Sneak Peek: Bite Beauty Summer 2016 Amuse Bouche Lipsticks Photos & Swatches

Bite Beauty Lavender Jam Amuse Bouche Lipstick
Bite Beauty Lavender Jam Amuse Bouche Lipstick

This May, six new shades of Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche LipsticksBite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks ($26.00 for 0.15 oz.) were released at Sephora. Not your average summer shades but a nice alternative if typical summer shades don’t do it for ya! 🙂 Full reviews to come.

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They remind of eye liner shades that I wish would be on the market…. I hope they become permanent though…. I’m trying to by as little LE products as possible.

The fact that they shades are food grade is wicked as well!

Agree! I never thought I’d consider a green or blue lipstick to be ‘wearable’! I hope they are as dark & rich as they seem in the pictures!

And you are going to LOVE Thisle. Is SO You, and the formula beyond comfortable. Can barely tell you are wearing anything, doesnt bleed, and stays put for hours.

Is it?! F! It is! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Well, I bought them last night… And of course thought you would like them too. And yep! You did!

These look good! Yeah, they’re not “summery” shades, but I think it’s cool that there’s a summer collection that doesn’t feature the regular coral, hot pink, orange, orangey-red, etc. colors.
I really like all of them, but I won’t be picking any of them up sadly – low buy until next year. Hopefully, Bite one day decides to add them to the permanent line.
Plus I know the first two won’t work on me, unsure of how Taro would look on me, would definitely buy Whiskey, and not adventurous enough yet for the last two.

OMG! Squid Ink and Kale are gorgeous! Makes me wish I could wear colors like that. They are seriously pretty. Especially Squid Ink. I would probably only look decent in Whiskey. That’s my preferred drink anyway so it’s all good. ☺

I picked up Taro and Squid Ink. I love the new Bite formula and I couldn’t resist such unique beautiful shades! I doubt I’ll wear Squid Ink very often but swatching it on my hand made it so worth it.

I may or may not be entirely in love with Kale. It just looks so richly metallic and deep. Wait…yup, it’s totally on my wishlist.

Also, Thistle is screaming my name. I feel like Bite is doing really well with their color choices lately!

Wow, these look awesome! Not sure if I can pull off some but love them all. Kale looks way better than UD Junkie in terms of pigmentation! And look at Squid Ink! Must resist Whiskey, but Taro has my attention

Thistle is the only one that i could wear (in my comfort zone) but the rest of the colours are pretty spectacular. So glad to see that Bite is branching out with their line of colours. And if they are as good as they look, that’s even more impressive.
Off topic Christine, i was wondering if this idea has passed your fabulous brain… Have you ever considered organizing a coffee/brunch set up where the many of your readers (in their respective areas) could get together? I have learned/gleaned so much information from the many participants that visit your site and i was always curious to know more. Is this crazy? I recall the time you visited MAC here in Toronto and i thought how great it would have been to get the opportunity to chat all things make-up. Now, i’m assuming that you couldn’t be present at all of the set-ups (or could you….???), i thought it would be kinda fun to continue the conversation with like-minded makeup enthusiasts. Just a thought….

It might be possible to do one locally and see if people went (I don’t know how many people would show up), as I don’t really travel much! (For every day I take off, it means I put in an extra 4-6 hours for the two days prior to it.)

I think something like that might be a better idea if/when we have a larger community/forum aspect to the site, since it’ll be easier for regular readers to get to know each other and also message/contact each other on the fly.

i love everything about this summer collection – the color choices are so unique. I’ve been eyeballing lavender jam, kale and squid ink. I can’t wait to hear what you think about these.

It’s not the same shade – the one that came out in the limited launch was called Lavender Thistle. It’s a totally different color and finish 🙂

These look surprisingly nice! I was expecting more streakiness, given I know Bite’s had some iffy luck with darker shades. I’m surprised at how much I like Kale and Squid Ink!

I’m not a lipstick kinda girl and would never wear any of these in a million years but those 3 darkest shades are incredible!

I caved and ordered Kale, Squid Ink, and Lavender Jam earlier this week. They are slated to arrive today! Eeekkk!!!! I am so excited!

wow!!!! *jaw drops* do we get those in Greece? I have to find out. we get a very limited number of brands in Sephora here…I don’t think I have ever seen this brand anywhere here…but wow!!!

Taro and Thistle are just gorgeous! Springy enough for me, I believe! Kale is calling my name….finally a teal- toned (or emerald?) green that isn’t too sheer or costumy! Where to wear it , though, is the question. AZ still isn’t really there yet, color adventure wise.

Kale and squid ink look so awesome. Wouldn’t wear them as a lipstick, but I would so rock them if they were eyeliners. Drooling over how pretty kale is.

Ummmm..first time ever buying a product based on seeing it here, and first time buying a lipstick over 22 dollars. Never thought it would happen, but I bought kale. I love it. I can’t wait to have it in my hands!!!!!?

Please…I need them all… Someone make them available for non-Sephora countries! Arghhh I’ve been eyeing Bite Beauty for a while! I wish there was a economic way of getting them 🙁 I want them all….

These are all interesting and gorgeous. I really need Thistle, Taro, Kale, and Squid Ink. This is amazing, Bite + unusual shades is exactly what we needed in the makeup world!

Kind of loving them all. I know Thistle is tame but it’s probably going to be mine. I hope they make the shades perm. Kale and Squid Ink actually look oddly wearable.

THESE LOOK AMAZING. So cool! I was like, I really like Bite Beauty but they have really boring colours, and then, BAM. This is magical.

I want Kale so bad but I can’t justify dropping nearly $30 on a green lipstick I’ll barely use! So sad!

OH. MY. GAWWD. these are insane. these are SO ME. I NEEEED. Especially those last two. This is a goth chick’s fantasy. what dreams are made of. I want them all but, realistically if I had to choose one, I would go with Kale. I don’t think that shade has ever been done before. Squid ink is calling to me too, but I have Poe by KVD. They’re not exactly the same but for someone who limits her makeup budget, I’m not sure it’s economical to have both Squid Ink and Poe.

I just invested in Mac’s new Chris Chang lipstick Plum Princess, and it looks JUST LIKE TARO! I guess i’m happy i got the colour from Mac because it’s a bit cheaper and cute packaging. Also reminds me of Nars Dominique which is even pricier.

I’ve not been a purchaser of Bite – don’t know why…but a few of these may have to change that…I’m so attracted to these shades…

!!! Thistle! Kale! Squid Ink! I feel like I may have to buy at least one of these just to have one crazy color for parties.

you know what? i spent 3 hours at sephora today, tried on about 21 lipsticks, 10 highlighters, and walked out without buying a thing. but if i saw these in the store (they were not there!) i woulda barked and dropped some $$$. yes, BARKED! woof. when i get overwhelmed, i would just rather not buy anything lol.

I guess shame on me for expecting a more conventional line like Bite to flop on shades like Kale and Squid Ink. They’re so pretty and rich! I want them, although I’d probably only wear them in my own home. Lol!

Just bought Kale, Squid Ink, and Lavender Jam! These colors are so exciting to me! I had to go to the store after seeing these swatches. Totally up my alley and they are colors that flatter my complexion. Really excited to wear them.

I am Sooooooo so excited about this release!!!!! Like, I probably have never been so excited about a lipstick release before! I want and will wear every single one of these babies. HECK YES!!!!!! Go Bite!!!!!!!

Squid Ink is everything I wanted Illamasqua Disciple to be and MORE. Kale looks similarly gorgeous, and Lavender Jam is the perfect straddling between pastel and neon (and it’s a cool-toned purple! YES!)

However, I’ve got a question. BITE’s Instagram feed has said a couple times now that only Lavender Jam and Taro are limited edition shades in this launch. This suggests the other shades will be added to the permanent line-up.

I’m inclined to believe word-of-manufacturer, but can you confirm or deny this? A second opinion would be helpful before I backup something that’s perm rather than LE.

If that’s what they (Bite) have posted, I would go with that. Sephora had them all as limited edition but now only lists Taro as limited edition. I don’t get any info from Bite (they don’t work with me), so I went with what was on Sephora at the time!

I want all of these! Kale most of all, I can’t do green lips, generally, but this, this is a must, and I think thanks to the richness it will be quite wearable. Only problem, we don’t have Bite here 🙁

Christine, I just had to tell you that you run an awesome website! I came here looking for swatches of the new Bite Beauty lipstick in Thistle and some dupes. I was amazed to see that you have so many comparisons/dupes posted already and this lipstick is not even available in store at Sephora yet! It launches on Friday and I am lusting over this one shade and hoping I can pull it off. I can’t wear Sebastion, Tootsie or Underground but this one seems to have a darker tone to it. So happy to find your comparison swatches, thanks Christine! 🙂

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