Is having a signature look important to you?

Nope, not at all. I think it’s fun when you show your preferences enough that others know you love XYZ style or color or product, but I don’t personally need to have a specific look to be known for.

— Christine
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For makeup, I like to switch things up too much to have a signature look. But certain celebrities are known for having a signature look, like Taylor Swift’s red lips, J. Lo’s glowy skin, Kim K’s lashes and nude lips

I think part of the fun of makeup and fashion is that I can completely change how I look whenever I want, and thus change how people see me. There are still colors I pretty much always love or hate and will never wear. But generally, nah.

Nope! I’m very artsy with makeup, and find it to be far too much fun playing with different colors, shades of colors, and combos of such. For me, it’s my one creative outlet still left, sometimes my inspiration for a look comes from the shades I see in a particular sunset, the ocean, an approaching thunderstorm, a hummingbird’s feathers, even a snakeskin!
Sometimes I love a look that I’ve seen on someone else enough to replicate it to some degree, but NEVER 100% identically.
Now, I do have 2 close friends who literally wear the EXACT same look every day. I’ve *tried* encouraging them to expand their range, with no success.
My only signature is my almost always present cat-eye, haha!

I’ve known my sister-in-law for almost 20 years, and her look has never changed. She says she only needs 1 blush and 1 -2 lipsticks, nothing more than that. I think she’s nuts, but if she saw the size of my stash, she would think the same of me LOL

LoL! My Mom would always wear a signature look, although sometimes she would totally overhaul it, but it would just be a new lipstick shade that she’d wear non-stop for a decade or two! If she could see what I have now? She’d have me committed!!!?

Not in the least. I prefer to live adventurously in my style choices. If makes by creative life fun. There is definitely no one, in my life, who can say, “Yeah. Momo is known for that look.” I am content with who I am; with or without a signature look.

I feel the same as Christine. People are used to me playing around. Maybe not knowing what to expect could be something people link me to but I don’t think that’s having a signature. I definitely do not think it’s important to be known for any signature look but apparently I had one. My friends recently reminded me of when we we were young and everyone always mentioned my “look” so I guess it was kind of my signature look back then but I wasn’t only known for my makeup or thought of it that way. Cool question.

Not at all. In fact, the opposite is true. To me, part of the fun of wearing makeup is being able to change my look from day to day, using different eyeshadows (neutrals, brights, smoky or more natural looks purely depending on my mood that day) and the same goes with the rest of my face. Wearing a “signature look” would be boring to me and defeat all the fun of using makeup.

I actually think is important that I don’t! Though I have favorite colors and know certain styles look better on me than others, I hate to get stuck in a rut.

If I had it would certainly be bare-faced exhaustion, lol! I dont usually wear makeup in my daily life and dgaf either. It’s either no makeup at all or a natural look: light base, blush and bronzer, brows, mascara.

Nope. I like to change things up usually daily. I am not a creative person in general like i can’t draw, sing, write, etc and when I do my makeup that is the only way I can show how somewhat creative I can be.

It’s not important to me, but having an easy signature look for busy mornings can certainly be convenient!

I can kind of see the appeal, though–I once had an acquaintance tell me I seemed like the type of person who would always have immaculate red lips and nails (though I’m pretty sure she’d never seen me wear red lipstick) and it was fun to think I could become a “type” if I committed to one look.

I rarely experiment with new techniques or placement, so I guess I’m fairly ‘signature’ in that way, but I change up the colors I use quite regularly.

I definitely have a few looks that are go-to looks, but I don’t think I have a “signature” look. I like to experiment and mix it up, and even though I gravitate toward certain colors or styles, I don’t think anyone looks at my makeup and thinks, “That’s so you.”

Ha I don’t think that’s “important” to me or necessary. But I do have strong personal preference to teal eyeliner. If that’s considered as signature look of me from other people’s perspective, then I’ll take it! lol

I remember thinking red lipstick was my signature look, but then the nude/brown lip trend came along and I couldn’t resist.
I don’t even have a fixed preference when it comes to colors. I love my browns and warm neutrals, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rock cooler or brighter eye looks once in a while ?

Makeup is for fun and is a means of self-expression. To say I have a signature look would be like saying I am one dimensional and never change as a person. How boring! Certainly, I have preferences, but I’m not locked into any one look. People who hang onto one particular look year after year tend to look dated and, eventually, kind of frumpy.

I don’t have a “signature look” so much as I have a “rut that I’ve fallen into because I’m in school & working & haven’t time to experiment with new stuff”! I’ve used the same Clinique eyeshadow duo for 2 months now. (Hangs head)

Not really. I do like to look quite natural and somewhat polished, but I don’t usually strive to achieve specific looks.

I think at one time it may have been. When I was working for a public relations firm, I had a certain kind of clientele I did business with and I thought my look for those types of companies needed to be fairly consistent. After I decided to become a freelance writer, I no longer feel the need for a signature look, in fact, my “signature look” now is whatever I feel like on any given day.

I wouldn’t say that I desire a signature look, but I want to have a plan for a basic face. For me, that would be the most essential makeup that gives me a polished appearance within minutes (preferably 5 minutes). As YouTube vloggers call it – the no-makeup makeup look. It would be the look that I wear daily. But it would also be the look that I would build from and have more fun with to get more glamorous for nights out, and to have fun with the latest makeup trends. For example, I may add bold winged eyeliner or add a bright purple lip. But, it would all start from that basic, no-fail, face. I would place my basic face in a small, portable case so that it could be ready to go if I’m running late. Now, I need to figure out what goes into this case…..

Well, for example, its not easy for me to escape from a nude lip, even if I really try. So I guess that is something that everyone can see as part of my daily look. Lately Ive been getting better at drawing a nice and subtle cat eye and I love the way my eyes look with it, so I’ve been rocking it a lot.

Look no, but practiced techniques (if that makes sense) yes. I like to look polished and have my colors harmonious and coordinated so while I might leave the house in a “new” look, I’ll still have taken great care with application. If careful application counts as a signature look, as in “oh look, there goes Pearl with her careful polished application of makeup” (ha ha ha) then yes. 😀

I do have a ‘signature look,’ I also have a ‘signature style’ in the clothes I wear.
Is it important to me?
No, I just have very definite tastes & am not a ‘trendy’ person.
My ‘signature look’ is a bit retro, a sort of 1950’s Hollywood starlet goes Bollywood.
Platinum blonde hair, a dramatic double winged eyeliner (in various jewel tones paired with black), single shade pale eyeshadow in nude, beige, or champagne, ‘over the top’ lashes, a bold pink lippy, minimal blush, flawless porcelain skin. (People always tell me I look like Marilyn Monroe, so I just sort of ‘went’ with it.)
I typically wear Indian style clothing ( I live in India & am married to an Indian) in stunning jewel tones embellished with lots of spangles, bangles, sequins, beads, jewels, & fabulous embroidery. From saris to salwar kameez, Bibi’s got it goin’ on!

Bibi, your signature look sounds beautiful! I love Indian clothes (and makeup). They’re not afraid of some color and glitz. I even subscribe to a couple Indian beauty blogs for ideas and inspiration.

I used to not care if I had a signature look. However as I’ve grown as a professional in my field (graphic design) I have found that coming off consistently as “artistically put together” helps clients see you as more of a professional in an artistic field. And having a signature look helps immensely in this regard.

However, on the weekends my signature look goes out the window as I still love to have a bit of fun with my makeup.

I like variety too much to say that I have a signature look. I do have a few looks which I rotate, especially during the week.

While not a look, per se, I’m often complimented on my skin. Many days, my makeup routine is nothing more than under eye concealer, foundation, setting powder and lipstick. Of all of it, the lipstick is a must. It’s like the finishing touch even if the “look” is basic.

Although I vary colors and products, my eye shadow remains similar due hooded lids. I foundation is a similar color but I use powder, creme, liquid foundations depending my skin texture and mood.
I don’t know if that’s a yes or no

i have leaning towards certain looks but having a variety i think is what made makeup so fun (and addicting) but i do have phases, some longer than the other (i am VERY partial to navy eyeliner and muted/nude orange lips) but it’s nothing to warrant a signature label. same goes with perfume.

I have a signature look and it’s doing whatever I feel like at that time! I love a classic, regal look but I’m more trendy than anything. I appreciate this about myself because I can’t stand to become bored! #LiveLifeLOVE

I think knowing your face and what makeup application looks good on your face is important. Colors are interchangeable, as a makeup lover and someone who has more than enough of everything, I try rotate my products monthly or so. I do have my go to look because no one really has time for fussing around at 6 am haha

I enjoy having fun with my look too much to worry about that. So for me there is no signature look when it comes to makeup. It’s literally whatever I felt like wearing at the time. Some days i only do my brows and throw on some gloss, other days just some highlighter or blush with a nude lip. I do what I want.

I probably go to smokey eye and cat eye liner on my off time but more neutral for work. That’s as close as I get to signature. I even change my fragrance around these days. The whole point of makeup is to make less nice features less noticeable so you look better. Part of the fun is to change it as you please.

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