Sneak Peek: Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection Photos & Swatches

Fenty Beauty Galaxy CollectionFenty Beauty Galaxy Collection includes an eyeshadow palette ($59), four lipsticks ($19 each), four lipglosses ($19 each), and three liquid eyeliners ($20 each).

First Impressions

  • GALAXY EYESHADOW PALETTE | Unless you’re someone who adores all-shimmer, all-glitter everything allover the eye with no room for mattes ever, this is best thought of as an accent palette.  The majority of shades had larger sparkle and glitter and moderate to tons of it with some with sheerer coverage and others with stronger base colors (and some shades were deliberately sheer).  They will work best with a damp adhesive (MAC Fix+ did a good job of improving evenness and opacity while minimizing fallout over time, so I don’t think a full-on glitter adhesive is 100% necessary but certainly wouldn’t hurt), fingertips, and/or a dampened brush. Using the eyeshadows dry typically resulted in heartbreak: poor application, tons of fallout during application and during wear, and none of the real sizzle one would expect from eyeshadows chocked full of glitter. There were a few shades that were better dry than others, like Xtra Terrestrial, Ultraviolit, and Midnight Bolt.
  • COSMIC GLOSS LIP GLITTER | They have a smooth, lightweight feel with moderate tackiness and a mirror-like shine.  I noticed slight tingling when swatching then on my lips but have not worn any for full wear so am not certain how long that might remain (but I did not have any tingling once I moved onto the lipsticks).
  • STARLIT HYPER-GLITZ LIPSTICK | The formula seemed to have more medium, buildable coverage than opaque-in-one-stroke kind of coverage.  The bullets were lightly creamy and had some slip but did not feel overly slippery.  I could feel some of the sparkle slightly but none of them felt rough or scratchy. They contain a very little amount of product (0.045 oz. each).
  • ECLIPSE 2-IN-1 GLITTER RELEASE EYELINER | It’s a very opaque, very fluid eyeliner, which may make it hard to control depending on one’s comfort using liquid eyeliners with a brush-type applicator.  They have a subtler, more pearl-like sheen when initially applied with a 30-45 second dry down time (I thought they were dry after about 20 seconds, as they did not transfer when I pressed my fingertip against the swatch, but nope, when I tried to smudge with a brush, it dragged still-drying eyeliner out!).  The shimmer particles become more pronounced when brushed/blended, and when the shimmer comes through, the color nuances between Alien Bae and Nepturnt are more pronounced (they both seem more like inky blacks prior).

Also, the packaging attracts fingerprints like crazy!

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette | Look Details

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette | Look Details

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I received the ones I ordered from Sephora yesterday and I was surprised by how tiny the lipsticks are. In comparison the glosses are huge!

Looks like I’ll be giving this collection a pass. I was hoping the palette would be outstanding, then I’d get it instead of the UD metal one, because the packaging is gorgeous and it doesn’t have that giant center mirror.

That said, if they released Xtra Terrestrial as a single I’d definitely buy it.

I could be wrong, by Xtra Terrestrial looks like it could be a dupe for L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Golden Emerald. Have to see until Christine finalizes her dupes, but if that’s the only one you liked I think you could definitely get away with that as a single drugstore alternative!

Neonails, good thought on the dupes! I mean I honestly probably already have a few close dupes in my collection already, metallic olive green is kind of my jam 🙂

Yeah, when I rolled up the lipstick I was like “where’s the rest?” lol. Good thing I only purchased one. The glosses are so freaking pretty and look like glass on the lips and they still look pretty after they fade some from doing typical things like eating and drinking. The palette is so freaking pretty. I love it. I didn’t intend to purchase it, but when I saw it in person and swatched it, I knew I would regret not purchasing it. It’s a really nice accent palette. I’ve used it with my Viseart Dark Mattes palette, the ABH Prism palette, and the Sephora Pro Warm palette and it pairs nicely with each one. And I like that it layers nicely over both shimmers and mattes. I put Sublime over the Pool Party shade from the JH x Morphe palette and it was so dagum pretty, I wanted to shed a tear, lol.

Because I just couldn’t help myself; I did buy the palette on Saturday. And then because curiosity…I did dip into it on Monday and Tuesday using Nyx Glitter Primer dabbed on my mobile lid after I had done all my matte crease work. Monday I used Oh-Zone and Planet Ex for a stunning bronzey look. Tuesday, I used Sublime in a super smoky teal eye look, and that shade brought out all the golden flecks around the pupils of my eyes! Definitely not an everyday type palette, but so far, I’m liking it as an accent palette.
Yesterday, I was in Sephora with a pal from the MAC Store over there, playing with the entire collection. Those glosses are amazing looking. But that tingling was something that I thought had to just bein my head…. until I just read above that it happened to you too, Christine!

Yeah the tingling kind of threw me a little as well bc it disappeared less than 3 minutes later. I think it may have a small amount of lip plumper in the formula, but don’t quote me, lol.

We seem to have an extra frosty, sparkly winter ahead of us this year…

Nothing in this collection looks like something I’d wear, but the glosses are very pretty. I love the eyeshadow look you put together, Christine!

They really aren’t the same… the Galaxy palette has a ton of glitter and lots of sheerer shades that really can’t be used like a typical eyeshadow, whereas Urban Decay Heavy Metals are just very shimmery/metallic eyeshadows but can be used like a regular eyeshadow. I wouldn’t even think to compare them that is how different they are to my eye.

That does it even more for me! Thanks for your reply to her comment. I have Moodust and some other UD shades, plus a couple of other brands, that’s enough metallic, glitter for a lifetime (OK at least a year). 😉

Wow I’m grateful for this sneak peak, Christine. I was pretty attracted to the Sci Fly lipstick and a few of the glosses, but I am NOT down for anything even remotely tingly on my lips so they’re a hard pass. Sci Fly doesn’t look impressive anyway. I might reconsider Gal on the Moon if your experience indicates the tingle is mild/short-lived. There are so many excellent lip products around these days – no compromises needed!

BUT…Some of the eyeshadow colors are awesome and I love the eye look you created!

The tingling last for maybe 2-3 minutes. It disappears quickly. I’ve worn the glosses a few times now, and I don’t notice it anymore when I first apply b/c it’s a terribly small tingle. Maybe go into a Sephora and apply some to see if it’s something you can deal with. But from personal experience, it doesn’t stick around for long.

The lippies are really pretty, as are the eyeliners. I’m not sure about the palette. It looks OK on the wet side of the swatches. I’m going to wait on reviews.

I was interested in the palette initially because I love bold colors (esp blue!) but I just realized that my Sleek i-Divine Original palette has very similar color scheme, so I’ll stick to it since I already love how it performs.

Very disappointing. I like Rhianna and hope she can make a go of her line (especially the foundations/concealers), but I’ve read nothing positive about much of anything but the Universal Gloss (which is the most perfect gloss I’ve ever used, except for the scent). The foundations and concealers seem to be geared to folks with very oily skin, which is great, but leaves out a lot of potential buyers. Hopefully she’s reading the criticism and will adjust things in time.

I have dry skin and wear the foundation just fine. It has a natural finish, not overly matte. Like anything in life, you have to try it for yourself and not just go off of what others say.

Well, this was an easy pass for me as I feel like I have enough glitter eye shadows to last me a long time and then I see the eye look you created, Christine. Now I am waffling. I love Xtra Terrestrial so much. I like a couple of the others but enough to pay the asking price for one shadow? I have purchased three palettes this week alone and I haven’t even seen the Dior 5 Pan yet, which I think may have some greens in it this season. I feel like I am already over my head for this holiday season!!

I bought this the day of release and I am so NOT a glitter person ! I was drawn in by the uniqueness of the colors , I think the word “accent “ is perfect for this Palette. I use it as an accent, applying the shadows over a matte ….and they are gorgeous, I get a kick out of just looking at the colors with the palette open and deciding which to use ,

This is an easy pass for me. The eyeliners are super pretty but I would never use them. Better to save my money than purchase a product I’m rarely going to use and by rarely I mean maybe once or twice a year.

A glitter bomb to be sure, what is it with brands at the moment doing glitter everything? Lovely colours and I would be interested if the shades were done in a satin or a slight shimmer.

I have to have Gal on the Moon and Spacesuit or i will die lol. Also Later Crater is so unique i really want it, the other two are gorge also, but not quit as unique in tones. The palette is getting low marks assuming it was meant to be a stand alone product, but if you read the description, it says its meant to accessories OTHER shadows, as top coats, like jewelry for the eyes. They were VERY clear in there description i think. Now that doesnt mean i want it now, but if i had a lot of spare cash i would grab it to play with. But seeing as im very low on cash these days, i have to be ultra picky. Those glosses will be mine tho!!!!!! My ATF is super sparkly shiny lipglosses

I wasn’t planning to get the shadow palette at all because I heard it was a glitter bomb, but many of the colors/finishes are stunning, and harder to dupe. They remind me of the UD Moondust shadows. If these can be used as sparkly toppers over other shadows, I will get it. I’m just worried, as some of the glitter looks so large and loose, like it could scratch the eye and/or be fall out city. I will await your review.

When a palette absolutely needs a damp brush to perform well, then that’s a huge deal breaker for me. I don’t want to feel compelled to dampen my brush every time.

In my world, eyeshadows should never need a damp brush for a good payoff, it’s an extra you could do to intensify the colour even more, but not an essential that otherwise you have a poor, sheer shadow, nope, that’s called a dud.

Definitely a pass for me, thanks (and ouaf because the ones I do want are expensive)! I am still looking at Pat McGrath’s palettes (before Natasha’s), and I was wondering if I missed your review of them, because that (and of course availability in Sephora France), are all I’m waiting for before purchasing.

I purchased the lipstick in Supernova and the gloss in Gal on the Moon. I will be returning both. While I liked the lipstick, it was just too sheer. The gloss was sticky and I could not get past the overwhelming vanilla scent.

Alright, Fenty, now we’re talking. Those highlighter sticks had me worried about you, but it looks like you’ve hit your stride better where eye and lip makeup is concerned.

Later, Crater is a very interesting eyeliner color. I’ll have to give that a look. Black liquid liner can be a tad overwhelming on my fair skin in the winter.

This entire collection is a pass for me. I’m not into glitter. I was mad at first that she was doing all this glitter but when I think about Rihanna’s style then this totally makes sense and appeals to her majority demographic age group under 30 (I think). Because I love her and support her I picked up one lipgloss; Astro Naughty and it’s soo sparkly and thick and gritty to me but I used a 20% FF discount and has a couple bucks on a GC so I paid $13.19 for it which makes it worth it cause it’s a cute topper.

I wanted to pick up Spacesuit and Plutonic but they are dupes for Huda’s lipstrobes I own which I think are sooo much better for perfect glittery wet lips!

The palette was an easy pass and I really did not like how tiny the lipsticks were or the shape of the tube I really do prefer a traditional tube of lipstick. Overall I think it won over the people it was meant to and I know the line will grow in time to offer more neutral staples so I can wait.

Xtra Terrestrial is Urban Decay’s Vortex Moondust eyeshadow looks like. I own it. It performs excellently. All these look like bad Moondust shadows.

I’m weak on my knees for the eyeshadows and also the highliters. I have no space for one more lipstick, liquid lipstick or gloss but hmmm? don’t show me pretty tempting stuff. Lol!

I bought a lipgloss and the eyeliner/shadow Alien Bae. The gloss was too sticky and glittery for me but the liner is so pretty, it wore ok for me but i tried to make it a shadow and it did not go well. I don’t know how to use it without it sticking to one spot. It doesn’t spread easily. Any ideas?

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