Sneak Peek: Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette Photos & Swatches

Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette
Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette

Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette ($45.00 for 0.65 oz.) includes three cheek colors and nine eyeshadows. It’s a limited edition palette that had an early, one-day release last week, but it will be available again on June 6th. Hopefully, I’ll have a review up before then, but for now, here are swatches πŸ™‚

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I generally don’t care for “celebrity” or “guru” collaborations – I think they are kind of cheesy. I am never going to buy something because of the collaborator, although I will sometimes buy for the product itself if the quality and colors are worth it (ex: Champagne Glow). In this case, I actually find the collaboration to be a big turn off – she just really rubs me the wrong way. Easy pass.

I’m actually the opposite – I am not sure these colors are going to be great on me, but I have to have it because she’s odd but she has grown on me so much. “Sippy sippy!” Stop it, you’re killing me. <3

Anyway, your feelings are valid. Usually I would feel similarly. πŸ™‚ Plenty of other great Tarte products to be had.

It’s actually quite pretty. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this, probably because of the new way Instagram orders its posts grrr. Can’t wait to see the review!

I missed this on early access. Then I started thinking that maybe I didn’t “need” it since I have so many neutral-strong palettes now/on order. But since Sephora delivered my BECCA x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette completely shattered, I believe I can justify this one. The shades look really promising. I like the mix of finishes and there seems to be solid transition shades. Curious to see your thoughts!

The colors run warm, but this looks like a very well -edited, beautiful selection of shades that can be used to get a variety of looks. Some of the shadows look a bit dry but fixable with primer.

I get a real UD Naked3 vibe off this, so I’ll probably pass since I use that palette too often already. But good on Bunny!

Hey Christine I have a question which is not related to this specific post , i was wondering if the pans in the anastasia beverly hills glow kits are the same size as mac blush pans.
xoxoΒ΄s and thankΒ΄s for answering

Hi Sophia,

In the future, if you could direct off-topic comments to either the relevant post (any of the Glow Kit posts) or send me an email via our contact form, I would very much appreciate that! These posts live on forever so we try to keep the comments related to the post for those who read in a month or six months from now πŸ™‚

MAC blushes are smaller than the Anastasia Glow Kit Highlighters.

Google time again. It’s always Google time. Idk who this bunny is, but the colors and coordination are pretty. Man Cat and Dogman look like pretty decent mattes, and who wouldn’t like the names, unless the reference is to bloomin’ idiots. Will find out. When you’re old, s.t. You miss the references to contemporary celebs…and that allows a look at the palette without any connections. Can be a good thing.

Bunny (aka Grav3yard Girl) has nearly 7 million followers on YouTube. She is very quirky, but has a “love me or hate me” kind of attitude. She doesn’t always brush her hair or wear makeup. She believes that being in your natural imperfect state is more beautiful than having a flawless face full of makeup. She calls her subscribers her “Swamp Family”, and the logo is an alligator. She is always upbeat and funny, but she certainly has an extremely large and loyal following. I’m interested to hear what you think of her, since you’ve never heard of her. Personally, I don’t like all of her video topics, but she’s certainly entertaining and even though she tries to act “less smart than the average person” sometimes, it’s clear that she’s very intelligent if you ever see her give an interview. It’s just her on camera persona to act goofy/silly in order to attract people of all age groups, including children. Very smart, indeed. Good for Bunny. She works hard to build her channel. This is just the beginning for her. Both Tarte in the Bloom (and Maybelline) chose her as a face for one of their campaigns. She looked amazing. (Her sky blue eyes are beautiful and mesmerizing.)

Yeah, I checked her out, but only in photos so far. Went to 2 jobs for about 12 hours. You really can’t play Grav3yard girl or any other You Tube and pretend to be a professional! Agreed on her eyes. I get that it’s theatre, but who isn’t? But isn’t it kind of paradoxical, if she touts an anti-grooming kind of message, that she is the face for m/u campaigns and now, a palette? It takes a lot to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and clearly, she’s brilliant at it. The feigned dumb stuff, when it’s naive or helpless, can be cultural or regional, I have observed, in areas of the country I have lived. Wouldn’t fly in Boston, though it could play, if it were real! Looking forward to her…but I don’t even subscribe to Wayne G, my fantasy son! Thanks for the lowdown. I guess my comment meant that if one knows nothing about the reference in a cosmetic product, no BDSM lingo, no text talk, no Miley or Arianna or Gwen or Rihanna, there will be no associations, and the makeup can be judged on its own merit. I actually ‘get’ (and like) Kat Von D references the most.

Just watched some YT. She is quite analytical and articulate. Not at all what I was thinking in earlier comment. Pretty incisive, in fact, as well as humorous. IMPO, her style is a tad too manic for me to watch with any regularity. Now I know about the shade Does This Thing Work? My interp was far grosser, before I saw that she tubes about tv products! I think the style overrides the substance, which can make you overlook the substance…..and the substance is definitely there. She’s an acute one. Good luck to her on her collab.

lol, yeah, i didn’t even know thusmwas a colab, and the first thing that came to mind was that this is the most interesting thing i’ve seem tarte do in a while.

Hi KJH πŸ™‚ I don’t think google will help on those. Dogman is what Bunny aka Grav3yardgirl on youtube calls her long time boyfriend and ManCat was her beloved cat who has passed away. I hope that helped. I hate feeling like I’m out of the loop!

Yep! Was going to add this if no one else had. She has a lengthy but good video introducing the palette that I highly recommend. I learned a lot about her through it.

I wish Tarte would make more eyeshadows in the Rainforest of the Sea formula; it’s the only formula I really love from them.

Seemed like they named this wrong…doesn’t feel like a ‘swamp’ inspired palette. Feels more like a UD Naked 3/Anastasia Modern Renaissance/Becca Champange palette ripoff. Really disappointing as a real swamp has such a myriad of amazing creatures, plant-life, & vistas that could have inspired a very unique & utterly beautiful palette. For those that don’t believe me, do an image search of the ‘Beauty of the Everglades’. Big missed opportunity here!

Yeah I didn’t realize it was a collab, so when I saw “swamp queen” I thought it might have some nice lush greens!

It was named swamp because of the collab with some youtube guru who calls herself the swamp queen or something swamp related. But I agree that the name does not go with what’s inside. Swamp makes me think more browns and greens. Oh well.

My thoughts exactly!! πŸ™ I was hoping for some mossy colors, especially a nice “swamp-y” looking green… missed the mark for me. I had higher hopes for this palette

She calls her subscribers her Swamp Family because she lives in Texas. She’s been working on it for over a year so I don’t think it is a rip-off but I can understand why you would think there are similar colours. She wanted to make a palette that her swamp family could wear regardless of age or makeup restrictions (jobs, school etc).

I agree with you, just another neutral palette. Beautiful colors but colors we already have in droves. Wouldn’t it have been nice if it really was inspired by the beautiful greens of a swamp and the plant life of the Everglades? Wow!

Personally I’m sooooo very happy with the colors and very very happy that it doesn’t have greens as I never wear them. There are actually all sorts of colors in a swamp including purple flowers. Have you ever seen a sunset in a swamp. Oh the beauty and the colors, there can be pinks, reds, blues yellows and on and on. And the color dogman actually reminds me of the color of a cat tail also found in some swamps. It’s so sad that we all can’t just be happy for her and her collab.

So just to clarify a little… Bunny aka Grav3yardgirl is a quirky youtube personality who reviews cosmetics, as seen on TV items, tells “ghost” stories, and random other things. She is huge into antique collecting, and has a selection of dolls. She call her viewers her “swamp” family and her logo is that gator with wings. So this is pretty much the aesthetics of the palate. The colors she chose are based on the colors she usually wears- not on the “swamp” reference. She addresses this in a recent video. Also from the video, she says her fans called and wrote to Tarte to set up this collaboration.
Personally, I am very curious and will probably purchase the palate once I can locate it. I love these neutral golds, purples and browns! As for Bunny, after watching a few of her videos, she’s starting to grow on me, although at first I was a little “confused” about the popularity of such an interesting personality.

I was impressed by her video and how much thought she put into this palette. She really thought about everything thing she chose and why, from the packaging to each product and color. She was so grateful to her viewers and wanted to make nods to them in the product names. I thought that was sweet.

I thought her video was really sweet too. I hate to see her catching flack when she put her entire heart and soul into this. I think it was a year and a half in the making? I’m gonna buy it for sure. I want the Texas Toast lip paint too. Which is my segue into do you know what lipstick you’re wearing in your pic? I luv it!

I find her entertaining and lighthearted because I like that after a long day at work. It’s definitely correct that the palette is not about swamps but about colors she likes which makes sense for the collaboration. Of all the collaborations I’ve seen with youtubers, this one has colors that I like overall so I’ll probably try to pick one up but I’m not going to go crazy to get one. It’s just makeup in the end. lol

Well, it sure is purrty!! As for me getting it, pretty doubtful as per my rather pricey haul the past 2 days. I do not regret it, either! ?

I’ve been watching Bunny since before she even had 100k subscribers. i love the packaging on this and a few of the shadows and the blush. I’m not sure I will get it though. I’m starting to think I’m over palettes, because it is rare that I love all the colours. I don’t wanna hoard any more palettes where I only use 3 or 4 of the colours. I think it’s time for me to just focus on buying singles…I love Bunny but I might have to skip this πŸ™ the mauvey-greigey lipstick she made interests me though

This looks like a really pretty palette but I think I’m going to pass. It looks a lot like a ton of other shadows I own and I’m not sure that blush or bronzer will work well for me at all

I noticed a couple people comment to say this reminds them of Naked3. Maybe my browser is causing it to look warmer, but it actually puts me more in mind of the Sweet Peach palette.

Don’t need, but kind of want. I like Bunny and think the packaging and colors are really nice. I’m trying to resist, but it may be a different story when it gets into stores. Lord knows I have enough neutral Tarte palettes, but when Tarte gets it right, they get it so right.

Yeah, I like how cool toned those last three shades are and the blush is nice, but I kind of hate the rest!

Okay, I’m glad I checked comments, because I was really confused how you cold have something called “Swamp Queen” and not include a single green shade. Got it. Makes sense now. πŸ™‚

I think it’s a pretty collection, but it has too many colors I can dupe or ultra warm shades I wouldn’t wear. It looks like the team behind this and the ABH palette had similar ideas! (Not accusing either side of copying the other, it’s just a funny coincidence.)

I don’t really know who the Swamp Queen is, but whatever the collaborations, this is a very autumnal kind of palette. Very similar in many respects to the ABH one just seen. Very pretty neutral colours – but that’s what Tarte does – lots of neutral palettes.

I was able to get this early. Mine arrived messy! Sippy and sassy bun are very brittle especially sippy. The edges of both broke off and crumbled all over. I don’t know if it’s just crazy me but it smells. Kinda like chocolate with a touch of chemical. I do like the colors its a nice everyday palette.

I hadn’t heard of Bunny or Graveyard girl before this palette came out, but this looks a lovely palette. It looks more like Sweet Peach than Naked 3 or Modern Renaissance to me.

I’ll wait for your review. I’m so happy for Bunny! Not sure if I need this or not. I feel like the blush and bronzer might be a little light for me. :/

Ha!! It’s awesome that Bunny has had the opportunity to collaborate with Tarte! I have watched many of her videos and I love her quirkiness. They say the line between madness and genius is very thin. Bunny balances beautifully on that line! This palette is everything I would expect it to be — the shades and the names do not disappoint!

I’m going to have to make my way over to YouTube to see if she’s been talking about this palette. Sadly, I haven’t been able to watch as many videos these past few months.

I really enjoy watching Bunny and have been following her for a year now. She is my polar opposite, peronality-wise, which sometimes leaves me feeling a bit stunned after one of her videos, but … in a good way? I really appreciate that she as often as not goes without makeup, and her Caribbean-sea eyes are mesmerizing.

These are definitely my colors, but to a degree that I have a lot of dupes; in fact I have dupes of all the ones I definitely like. Kind of a shame — I’d love to support her endeavors.

I’m a fan of Bunny but I wasn’t sure if I’d like the colors in her palette, but they’re beautiful! I definitely don’t need it, but it is quite lovely.

I’m sorry but Tarte needs to do something other than the same palette in different packaging. I mean, I love Bunny, and Tarte seems like a good quality brand, but their products all look the same and are boring to me. They look pretty, but all the shades…neutrals, wow, I don’t have a million of those.

I just bought this and I love the colors! This is the first palette in a while that I’ve actually liked 85% of the colors. I didn’t realize it was a calibration palette (blonde moment) but the only reason I purchase various cosmetics is because I like the way the look on me.

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