Sneak Peek: MAC x Star Trek Collection Photos & Swatches

MAC x Star Trek Collection
MAC x Star Trek Collection

I have a sneak peek of a sneak peek featuring MAC x Star Trek Collection, as I received a few pieces from the launch, but there are several more products releasing (about double what you see here) that I don’t have. I’m waiting to get official promotional imagery, and once I have that, I’ll post info about all the shades, but the pertinent details are: pre-sale for attendees of Comic Con right now, available online August 25th and in-stores September 1st (North America) at select locations. The collection features matte black packaging with a metallic silver Star Trek logo with the same style for the boxes.

MAC x Star Trek Collection

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I dig the finishes in this collection! I could sit here and stare at that Luna Luster powder all day… that will definitely be mine! Maybe the Where No Man Has Gone Before lipstick, too – that’s so pretty and subtle 🙂

I’m a Trekkie but am tired of buying makeup that under-performs. The eyeshadows look ok as does the Where No Man lippie and the powder. Not really sure I need the sheer lippie or the powder though. And seriously what is going on with Kling On? I’m hoping you end up with something positive about it (as in maybe would work well over another lippie?) I was hoping to be blown away but sadly I’m less than excited from what I see.

Aww, Those lipsticks look so beautiful in the tube. Virtually no pigmentation though. So sad. Kling It On and Midnight have so much potential. I do like the To Boldly Go.

Wow, Kling It On is such a disappointment! Midnight is beautiful and I LOVE sparkly lip gloss! I gotta whine though and say I’m sad they used “Where No MAN Has Gone Before.” I get why, but it irks me.

Kling On looks true to its name – in the swatch, it looks like it clings in some patchy pattern. “To Boldly Go” – as a grammar geek, that phrase has driven me mad for decades! No chance I’d buy it – I’d twitch every time I looked at the label.

It’s actually perfectly grammatical to say “to boldly go”. The whole “don’t split the infinitive” thing comes from a grammar book written by Hebry Alford in the 1860s, and was a misunderstanding: he took a grammar rule from Latin and applied it to English. So feel free to buy the lipstick with peace of mind (if you like the colour).

I so rarely comment to anyone’s posts anymore, but this? I saw the first photo of the product lineup and got excited, but by the time I got to the swatches….just…disappointing. Those are so poorly pigmented. Pass. Pass all day long.

Dear MAC – please start making quality collections!!!

I was looking forward to this collection. What a disappointment! How did it pass quality control? Packaging looks cheap. Colors are boring & formulas look patchy. Mac is really losing their creative credibility.

I have never liked MAC lipsticks and yes the packaging is lacking. It’s like they could have put a bit more effort into it especially with Rhianna’s Sledgehammer visuals. They could have really took it to another galaxy!

That’s just sad looking. Why not do a deep red instead of messing with purple pigment? It’s the color if the Federation! “Set to Stun” is the only one that grabs me.

Wow its pretty rare that I like every single item! I’m really looking forward to trying the Kling it on lipstick- I love sheer products because they optically mix with my lip color so they tend to harmonize better with overall skin tone. I don’t know if they will be a good formula, but I love the look <3

As a huge Star Trek fan, I was SO excited to hear about this collection… but these swatches are so disappointing! Outer space adventures should have given them so much inspiration… it feels like so much potential was wasted. It looks like they decided to just make everything sparkly and glittery, rather than put genuine thought into the collection.

I normally don’t get riled up with a disappointing collection from MAC (or any other brand for that matter, because hey, it’s bound to happen), but I think because I was so excited for this one I feel let down! Here’s hoping the rest of collection looks better so I can justify at least buying ONE thing…

While part of me wants a few of these just because of the names/packaging, these look really disappointing. Some of the colors look so promising, but thank you so much for the swatches because now I know that I do not need to waste my cash on these.

The initial swatch of Kling It On definitely had my eyebrows raised, but on the lips, it looks really unique to me and otherworldly! I think the overall finishes of what’s pictured here are pretty in-theme, so it’s not a total miss for me!

Man am I glad these look disappointing. I love Star Trek, but I don’t buy from MAC and I was soooo afraid I was going to give in and spend money on it. But nope, it looks weak.

How did this collection get past quality control? Such a shame. MAC could have done so much more with this collection. This is one of the reasons why I’m not very fond of MAC cosmetics. It seems like MAC cares more about quantity over quality. Too many collections and not enough quality products. 🙁

Kling On makes me so sad 🙁 but Where No Man Has Gone Before, the swatch looks meh, but it looks beautiful on lips, as does the shimmery gray lip gloss. Looks like a hit-or-miss collection, MAC could’ve done so much better

Hmmmm, pretty disappointed. I’m a die-hard Trekkie and was super excited for a really rad collection but there’s nothing here I can see myself ever wearing. I might get the Set to Stun lip glass because I’ve been looking for something similar to wear over some lipstick for a while, but that’s it. I was hoping to see some really great bold looks from this. I’m tired of seeing collections from “futuristic” franchises being nothing but silvers and golds and metallics.

I love all of these, especially the lip glosses and the powder. I understand the complaints about the lack of pigmentation in the lipsticks, but I still really like both of them. Can’t wait to see the rest of the range. Hope the pricing isn’t too out of this world!

Not a fan of either, series or this tribute. But I understand the love and the disappointment, overall. And feel dreadful for those of you eagerly awaiting this release. The face product looks like crazy lace agate, so just might be a go. Think I see four shades in there, so it could skew substantially, depending on the ‘pour.’

I know everyone is disappointed but I kinda like it! Which is very rare for me because I do like my lipsticks pigmented but I can actually see myself wearing all of these for an everyday look, I like!

I think I may have just died?!? Gonna be even more broke, just looking at some of this stuff has me scared for my bank acct! Boldly Go + Where No Man Has Gone Before=WOW. Add Luna Luster to the mix, and yeah.

Wow. I just got back from seeing “Beyond” and was all hyped up for these swatches. Unfortunately they’re mostly disappointing.

I’ll probably end up getting a few things anyways, like the powder that at least looks decent.

Hmmm… looking for the positive. The Luna Luster looks pretty in the pan. And that particular shade of pink glitter in the upper right of the Set to Stun Lipglass lip swatch photo is nice. See, there really is a silver lining!

Oh oh – those lipsticks (whilst beautiful colours) look pretty darn poor to me. I love the eye shadow colours – especially midnight, but the swatch looks poor too. Oh dear. And we are such mad Star Trek fans in our household.

Actually you don’t have to be a Comic Con badge holder to go the MAC Star Trek experience, I went there this morning! 🙂
The lipsticks and highlighters swatched A LOT more pigmented for me, maybe because the testers had been heavily used already. I bought a highlighter, two glosses and a lipstick, but I realized when I got home that they gave me the wrong shade of lipstick (I wanted Kling It On because it has beautiful pink and purple sparkles, but they gave me Where No Man Has Gone Before) and I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to exchange it. Maybe I’ll give it away!
I also got my makeup done by an artist and took some pics with costumed characters, it was fun!

Lulle that sounds incredible!!!! I’m so jealous!!!! I would totally buy that lipstick from you, I plan on buying it when it releases! ?

Whoa … These seem totally lackluster. At least To Boldly Go looks like it might be salvageable? I suspect I have a dupe, though. 🙁

Wow these look mostly bad. Where No Man has Gone Before lipstick looks ok. They could have done better with the eyeshadows in a Star Trek theme collection!

A friend at con offered to try and pick me up pieces, but I was concerned about how well the pieces would flatter me so told her I’d wait until they were in store. I’m glad I did. These look awful!

I have been anticipating this collection for MONTHS!!!
I can’t say I’m super impressed with what I’m seeing so far though… But I must have some pieces from this collection because Star Trek!!!!
100% buying the Luna Luster powder, Set to Stun lipglass and Where No Man has gone before lippie. Do you plan on getting more from the collection to review?? I hope I hope I hope.

The eyeshadows look awesome!! But I am a bit disappointed with the lipsticks, they are not much pigmented:/

Sofia |

I really wanted to get Kling it on, it looked so good in pr swatches I’ve seen online and it looks amazing in the tube, but now that I’ve seen this I’ll be staying far away. I’m so glad we have you Christine, you aren’t afraid to show us how terrible something really is 😀

Yawwwn….another day another mac collection. I mean that with no disrespect to anyone who loves these and wants to purchase them. But they just issue way too many collections, and this doesn’t scream star trek to me. It’s almost like….do they just come up with some new colors and then say….hmm what can we call this collection, well it’s got a dark blue so I guesss…star trek? Dark blue, outer space…get it?? I also mean no disrespect to temptalia for covering this. I would if if I were them too. That’s what the site is for. But no way I would buy this, at least judging from this half of the collection….

I feel like the last MAC collection that was completely great was the Rocky Horror collection. I lived all of those lipsticks and most of the other items. But since then a lot of the special pop culture tie ins have been pretty lame.

Hey Christine! Do you know if the pre-sale of this collection is exclusive to North American Comic Cons? Thanks

There’s so many fandom-themed indie brands, I’m disappointed that this is the “official” product. Hopefully the rest of the release will be better!

It’s so disappointing that MAC doesn’t even try with the quality for the LE releases. Just sell us empty z palettes with the special packaging, don’t bother with the products.

Oh thank goodness, nothing to really miss out on. :O Time to slap some Star Trek stickers on some wet n wild makeup. Thanks for the swatches! =D

First, I’m a huge Trekkie and have been since I was 3, so I’m excited for whatever they put out with a Star Trek label. Everyone seems very disappointed in the collection, but I suppose my expectations for Mac’s pop culture lines have lowered over the years. Yeah I wish there was a blue-purple powder to make your highlights like a galaxy, but they’re not that adventurous.
And Im looking forward to the sheer black Klingon lipstick, it looks very wearable and comfortable as opposed to a full coverage black with glitter.
The liners, according the Revelist’s review, are very long lasting and in gorgeous colours. So while I do wish they’d pushed the boundaries more, I don’t expect that much from Mac these days. I’ll still love the wearable pieces I pick up.

As a Star Trek AND Mac fan, this is so disappointing. I saw the teaser 6 months ago and was so excited that they were basing a collection around the female characters in Star Trek, I was expecting AT LEAST there’d be a silver pigment based on Seven of Nine… Instead they seem to have just thought ‘space = lots of glitter’ and have based eveything on the uniform colours and puns. Such a missed opportunity.

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