Sunset Balayage Hair

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Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair
Sunset Balayage Hair

About a year ago, I had balayage done to my hair (see it here), which gave me the beautiful highlights I’ve always admired on others in a way that I knew I could manage/keep up with.  I have nearly jet black hair naturally, so 90s highlights starting at the root were impossible for me to maintain as I’m just not the type of person who enjoys going to the salon.  Once I learned about balayage, I grew my hair out as long as I could stand it one more time so I could a third donation to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

Just over two months ago, I had my balayage moved up and then dyed a magenta-ish hue (you can see it here).  I actually had no anticipation of changing it, but I came across–randomly–this image of sunset hair and fell in love. Like head over heels, can’t sleep, can’t eat, I want it NOW! kind of love.  (You can see the evolution of my hair coloring journey on my Pinterest board, haha.)  One of the neat parts about balayage is that I can retain a lot of my natural hair color at the top, which works for making maintenance easy (roots who!) but also in keeping up with consistency in photos on the blog overall as when I have my hair up, it has low impact on photos and how products appearance as you just see… my natural, black hair.

Lauren Krech at The Waverly Salon has handled all of my hair transformations since I first had balayage done, and she created a total masterpiece on my hair. It’s a magical sunset painted onto my hair; there is an insane amount of dimension in how the colors are layered and blended together.  It took just under seven hours to achieve my sunset hair dreams, but I am obsessed with how it turned out–I feel like it’s rare that reality exceeds expectations and that’s exactly what happened for me.  It shifts and changes at different angles, in different lighting, and even just by the direction it’s curled or brushed.

There were three “colors” that were applied, brushed, and artistically woven throughout my hair.  All of the dyes used were from the Joico Vivids range.  The purple mix included Indigo, Amethyst Purple, and a little bit of Orchid.  The pink mix included Magenta, Pink, and Soft Pink.  The more orange-hued color was a mix of Fiery Coral and Rose Gold (possibly a little Peach, need to confirm).

But here are the lessons I’ve learned having magenta hair for the last few months… Having 1″ x 1″ tiles with white grout in-between each tile on my shower floor =/= work with magenta dye — I pop back to the salon for a wash and have my colorist do quick braids, so then I dry at home (saves money), so that they deal with the dye that bleeds out for the first few washes. Also, putting on a clear coat helped tremendously! (After four washes, only a little dye bleeds during a rinse, so I can do it at home.) While I invested in black hair towels (over the white ones I’ve had for a decade), dark sheets/pillowcases are also a must. I’ve also had to adjust my routine that when I do wash my hair, I dry it shortly after instead of leaving it damp in a towel.

If you ever go for more vivid hair color choices, you’ll want to follow the general rules for maintaining color like choosing color-safe shampoos/conditioners, using cold water to wash, etc. How much or well it fades depends a lot on the state of one’s hair.

P.S. — This post isn’t sponsored; I found the salon via Yelp and have paid for all of my services.

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It’s certainly gorgeous. I can see why you’re obsessed! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. I hope you’ve managed to remove the dye from the grout. I use a color boosting shampoo by Watercolors to keep my natural color looking vibrant. As I’ve aged my hair has faded so much.

Yes, I think it’s all gone! With enough bleach and elbow grease, I was able to get it to lift but it took probably an hour of me on my hands and knees to do so! I’ll be going to get this whole ‘do washed at least twice (depending on how is bleeding at that point, I may do a third or fourth there).

Jeez, I didn’t even manage to finish my thought. My point was that I’ve had to use a lot of bleach containing products too. If I can rinse it quickly it’s much easier to keep the grout white. You’re smart to just have a professional do it! I’m just really excited to have found the Watercolors line because I no longer have to color my hair to get the color I was born with. I don’t like using permanent or semi permanent color because you end up with roots. I was using demi-permanent and it just washes out so fast. I wonder if some sort of color boosting shampoo would help keep your color fresher longer. I imagine it’s not a cheap investment to get that done!

I, too, am currently rocking a (bright) sunset look. I love seeing all of the colors intertwined in my curls! Since I follow the Curly Girl no-poo routine, it helps my crazy colors last so much longer. You are definitely right about the towels. For the first couple of weeks after I get a color done, I use my dark towels instead of my regular ones. 🙂

I rinse my hair with a cold vinegar/water solution right after I dye it. I understand that it helps lock the surface and slows the dye loss. Seems to work for me. 🙂

Just stunningly beautiful Christine. I have been doing a variety of fashion colors for years and really enjoy it. It’s my “signature look”. As you mentioned you do have to be careful with the products you use but it’s so worth it. You look beautiful – the colors complement you perfectly.

Definitely a little more precarious in the transferring than I had anticipated, at least with the more magenta and the first time we did it. Right now, the clear coat going on in the beginning seems to help because I’m not getting the transfer I got last time!

I have vivid colored hair that I change roughly every 10 weeks. It is currently ombré pink, purple, and blue – my tub is regularly dyed random colors and my husband has just learned what to use to get the color out of the grout…god bless him.

Wow very pretty! Love those colors on you. You are blessed with a lush mane of hair. So kind to donate your hair to those in need. I’ll take a couple inches thank you, lol.

The least I could do with long hair, hating to get it cut, and having it be all natural! Better someone in need than on the floor!

Wow!!! This is so pretty!!! The colors are just gorgeous and they suit you so much! You look gorgeous in these pictures with your hair down.

It looks gorgeous!

I did bright fire engine red hair once in my 20’s and it looked amazing but the upkeep was such a drag, I gave up on it and went back to brunette. I love the idea of bright, vividly coloured hair and the balayage is such a good idea – but I know myself well enough to know that it would be too much frustration for me – I’m too lazy to clean the shower each time and change my towels and sheets! Your hair looks super healthy and strong too! Bee-you-tea-full!

I’m actually pretty low maintenance re: hair myself, and it’s more upkeep than my natural black, but after the first few washes, it wasn’t bad! I tend to do a little layer of tile cleaner after I wash now, but my hair is drier so it tolerates a once-weekly wash (dry shampoo between) so it isn’t SO bad. I have separate black towels for my hair, and thankfully, my sheets are dark to begin with but it has been an adjustment! My hair was transferring dye SO badly even when it was dry as a bone – like I would put my hair up in a ponytail and my hands would turn pink. I couldn’t even google to find others experiencing that level of transfer, lol, but a second wash + clear coat seemed to go a long way because it stopped transferring while dry (unless I vigorously rubbed it).

Originally, my colorist put in some of my pink dye with conditioner so I could use that between visits, but after the first dye debacle, I was too scared to use it, LOL!

Your hair is gorgeous! If you ever want to take more pics of it, i’d love to see the whole effect (so form the top of your head down to your back)
It’s good i cut mine in a pixie, or i’d be running to get it done the same this weekend.

WOW! That is absolutely gorgeous!

My hair has gone through so many colors in my life, but a few years ago I decided to let my hair go gray naturally. But thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

It does! I seem to get more compliments now than ever on my salt and pepper… Especially when I get it cut, the stylists say it’s so hard to get the grey right. Lol, good time to be going grey…

Beautiful!!! I’ve been doing rainbow hair for a few years now and the maintenance is no joke. Whenever people ask if they should do it I warn them about the commitment. Usually when they hear about having to always wash in cold water, they change their mind about trying it. ? But yes. Color safe shampoo, cold water washing, and being ok with things getting stained is a way of life now. I think the best thing I did was get some of those aquis quick dry towels. That way my hair only stains the one towel and dries fast enough that it doesn’t contaminate any of my bath towels. (I also wash my hair after I’m done showering by doing it under the bath tap so nothing gets on my tiles. But I know that’s not for everyone.)

OMG, so cold water is a must, except in AZ the water lines aren’t usually buried deep so getting cold water in the summer… is… not… a thing. I was like, “I picked the worst time of the year to try magenta!”

I have one of the giant Aquis towels in black, which I’ll use and also put on the floor as I’m drying just in case (more in the beginning). I thought about using the laundry room sink (stainless steel) as the one that should be easiest to clean but my stylist offered to wash for me, so I was like, “Yes, please!”

Ugh. That is AMAZING. I would kill to have my hair washed like that every time. My salon is too far from me to make that feasible, though. You’re living your best hair life. ???

It turned out soooooo beautiful Christine!!! So glad you are a happy customer! It’s truly lovely.
I only stick with red and may natural super dark brown hair but it is fun to change things up!

This turned out to be such a beautiful hair color job! Very flattering to your coloring and features. And it really does remind me of one of our vivid Arizona sunsets with all the reds, pinks, orange and purple lighting up the sky whenever we’re lucky enough to have some clouds! For my own hair, I’m in that place of trying to decide whether to let my gray grow in and use a semi-permanent rose-gold platinum in it or soft lilac tinged lt. brown? Or I could just keep on using a 3N demi color to cover up all the white and dark mousy brown that’s slowly fading into a more medium mousy brown? I really miss having fire-engine red bayayages, though! 9, 10, 11 years ago!

Right?? It is the most glorious of AZ sunsets! We have some beauties.

Oooh, lilac or rose gold sounds like it would be so pretty!

Nancy, I’m in the same boat with hair color issues. Thinking of doing the same. My soul is so NOT mousy like my hair. Please let me know how it turns out and what colors you use.

I’m glad to hear you occasionally do something for you. You are always so busy taking care of your readers. This is dramatic, gorgeous, and totally becoming. So glad you donated, before you colored; it must have been incredibly long. A six y.o. I know just donated 15″, and her hair is still to her shoulder blades. What a superb gift for patients who need it.

Pantene’s program is great because they’ll take 8″, which is pretty doable to grow out to and still keep some length myself. My hair is so thick that the longest I’ve been able to handle is to my waist – it’s at that point that I notice I start taking pain meds for my neck pain consistently. 15″ is amazing!!

Not sure yet, we’ll have to see how it fades/how quickly it fades/what it fades to! It shouldn’t take 7 hours for a touch-up, but I do have a lot of hair (in volume and length). She removed the pink I had before, raised the balayage up, and then colored! I think just doing balayage on my hair is about 3 hours or so. I will say that she seemed to go the extra mile on coloring, though, because she was taking such small sections throughout to get the multifaceted look!

Thank you! 🙂 I really dug the magenta (and now the sunset hues) because it was vivid and colorful but wasn’t overwhelming (against my features).

It’s sort of purple from the top, then pink, and then rosy copper/orange but then everything is also blended together and some sections are all purple or purple and pink. There’s a bit more of the orange/copper going on in the back (was worried about too much orange near my face).

Your hair is positively stunning, like a fiery, striated sunset! You look so happy, and I’m so happy for you to be able to achieve your dreams in every way! You work so hard and you are a beautiful person both inside and out, and you deserve all of the happiness and joy, big and small in the wonderful life that you are creating for yourselves.
❤️ the life updates for us to share in your joy, and the tips too.

My hair is really dark brown, in some lighting it looks almost black. I’ve always loved the color, so have had no interest in changing it and like to keep it natural and healthy, plus like you, I’ve always been low maintenance in that department. 😉 I keep saying that when it turns gray I’ll have some fun playing with different colors. I’m also letting it grow so when I cut it I can donate to locks of love. Unfortunately my hair isn’t thick like yours, but I’m sure every little bit helps.

My hair was always straight and fine, and it’s funny but in the last five years or so my hair texture changed to very wavy giving it more volume, and it also grows longer and faster. I have no idea what the catalyst for the change was, but I like it. If I brush it, most of the wave/curl goes away, but if I put product in it I can get that beachy look which is fun. I hope your color lasts a long time and doesn’t get to be too much maintenance for you, but it’s probably worth it for such beautiful results! I absolutely ? seeing everyone in all their creativity in hair color and hairstyles, along with makeup and non-traditional colored lipsticks.

Thanks, Pami! 🙂 It’s so great to hear that you’re working on growing out your hair to donate – every bit DOES help for sure! If you ever find yourself shy, Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths will take 8″ (shorter than most programs, if I remember correctly!). My hair would get so heavy that I had a tough time getting much longer than donating 8-10″.

That’s good to know about Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Do they partner with the salon you go to?

I have a friend who had a huge mane of super thick, heavy hair that she always kept down past her butt(!!!), and when she decided to finally cut it, she donated it to Locks of Love. I told her they were probably able to make a bunch of wigs out of her hair. They must have been thrilled!

I’ve always mailed in my hair myself (I’ll take some little rubber elastics and a ziploc with me to the salon), so I’m not sure if they have any particular partnerships in place!

I donated my last bit in January or February this year and had hair just below my shoulders (it was down to my waist when I cut it), and it’s about 6″ longer than it was, I’d say, though I had a small trim in August.

I am truly drooling as I read your post and looked at your stunning pix!! I have never seen such vibrant shades applied over dark hair. Mesmerizing! I will be curious to hear how it does in terms of fading. I’ve been coloring my hair red for years and years, and it fades so darn much. I have to get it re-redded every 4 weeks. I’m wondering how long does that kind of bayalage last? Enjoy your gorgeous sunset hair!

I love your hair color. I rocked vivid hair for about two years and also used Joico vivid colors. Purple became my “go to” color. It fades beautifully and it lasts for months. You’re right. It’s crucial to follow the “maintenance tips” with bright colors. These colors are very costly and they fade very quickly if you don’t use the right products. I know how much I paid for 3 Joico vivids on a pixie cut, so I can only imagine how expensive it was to give you this amazing look. It’s so worth it though!

Do you have any product recs, Rachel?

Good to hear that you had good luck with the Joico Vivid purple! I was just looking through the photos I have with the magenta, and it looked pretty much the same after two months. I’m hoping that since there’s quite a bit of pink/magenta hues that it’ll hold up decently.

Wow Christine , your hair looks like beautiful Autumn fire ! So rich and dimensional .
So skillfully done and it looks stunning with your complexion !

I’m obsessed! I might have to copy you! I have dark red hair right now which is the most “unnatural” color I’ve ever had. I really want to try for more fun colors and I tho k this is how I want to do it! Love that it is easier to maintain as far as roots go too!

When I was in my early teens, I wanted blue streaks in my hair… my mom let me except without bleaching, aka basically nothing, LOL. This year is the first in over a decade that I colored/bleached/touched my hair!

Christine, you are rocking some gorgeous hair! The vibrant colors of the sunset compliment your beautiful face. My favorite thing you wrote was that it is so rare for real life to exceed your expectations. I believe that with all the good you put out into the world, you deserve to have that feeling often. Thanks for sharing your hair journey. I’m grateful every time I see an email notification from you. You are the very best and should feel as wonderful as we all see you.

I wondered what you had done to color your hair. The close ups show even more! I just love it. It has made be think of adding some soft pastels to my hair to cover the grey/white. My hair is dark blonde with about 25-30% grey. I’m 69 so need to start gradually. For years I had lighter blonde foils done but got tired of the time and money. My hair is very straight and super fine,; about shoulder length.

The sunset balayage is absolutely gorgeous! I love your long thick wavy hair! My hair is coloured red/auburn but it is very fine, flat, and needs to be washed every other day.
Your hair is going on my pinterest board!!

Hi Christine! We share a first name, and I love your blog, but have never left a comment before, but I couldn’t resist for this one! I have been bleaching and dyeing my own hair crazy colors at home for the past 5 years! I’ve had my hair bright magenta, bright red, dark purple, blue, neon green, aqua green, light blue, bright pink, pastel pink, pastel lavender, and it is definitely a commitment, a way of life, for sure! I’m currently rocking a mixture of crimson red and purple, a 2:1 ratio, gives me a georgous plummy burgundy color! But yours is absolutely beautiful aswell!

I’m surprised none of the other commenters have mentioned the brand Overtone. I discovered it about 2 years ago, their website offers a range of color-depositing daily and deep conditioners, available in every color of the rainbow, and each color is also available in different intensities of pigmentation (pastel, vibrant, or extreme). For example, you can choose from pastel purple, vibrant purple, or extreme purple, or pastel green, vibrant green, extreme green, etc. And you can mix different colors to acheive your perfect match! (I mix Extreme Pink and Vibrant Purple together for my Plum color!)

And they offer the same extensive color range in a daily conditioner option, for maintenance of your color after your normal washing, or a deep conditioner that can actually be used to dye blonde/ bleached hair, and about once a week afterwards for a deep treatment/ color-boost. AND, you can wash your hair in hot water again! You don’t have to wash in cold water!

I love this product for a simplified way to mainain my bright color! (I used to mix left-over dye into my conditioner, but it was super hard to get the same color ratio every time, and the dye screws with the ph and stuff in your conditioner). This stuff is a no-brainer! You should check it out on, maybe even do a review for our fellow crazy-color-haired ladies of the world! I know it’s changed my life for the better! Thanks for reading!

I actually have a question into them already on if any of their products would work for me 🙂 I’m not certain that’s a product that would work for me due to having three colors and that the three colors aren’t really distinctively in one area. (And there’s no way I’ll be able to section it all off myself!) Any input?

When I had just magenta, my stylist used my dye and mixed it with conditioner, so I could use that to maintain the vibrancy, though I didn’t end up using it as it caused a lot of staining in my shower!

Awww gorgeous hot lady! You are so ready for the holidays! Love it! It looks great on you so are your eyes and the makeup you chose. I think I have hair similar to yours is soft waves and lots of volume. I’m trying to let it grow after some terrible highlights experience. Lol! I don’t like sitting in salons too often to color my hair and prefer to do it at home unless I have a very fancy event to attend. I’m cool toned with green hazel eyes and love to put a bit of red in it. I been using from Zotos shades at Sally Hansen’s a Light Strawberry Brown is a perfect match for me. I experimented with lighter shades and I look dead as when wearing nude anythingl Lol! This color I have liked for a while sometimes I mix it with a lighter shade like amber and a couple of hairdressers have liked it a lot. So I’m more successful coloring my hair than doing the perfect smokey eye I dream of haha! I give up!
Lovely! Lovely job! Now go party and shake that mane! ?

It’s awesome that you can do it at home, though! Much more convenient and comfortable!

I can’t believe I’ve been to the salon three times this year – that’s probably a record in my adult life. I normally am lucky to get there twice a year… LOL.

I have been reading your blog for what feels like forever and seen you in photographs for hundreds maybe even thousands of times and you have NEVER looked more beautiful. Bravo Christine you are stunning!

That hair colour looks amazing on you, especially that streak of purple! Also, I’m well into low maintenance hair colour, I do the same with my roots. I have naturally dark blonde hair and I get pale silver blonde highlights that are blended into my roots so it grows out looking nice and natural rather than having to redo it every 8 weeks. It’s been a year and I’m about to book my highlights appointment! It sounds hard having bright colours stain everything, my only problem as a blonde is purple shampoo dying my hands a lovely bruised colour, especially when they are dry

It’s not too bad dealing with staining, but there’s definitely a learning process when you’re a newbie to it all, lol! Like it was a very “duh” it would bleed/stain when it was damp but I didn’t think there’d be much to worry with when it was dry!

I love it. I used to have bright pinky red hair like this but also had to stop because of upkeep. I wouldn’t mind spending time in the salon to keep it up, but the money is just too much at this point in my life.

Wow. Truly gorgeous. I especially love the pops of purple! I also have jet black hair naturally and agree that balayage was a game changer. I have purplish red hair right now that I maintain by using a conditioner called fabuloso by evo. My guess is it would be difficult for you to use something like that due to all the different tones. I’m so jealous, if I didn’t work in corporate, I would LOVE to do something like that! Droolworthy!!!

Right??? I had just given up the whole idea of highlights, and then balayage! what! what is this magic??

Yeah, I’m not sure if there’s any product I could really use to enhance the color without masking/changing some of the rest since it is so multi-colored but… everywhere (instead of more of an ombre effect). For the magenta I had, my colorist mixed my color into new conditioner, though I ended up being too terrified of staining my shower floor that I only used it once, LOL.

I’m so happy for you. Your hair looks gorgeous and I love reading how thrilled you are with the results. I admire hair color like yours, but I don’t think I have the patience to deal with the extra work it would entail. I can’t even keep up with my gray roots. Maybe in my next life. Enjoy, and thank you for sharing! I’d love to see an updated skin care post from you, if you ever feel like it.

It’s tough to keep up with anything at the root 🙁

My skincare routine changes every 4-6 weeks (I swap in a new product at that point, sometimes two if it’s like, a cleanser, but moisturizers are every 4-6 weeks), so I don’t really have a go-to routine with specific products!

Wow it’s beautiful. I’m getting my hair colored for the first time in a few weeks. My regular stylist is amazing at balayage but I’ve never taken advantage. I’m excited but afraid I will love it too much! I’m just doing traditional colors… but I’ve been loving some subtle pops of color like rose gold that I’ve been seeing around. I think magenta would be super fun, too….

How exciting!! What traditional colors are you going for?

I got really lucky when I booked Lauren the first time – she does a ton of balayage at the salon, but she’s one of the few at the salon that also does the fashion colors.

I’m actually wondering how this will fade over time and if it’ll be at all almost like… a pretty, faded sunset-ish color (different look but not bad). I thought about doing rose gold!

beautiful hair christine! i really wish this article had been around 2 summers ago when i got a mix of purple, pink & green (i was going for oil slick but it turned out more unicorn). even the soap suds that ended up on the wall and wasn’t rinsed off the wall right away dyed the tile! i learned the only sleep with super dry hair and put a big towel over my pillowcase just in case

I read how red-based dyes are really prone to staining 🙁 I believe it was after the fourth wash where it was manageable at open – where it was a lot less dye bleeding that the water-to-dye ratio was enough where it washed away. The first wash at home, though, oh my!

Actually your hair is so much prettier than the pix you fell in love with. Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking despite being dyed.

So gorgeous! And what an incredible hair journey. (It’s always a journey with hair, isn’t it? I had always wanted to make my hair midnight blue but I’ve never had the nerve. After losing and regaining my hair it came in a slightly different color and I decided to just keep it that way. It’s a super short pixie and I love it.) Keep up the beautiful sunset!

Always! I’m super attached to my hair, LOL. I would be that person on America’s Next Top Model that would cry if they made me cut it all off!

Happy to hear that you regained your hair and are enjoying how it is! 🙂

So fabulous! You have such an amazing way with color.

I have magenta highlights, toned down a little with purple, but fortunately my tile grout is not white and I use dark towels anyway so the bleeding has not destroyed my bathroom.

Phew!! Every shower in my house is inappropriate for rinsing out red-dyed hair, LOL. I made sure to buy black towels as soon as I left the salon with magenta, though.

Hi Christine,

I have been a Temptalia follower for years! Just wanted to say that your hair is gorgeous! I mean it’s like art! What an amazing job your colorist did! Enjoy it!

I LOVE that this post isn’t sponsored or anything, you just saw something beautiful, wanted that in your life, got it, and shared it with us followers. Your hair looks amazing!!!

Do you do posts with other looks, like if you’re going out in your personal life, where you’d share those with us too? I guess demonstrating wearability of a look?

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE your hair! I used to rock fun colors back before I got an office job, but I think I could actually get away with something like this since it isn’t too in your face. The only thing is, I’d be worried that I wouldn’t find someone who could actually make it look like this! I’ve had too many bad experiences with bad colorist…but this post has actually inspired me to look into getting mine dyed again, so maybe it’ll be worth the risk. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

There’s definitely a bit of an art to balayage but a lot of stylists/colorists (and salons) have Instagram pages, so that might be a good place to start to at least trying to get an idea of someone’s body of work.

The magenta was fun but felt pretty bold, and I like how this one wears on me – it’s certainly not tame, but the way it’s blended and mixed with my natural hair color, it is a little less intense!

Wonderful! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished to have raven hair for the amazing contrast. You’ve done something truly magical with what was already enviable. 🙂

Wow. This came at the perfect time. I’ve been wanting to have my hair done but not quit sure on the color. My natural color is dark brown. It’s getting really hard to keep up with my grays though. They are mostly right in the front though. At least it’s not all of my hair. Lol. This color is so beautiful on you. How long does it usually last for ? Thank you ?

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I am glad to see you so happy with the result, and the colours suit you very well!

Thank you for your hard work, you are a rare gem in the beauty blog world. <3

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