Sneak Peek: Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Photos & Swatches

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette
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Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix PaletteKat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette ($59.00 for 0.96 oz.) includes twenty-four eyeshadows in an assortment of rainbow hues and neutral tones. The palette is massive in width and length (but thin), and it includes nearly a whole ounce of product, so you’re not getting short-changed on quantity either. The Shade + Light Eye palette has 0.60 oz. of product for $46.00 or $76.67/oz., and with this larger palette, you’re paying $61.46/oz. I’m still working through testing all of the shades, and I hope to have a full review up soon!

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There are a few seemingly disappointing colors but overall it looks like it’s much better than last year’s palette. I just wish it wasn’t so big and bulky. I have no room for something like that in my vanity :/

Oh gosh, when it comes to nearly all of the ridiculously oversized holiday palettes I depot them. Really, I get that they spend a lot of time designing them and they do it with the hope people will buy because of the packaging (and many do so I guess it works for them). But I was only into those bulky palettes as a teen. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t have time to play with my cosmetics for two hours prior to going out. So I deopt everything and label the palettes with washi tape so I know what’s in each.

Mine should arrive today. I’m so excited to start playing around with it! Some of the swatches looks a little iffy like Vinyl and Hyperballad, but others look stunning like Analogue, Misfit, Fran and Synth. I’m just tired of all the neutrals and this palette is such a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to read your review!

I received this yesterday. I agree it is rather large. But, it is actually smaller than I though it was going to be from the promo pictures. I will wait to use it until your full review because I really hate returning used things. But, I must say I was pretty excited by the appearance of this palette. I love the art work on the outer box. I know some people are saying its tacky. To each their own. But, it’s fairly condensed and the colors are arranged so they make sense. I’m going to need to brush up on my skills with using color in eye looks for sure!

When we get returns at Clinique in Macys whether irs used or not doesn’t matter ir all gets destroyed in field. I’m sure its the same with Sephora. I still feel bad returning too.

I always wondered what they do with returned cosmetics. At CVS (drugstore I used to work for as a BA) we put some things back on the shelf, other things we damaged out. If it was still sealed there was no harm in putting it back. But honestly, not everyone was careful about separating out used and unused stuff. 🙁 So check cosmetics that aren’t properly sealed (like lipsticks) before you buy them at the drugstore!!!!

Also, Sephora always asks if I used stuff or not. After the “epic rewards” fiasco I returned a TON of stuff to them. I’d used a few things before I returned them, other things were still NIB. They separated the used stuff from the unused so I suspect they put it back on the shelf.

Destroyed ?I always thought they at least would check it out to see if it could be used for a tester? Well, now I feel bad. But, I’m not keeping a poor performing product. Two sides to look at. 1) I should have done my research.2) The company shouldn’t put out a poor product.

I’ll never resell something that has been to someone’s house. Maybe because I’ve seen too many episodes of Hoarders Buried Alive. Plus you don’t know if its been sitting in a hot car for days. Rather sell fresh products!

I see your point Leigh and that’s how it SHOULD be. But, I have returned a bra and told the SA I had worn it a few times. She put sales tags on it right in front of me and hung it on the little rack next to the register with other stock to go back to the floor.

I also worked for Macy’s (Dior) for several years, and we put products back on shelves if we could be 100% sure they were unused. If there was any suspicious it *might* have been used we damaged it out, of course. Did Macy’s change their policy in the last two years?

This is a true rainbow palette, I think. Oftentimes, a lot of companies will leave out the purples or the greens or the reds, etc., but I see a full colour spectrum. I think it looks nice, but I’ve never been a fan of the looser formula with Kat Von D’s shadows. They just don’t work for me for some odd reason.

I mentally debated for a very very long time about this, both the uds and even the too faced and am not going to buy any of them.

Instead I’m getting a couple of makeup geek duos and two three coloupops purely because I know I’ll use them whereas all of this colour is nice but I won’t use them. I love all the muted shimmery greens, purples and blues for colour and those are what I’m getting. Yellows, oranges, reds would be completely wasted on me

I’m getting good at not impulse buying lol.

That’s the opposite with me. I really like reds and oranges, but I’m not into blues and greens at all. (I’m really into purples though.) I’m thinking of going on reddit and trying to find someone who likes blues and greens and just being like do you want to depot those shades for me and i’ll pay you. lol

Wow, it looks very promising! I just ordered Urban Spectrum, but I’m starting to wonder whether this wouldn’t be a better choice (although I don’t like the size). I’ll be eager to see your review, Christine. 🙂

Hmm, some of the purples, blues, and greens look a little iffy (especially vinyl), but probably fix-able with primer or cream base. I think UD Spectrum has better quality color shadows, but it doesn’t have the mix of finishes that this one has.

Uh oh, I just took a closer look with my computer monitor at home, and some of those colors are not looking good. Sheer and patchy. I’d say go with the UD Spectrum palette or wait for another one, new stuff seems to be released every week

Garh! I want this one and if it get an A i will be getting it because i love there formula, but I have so many single Inglot shades that covers most of these it might not be worth it to get it at the $71CAN they charge.

Plus IMATS is the following weekend and I can make the $71 spread out more. lol

I got this yesterday and am wearing it today. The colors are vibrant and easily blendable and buildable. I am so happy with it. While it is very large, I don’t find it excessive, and I love the round, record inspired look. I am overall very happy with this palette and will be able to do tons and tons of looks with it!

Did you use a primer or a base for those swatches?

I never use my shadows on my bare skin- I always apply a primer, if not a black or white base. My palette will arrive Monday, I am hoping these colors don’t disappoint.

I don’t use primer unless specified! I don’t test with primer as the majority of products claim long-wear, hyper pigmentation, most awesome product ever all by themselves 🙂

Ohh no, this might be too hard to resist. The brights are all calling to me, but Idk if it’ll be worth the price when the brights are the only part I’m interested in.

So much better quality than last year’s palette, so it seems from these splendid swatches! Except for Echo, Vinyl, Hyperballad and Anthem, the rest look very pigmented and smooth. Problem is, I am a purple and teal fiend, so yeah, feeling kind of let down!

Anthem looks really patchy. Otherwise, it looks promising. I like the looks of Swoon and Destroyer. I’m not buying till I see a review. If it’s sold out by then, so be it. I’m still traumatized from last year’s Star Studded. I just can’t chance my heart being broken like that again.

These are pretty! I like the idea of the palette, but I don’t like the execution of the color wheel…but these look nice, lots of different looks and combinations!

Anthem, Love, Muse, Synth, Hyperballad, and Legend all look really nice. I like the mix of mattes and shimmers….geez, I think I just talked myself into wanting this palette!!

Even if all of these scored A+++ and were all colours I love (the entire top row is a “no go zone” for me), I wouldn’t buy this because of the stupid, impractical packaging. What were they thinking?

This is drop dead gorgeous! The color wheel layout, like an old LP, the song reference…very well planned + seemingly well executed. Swatches look as if this kvd will exceed the previous few Xmases. Every time I try to intone my mantra, ( to the German National Anthem). “You’re to old for all this color! Too much color here for you!” My inner devil starts to sing “I WON’T grow up….” (From Peter Pan).
Rock it, while you can, folks. Maybe I had better click back to Viseart Paris Nudes. Booooo! Fact is, I think I never considered nudes for eyes until I hit 65. Time to grow tf up. How ineffably sad.

Awww, this makes me so sad. (((((Hugs))))) Do you feel bright colors just don’t look good on you any more? I would hate to think someone is giving up what they love just because of dumb societal roles about age. I hope that’s not the case. If you decide to (ahem) “go nude,” at least rock some bright blue (or purple or green) eyeliner on your bottom lid, OK?

I’m turning 46 next month. I’m a color junkie. I don’t know what I’ll do if and when my skin reaches a point I don’t think my brights flatter me any more. The crepey eyelids and crows feet I’m starting to accumulate suck big time!

I agree with Rachel, wear color forever!!! F* the patriarchy and societal expectations of women, especially women “of a certain age”. Haha 😉 I see this slowly changing and I hope the trend continues thusly. Never grow up. Xoxo

This is my favorite purchase so far! I just got it in today – I was so tired of neutrals and this palette has some *gasp* colorful mattes!!! yes! I only noticed one with microglitter (I’m not a fan of microglitter, I definitely don’t have a lot of control with that type of shadow and can only wear it at night)…..this is such a win and score for me! If you love color, it’s so wearable if you are young or older, I love that – It really sets itself apart…the colors are so wearable, you can tone it up or down however you like – Kat von really upp’ed her game with the shade and light palette earlier this year…I loved the formulation of those mattes – best I’ve used in a long time so I am thrilled that I got this. It is big but I don’t care..IMO, this is a dream palette and exactly what I was looking for!

Adding on that I have the UD spectrum and vice 4 – while I love UD and the color shifts, I can’t always use those for everyday wear. It Depends. And I don’t like microglitter for the day. With this palette, I can wear all of the colors at any point! love love love

I got this today while I was at work, a pair of my friends came over while I was opening it and we shrieked like maniacs when I pulled it out of it’s sleeve. My poor (male) boss looked at us like we had seven heads.

First impressions on swatches without primer I’m incredibly impressed. Colours go on smooth, bright, and blend beautifully. Can’t wait to play with these, at the very least give my neutral eye looks a pop of colour to keep things interesting.

I hate to say this, because I really don’t like Kat Von D, but I like this palette. There are so many shades in which I don’t already have anything like them. If this is good I’d strongly consider it. But I think a lot of whether or not I buy will come down to a few key things. It’ll need to have more than a B- rating here, I’ll have had to not gone crazy and purchased too many other things this season, and it’ll need to still be available after the holidays.

Looks a lovely range of colours – but many of them I would not use (the oranges/reds/browns and neutrals). My favourite colour is Lemmy. Some of the finishes from the swatches look a little too matte and dry for me too.

I chose this over the UD Spectrum palette, and I think I made the right choice. The pigmentation on most shades really is great, though there are a couple of duds. I love that (unlike the UD palette) it actually has a full spectrum of colors, too. I can’t wait to see your review!

This is the palette I’m most intrigued by, but I’ve never used so many of those shades before that it’s intimidating. The fact that I don’t know of any YouTube makeup artist/user who is my age and who uses such a colorful palette doesn’t help. =( Part of me wants to push myself out of my comfort zone, the other part is afraid I’ll look like a clown in the process! LOL

Hi, Cat. These videos are for the UD Electric Palette, but they have ideas for more “wearable” uses for ultra-bright colors. You might find them helpful.

Emilynoel83: .

Citizens of Beauty: .

Kathleen Lights: ,, and .

Oh, wow! Thank you! I was looking for tutorials like these but my search perimeters were too limited for me to find them easily! There are definitely some great ideas in these videos! (You didn’t look those up just for me, did you?) <3

I pulled out my Vice 3 palette and used Freeze and Heroine the other night to get a feel for a more colorful look. I thought it turned out really well… until I added Bondage in the crease! It was a color overload! LOL

You’re welcome. I had the videos in my “likes” list already. So I just picked the less “out there” tutorials. I think they’re all still really cool looks. I’m glad you’re having fun experimenting.

After I first saw the palette, I had pretty much decided to get it, but now when I see the swatches I realize I have powder dupes of Analog, Fran, Lyric, Strutter and Moulder; and cream dupes of Swoon, Rewind, Harpsichord, Vinyl, Hyperballad and Vox if they were matte, Noble and Black Metal. I guess I should be happy that my stash is more encompassing than I thought.

So glad I went with this instead of a chunkyglitteryfallout UD palette. It will be my first KvD too. Although I’m afraid to touch it and ruin the pretty pan design.

I’m really interested in this palette – so gorgeous and artistic the way the colours are arranged!

Christine, can you tell me if Bismuth Oxychloride is mentioned in the ingredient list?

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