Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th

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Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th
Sonia G. Organizer Launches March 10th

Release Date + About the Launch

The elegant, compact, and functional Sonia G. Wooden Brush Holder has been revealed. The box is crafted by renowed Japanese artisans in Hiroshima using sustainable, precious walnut wood. It measures 20cm x 6.3cm x 8cm and includes three, small dividers that slide to customize the space for your brushes. The bottom of the box features alcantara fabric to protect brush handles. The box retails for $185.00 with limited quantities available, but the box will continue to be produced as long as there is interest, so it is not limited edition.

3/10, 10AM PT

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I hate to admit it, but I have a much easier time with the Wayne eye brushes than the Sonias. Probably should revisit the descriptions. The face brushes are easy, but the eye brushes seem too stiff, maybe too dense. They seem even more dense and stiff, when washed and dried, no matter what I use. I wind up using the Sonias for packing, but find even Zoevas blend better…. Not sure I trust myself to get any others. The stand seems lovely, though.

I have the same problem, the brush density make it difficult to blend the eyeshadows. After 4th washing my Sonia’s eye brushes feel bit scratchy. It didn’t happen with my other natural hair eye brushes.

I’m with you 100% Kjh. Sonias brushes, while beautiful, are VERY DENSE and sometimes way too stiff and I own many of hers, Wayne’s and Chikuhodos. Sonias are my LEAST favorite. Wayne’s blending eye brushes and Chikuhodo face brushes beat Sonias every day of the week (and I’m a makeup artist for Dior – not at a counter, I work as a freelancer directly for Dior).

Thanks, you guys. I have no issues with the face 2 for powder foundation and the fan (except with heavy pigment blushes.). But the eye brushes only seem suitable for placement/packing. I felt like a heretic writing such a blasphemous comment, lol. Kind of a shame that the Sonias have been relegated to CP SSSs. And my RAT brush is still pristine and displayed!!

I need a good brush organizer, so happy to see this! I’ll pick up a few, depending on how big it is. Looks like rectangle shape, which his stackable. So excited to see what she came up with!

Oof but can you handle that US$180 (CAD$250) price tag?! I was going to buy it initially after seeing the product photos; however, the price reveal stopped me in my tracks. I really like the design and I’m sure it would look nice on most vanities, but the price tag is just so insane. Even if it’s handmade… that’s a lot of coin.

As lovely as this looks, I’m not one for storing my brushes in the open air. My vanity is in my bathroom, and with two adults and two pets, there’s too much that could go wrong. Plus, I couldn’t imagine having my less-than-pristine brushes on display for the world to see. This one’s not for me.

Nice looking box but not sure if it’s worth almost $200. Looks like it will hold about 25 brushes. And I like that it has a covering on the bottom to protect the brush ends. I may buy one to keep my Sonia G and higher end brushes in.

The price of this is so outrageous I can’t even. And I buy $125+ brushes (for one face brush) without blinking. Because you actually USE them on your face for a beautiful makeup application. But I don’t care how “precious” this wood is, it’s literally just a wooden brush holder and it won’t even fit more than what she currently offers right now. You’ll need more than one to hold future brushes.

Ouch ?. I would LOVE this, but I would rather buy more brushes (such as Sky Face set).

Reading comments with interest on Sonia G versus Wayner Goss brush sets. I have both and feel deep need for both. I personally find the Sky Eye set the absolute best of Sonia G for my eye shape and size. In general, I tend to pack and large space smoke out using Sonia G and Wayner’s brushes for detail, but it also depends on the shadow formula. Certainly both are really excellent quality brushes.. I just don’t want to afford this very pricey wooden box.. it pains me to say this.

This is nuts. I keep my brushes in a small cup, I can’t imagine it works significantly worse at holding than a $185 box.

$185 for something that looks like it was made at an AR workshop?

If you like the look, alternatively you could pick up an unfinished wood box for a couple bucks (I always see them at craft stores), stain and paint it however, and get some inserts.

We have a black walnut tree at the end of our driveway that will probably need to come down soon. My husband loves doing woodworking and cabinetry. I might show him this and get him to knock together something similar for a whole lot less than $185!!!!

ooh, black walnut is a lovely wood. I was just thinking—I have the tools, I should make a nice one myself! Paint it, maybe like an old-fashioned illustrated lacquer box…

Put his boxes on Etsy to underwrite your m/u purchases. It is NOT as silly as it sounds. Especially inlaid wood slabs, boxes, etc. are terrific. An NP I knew made me one, just lovely.

LOL, I love it! Sign me up, Mariella, I’m ready to put in an order =)
(but seriously, as the other comments have said, if you have an Etsy account, please let us know)

After I got done laughing, I called my husband over and asked him if this was something he could make for me in his woodshop. He said, “Sure. No problem.” How long would it take? “If you want it sanded and stained, probably a day or two.” And how much, I asked, would it cost? “In wood? Nothing.” I said, but how about in cherry or a special wood? “I don’t know…ten bucks?”

So if you adore this $185 box and you have any minor woodworking ability (and I do mean minor), or you have a fix-it type husband like mine, you can create this box in a precious wood and save yourself $175.

The box has a clean design that is very attractive, and black walnut has always been one of my favorite wood grains/colors. But, $185 is way too expensive for me. (And, I would want it to have a clear lid to protect my clean brushes from dust.) Love the concept, like the execution, disappointed in the price.

I was expecting this to be expensive, around 75-100 USD but nearing $200 is just offensive. I mean seriously, I know some people will buy it but…really? No thank you. I have seen some beautiful examples of Japanese carpentry and this is just basic being passed off as special because it is associated with an expensive line of brushes.

Absolutely beautiful and worth the money for real walnut and craftsmanship. Way out of my price range despite my admiration.

185? 1 8 5? Did I see it right? You can buy something like this in acrylic for a fraction of this price. You can also use a remote control holder.

Onehundredeightyfivedollars…. onehundredandeightyfivedollars… plus taxes and customfees for all living outside the US… For a simple carpentry wood box not even dimensioned to hold all of her brushes but just a portion of them… I love Sonia G and own many of her brushes many of which I also love and use a lot, albeit I do not love them all and agree with some voices here about the stiffness of some of the eye brushes that need also to be very carefully treated when cleaned to avoid them becoming stiff and porous from detergents…

I think if you have an extra Onehundredeightyfivedollars itching in your pocket then perhaps one could consider helping a girl in a third world country get her whole school education instead of getting yourself a rather simple wood box…

I am sorry but I just can’t get over it… One-hundred-eighty-five-dollars… There is nothing about this wood box that justifies that price. Not even if it was crazy expensive to make… in that case maybe it should not have been made at all…

Most of her brushes are even in stock and she wants someone to buy a brush box?!? Chile…restock your brushes and then we can talk! Ha!

$185 for a wooden box to hold makeup brushes is laughable, in my opinion. No matter what kind of wood it is. I use a few white Skurar candle holders that I got from IKEA. They’re $1.99 each and look beautiful on my vanity.

I love her brushes but too spends for me. I’d rather have more brushes!!
Plus they look too jammed up .. my little pails from the container store work great for $2.

I don’t think $185 for a sustainably harvested Japanese walnut box made by Japanese artisan is so laughable as it is to others.

I don’t like this design though. I think if it were a really well-designed brush storage case, it would have slots at the roof, and hang the brushes upside down (like how some Chinese/Japanese calligraphy brush hangers are stored), so that brushes could be washed and stored as they dry. Also, there would be a cover to avoid dust getting in, and perhaps have air ventilation — e.g., holes, cut-out squares, an inset with a mesh grate — so that things don’t get musty. I would consider a wood that avoids mustiness or discourages insects. I’m not sure walnut does that, though I think cedar or pine do? I also hate that her logo is on it since I’m not a fan of that logo and it doesn’t have the same goodwill/image as other prestige/status brands (e.g. Chanel, Gucci). I generally prefer no logo, which is why I love the brand MUJI.

Also, as others say – you need exactly around this many or fewer brushes, and it would have to be a really great fit into however you store makeup products. A lot of people store brushes in bathroom cabinets that might not accommodate this storage. I use glass cups. Easy to clean, recyclable, also can be used to hold drinks. Two-in-one 🙂

Edit: made by *a Japanese artisan.

Just wanted to point out the knotwork joining the edges, what look like small wooden pins joining the pieces, and the rounded curves on the sides. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have seen Japanese woodwork (using joinery techniques admired the world over for not using nails or glue, and coming together in seamless joints) costing a pretty penny.

I agree, there is alot of craftsmanship in the box. Plus, these artisans earn a livable wage, what a crazy idea. Just because you won’t pay the price for something doesn’t mean that it is overpriced.

This is out of my price range (I would also prefer to spend my money on actual brushes like many other posters), but I don’t think the price is ludicrous.

Yes 185$ for a brush holder is a lot, and you can absolutely find one for cheaper. However I feel this is marketed more as a handcrafted piece of artwork, and buyers who are purchasing this are purchasing this a piece of art they can enjoy and appreciate.

Art will always vary by person and I am not into the design, but I can understand the value of this handmade piece. Another poster commented that her husband can make this in a day or two for 10$ – let’s consider that per Sonias blog post, this box took an entire day for the artisan to make one (though I’m understanding they did make it more efficient after the prototype). In this case, the lady is not counting her husbands time as a cost, but we can’t discount the hours of manual labor the artisan puts in when looking at the price, as they are not doing it for free but doing it for their livelihood. Personally, I am paid by hour and not salaried, so I always count my time as a cost.

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