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Sneak Peek: NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection Photos & Swatches

NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection
NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection

NARS Under Cover Summer 2016 Collection is a new, limited edition set of products that will release on April 15th on NARS’ website and at their boutiques, with the launch at retailers to follow closer to late April/early May. Still waiting on promotional images to do a launch post on it, but hey, why not share swatches first? I’m always up for something new!


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Celia Avatar

A friend at NARS sent me some sneak pic images of this about two weeks ago and I’ve had the release date marked on my calendar ever since. Of course Pool Shark is my dream DI shade with my dream name (going to be one for all the women and makeup-interested men I volunteer with for shark conservation). The lip colors are gorgeous on you! Tan Lines is a nice addition to the DI collection even though I’ll likely be skipping since it’s such a great, mid-tone eye contouring crease shade. Deep End is lovely too. But Pool Shark and some of the lip colors will probably make back-up status for me. ALL THE POOL SHARK

Celia Avatar

Aw thanks! 🙂 So glad you love sharks, too! They are so beautiful and such amazing creatures. Without them we lose the oceanic ecosystem and therefore our on-land ecosystems. A few of the women I tag sharks with and I usually gift each other shark-named makeup items. My last gift to them was the Chantecaille Save the Sharks palette and it’s coming around to my turn again so this one wins out hehe.

Christina Avatar

These colors look nice and perfect for warmer months. The lip glosses look pretty darn pigmented, so that’s always nice. I think I’ll pick up a blush duo and maybe one of the brighter eyeshadow colors.

Wednesday Avatar

Very spring looking collection, but I have an on-going huge pet peeve with NARS. Their website. It sucks. For about a year, I could not order any products directly through NARS on-line due to their limitations on their ‘Canadian’ website. They used to have a separate site for Canada which worked perfectly fine, then the combined the two and ensuing problems resulted; mostly issues with my address and links to Canadian credit card authorization. I nagged them about the issues month after month. Finally, it seemed they had fixed the bugs, only for me to try a recent transaction and their paypal connection would not permit my transaction stating they deliver to USA only. So again, another issue with the USA versus Canada settings. I was on Canada delivery section of their webpage at the time. I’m so sick of trying to get website issues resolved.. It is completely turning me off the brand. Also, where the heck did the customer service email link go? Last time I looked, they did not even have an email to send info regarding my issues. Awful and annoying. End of rant. Not attempting to buy anything from their website.

Fran Avatar

Wendy, when NARS was out of the Audacious lipstick shades that were specific to Barneys, I ordered from Barneys and their customer service seemed fantastic. Not sure if they’re good in Canada, though.

Wednesday Avatar

Thanks a bunch Fran :D. I do order from Barneys, but they cannot ship NARS to Canada, neither can Nordies, Neimans..etc… I do have another on-line source (Hudson’s Bay Co), I just have to have a lot of patience to wait for their products to eventually trickle in.. I can also order from Sephora. The NARS website issues just irk me; particularly when they send me promo emails every time they release new collections.

Sonia Avatar

I think those two would really go well together! I already own deep end, and I can say that the pictures do not do it justice. No offense, Christine!

Kat Avatar

I’m excited to see how the lip covers do, the two nudes look right up my alley! The blushes look nice too. I’m liking this collection, it’s summery without being cliche or overly beachy.

KJH Avatar

When am I going to meet a Nars red lip I don’t like? Clearly not today. Nudes are good, too. DIs are a bit too shimmery for me, esp. In blush. Glasses can hide the shadow a bit. The darker DI shadows were difficult to blend for me, without being muddy or focusing on the black base and losing the color. Considering how Nars-heavy my old stash is, I’m always glad to have products I can rule out. Those spring and summer colors make very beautiful extensions to the DI line.
Excellent that Celia is involved in shark conservation. They are already advertising shark week, and it’s two months away, I think. Years ago I saw a whale shark that was longer than my boat once. Awesome. Frightening. Majestic. Spotty. Huge. Amazing.

Celia Avatar

Thanks much, KJH! How cool that you’ve had a whale shark encounter! I’ve only had two myself in 100s of dives so that is awesome. Huge, amazing, cuddle sharks haha. I’ve had the pleasure of “riding” along with one that let me swim with her. Lovely creatures. Though their giantness can certainly be a bit intimidating even though they’re not dangerous!

Fran Avatar

I love the look of Pool Shark! Then of course I’d like the left side of one blush (Liberation) and the right side of the other (Sexual Content). I like Tan Lines and Topless, too, although it’s hard for me to get really excited about neutral eyeshadows. They might have missed me with the lip colors this time!

Carolyn Avatar

Ooooh this collection is so pretty. Sexual Content, Pool Shark and Deep End look gorgeous! I might even be tempted my the nude lip colours… Uh oh

Pearl Avatar

Wow, this looks like a great release! I like the soft pigmentation of the blushes and the eye shadow colors look great – those colors are my preferred for spring. I was hoping Tom Ford would come out with those colors in the creams when they released back in January, so I’m glad to see these as an option somewhere in a Spring collection. I like how there are 2 versions of each color of gloss as well. I don’t own anything by NARS except some Audacious lipsticks, but this looks really nice. Might take the plunge when this releases.

Sabrina S Avatar

Yesss this collection speaks for me! For sure I want Pool Shark, Deep End, Tan Lines, Sexual Content and Get Dirty! Gotta start saving! I hope Sephora surprises us and has it show up on their website during the 15% off sale 🙂

Dani Avatar

Deep End, Pool Shark and Overheated will be mine unless I already have a dupe! *Reviews stash frantically* So excited for your review!

EvilStepQueen Avatar

I swear we had one of those blushes for sale at my store already. Liberation…or maybe something awfully close. They are pretty though! Pool Shark, OHMYGOODNESS I need it! The lipglosses seem super pigmented. Makes me wish I was a fan of glosses! (Gimme matte all day, every day!)

Mariella Avatar

I’m loving the look of Tan Lines (I’ve said for a long time that a nice brown was missing from the permanent Dual Intensity line – I love Ursa Major from the LE palette but there wasn’t anything permanent that was as nice) and Deep End (ummm….where did they get the idea for THAT name? UD, maybe?) looks very “wantable” too.

Trina Avatar

This is the first Nars collection that I’m excited for. Usually I like maybe two or three things but I love everything in this collection! Almost all the makeup brands are really coming out with good stuff this year. Totally blowing my budget out of the water!

Chris Avatar

First time that I am deterred by the products names. I was not fuzzed about “orgasm” and others, but to me this lines’ theme is not only sexualised… I associate a nasty Sex Club with “members only” and what shell we think about a brown lip cover called “get dirty” ?
I am anything but prude, but to me this is too much of “Männerphantasien” which might be not really good translated with ‘male phantasy’ – a szenario where women are just willing objects. Maybe its only me …

Cat Avatar

While I agree that NARS can sometimes trigger me (I was sexually abused/assuted) with some of their names and images, I actually felt these names were empowering. Maybe it’s because I tell my husband that he’s a member of a club that’s so exclusive, he’s the only person who’s been granted access. In my relationship, I’m the one who decides when the “Do Not Disturb” sign is used. I’m not here just to “entertain” a man, and any man who has thought otherwise was told to go and… entertain himself. 😉

Cat Avatar

I like the colors in Sexual Content but I’m not sure if the (left) peachy color would work for me. I’m confused by Topless. I mean… with Cassiopeia, Andromeda, and Europa, did we really need another light shade like this? Pool Shark is of interest. I’m going to have to see how it looks with my pink undertones.

Bonnie Avatar

I want this entire collection!!!! Pool shark is slaying me. It’s an absolute MUST HAVE. Ughhhh. But all of it looks amazing. Doesn’t Deep End look like pretty much an exact dupe for the new Flower Shop from CP? I need to look up comparison swatches ASAP! Tan lines is a great addition to the collection. And those lip covers look soooo goood. Christine I’m really having trouble logging into the site the last few days, I’ve basically given up. I even set a new password but it’s not working. Anyone else having this problem?

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