Rant & Rave: Twist-Up Jumbo Lip Pencils

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Twist-Up Jumbo Lip Pencils!

my answer: I love how more brands are putting out products you don’t have to sharpen, but then sometimes the amount you get can be really small so you have to check!

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For the most part, I really love them: there’s a wide range of colours/shade intensities, they feel comfortable, and they make putting on lip colour a no-brainer. The only real problem I have is when the colour is really bright, but the formula of the pencil is balmy and slippy and ideally requires a liner, but who wants to wear liner under a lip crayon? That was the problem with the ones made by Bourjois, which was disappointing because the colours were quite nice. The other thing that irks me is seeing a brand stop developing other, more unique lip products in favour of putting out their own version of lip crayons. For example, Rimmel’s Apocalips is a really amazing lip product: it’s kind of a cross between a liquid lipstick and a gloss and one of the most interesting lip products at the drugstore, in my opinion. But instead of developing that line more and adding new colours, Rimmel’s big lip product release this year was lip crayons, which, to be completely honest, weren’t as nice as the Revlon ones anyway.

If I put one in my purse, it twists up and smushes on the inside of the lid. I’ve lost two clinique chubby sticks that way. I love me my chubby sticks, but they are strictly for home use now. Seriously – is a safety catch an insurmountable design challenge?

Hate the word Jumbo as it rarely applies to the amount of product. Pet peeve of mine lately. Packaging that disguises how little you really are getting.

Love the convenience of the format.

Heh, I remember the first time I actually twisted my Chubby Stick all the way up (that sounds…wow. :-P) and saw how little there was (and they’re $40 each here, btw). I had to go and have a cup of tea. It just seemed kind of shocking compated to a normal lipstick, even though I don’t think I ever really expected the entire shaft of the pencil to be full of product.

Still, perhaps it means I’m more likely to actually finish a lip product someday?! Whee! 😉

Overall I really like them! I find them easier to apply neatly because of the pointier tip they have. and the formula is usually more moisturizing which is always nice. The only con I can think of is that they’re often a lot sheerer than you’d think.

I think they tend to be overpriced. They’re usually smaller than a regular lipstick but priced the same or very similarly. I’m also not a fan of how much more packaging a twist up pencil seems to have. Most of them are smaller than a regular lipstick, but encased in bigger packaging than even regular lipstick. Blech, bulky packaging.

And I don’t really see the point in giving them a special pointed shape. Once you’ve had one for a while they no longer have a pointed tip so then it’s just like a blunt lipstick and there’s no longer any advantage to be had in the special shape.

I think most people really like twist up lip pencils though so don’t listen to me.

No, no and no. Very little product for the price, so much hype for basically a sheer lip product like there’s so many more around.. and better ones! In twist up stick form, the product always ends up being too waxy.. in vogue now.. hopefully they’ll be gone soon! Kind of like glitter gel for cheeks in the 90s!!! 😛

I don’t really see the point (haha) of them. You get way more product with a regular lipstick and I think it’s actually easier to get a sharp edge on a lipstick for precise application.

I like how convenient they are but hate how little product you receive. I don’t finish lippies too often but it still feels like we’re getting short changed a bit

I feel like most of the products I’ve seen released this way are sheer or gloss washes, and I prefer more opaque coverage. They’re also kind of overpriced for how much you get.

I own a couple of the Tarte Lipsurgence and like them but they’re the least used lip products in my collection. Glad I got them all either free or on sale. (I had one sample size NARS velvet gloss pencil but the smell was horrid, I threw it out!)

Love love and love. I can´t say bad things about it. I truly love my Revlon ones.
I wish that NARS adopt twist-up system in their matte lip pencils too. Its such a good product but it´s so annoying we have to sharpen it.. Actually, is the reason I don´t planning buy it anymore.

Ugh, I kind of hate them. The best ones are just okay. I actually find a lot of them drying, including the Chubby Sticks, and they tend to be too waxy to wear over a balm. I’d rather wear a nice pigmented lipstick or gloss over my preferred lip balm – better pigmentation and wear time, too.

I wish Revlon in particular would concentrate on its older lipstick line, which has a fantastic and underrated formula but slightly dated colours.

I think the packaging format is very sensible and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are definitely a favorite. I do dislike how oversaturated the market is right now, especially when the products are all so similar. I hate how many products contain Mango Butter or Oil. I’m deathly allergic to mango, it needs to stop being in everything!

I LOVE them. I wish all lipsticks just came in chubby pencil form ! I just find they’re so darn convenient. The shape feels much more natural too somehow. I really enjoyed the Sephora Jumbo lip pencils of recent but also a big fan of the Tarte LipSurgence ones. The Rimmel ones are amazing for the price I find. Sooo yeah..love them! 🙂 Oh but I did find the covergirl ones slightly disappointing – in terms of texture & pigmentations.

I’m probably one of the few that actually prefers the sharpened pencils – that way, the product can be reshaped to a finer tip once use has started to blunt it. I realize this does cut down on the amount of product I have available, but I have so many lip products that its a minor issue. (As it is, the market is so flooded by this point that I only have one higher end twist up. The rest are drug store, so it’s kind of a non-issue where cost is concerned.)

I love that they are easy to apply and can come is different finishes. I like that I can get a glossy one or a matte one that are of similar color and layer them too. They’re a lot easier to travel with than lipstick because caps don’t seem to pop off as easy. I love that more and more brands are putting them out and honestly the quality of so many of them seem to be good.

I like Revlon’s, especially the mattle ones. I think the packaging is a bit clunky, though. And, on my sister’s behalf, I do think it’s sad how all the ones I’ve tried are minty–she can’t stand anything mint. It really shortens her list of potential lip products!

I’m on the fence about them. I went crazy for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains when they released, but over time I found that no matter what shade I used, the product stains my lips hot pink. That may just be my body chemistry of course but it was disappointing to say the least!
I also dislike how much less product you get than with a traditional lipstick. They are convenient, lots of them in the drugstore market so usually well priced, but I haven’t bought any from any brand in about 6 months because I am over them.

I had the same experience with the Balm Stains- except they turn coral/orange for me – and I’ve seen one review where they mentioned the same thing. It completely defeats the purpose of having multiple shades if they’re all going to turn neon pink – or even having one shade, since I really wanted to try out the nude/MLBB shade Honey. It’s definitely staining but the wrong colour! Complete waste of money.

I really like jumbo pencils however the lack of product coupled with the exorbitant prices (the Revlon ones are about $18, the Clinique ones about $35 in Australia) means I only ever buy them on sale (and by sale, i mean at least 50% off).

I only tried one – the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, and I was so disappointed it put me off the all the Jumbo pencils. It feels strange on the lips, changes colour 15 minutes after application, and has a nasty scent. I don’t see how their new(er) matte and lacquer balms are any different from regular lipsticks. I really love the idea of combining the feel of a balm and the colour and texture of a stain but I think I’ll just stick to the traditional lipstains and throw a balm on top. I also don’t find them very convenient. How are they any more convenient than a lipstick, especially when the lipstick is smaller and easier to carry around? The tiny amount of product is also a deal-breaker for me, because I’m the kind of person who buys backups of everything I love because I’m afraid of them running out. Anything less than the traditional lipstick amount is a rip-off, unless they lower the price too.

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