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I have no issues with scented skincare products, and actually prefer them. With DS brands, the scent fades throughout the day, and if I’m wearing perfume that day, I choose something complimentary. As for HE brands, the scent lasts much longer, and is stronger, so those typically get used for evening/special occasions, or if used for daytime, I will not use perfume. That being said, I still have to enjoy the particular scent, and it can’t be so strong as to offend others.

I don’t think I would even bother with body lotion if it wasn’t scented. I like to have fragrance coupled with moisture. That’s not to say I don’t sympathize with those who suffer from allergies. There is room for both varieties.

I rarely use body products, but when I do, I actually prefer it when they scented, so I can layer my scent. However, I would prefer scented haircare over scented body products any day.

I think “should” is the word that doesn’t belong here – if a body care product works beautifully, then you probably don’t need anything added that could possibly affect the formula or change the results – but on the other hand, a luxuriously scented moisturiser is wonderful on occasion! Its just a matter of preference. I prefer to have both options – unscented, for when I’m wearing a fragrance, and scented, for scents I particularly like. I will happily take either, so long as I love the product.

It really depends. If I’m wearing a perfume or body spray, I prefer my lotion to be unscented to keep from layering/clashing scents. I feel lotions designed to copy perfume scents are too chemical smelling and overpowering. If I’m not wearing perfume or body spray, I prefer scented lotions/creams.

Nope, and it’s really frustrating that nearly all of them are. I’d rather smell my perfume :/ . Not to mention that a lot of them smell overly sweet or/and like some sort of food – I don’t want to smell like a cupcake or like jamba juice!

Absolutely! Well, absolutely…..sort of! I love my scented body products, from low end (Soap and Glory) to high end (Prada!!!). But it’s also very nice to have the option of an unscented product, either not to compete with a fragrance you’re choosing to wear or for those people who have reactions to scented skin care products. I have Kiehl’s body lotion and it is not scented but every time I use it, I feel like something is “missing”. I actually decanted some into a separate bottle and added some essential oil to it because I really do enjoy using body lotions with a fragrance!

oh no i hate heavily scented lotions and creams they give me the biggest headache! I also find they don’t really hydrate my skin either.

I like them to be scented, because I like to layer my perfume by using the shower gel, then the lotion, and then finally a spray of the eau de perfume or whichever it is.

Scented products usually never bother me. Except with a lot of the “natural” products, they frequently use a similar scent profile, and sometimes that smell (sandalwood? patchouli?) is quite overpowering to my nose.

Maybe treatment products should be unscented?

I think it depends on the strength of the scent. My shower gel is scented but it’s not that strong and it doesn’t linger after I get out of the shower, so I don’t mind it. Stuff that’s really strongly scented, though, I can’t use. I don’t mind if body products are scented; there are enough that aren’t that I don’t feel deprived. But I kind of wish the company would offer an unscented option along with the different scents. Like Soap & Glory–I have a tube of their hand cream, and the formula’s nice, but the scent’s so strong I can’t really use it. If they offered an unscented option I’d be all over it.

I prefer unscented, only because I don’t want anything to clash with my perfume. That said, I don’t think all body products should be unscented, but the option would be nice.

For example, I like Dove Moisture Wash, but I don’t use it because I think it reeks. Even my 8 year old daughter (who couldn’t care less about such things) said she doesn’t like it because it “smells like old people”. I don’t know what she meant by that, as I certainly don’t think all persons of an advanced age have a fragrance specific to them, but I don’t want to smell like something that provokes such a response either. (My nana used to smell like EL’s Cinnabar, not soap. It was lovely. 🙂

I have a few unscented items and a few scented. I’ll switch off depending on my mood. I can tell you – I HATE scented foot creams. They smell way too strong for me haha.

haha! I never thought about that but now you brought it up, why would you want your feet to smell like peppermint?! haha! 🙂

Both. I love my scented shower gels and lotions and body butters. I also sometimes use non-scented body/shower products depending on what my mood or fragrance preference is for that day. What I really think should not be scented is makeup and facial care. That is pointless.

They should be both!! Unscented for skin sensitivity and for when you just don’t want to smell like cream or compete with perfume, and scented for when you want to wear the fragrance all day.

For body care, I definitely think there should be more options for unscented. There are just a hand full of unscented body washes and lotions on the market and nearly every single shampoo contains fragrance in the ingredients list even if they don’t necessarily have a strong scent.

I started getting eczema rashes on my face only, and I tested positive for fragrance allergy. I can use scented lotions on my body just fine, but any face products with even a hint of fragrance will give me scaly eczema around my eyes and mouth. If it’s doing that to my face, what is it really doing to my body?

This caused me to start looking for unscented products and products without fragrance listed in the ingredients, and for shampoos it’s nearly impossible! Unless you buy the specialty kinds for allergy sufferers.

I definitely think too many products have fragrances, possibly ending up in strange cocktails (scented shampoo + body wash + lotion) But hey it’s America right, land of choice, we can choose to smell like gingerbread fruit cocktails if we want…

Totally agree. I don’t have eczema but even a hint of most fragrances result in hives, eyes swelling – often both shut, massive migraine and most concerning – asthma attacks…people who don’t have/witness asthma attacks don’t seem to realize that people can/have DIED during bad asthma attacks and if not an ER visits is VERY expensive and no fun, especially when you just wanted to be clean and moisturized.

It’s a fragrance topic…let the rant/reality begin 🙂

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with the lady who has cut my hair for years… we have continuously tried to find shampoo and conditioner that is LESS fragrant than others for me to buy. Please note I didn’t say shampoo/conditioner that works best for my hair or even budget but product that won’t cause health problems. She also has to be aware of what she uses on my hair when I get a cut, which I can only afford 4 times a year so it would be nice if it were a treat not a challenge.

I have very dry skin and have to liberally moisturize every inch of skin on my body or have my skin crack and/or peel. I would like to have quality options to CHOOSE from but again find myself limited by fragrance. It would also be nice to get clean before the lotion phase so don’t even get me started on body wash scents. I would like to have choices that work best for MY needs, my skin type and condition at any specific moment. I don’t even think about getting a product I like and/or can afford….just something that works for me. Would everyone else like to be given a Dove bar (just a random example, not what I use) as all you can cleanse with for life?

I respect that the majority of people love, want and some people demand their varied fragrances in certain or all products from head to toe. I absolutely think you should have your options!

BUT…how about some OPTIONS for those of us who cannot physically or medically tolerate fragrance. Living in a tiny town, I have to place online orders for most items including shampoo and conditioner. Items we have in town are too fragrant or make my hair dry/greasy, fill in the blank. How can I order anything…shampoo, conditioner, styling products, body wash, lotion, skincare online with confidence??? Impossible! So…I have to search for return policies, read reviews everywhere, front the money and 99.99% of the time after a tiny patch test, go thru the hassle of returning the product and waiting for a refund. Sound fun or even fair? Even living in very large cities most of my life…I would spend hours going to different places trying to find body care (plus hair and skincare) products in person I could use, time that could have been spent earning money or having a life. I spent several years trying to find a bubble bath for special occasions and I’ve given up.

If companies can make body butter (for example) in numerous scents how about adding a fragrance free option and throw us a bone? Then, maybe I can do basic cleansing of body & hair followed by skincare without incident. Sadly, even when that happens it isn’t long before I find myself walking past or in line at the post office next to “the lady” with a trail of fragrance and just hope I can get home that day without someone else causing a migraine or asthma attack due to their overpowering body/hair products or perfume.

Long rant but it is a DAILY problem and it sucks.

It can go either way for me. If it is a really good unscented body lotion then I may touch up my fragrance or use a body spray or even scented hair products. Likewise if I am using other scented products then lotion has to be complimentary or unscented. If I love the scent but the lotion isn’t moisturizing enough I may still use it but not daily.

Personally, I don’t care for scented body care products. I think it’s a bit much, especially if your’re going to wear purfume. My MIL wears ways too much of everything scented and she gives me a headache.

I sometimes like if they are scented, but I don’t really like if the scent lingers. I mean, I have perfumes and body mists for a reason, and I don’t want their scent to be altered or spoiled because of body care products’s fragrances. I don’t have any problems at all with unscented products, either, but sometimes, a light, mild, not overpowering or sickening fruity or floral scent is nice.

Even though I have sensitive skin, I still enjoy a scented body product every now and then for my legs or feet. I just like that there’s always an unscented option as well, since that’s mostly what I reach for.


I have perfume if I want to smell. Good stuff.

The real horror of this is women in scented everything (scented deodorant? Disgusting!) who wind up as a walking stink pit of synthetic smells. A body lotion in the same scent as a good perfume is one thing, but as long as women leave the house in five different scented hair and body products plus EDP, the rest of us are doomed to nausea and migraine. Why give people the chance?

It depends on the product. I love using a scented body wash for my morning shower but a lot of the drugstore brands smell like a really cheap, fruity-floral perfume. I love the higher products (like Philosophy and Crabtree & Evelyn) but they are more expensive, obviously. When it comes to body lotions and deodorants, I look for unscented versions because I don’t want them to clash with my perfume.

I love scented body products such as the Body Shop butters ( grapefruit, moringa, chocolate, mango and others ). I very often use non scented butters ( cocoa or shea butter ones, which are scented products actually ) during the day, and very scented ones at night. I also use scented oils ( Liérac, Caudalie, L’Occitane ).

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