Red by Kiss Perfect Pair Tweezers and Nail Clippers

Red by Kiss Perfect Pair ($5.99) is a tweezer and nail clipper set. Prior to trying these delightfully pink tweezers, I have been Tweezerman-snob. I think I have about three pairs of Tweezermans around my house, in various pockets of the apartment. However, Tweezerman tweezers don’t come cheap (I think all of mine were $10 or more). These tweezers look and feel a lot like my more expensive Tweezerman ones, surprisingly enough. I’ve found myself using these for the past few weeks regularly (they’re sitting on my desk, beside my 10x magnifying mirror, ha!), and I haven’t felt the urge to go locate my Tweezerman tweezers either. The nail clipper is kind of cool, because it’ll trap your nail clippings in it, so it creates less of a mess. I felt that the clippers felt a bit flimsy compared to the tweezers, which were sturdy. I’d probably opt just for the tweezers over these particular clippers.

Who do you trust when it comes to your tweezers?