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? The eye creme is definitely helping since plumper skin means less shadowing and smoother skin, but sadly the most effective thing has to be a good concealer!

Genevieve Avatar

Skin concerns: sensitivity, a little bit of redness and aging.
Effective skincare product: Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide capsules – love that oil, serums – Natio Mature face serum, Cetaphil moisture cream
Eye cream: Innoxa Eye cream – just works for me.
Most effective: the Ceramide capsules for hydrating my skin.

Chelsea Avatar

Skin type/concerns: Oily but dehydrated/blackheads and flakes
Skincare product that’s made the biggest difference: Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion. It has a natural sheen that makes my super matte foundation look lifelike, and it provides just the right amount of moisture.
Most effective product for eyes: Still searching!
Most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. It’s my HG for eradicating blackheads without making my skin flaky.

Meghan Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Oily/ dehydrated – breakouts and blackheads and the discolouration that can come with that.
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? I love facial oils (but they’re not all the same!). In particular, I love Kiehl’s and Sunday Riley oils.
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Water & I’m really fine with any eye cream.
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? I love the Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment – it’s a gentle chemical exfoliant, all around gorgeous product.

Katherine T. Avatar

*Skin concerns – 46 yrs, but skin is in good shape, except for fine lines under eye and some dark spots
*Sunscreen ——SuperGoop City Serum SPF 30 & First Aid 5-in-1 Anti Aging SPF 30 Cream
*Exfoliators- Peter Thomas Roth 40%Triple Acid Peel, 10% Glycolic Acid Gel, and his Firmx Peeling Gel are awesome
*Paula’s Choice–her Retinols & Vitamin C treatments have done an amazing job at reducing fine lines and dark spots, highly recommend!
*Eyes —————Paula’s Choice retinols on upper lids, still trying to find something that’s super hydrating for under eye, that lasts all day long and can be used under foundation/concealer

Laura Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Dry, dry fair skin/Concerns include retaining moisture and reducing redness
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair — this is a product that actually lives up to the hype (for me). It does everything I want a serum to do and is not greasy.
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream. I saw a difference within a week or two. It is hydrating and minimizes fine lines.
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil — it drastically reduces redness and when layered over other products, it penetrates deply, activating other products

Anna Avatar

I have a lot of skin concerns, and, sadly, most of the drugstore & high end skincare does not suit me. I need to pick my products very carefully. I found some gems, though. One of them is Avocado Eye Cream made by Martina Gebhardt. It’s dense and greasy, so I use it mostly as a nightcream – but it really seems to work and hydrate my under eye area. I’m also using linden flower water as a toner. To calm skin and combat redness you need only a few sprays – and it’s a cheap product. 🙂

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Oily but easily dehydrated, shiny skin, large pores, prone to melasma

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Switching to a BHA exfoliant

What’s the most effective product for eyes? Most of the time I just use my regular face moisturizer for my eye area

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? The BHA exfoliant again!

chris Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Normal/Oily, Sensitive, Acne
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Acne scaring
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Clinique “Roller Ball” for morning
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Tazorac Cream

Claire L Avatar

Your skin type/concerns: Sensitive, dehydrated combination skin with breakouts and seborrhoeic dermatitis on forehead.

What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Pai’s rice water and rosemary affinity tonic spray for oily/combination skin. It’s really calmed down my breakouts without drying out my skin. I have to be careful not to spray it on my forehead where I tend to get seborrhoeic dermatitis though.

What’s the most effective product for eyes? For me at the moment it’s Verso’s eye serum. It’s the first one that hasn’t made my eyelid bags worse, and even improved them as well as working on my fine lines! I hate trying out eye creams, gels or serums because they invariably make my eyelid bags worse, even if I pat all around my eyelids for a minute!

What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Same as above with the Pai skin tonic. Also for my seborrhoeic dermatitis, any balm or thick oil helps it stay under control. I love using Caudalie’s Divine oil.

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Your skin type/concerns: early 30s skin starting to lose its youthfulness. Combination skin that breaks out during PMs. Prevention of wrinkles and to minimize the ones that are already there (under the eyes). Improve skin luminousity.
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Believe it or not, a simple SAPPO HILL unscented oatmeal soap. It alleviated my adult acne and soothe my skin overall. I use oils at night to remove makeup, but always follow with the oatmeal soap. I use the oatmeal soap fist thing in the morning too.
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Kiehls Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum. In the morning, top it with sunblock then makeup. In the evening, top with facial oil.
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? Given that my skin is free from pimples/acne due to the oatmeal soap, at night, i use serums (Kiehls for eyes, YSL OR Rouge for the entire face) and let it absorb then layer with La Mer Renewal Oil if my skin feels oily. Or Sunday Riley Artemis when its normal or dry-ish. 🙂

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Can I just say that I love today’s survey questions? I’m truly enjoying the comments!

Your skin type/concerns: Combo/Oil Slick
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you? Philosophy Purity Face Wash
What’s the most effective product for eyes? Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern? I’m still on the hunt!

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Your skin type/concerns: hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dehydration
What skincare product has made the biggest difference for you?: Sunscreen D.A.I.L.Y
What’s the most effective product for eyes?: Murad Regeneration Eye Cream
What’s the most effective product for your biggest skin concern?: Laroche Posay facial sunscreen sf 60.

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