Bliss & Philips: Bikini Perfect Electronic Shaver & Kit

In a world of technology, and being a bit of a product geek myself, when bliss/philips sent over Bikini Perfect (Deluxe Spa Edition) ($59.99), I admired it first in awe, because it looked sleek and practical. Then I admired it because it looked like it could quite easily be a modern day torture device. Seriously, some of those attachments will leave the less hair removal savvy running!

The Bikini Perfect is an at-home grooming system. It features a cordless, rechargeable, shower-friendly trimmer with six attachments. The kit also comes with trial sizes of their body butter & an ingrown-hair exfoliating pad.

  • Precision Trimmer: grooms bikini ilne
  • Precision Comb: ensures even grooming results (5 length settings)
  • Eyebrow Comb: trims entire eyebrow to a uniform length
  • Micro Trimmer: shapes/defines/removes brows or a single hair
  • Micro Shaver: extra smooth and safe shaver
  • Epilator: removes hair by the root

So what did I do? Being the not-so-hair-down-there savvy (hey, I don’t mind the disposable razor technique–gives me the results I want and keeps me bump free!), I went straight for the Epilator attachment. Now, let me tell you that I imagine the epilator attachment is the most painful of the six, because let’s face it, it’s plucking hair entirely, not just trimming or shaving it.

When you first turn the device on, the speed it is spinning/whirring at is downright frightening. I was like, “OH GOD!” when I turned it on, and I looked at myself in the mirror thinking, “Can I really do this? Aww, what the hell!” For as daunting as it seemed, it wasn’t that bad when I was going around the bikini line and whatnot. This is not to say that it was painless. I think my pain tolerance is decent for down there, so the epilator and I got along fine. However, there were a few hairs that got pulled out that made me go, “GOOD GOD!” The pain is akin to plucking out the hair with tweezers–just not as painstakingly slow. I’m trying to build up some courage to try the eyebrow comb, but we’ll see!

For the pricetag, this is a worth-it purchase if you’re into at-home shaving. If you’re a little terrified of having someone else see (or muck around with) your naughty bits, this is a less embarrassing method. If you’re into Brazilians, you’re probably better off getting a wax, since it’s faster (and the pain is probably about the same as with the epilator in THOSE areas). But for those who just want to trim, neaten, and take care of the bikini line–this does a fine job of keeping you looking your swimsuit best!

Learn more about the kit at


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Nicole Avatar

Christine– Have you ever waxed…down there? I’d love to hear about your waxing experiences as I’m trying to muster up the courage to go for a brazilian! Any encouragement/tips?

Christine Avatar

I’ve only tried once using an at-home kit, and I nearly killed myself. Seriously, I’ve never had such pain and wished I was dead the entire 45 minutes I was trying to remove it. Never again!

I usually shave, just because it’s painless and my routine is down pat so I don’t get bumps or ingrown hairs for the most part. I’d like to get it done professionally, but it’s yet to happen.

Take a pain killer or two before you go, and definitely let them know it’s your first time so they can give you ideas as to what to expect.

Mae Avatar


So wait…do they have the little shape cutouts too?!

Im sorry but thats funny!
Very cool idea but funny as heck!

I would use it for trimming for sure!!!
I prefer the trim over bald look haha


I just got this in the mail yesterday after ordering it from I tried it right away and am very happy with it. The epilator, well, let’s say – will take some getting used to. I stopped half-way because I just couldn’t bear it, but I’m willing to try again!

I have wanted to try a spa wax, but couldn’t justify the price, so that’s why I decided on this.

Christine Avatar

I’ve wanted to do a wax, too… but like you, the price gets me.

Good to hear someone else has tried it. But yes, the epilator is definitely the mega piece of the attachments, and I think next time I will DEFINITELY use it post-shower and perhaps take some aspirin beforehand, LOL.

Skyler Avatar

Oh, the wonderful delights of being a girl. *lmao* Thank you for this review. I saw this in the Sephora e-mail the other day and immediately wanted it because I can’t afford No!no!. But to be perfectly honest, I can’t really see what I’m doing down there (seriously–HOW DO YOU SEE EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE DOING?!) so do I really want to be using something electric? It scares me to think about it. *lol* I also use a razor right now and although it’s just fine, I want something more thorough. I maaaay look into actually getting this set. 😛

The Epilator might come in handy for misbehaving boyfriends! Hahaha.

Skyler Avatar

*LMAO* I suppose that’s how it’s done properly, yes. I don’t think I’m talented enough to do these things myself, balancing a mirror, an electronic tool with blades, maneuvering the right way with my hands… haha. I sometimes really hate being a woman but then I think of the alternative and I’m good again. 😛

AmyLou Avatar

I saw this in the Sephora email, too!

I even posted in the forums about bikini line hair removal, but didn’t get much response.

Christine, did you have any bumps or razor burn from this? I get *horrid* bumps that are pretty embarrassing.

I am thinking I might purchase this and give it a shot.

Thanks for the review!

Jessica Avatar

I bought this after reading the review at Beauty Addict, and I’ve only used the epilator. It definitely hurts, but you get used to it. The most painful part for me is keeping my head bent down for the time it takes to epilate the hairs I want removed. The major problem is that I get horrible, horrible bumps from this. Lots of redness and swelling…and though it dies down after a night or two, there’s still a good bit of redness and ingrowns, even when I exfoliate and use whatever product promises to eliminate bumps and redness. I guess my skin’s just really sensitive : (

It’s an effective tool though! I might try it in the shower to see how that goes, as it’s supposed to make the hairs softer and the skin more supple.

Mrs. Schwartz Avatar

Christine (and everyone else who posted comments), thank you so much for posting reviews on this!

I’d seen this and had been considering it but was sooooo intimidated by the idea of machinery by my area… 😉

I just bought the Bliss Poetic Wax (in an effort to save during these hard economic times) but have yet to build the courage to use it.

I think today’s the day, though! 🙂

2 advils about 45 minutes before waxing has usually been my saving grace during my waxing appts but since I’m doing it myself, I think I’ll up it to 3 advils! 🙂

Mrs. Schwartz Avatar

Hi Christine! Sorry it’s taken so long to respond… I’m just recovering… KIDDING! 🙂

Overall, I thought the Poetic Wax was fine!

Though, I do understand now why a bikini waxing can cost so much! 😉

Anyway, I’m sorry… this’ll probably be long!

It definitely drips when it’s too hot (too runny), so I tried to cool it a bit over the jar, before putting it on.

What I struggled with, at first, was keeping the wax hot enough to keep using without having to run back to the stove to reheat!

I finally just brought the pot with hot water into the bathroom (with waxing mug inside the pot) and kept it on an oven mitt on top of the bathroom sink.

So that took care of that.

Pain-wise, it actually isn’t that bad. I’m not gonna lie… IF you get wax in ‘tough to pull’ areas and the wax isn’t a thick layer, Oh Geez… Look out!

But the directions clearly say (and thank God for reviewers who’ve posted their experiences) to put enough wax for it to be thick (2-6′ or as thick as a banana peel)!

I dunno why but it really does work.

So, frontal areas were pretty easy to do. The instructions do recommend that for bikini waxing, to sit on the floor with knees up and legs spread slightly (I’m picturing like kinda sitting Indian Style).

I can see how that’d be helpful but for front areas, I found it just fine standing and doing.

Now, for the harder to reach areas, that’s where it gets Awkward, Weird AND Painful!

That’s where sitting can be helpful as well as creativity and maybe even flexibility!!! 😉

Anyway, it’s not as perfect as when my gal does it (or shall we say ‘used to do it’, since I’m takin’ care of business on my own in these hard economic times)… But it’s fine for my first time.

The other thing that might be helpful is getting back on my 6 week schedule.

As of today, it had been 2 and a half months since my last bikini waxing (eeeks! Yes, I was definitely due!) and I know they say that waxing too soon or too late is never pleasant.

I think this is worth the $45.00 bucks, if I can keep it up and get better & better at it.

One bikini waxing alone was 35.00 (plus my 10.00 tip to her). I can’t believe I was doing $45.00 every 6 weeks! Crazy!

Anyway, thanks Christine! 🙂

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