Sneak Peek: Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette Photos & Swatches

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip PaletteToo Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette ($26.00 for 0.20 oz.) is a small, compact eyeshadow palette with more neutral eyeshadows from Too Faced. Just an FYI, but if you already picked up The Chocolate Shop, this shares six shades (and one by name–Raspberry Rose–but they are not at all the same). Full review to come!

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

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I saw swatches of this on deep skin and the colors look chalky. Also, to me they look similar and probably do on the lid if you’re not fair.

It looks really nice swatched individually, but I mean everything you swatch looks good hah! I don’t think it would do ANYTHING for my skintone, nothing even really mid-tone in there.. I just don’t get it.

Oooh, those are not happy swatches! I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Even the sneak peek photos TF posted of this palette make it look really powdery/glittery. I really love the permanent Chocolate Bar palettes, and it’s a shame they didn’t put the same level of quality into this mini palette.

Too Faced have been a total fail for me with their releases after the Peach palette. Even the Peach palette was not on par with the quality. These shadows look horrible, and if I’m correct some of them are not even new.

I’ll be skipping everything from Too faced this holiday season.

I’m not seeing blurry images? They look like I intended them to look. If they are not perfectly sharp everywhere, I apologize, but they are in line with what I normally post!

Hi Christine,
Just FYI, I’m seeing some blurry images as well. Ambrosia and Cookie Dough pan and Raspberry Rose and Sugared Raisin swatch images are blurry.
Otherwise, very nice, I was looking forward to seeing these. I tried to get a hold of this during Sephora’s VIB rouge sale, but couldn’t get it in time :p I’m looking forward to reading your full review!

Could you send a screenshot to submit[at] so I can understand what you mean by blurry? Maybe my photo quality isn’t where it normally is? I mean, it seems normal to me, and the photos look as they should on my phone/desktop/tablet.

Hi Christine! I’m having the same issue, too. They aren’t bad quality burry; it’s more of a blurred overlay — as if they aren’t loading properly. I’ve just started to notice this in the last few days. Can I send you a screenshot via email?

Hi Christine,
I had this problem on one picture yesterday but today the pictures all look clear to me. I don’t know if that is because you have fixed the problem or not but wanted you to know.

All images are clear on my end!.. thank you so much for the swatches..I was bummed I didn’t get it but now I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing..nothing really excites me in this palette seeing actual swatches!

This is a nice, soft palette… I think it would work well for someone that loves a light, spring-like look. It’s actually kind of nice to see right now since we’ve been so immersed in deep shades and jewel tones!

Agree, agree, agree. Totally underwhelming. Maybe it’s a good thing that Too Faced sold itself to Estee Lauder — the quality can’t get worse.

I laughed when I saw “more neutral eyeshadows from Too Faced” in the description. At this point, their never-ending chalky nude shades aren’t worth it. If they would take the quality of their original Chocolate Bar palette and put it in some colorful palette shades, we wouldn’t have these problems. As it is, their colors fall short and their high-performance nudes are just repetitive. Sigh…

This has a C/D review written all over it. :(((( Can’t say I’m too surprised… Even in the pans, these colors didn’t look like they were going to preform well. :<

I bought this and love it. I have fair skin and it looks beautiful on my skin tone but if you have darker skin do not get. However, I am very very happy with this purchase because I don’t have a lot of cool toned palettes. Also, this metallics are so buttery for me.

Mine arrived a few days ago–I knew he moment I opened it that I’d be returning it ! And i think these swatches pretty much confirm my reaction.

Same here. I tacked this one on to an order without delving too deep and was very surprised at the tiny size. I think in my mind I had it as about half the size of the Chocolate Bar since the price was about half. Silly me! Back it goes.

Guilt free as a single, perhaps, but this selection looks nowhere as nice swatched as it does in palette, even for those of us trying to amp up our muted shades. (A common complaint for me this season, from Huda on down. Biggest offenders are the usual suspects, tf and Tarte. The difference between form and function can be appalling!) Another neg is that it likely won’t play well with other shades/palettes…..too easily overwhelmed. Add to that the scent, the saccharine, and the likely offshore mfg, well, sorry, no.

Um, no. Even *if* I were able to wear these without a majorly painful allergic reaction, this palette just looks like a slew of barely there shades. Way too light overall, and no variation in depth.

The shimmery shades are cute, but overall I am not sold on this palette, unfortunately. The swatches look to be a bit lacking, and I worry that most of these shades would look ashy on the skin tone. :/

Hahaha! Didn’t even think of looking for dupes. Maybe I didn’t even read the review of the other palette guilt-free was in. That’s my hidden, passive-aggressive snub of products that annoy or bore me. But I’ve got 3 dupes. You like what you like. It might be fun to see where these white palette shades also appear, but pretty much a time suck. Agree with the readers that are clamoring for singles. Also agree that this palette focus and the way they differentiate themselves (scent, ultra-hype) will eventually bite jerrod et cie on the ass. They are targeting a very young market…you know, the ones with the not-yet-developed frontal lobes, that do not yet apply insight and reasoning to makeup. The ones who get it because their friends did, or because it’s LE, or because it has stickers, or because it’s a collab….That strat could continue to work, as there will always be that demographic. It almost doesn’t matter if the quality is there, bec quality is not the driver in that age bracket. I remember and relate, but actually reason/judge/compare/ contrast/pro/con makeup purchases. Impulse buying: whatta concept. They have whole teams devoted to development of impulse products:design, marketing, trend forecasting, blahblahblah. Ah, retail.

A friend of mine got this, and it was pretty awful, even over primer. She’s returning it. Judging by her swatches, and these, I’m passing for sure.

For the most part this is a good palette for a pale princess. I like several of the shades. Even though I’m not that much more fair than some, because I’m N/NW5 in the winter, medium shades look so stark sometimes against my complexion.

Wow, Im so happy I did not have the funds to purchase this when it was first released. What is happening to makeup lately it seems everything is going down hill.

I think Too Faced needs to chill out with the releases and get back to making quality products. They are flooding the market with cutesy, underperforming makeup and it’s going to bite them in the rear end soon. I’m not impressed with this palette, these swatches, or for that matter the last four or so releases from this brand. Back to the drawing board, Jerrod and crew!

I SO thought Cake Batter was actually Salted Caramel from the original chocolate bar palette. I SO WISH they’d come out with eyeshadow singles! I would totally buy some.

Hmmmm…..Guilt free and Exotica look really pretty.
Sugared Raisin too. I will have to see this in person..after your review of course, Christine !

I’ve all but completely lost interest in Too Faced in the latter half of this year. Way too many major misses for palettes. And there’s just such a huge quantity of junk they’re producing it’s really disheartening.

I love the idea of a white chocolate palette, and I have all the other chocolate palettes, but in the swatches it doesn’t look very pigmented. It’s like Too Faced just wants to exploit the “chocolate concept” as much as possible. Like Urban Decay with the Naked palettes. I’ll wait for the mark/grade.

Just a heads up…I reviewed this palette a couple days ago and it’s aaaaawwwwffffuuuullllll. I actually can’t believe it made it to market. It’s like a glitter bomb went off in your face and the shades have no pigmentation. I had such high hopes!

Oh wow… this is pretty bad. Some of the shades remind me of the Too Faced Boudoir Palette which seems to perform a lot better. Happy I didn’t pick this one up! TF has been really disappointing me lately.

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